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Just see BANK NIFTY………..Today Morning we had written Crucial Support at 17900 (Look it kissed 17905 )

Nifty Future :Was not able to break Yesterday’s low and now on Fire Fire 


Saudi oil minister Ali al-Naimi has taken reporters along with him on his famous morning walk/jog at the Opec meeting in Vienna, but didn’t offer much colour on the meeting held yesterday with Russia, Venezuela and Mexico.

You all want to know the decision of the meeting but we haven’t even met yet.

Below is a typically Naimi-ish exchange with the Wall Street Journal’s reporter.

WSJ: Everyone wants to know what Saudi is thinking.

Naimi: Why?

WSJ: Because it’s a big producer.

Naimi: So is the US.

WSJ: Should the US cut?

Naimi: No, why should they?



Now Trading at 4587-NCDEX

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From 1290 To 1244 in Just 24 hrs……………….!!

Now Without Trading levels……….Can U Mint Money ??

Nikkei closes down -0.14% at 17,383.58

26 November 2014 - 12:08 pm
  • 24.04
  • open 17347.97
  • high 17432.57
  • low 17335.99
  • USDJPY 117.77

Major Oil Exporters’ Fiscal Constraints

26 November 2014 - 11:00 am

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Napoleon’s admirers will be able to carry his DNA on their wrists after a Swiss company announced it planned to sell watches containing a fragment of the emperor’s hair.

Half-millimetre slices of his locks will be placed inside a limited series of around 500 watches that are to bear the likeness of Napoleon, said Viviane de Witt, CEO of De Witt watchmakers.

The watches will sell for around €8,000 (£6,350).

The first surgery-like operation to slice up the hair took place on Tuesday in the presence of a bailiff at the De Witt factory in Geneva.

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Natural Gas-ASR

Yesterday Recommended :Above 266 level…………..No worry @ all

Yes ,Now Flared to kiss 274.70 level.

Above 275.25 if trades then ???


Yesterday Recommended to Sell @ 4718 level………………..No MAGIC ,No Miracle !

Just see ,Now crashed to kiss low of 4601 level.

Will it Break 4581 & sustains then ???

Yes ,Mint Money 24x7x366 Days………..No if and But 

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