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The market demands that a trader follows all of her rules, every day, and every moment. Many just cannot thrive in this unbending universe. 


As Expected TATA COMM……………………Skyrocketed on Thursday !!!

Arvind Mills……………….Whole World was running to buy ,So it was near our Target


SUN TV…………..Melted & Crashed Vertically.DLF………………It was Bloodbath !!


Watch 628——————–631 level.

Crossover above 631 with volumes and sustains……….catch it !!

Target :640—643 & there after ???


ABOVE 1272…………………..Catch it !!

Target :1304—1314 level in hrs only……………….In PANIC ,Buy Buy Buy !!!


Above 163………………….Catch it in TONS TONS.

We see 166———-168 level in hrs only.

162+14 =176 level not ruled very soon…………Grab it !!

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Last Close :15741 

Today ,Above 15770 level………………if trades with volumes ,Watch Rally upto 

15857—15886 & there after Watch Firework upto 15973—16002 level in hrs only.

101% More Details ,Intraday levels to our Subscribers.


Target Intact of 16700———————16800 level.

Strategy to trade ?More details to our Subscribers


Above 1079 level…………………….Once trades with volumes ,Catch it !!

Target :1098——–1104 level in hrs only.


Above 1550 level…………………………….No worry for Bulls.

Stoploss :1534,Target………………….1600+ very soon.

(Stock major support ,Now at 1500……….On upperside SKY is limit )


IFCI ,IDBI ,DLF ,BOI ,BOB…………………Sell Sell Sell !!

Short Term :Manipulation +Honeymoon is over in SBI too

Sell R.CAPITAL ,R.INFRA……………………if Revives !!

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NF-ICON-ASRMust- Phrases include: “The market must…”, “I must make money”, or “I must trade”. The market does not have to do anything and either do you. When you use the word “must” it is hardly ever from a position of strength. The market knows when you are desperate and will take full advantage of you. Keeping your expenses as low as possible will make it easier to not make those statements.

Won’t- Phrases include: “The market won’t…” or “I won’t make money”. Notice a theme here? You are part of the market, you are not the market. Not getting what you expect, even if it is positive, confuses the brain. If you expect to lose and don’t it is still a bad outcome. The market is a one way walkie talkie, you listen, it talks.

Sense- Phrase includes: “The market does not make sense”. Many fortunes are made in an illogical market. Logic is a bigger driver than risk controls for most people. It is easier to ignore your P/L when you can see or touch the catalysis. For example, it is cold buy natural gas. By the time you change your view or are forced to change, the market flips. Logic will eventually prevail, with or without you.

Monday-9Last Close : August-7952

Sept -Closed @ 7986

Now SGX NIFTY @ 8023


Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Future


8101 & 8162 are Hurdles 

Now Crossover and close above 8162 ,Next Target : 8250—8280 is possible in this month.

7750—————7680 as Major Support or ROCK SUPPORT !


Triangle Target :8238 level.

Inverse Head & Shoulder Target : 8190 level.

(No need to use Brain ,Trade with levels in your mind and watch USD Movement +FIIs flow….Nothing else )

Balance Sheets ,Results ,Economy Number ,Growth ,Inflation ,IIP ………………..All USELESS & Manipulative !!

Just watch Charts +Technical levels ,Nothing else.


Above 8027 level if trades with volumes and sustains for 15-20 minutes then ???

101% More Details to our Subscribers during trading hrs.

3DEMA @ 7937 ,7DEMA @ 7910


1st Hour Top………………….Very Crucial !!

By 10:30 ,We can see Intraday Top and Downslide will start.

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 7:55/01st  Sept/Baroda/India

China HSBC/Markit Manufacturing PMI for August, 50.2

  • expected 50.3,
  • prior was 51.7,
  • flash reading was 50.3 (to a 3-month low)

China - HSBC Markit Manufacturing PMI for August economic data result 01 September 2014 graph


Japan Markit/JMMA Manufacturing PMI for August, 52.2

  • prior (July) was 50.5,
  • flash was 52.4

Comments from Markit report:

  • PMI points to strongest improvement in manufacturing conditions since March
  • New business and output growth rises at sharp pace (rising at the fastest pace since before the sales tax increase was implemented in April)
  • New export orders rose in August
  • Purchasing activity rose on the back of new order growth, while stocks of inputs declined for the second month in a row
  • Staffing levels expanded fractionally, while backlogs of work increased, albeit marginally
  • On the price front, input costs rose at a marked pace, while output charges fell slightly

Accusing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of “dividing” China and India, a state-run Chinese daily today said Indo-Japan ties face “huge uncertainty” in view of the rise of BRICS and emerging Sino-Indian cooperation.

“BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) agreed to establish their own development bank, ushering Sino-Indian strategic cooperation into a new historical era,” said an article in the state-run Global Times’ web edition on the current visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Japan.

“Beijing’s improving maritime strategies and the development of China-India strategic relations will inevitably exert far-reaching influence upon Japan’s strategic resources, channels and markets. Consequently, dividing China and India has become a key issue for Abe,” said the ruling Communist Party-run newspaper known for its usually nationalistic views.

“As two Asian powers, how the growing intimacy between Japan and India coordinates with US “rebalancing to Asia” strategy and cooperates with BRICS member states will wield direct influence upon regional architecture. Therefore this solicits plenty of attention,” it said. >> Read More

India’s GDP & External Debt -Graphics

01 September 2014 - 6:33 am




German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives retained their grip on power in the eastern state of Saxony Sunday but now face opposition from a fledgling anti-euro party, which won its first seats in a regional assembly.

Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) won more than 39 percent of the vote in the regional parliament, according to preliminary results, but the party needs a new coalition partner after its current allies crashed out.

Marking its debut into a state assembly, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which backs the dissolution of the euro, exceeded pollsters predictions with around 10 percent, the initial results showed.

The CDU has ruled in Saxony since Germany’s 1990 reunification. But its current coalition partners, the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP), failed to pass the five-percent threshold of votes to re-enter the state parliament.

Saxony CDU state premier Stanislaw Tillich described it as a “super result,” despite it marking a drop for the party from five years ago, but said it was “bitter” to see a coalition partner flunk out of a regional parliament. >> Read More


Russian President Vladimir Putin on the weekend urged Ukraine to open negotiations to change its state model and thus halt the fighting in the eastern part of that country, raising the stakes by calling for statehood for the Russian-speaking eastern part of the former Soviet region.

“We need to immediately begin substantive talks … on questions of the political organization of society and statehood in southeastern Ukraine,” Putin said in remarks on state-run Russian television.

The aim of the talks would be to “safeguard the legitimate interests of those people who live there,” said Putin, an allusion to the Russian-speaking majority living in the far eastern Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, the main rebel bastions that Putin has taken to calling “Novorossiya” (New Russia).

Although Putin did not mention it in his remarks, Russia has lobbied insistently to have Ukraine convert itself into a federation where the regions would have substantial autonomy in budgetary and linguistic matters, as well as in directly electing their leaders. >> Read More


Japan aims to double its investment in India over the next five years, along with the number of companies operating there, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will tell his counterpart, Narendra Modi, at a summit meeting on Monday.

     The two will discuss bilateral cooperation in economic development and regional security at Monday’s meeting in Tokyo.

     Infrastructure development in India, including subway systems, major roads and industrial parks, will be a key area of investment. Japan has already decided to provide yen-denominated loans totaling 50 billion yen ($477 million) for such purposes. And the Japanese public and private sectors are seen in the plan contributing several trillion yen over the next five years.

     For many Japanese companies, India is a potentially massive market with a population of more than 1.2 billion. As of last October, 1,072 Japanese businesses were operating there, and direct investment from Japan last year totaled 210.2 billion yen.

     Many Japanese companies, however, often see a lack of regulatory transparency as a challenge. To address this, Abe will request that India improve its transparency and quicken the process of approving business proposals. >> Read More

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