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These Are The Most Expensive (And Best) Cities Around The World

Every year Deutsche Bank releases its fascinating index of real-time prices around the world which looks at the cost of goods and services from a purchase-price parity basis, to determine the most expensive – and in this year’s edition, best – cities. As have done on several occasions in the past, we traditionally focus on one specific subindex: the cost of “cheap dates” in the world’s top cities.

The index consists of i) cab rides, ii) dinner/lunch for two at a pub or diner, iii) soft drinks, iv) two movie tickets and a v) couple of beers. Deutsche Bank’s advice to those in Zurich is either to marry young or choose your blind dates carefully as its “cheap date” index continues to see Zurich as the most expensive place for courtship. Tokyo climbs to second and Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm make up the top 5. Indeed these 5 cities are also the most expensive for a haircut so the pre-date investment costs are also high!

If you’re in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Mexico a date is around a quarter of the cost of that in Zurich and a haircut about a tenth of the price. So if you’re young, free and single in Zurich, depending on how much you date it might be profitable to migrate to parts of Asia even after the salary sacrifice, the German bank suggests.

One Of The World’s Biggest Oil Hedge Funds Just Liquidated All Its Longs

 “Market participants remain extremely focused on micro developments like US crude inventories while the big picture has been telling us a different supply story for quite some time,” he wrote. “In fact, the gradual tightening of crude oil spreads has led to the release of expensive onshore and offshore inventories globally.”

So what could be driving prices lower? Andurand looks at the algorithmic traders and places blame on their non-economic outlook for the price movements. “Without consistent and significant draws invisible onshore inventories, we remain stuck in a trendless and choppy market with CTA flows eclipsing the gradual improvement in fundamentals,” he wrote, pointing to an oddity.

Of course, the permabullish trader had a great year in 2016 (up 22.1%) as oil soared… 

Pierre Andurand

But, in what now seems like a moment of supreme irony, we noted earlier that ‘it was a very ugly night for the Andy Halls, Pierre Andurands and other crude longs’ as WTI flash-crashed.

Macron Document Leaker Releases New Images, Promises More Information

The anonymous source of documents alleging Emmanuel Macron’s involvement with an operating agreement for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the Caribbean island of Nevis returned to release several high quality images of the purported documents along with promises to identify account locations and the extent of the assets Macron is supposedly hiding from regulatory authorities.

The images, released anonymously less than an hour ago on online messageboard 4chan, are higher resolutions of alleged documents leaked yesterday which claimed to show that Emmanuel Macron had entered into an operating agreement for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the Caribbean island of Nevis, and that the company may have had a business relationship with a bank which has been previously involved in tax evasion cases in the Cayman Islands. The anonymously released PDF files purported to show corporate records of a company named La Providence LLC apparently created by Mr. Macron in Nevis, a noted offshore tax haven.

The new images are of the second document, a fax between La Providence Ltd. and First Caribbean International Bank, as well as the first page and signature from the purported operating agreement.

Screenshot of image showing the alleged Macron signature on the operating agreement

Baker Hughes US oil rig count 703 vs 697 prior

US oil and gas drilling rigs from Baker Hughes

  • 16 weeks in a row of gains
  • Prior was 697
  • Gas rigs 173
  • Prior gas rigs were 171
  • Total rigs 877 vs 870

OPEC quotas might continue in the second half but increasing drilling and production in the US means they’re doomed.