Fri, 24th February 2017

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Here’s something to watch out for over the weekend – a letter from Buffett!

Warren Buffett, not Jimmy Buffet, that is – this  weekend he sends his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders

Apparently there is a countdown going on, the letter is expected at 8am NY time on Saturday
That’s 1300GMT
What’s gonna be in the letter?


Overnight : Dow up for 10th straight day, 21K in reach

The streaky Dow on Thursday did what it hasn’t done in nearly four years: Finish higher for 10 consecutive trading days.

The Dow Jones industrial average hasn’t finished in the red since Feb. 8 — the day before President Trump promised a tax cut plan would be announced in a few weeks.

On Thursday, the Dow finished in the black for the 10th day in a row. That hasn’t happened since March 2013.

The blue chips climbed 0.2%, up 35 points to yet another all-time closing high of 20,810.32. Other major indexes:

► S&P 500, up less than 0.1% to 2363.81.
► Nasdaq composite, down 0.4% to 5835.51. It snapped a 15-day winning streak.

Blue chip stocks have been getting a lift from a number of tailwinds, ranging from optimism surrounding Trump’s economic plans and a realization that the economy, job market and corporate profits have been moving higher for months now.

Bitcoin Up 10 Days In A Row – Surges To Record High

As the dollar drops, and fears over US trade action may exaggerate capital outflows in China, Bitcoin has renewed its rally post-Golden Week to new record highs. The virtual currency is up 10 days in a row as we noted previously that the Chinese have discovered a workaround for the PBOC’s crackdown on Bitcoin exchanges.

Record highs in USD terms… (not yet record highs in Yuan terms)