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Grab -Mcdowell Holdings.Yes Nonstop Rally Upto 37–45 & Then Sky is Limit.Biggest Corporate Leak ?



Why Stock will kiss 37 & Then 45+

U All Look chart and see………………………Pattern !

Traded at NSE-BSE 


Mcdowell holdings>takeover by Heineken to get 4% voting rights in UBL ?
Mcdowell holdings  14cr equity (FOR  75%stake HEINEKEN should be buying only 1.05cr xrs25 =RS 26cr )
Point 2  :Read this  READ TWICE  !!!
Heineken can BUY  1.04cr shares OF  ubl  for RS 35cr  HOW ?????  >>BY BUYING the whole of MCDOWELL HOLDINGS (equity 14 cr =1.4cr shares ) mcap Rs 35cr —now see read point 1 again !!! WHAT AN IRONY !!!!
This happens in INDIA  >
FREEE TO FREEEZE NON STOP  20%-20%-10%-10%-10%
eyes only
TOTAL WORTH >980cr +30cr+12cr =approx Rs 1000cr and MCAP 35CR –joke ?? 
1*** Mcdowell holdings Holds 1.04cr shares in United breweries x 950 =RS 988cr   mcap 35cr
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China USD denominated trade balance data out now … Really Ugly Numbers

China trade balance for September … this is old now, the yuan-denominated data was out more than hour ago

Just for completeness:

September trade surplus of $60.34bn

  • expected $48.21bn,
  • prior was $60.24bn

Exports -3.7% y/y:

  • expected -6.0%, prior was -5.5%

Imports -20.4% y/y:

  • expected is -16.0%, prior was -13.8%

Sell If U Can :Britannia ,Tata Steel ,Hindalco.Watch Panic Selling in HeroHonda ,Eicher

Polar bear poised on woman's hand symbolizing the care needed to preserve the natural environment of the species

“The riskiest thing in the world is the widespread belief that there’s no risk. That’s what most people believed… …

As Expected & Our Subscribers………..Knows :

INFRATEL ,CEAT ,BEML ,CASTROL…………Tumbled and Still Looking Weak !

Yes ,CESC -GODREJ Industries ,Kaveri Seeds and many more stocks zoomed like ROCKET !

Image result for britannia

All Eyes on 3166-3163 level.Break with volumes and stays below then ?

Watch PANIC upto 3075————————–3045  in hrs only.Now Don’t Jump and Buy !


Gravestone Doji ??

Watch PANIC upto 247————————243

Once Breaks 243 with volumes and stays below for 15-20 minutes then ?Watch panic upto 231 level in hrs


Below 84.50….If stays for 15 minutes then ?

PANIC upto 80—–78 & then ??


Sell if U Can…………………………..No Buying below 2582

We see PANIC upto 2527—–2509 level & there after ?

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An Update :Infosys ,MindTree ,TCS


Last Close : 1114.75

Today Break below 1104 with volumes and stays below for 10-15 minutes then ?

Sharp PANIC upto  1073—————————-1058 not ruled out.

Minor Support at 1086 level.

Yes ,Trendline SUPPORT at 1073-1075 area

Below 1416 level………………….No Buying @ all.Stop of 1436 on closing basis….Sell it !

Watch PANIC upto 1355———-1335 level in hrs only.


Below 2608 level………………….??No Buying.

Target : 2558—————-2542 level in PANIC ?????

Will it Break 2500 or Will cross 2750 level………………(Another Manipulative stock )

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BANK NIFTY -Below 17550…Sharp Panic is possible.Be Cautious at Higher levels.



How a trader copes and deals with difficult markets has a greater influence on returns than how they trade through good markets.

LAST CLOSE : 17622.85

now what to do

Break with volumes below 17550 level……………………..then ?

Watch Intraday PANIC upto  17490 level.

Once Breaks 17490 & stays for 15 minutes it will create PANIC PANIC upto 17387 level !


Hurdle at 17682—-17698.Crossover with volumes then ?

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Watch :1264—————-1254 as Support.

Yes ,Once Breaks 1254 with volumes and stays below then ????


Decisive Break below 428 with volumes then ???

Target :415———————-411 not ruled out.Honeymoon is over.If revives sell sell !


AXIS BANK ,YES BANK :Both Looking SCARY (Sharp panic ? )

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Trading Strategy For 13th Oct’ 2015.Hurdle at 8171-8199.Crucial Support at 8079-Last Hope For Bulls.


Failure is part of the game,don’t fear losing.Embrace losing & eliminate fear. Nothing wrong with being wrong as long as u don’t stay wrong.

Last Close : 8149.60

now what to do

Today’s Hurdle @ 8171 level…………………………………!!

Decisive Crossover with volumes and stays for 15-20 minutes will take to 8192—8199 level in minutes only.

LAXMANREKHA @ 8218 for A Day 


Watch :8113————8079 levels.

Yes ,If stays below 8215 level and not crosses High of 8249.Then above levels are possible very soon.

Who will save NF if it Breaks 8079 with volumes ????????

Overall Short Term Trend :By Looking @ Inverse Head & Shoulder + Triangle Breakout ….It’s up only.

Yes ,Intraday Correction -PANIC can happen 

More Details to our Subscribers,Updated at 7:53/13th Oct/Baroda/India

China trade balance for September: CNY 376.2bn (expected is CNY 292.4bn)

Trade balance for September, yuan denominated

China trade balance: 376.2bn CNY surplus

  • expected is CNY 292.4bn
  • prior was CNY 368.03bn

Exports -1.1% y/y:

  • expected is -7.4%, prior was –6.1%

Imports -17.7% y/y:

  • expected is -16.5%, prior was -14.3%-

We’ll get the USD terms soon enough, the CNY terms come out well before.-

Ugly imports, exports not even close to as bad as expected.

Gives a much higher than expected trade surplus.

The market will take heart from that beat on exports. Be nice if imports were better too though, that would indicate more domestic economic strength. As it is …. that import decline is horrible.

So, a bit of a mix in this data.

Comments from China Customs:

  • Foreign trade growth still facing difficulties
  • China economy faces relatively large downward pressure

Google Pays Tribute To – The Legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with Google Doodle




Oct. 13 would have been Nusrat Fateh Al Khan’s 67th birthday if he were still alive. However, he died of cardiac arrest on Aug. 16, 1997. Google’s special logo honoring Khan shows the iconic singer sitting in front of a microphone and singing while surrounded by his band.

Nusrat Fateh Al Khan mostly sang Qawwali, which is devotional music for Sufi Muslims. Much of the Islamic world considers him to be the greatest Qawwali singer of all time. He received many awards and accolades throughout his lifetime, including the UNESCO Music Prize in 1995 and the Pride of Performance Award handed out by the President of Pakistan. He came from a long line of Qawwali singers, as his family has a six-century tradition in the genre.

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PM Modi struggles to unleash investment -Says FT

The cheerful billionaire owner of RPG Goenka group, a midsized conglomerate based in Mumbai, is midway through an investment splurge. All in all, he plans to spend about $350m by the end of next year, most of it on two new factories for Ceat, the company’s flagship tyremaker.

“If you are bullish about demand in India, you put in new facilities. And I am feeling bullish,” he says. “Unfortunately, it is no secret that the majority of my fellow industrialists do not feel the same way.”

That is putting it mildly. On the surface, India’s economy seems to be doing nicely, growing at about 7 per cent a year. The International Monetary Fund predicted last week that it would creep up further next year, making India the world’s fastest-growing major economy and a rare bright spot in an otherwise gloomy global outlook.  

Behind the scenes, though, the private sector has in effect downed tools. Total capital expenditure has “nosedived” so far this year, according to rating agency Fitch, and is set to hit its lowest level since 2010. Laden with debt and stung by delays to previous big investment projects, India’s typically adventurous entrepreneurs are shying away from new spending. Many banks are struggling too, making them reluctant to lend.

All this makes India’s recovery feel fragile, in turn undermining hopes that growth will accelerate, supporting the world economy at a time when emerging markets such as China and Brazil are struggling. “India is growing at 7 per cent, but it often feels like 5 per cent,” says Shikha Sharma, managing director of Axis, one of India’s largest private sector banks.

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