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China will draw on its massive foreign exchange reserves to inject $62bn of capital into state-owned “policy banks” in support of its ambitious “New Silk Road” plans to build infrastructure links to foreign markets.

Beijing’s “One Belt, One Road” strategy includes plans to build roads, railways, ports, natural gas pipelines and other infrastructure stretching into south and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and throough Central Asia to Europe to create demand for China’s industrial exports in the face of overcapacity at home.

The recapitalisation plan revealed on Monday shows China’s leaders are prepared to mobilise the country’s considerable financial resources to put the scheme into action and extend Chinese sway across Asia. It is likely to deepen unease in US business and foreign policy circles about diminishing US influence.

The details emerged as President Xi Jinping began a visit to Pakistan bearing promises of more than $45bn in infrastructure investment.

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Last Close : 18142


Yes ,Crucial Support was at 18323 level……………Below this level :Our Targets were :18060-17973 level.

In Less then 15 minutes………………….after breaking 18323 it crashed to kiss  17992 level.

now what to do

101% ,All Eyes on 17973 level.

Break with volumes and stays below for 15-20 minutes then ??


Watch PANIC upto 17710——17623 level in hrs only

Now ,Today Suppose not Breaks low of  17992 & Trades above  18062 level with volumes then ??

Rally upto 18271———————18341 is possible & there after ??

More Details to our Subscribers during trading hrs


Watch :282.50 as Crucial Support for stock.

Break with volumes and stays below………………….Watch PANIC 

Target :275–272.50 in hrs only.On Rise ,Sell Sell !!


Watch :1278,Break will take to 1266 level.

Who will save this stock…………………Below 1266 level.

Next Target :1230–1218 level in hrs only.

More Stocks ,More Details to our Subscribers ,Updted at 9:14/21st April/Baroda



A common mistake is to think of the market as a personal nemesis. The market, of course, is totally impersonal; it doesn’t care whether you make money or not. Whenever a trader says, “I wish,” or “I hope,” he is engaging in a destructive way of thinking because it takes attention away from the diagnostic process. 


We Had Boldly written :Support & Down Targets for Nifty Future ………..8602-8589——-8559 level.

Yes ,Close below 8568 level with volumes ,Next Target :8466—8432 level in hrs only.

Only Fools ,Jokers ,Idiots were not able to Read and Nifty Future Crashed to kiss low of  8446 level in hrs only

This is Not Magic………….U just have to trade with eyes open and watch Trading levels & Mint Money

From Last 5 sessions ,Everyday writing :SELL SELL SELL SELL !



Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Future

Today ,All Eyes on 8432 level.

Break with volumes and stays below for 15 minutes ,Next Target : 8396-8371 level in panic.

Next Target :8323–8310 level is possible in panic !


Not Breaks low of Yesterday & Trades above 8473 level with volumes for 15-20 minutes then ?

Rally upto 8553——8580 is possible 

101% More Details to our Subscribers during trading hrs

6th OR 7th SESSION———-Unexpected level.

Intelligent Traders had seen from 8874 Day itself -We Told …….Honeymoon is over for Bulls

Sloping Line Support at 8250 level.

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:33/21st April/Baroda



Above is Daily Chart of INDIAN RUPEE INDEX

Heading Towards……………..63.318–63.49 level.

Now Close above 63.49 level for 3 Consecutive Days will take to 64.015—64.189 level !!


Three Consecutive close above 64.18 +Weekly close if happens Then ??

Watch BLAST upto 66.16——————————–66.82 level in coming Weeks !

More Details to our Forex Subscribers ,Updated at 7:59/21st APRIL/BARODA/INDIA


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The Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government has made much of its claim that state governments stand to make windfall gains, upwards of Rs 2 lakh crore, from auction of coal blocks – more than the loss to the exchequer, as estimated by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG), because of random allocation of blocks by the previous government.

Clearly, an auction will generate larger sums than the allocations did during the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) regime, when states got only the royalties. But the government’s claims over the auction proceeds do not seem to stand the test of a closer scrutiny.

Only when all auctioned blocks actually begin to produce in full steam, in line with existing mining plans, will coal-bearing states make an annual Rs 6,284 crore from the auction, shows a Business Standard analysis of government data. Over the lifetime of the mining plan for the auctioned blocks or over 30 years, whichever is lower, states stand to earn Rs 1.77 lakh crore. This is perhaps why the government has always claimed in its official communications that it is ‘potential revenue’ for states from auctions, and not ‘revenue’.

Once mining begins, state governments will also make additional sums from royalty. But this amount from operating mines accrued earlier too, as royalty rates are governed by regulations existing previously. This royalty will accrue to states in future regardless of whether the Centre takes the auction or the allocation route for coal blocks.

When requested, the coal ministry did not share the background calculations on how it reached the figure upwards of Rs 2 lakh crore but said the basis to calculate it was available publicly.

The NDA government has also tried to score a political point or two over the UPA government by claiming the revenue from the auction surpasses the Rs 1.86-lakh-crore loss to the exchequer estimated by CAG in its 2012 report on coal allocations under the UPA regime.

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