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On Friday ,We told our Subscribers :

Below 1077 level………..Nickel will Melt upto  1048-1038 level in PANIC !

(Just see it kissed  1033 level )

Below 420 level ,Our Targets were : 417-414 level !

(Just see ,Now kissed 414 level )

Mint Money 24x7x366 Days !!

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA

Just how big is Alibaba?

22 September 2014 - 11:10 am

While Alibaba (BABA) is not an S&P 500 company, it would currently rank as the 13th largest company in the index if it were included.  At $224 billion, BABA is $17 billion bigger than the 13th largest S&P 500 stock — Verizon (VZ), and $5 billion smaller than the 12th largest S&P 500 stock — Procter & Gamble (PG).  

Below is a list of the $100+ billion companies in the S&P 500.  As you can see, BABA is bigger than the likes of Facebook (FB), IBM, Coca-Cola (KO), Intel (INTC), Disney (DIS), Pepsi (PEP), and of course, (AMZN) — the US version of Alibaba.

The Delusion Of US Dollar “Strength”

22 September 2014 - 10:40 am

You’d think that the US dollar has suddenly become strong, and the chart below of the other three major currencies appears to confirm it.

The US dollar is the risk-free currency for international accounting, because it is the currency on which all the others are based. And it is clear that three months ago dollar exchange rates against the three currencies shown began to strengthen notably. >> Read More




Click Above Links and See Power of chart ,Nothing else.

As Expected ,Complete Bloodbath.

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA



I always tell my traders, ‘If you think you’re wrong, or if the market is moving against you and you don’t know why, take in half. You can always put it on again.’ If you do that twice, you’ve taken in three-quarters of your position. Then what’s left is no longer a big deal. The thing is to start moving your feet. I find that too many traders just stand there and let the truck roll over them. – Steve Cohen 


World Running For ADITYABIRLA NUVO !!

What Happened to MARUTI ,TATA COMM ????

What happened to Biocon ?Jackpot was :ZEE………….Skyrocketed in last 2 sessions.

Many More Stocks as expected zoomed like Rocket.

Now -What to expect




Above 91.50…………………………101% ,No worry @ all.

Once crosses 93 level with volumes ,buy Your choice of qty.

Nonstop Rally upto 97.50–99 level in hrs only.

Buy 100 Call for next 24-48 hrs…………..and Just Relax !!

In Panic …Buy it ,We Think :Stock will not break 86 & will zoom to kiss 105+

In October……….Will it cross 120+ level (Just need Patience )

Mano ya Na Mano

Today or Tomorrow or Any Day………..We see Move of 7-10 in single session ,Power of Lotus !!


Decisive Break below 1233 level with volumes and not crosses 1251 level then ???

Nonstop PANIC upto 1180————-1162 is possible in hrs only.


Above 200 level……………..GRAB if u can !!

We see Rally upto 204–205 level in hrs only.

Very soon will zoom to kiss 222+ level 


Above 427.50 level……………….Catch it !!

We see BLAST upto 435-437.50 & there after Nonstop Rally upto 445+

In Any PANIC ,BUY BUY BUY…………..Stock will cross 455 level too.Just need Patience 


Watch Panic UPTO 2930———————2909 LEVEL !!

Now If breaks 2909 level with volumes then ????

More Details to our Subscribers


Break below 728 level………………..with volumes and sustains for 15-20 minutes then ???

Watch PANIC PANIC upto 717—-713 level in hrs only.


Just all eyes on 409 level…………….Once Breaks with volumes then ???

Watch PANIC Selling upto 400—397 level in hrs only.

More Stocks ,More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:57/22nd Sept/Baroda




Last Close : 16160

BNF-2209Above is Daily Chart of BANK NIFTY

Hurdle Intact @ 16228——–16262 level.

Real Buying & Strength above 16262 level only.

Next Target :16364———-16398 level.


Crucial Support @ 16105 level……………..Today Decisive Break with volumes and stays below for 15 minutes 

Next Target :16027——–16001 level in Panic !!

101% More Details ,Intraday levels to our Subscribers


1575———————-1581 are HURDLES !!Yes ,Now Toofan above this level of 1581 only.

Today ,Break below 1562 with volumes will take to 1552-1549 level ( In panic ,Buy this stock )


We see Rally upto 974–979 level.

Now Crossover above 979 with volumes…………

Will zoom to kiss 994–999 level.

Today Break below 957 with volumes will take to 946—942 level ( In panic ,Buy Buy )


Looking Weak ,101%………….Sell If Revives ,Stop for Traders at 253

Laxman Rekha at 272…………(Any Rise ,Sell )

Our Short Term Targets are :235——-221 level.

Three Consecutive close below 221 +Weekly close if happens …We see PANIC upto 180–166 level.


Break below 2567 with volumes…………………… PANIC PANIC 

Target :2544—2537 in panic !!Sell @ opening bell.

More Stocks ,More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:15/22nd Sept/Baroda/India

NF-ICON-ASRRight strategy for the idea

With so many markets and instruments out there to trade there are many ways to express your ideas. It begins with an observation or hypothesis. Sometimes buying the underlying is the best trade. Other times, a derivative or currency makes for a better play.

When looking to express an idea in the markets, seek out the trade with the least risk, greatest reward potential.Draw a line in the sand

Know where you are to be proven wrong before even entering a trade. Start by deciding where the market would have to go, that is at what level your idea would be invalidated. This is where you place your stop. Colm O’Shea stressed this idea in his trading.Execute consistently.Even though I place my trades manually, I try to be as mechanical as possible. This means, if I see a setup that meets my criteria, I take it. The mechanics of trading should not be left up to the judgment of the trader. To be a winner you have to be able to toe the line and pull the trigger.Embrace uncertainty and riskI accept that a trade will be a loser even before I enter the position. That is, I’m accepting the worse possible scenario and I’m okay with it. This keeps me focused and objective during the entire trading process.

Monday-3rdLast Close :8131


Last Close : 8131

On Friday ,We had Boldly written : Hurdle at 8138—8153 level.Just see it kissed  8166 & closed at 8131 level.


No Need to Change levels @ all.


Crossover with Volumes & Stays above for 20 minutes will take to 8200-8215 level in hrs only.

Today ,Suppose Not crosses High of Friday (  8166 ) and Trades below 8153.


Support at 8113————–8100 level.

Real PANIC below 8100 if trades with volumes for 15-20 minutes ,Next Target :8060—-8047 !!

7DEMA @ 8088 LEVEL.


Nifty Future will zoom to kiss 8300 First or Will It Crash to kiss 7950 ??

Watch 16th Session From Today…U will see Unexpected level !

101% More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 7:18/22nd Sept/Baroda/India

Taxpayers to get all-in-one website

22 September 2014 - 6:26 am


Taxpayers will now be able to perform their I-T related works like filing returns or applying for a PAN card from an enhanced single website to be launched on Monday by finance minister Arun Jaitley.

An updated version of the existing website of the Income Tax will now be acting as a “single window” for all activities and online services offered by the I-T department, officials said.

The website will be more more user-friendly and robust, so that it can handle many hits at a time.

“The new website will have enhanced features and will be more customer friendly. The taxpayers will be able to file their Income Tax returns online and even apply for a PAN from this portal which was till now hosted on a different official web address of the department,” an official said. >> Read More

Narendra Modi’s time starts now

22 September 2014 - 6:11 am

If a resurgent monsoon and decline in the international crude oil prices were part of the luck that favoured Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the first 100 days of the NDA government, the uncertainties in growth recovery in the US and Europe, and the BJP’s poor performance in the recently concluded by-polls, especially in UP, are clear signals that the coming months will be tough and testing.

While a major chunk of the problem that the economy has faced, and is still facing, is because the 10% growth was considered a given by the UPA regime, the situation on the ground now suggests that it would be better for the Modi government to keep in mind that achhe din also can’t be thought of as a given, it has to be earned through decisive steps. There is no doubt that most of the problems faced by the industry and the economy in general are those of the UPA’s making but they need to be tackled fast.

The economy requires a significant pick up in investment. According to a Deutsche Bank report, India’s incremental capital output ratio (ICOR)—it looks at the incremental fixed investment required to generate an additional unit of output—jumped from a 3-year moving average of 3.5 in FY06 to over 7 in FY14, reflecting a sharp deterioration in the efficiency of investment. >> Read More

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