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Nintendo shares top Tokyo trading in fiscal 2016

— Game maker Nintendo’s stock generated the highest turnover here in fiscal 2016, as shares surged on the back of the smash-hit “Pokemon Go” app and retail investors piled in, smelling growth potential in an uncertain business environment.

Nintendo’s trading value, the product of share price and trading volume, jumped fourfold in fiscal 2016 to 17.6 trillion yen ($157 billion), rising to the top of Nikkei’s charts for the first time since data became available 20 years ago. It beat typical high flyers such as Toyota Motor, which came in second at 13.9 trillion yen, and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, which placed third at 13.2 trillion yen.

 “Pokemon Go” jump-started the buying. On July 20, just before the game launched in Japan but two weeks after its U.S. debut, the Kyoto-based company’s trading value hit 732.3 billion yen, the highest one-day total ever for a Tokyo stock. The fever continued later in the fiscal year as sales of the company’s new console, the Switch, beat expectations. Nintendo shares closed this month at 25,835 yen, up roughly 60% in a year.

Retail investors played the lead in the drama. One day trader going by the handle Tesuta says Nintendo shares were the ones he traded most in fiscal 2016, completing more than 4,000 transactions in the year. Tesuta was attracted by the shares’ high liquidity, he said: their price swings were wide, and they were easy to sell short.

‘Most Secure Coin In World’ ?

– New pound coin ‘most secure coin in world’ ? 
– New British £1 coins much harder to counterfeit
– Pound coin uses “secret” cutting edge technology
– Coins uses ‘iSIS’ technology which may involve RFID tags
– Central banks, governments may be able to track coins
– Libertarians and privacy advocates will have concerns
–  “Secure coin” yes but real risk is that savings not secure due to currency debasement
– Now new risk to bank deposits as all digital wealth exposed to hacking and cyber fraud
– Sound as a pound? Safer to stick with true “coin of the realm”
– Gold and silver Sovereigns and Britannias  (VAT and CGT free) are only truly secure coins

Next Week Events : Xi to Trump, Fed minutes, French debate and US jobs

The stage is set for the first official summit between two of the world’s most powerful leaders as China’s president Xi Jinping travels to Florida to meet his US counterpart Donald Trump next week.

Also competing for investors’ attention will be minutes from the Federal Reserve’s March 14-15 meeting, the second televised debate of the French presidential election and the release of the closely watched US jobs report.

Here is what to watch in the week ahead:

The leaders of the world’s first- and second-largest economies will meet at Mr Trump’s Florida retreat, Mar-a-Lago, April 6 and 7. According to the official White House release, the agenda will include “global, regional, and bilateral issues of mutual concern”.

That vague description belies the complex backdrop against which the two men will meet. Mr Trump pledged during the presidential campaign to label China a currency manipulator, and within weeks of his election prompted a formal protest from China after his phone call with Taiwan’s leader (Mr Trump has since said he will back the ‘One China’ policy to ease tensions.)

Overnight US Market :Dow closed -66 points.Qtly closed +4.56% ,Nasdaq up 9.82% ,S&P up 5.53%

S&P -0.23% , Nasdaq -0.04% , Dow -0.32%

The US major indices are ending the day lower.
  • The S&P is ending the day down -5.4 points or -0.23%
  • The Nasdaq is ending the day down -2.60 points or -0.04% (no record high today)
  • The Dow is ending the day down -65.82 points or -0.32%
For the quarter the story is different with all of the major global indices higher with the exception of the Nikkei posting gains. In the US for the quarter:
  • The Nasdaq was up 9.82%
  • The S&P gained 5.53% and the
  • Dow was up 4.56%
Globally, the table below sho