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SILVER MCX- A Very Crucial Update

01 October 2014 - 11:49 am


On 18th Sept ,We had written…………………………….

Again on 22nd Sept ,We had written ………………………….


Now at 38180 level.

Now ,What To Expect from this level ??

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Remember when instead of pontificating on and explaining the consequences of three decades of devastating, ruinous, irresponsible Fed policies, and eagerly sharing ideas on how to “fix” these unfixable problems, Alan Greenspan was the primary culprit behind everything that is now wrong and broken with the world’s financial system? Oh, and also was not an “Austrian” economist?

Good times.

Today we bring you the “other” Greenspan: the one who is blissfully unaware that, almost singlehandedly, he destroyed western capitalism, which is now living day to day, on borrowed time from one central bank printer to another. Ironically, the topic of his most recent Op-Ed for the Council of Foreign Relation’s Foreign Affairs magazine, is none other than the default Kryptonite to every central banker, himself included if only a decade or so ago: gold.

And specifically the reason why, as we have covered consistently over the past 3 years, while the rest of the world is selling (if only paper gold), China just can’t get enough of (physical) gold.

So for everyone curious what the world’s most infamous central banker, probably of all time, thinks about China’s gold hoarding ambitions, read on.

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The joy of winning and the pain of losing are right up there with the pain of winning and the joy of losing. Also to consider are the joy and pain of not participating. The relative strengths of these feelings tend to increase with the distance of the trader from his commitment to being a trader.

Yesterday Enjoyed …………Blast in Godrej Industries ?101% in Panic ,Buy Buy !

Hold & Buy More :IGL + PETRONET………Both Looking Hot !

Enjoyed Bloodbath in DLF ?…………..Target of 138-136 on card very soon.


Today ,Above 3091 level…………….if trades with volumes :GRAB it !

Target :3116————–3124 level !!

Slowly :Buy 3300 Call of October & Forget……………….Yes u have to collect slowly and in panic ,Buy this stock !!


195 is Last Hope for this stock…………….!!

101% Any Rally ,Sell Sell Sell…………….We see PANIC upto 171—–166 level very soon.

Buy 180–170 Put if u want 



Intraday Rally upto 206————–208 is possible.

Now ,Once crosses 208 with volumes……………watch BLAST BLAST upto 213-215 level.




Yes ,Both these stocks………….Still Looking HOT HOT !!


If Breaks 2830 with volumes……….and stays below for 20 minutes then ??

Watch PANIC upto 2762—-2739

(Stock is Manipulative ,So trade carefully………..Numbers of Sept are known to Insiders )



In Panic ,Buy Dr.Reddy…………Big move on card !


Above 952 level if trades with volumes and not breaks 945 level.

Rally upto 970——976 is possible.

(Between 920–900————–880 ,Buy this stock )Buy 1000-1100 Call of November  & Forget !!

More Stocks ,More News to our Subscribers 

Updated at 9:02/1st Oct/Baroda


Above is 10 minute chart of USJPY

On 19th Sept ,We had Boldly written this :

Just see ,It had not crossed 110 level.

Click above link and see Power of chart


Last Close : 15475


Above is Daily Chart of BANK NIFTY

From Last 2 days we were writing :Watch 15812 level…………………just see not able to cross and crashed !!

now what to do

Decisive Break below 15458 level and sustains for 15-20 minutes 

Will take to 15348——————15311 level in panic !

Today ,Should cross 15525 with volumes…………Next Target :15597—15621 & there after ??

101% More Details to our Subscribers 


Very Soon ,Stock will crash to kiss 216—————–213 level !!

& There after  175 level……….On Rise ,Sell Sell !!

Any Rally for 1-2-3 Days ,Sell it !


136————————133 are Crucial Support levels ,Stock will try to kiss these levels.

Nonstop PANIC upto 125—122 on card.On Rise ,Sell Sell !!!



Our Head & Shoulder Target was 1440 level (Just see……….it kissed low of  1437 )

Below 1457 level ,Our Target for stock is 1419—-1406 level !

If revives ,Sell Sell…………….!!!



Below 249 ,Nonstop PANIC ……….will continue 

Target : 213———————-201 level very soon.On Rise ,Sell Sell Sell !!

Buy 210-200 (Put in small lots )


Watch :18 level……………Decisive Break & close will take to 16 level.

Three Consecutive close below 18 +Weekly close if happens…………We see BLOODBATH upto 11–9 level.

101% Manipulative stock ,Not only this …………..95% or more Listed stocks (Untill & Unless Company people stop trading +manipulating stock …U will not able to mint money from trading )

Single day big 15-20% crash on card in this stock.

More Stocks ,More News to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:18/01st Oct/Baroda/India


NF-ICONFear: Cutting winners short becasue of unwarranted fear eliminates all the big wins. Being afraid to take a good entry becasue of fear of loss creates a loss of a potential profit. We have to do enough homework about our trading methodology to trade our system with confidence.

Ego: The desire to be right more than the desire to make money leads to losing money, a lot of money. The ego causes traders to hold losers far too long and to brag themselves into a corner about their own predictions. The best traders are simply slaves to the market’s price action.

Laziness: Looking to be given trades instead of doing the work to develop their own system leads to failure. Trades only have meaning inside a robust system consistently followed with discipline and risk management.

Wednesday-29Last Close :7999


Our Mantra was :Buy NF above  8048 level & Our Targets were : 8103-8121 level.

It kissed High of 8084 & Crashed Verticalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly !

Now ,Those who are Updated via SMS during trading hrs ,Again Minted Tons of Money !

now what to do

7984————————–7972 are Crucial Support levels.


Decisive Break with volumes and stays below for 20 minutes then ??

Watch PANIC Selling upto 7934—–7922 level in hrs only.

Below 7922 ,More PANIC not ruled out upto 7889 ?

101% More Details to our Subscribers during trading hrs

Suppose Not Breaks low of 7962 (Y.Low )

& Trades above 7999 level with volumes………..Next Target :8029—–8052—-8061 is possible.

alertHurdles @ 8048—Yesterday High (No if and But )

Break Below 7972 with volumes ,Unexpected selloff !

Will Update more via SMS to our Subscribers.Big long Holiday sessions coming.Just Avoid Big Trades

Updated at 7:22/01st Oct/Baroda


Above is Monthly Chart of BRENT CRUDE ,In Sept-Crashed By  8.26% 

Last & Final Hope at $ 94.24 level.

Three Consecutive close below $94.24 +Weekly close if happens……………….

Watch Nonstop PANIC upto 88.49—————86.57 level not ruled out.

101% More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 5:50/1st Oct/Baroda/India



Above is Monthly Chart of US DOLLAR INDEX

Now Crossed and closed at 86 level.

On 26th Sept ,We had written this :

Three Consecutive close above 85.71+Weekly close …………………Next Nonstop Target 

88.71–89.71  level very soon

Watch TRIANGLE on Monthly Chart ,Yes More Details Once Breaks Huge Triangle of  17.78 points

More Details to our Subscribers, Updated at 6:20/1st Oct/Baroda/India

John Oliver Riffs on Modi Again

01 October 2014 - 7:00 am

For John Oliver, host of  U.S. comedy show “Last Week Tonight,” the highlight of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to New York wasn’t his rock star-like appearance at Madison Square Garden on Sunday. Or his address in Central Park on Saturday as he shared the stage with Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman, who played Wolverine in “X-Men.”

“It wasn’t that he delivered a great speech,” the British comedian said in a segment on his weekly-HBO show. “It’s that he had one hell of a finish.”

After Mr. Modi thanked Mr. Jackman on Saturday he turned to the crowd and uttered the immortal line from Star Wars: “May the force be with you.”

For sci-fi fans in India, those words catapulted their leader into an overnight superstar. From Mr. Oliver, they elicited new-found admiration for a man who until four months ago was banned from the U.S.  >> Read More

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