An Update :Bharti ,Arvind ,Union Bank

30 January 2013 - 13:44 pm



Below 348 ,Bears will have Upperhand.Yes……..Below 345 level —We see PANIC upto 337——–333 !!

If Revives ,Sell Sell Sell !!


In Last 11 Days Stock had fallen from 108 to 89 level (Today’s low )

Yes ,This is Insider Trading Only………..Nothing else (Company +Insiders knows result and they will trade …Koi Shak ? )Every company listed will do…Hak hai !!

Now ,Just Watch  95.25 level………..Decisive Crossover and stays above this level with volumes then only will show strength.

Stock will zoom to kiss 99—100.25 level.(So watch 95.25 )


In 5 Weeks from 289 to 239 level……………Who knows the result ????

But who will Check in India ??

Support & Down Target :233—————-229 level.Break below 229 will create More PANIC !!

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