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Now at 167 @ MCX

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CRUDE MCX -Very Crucial Update

26 March 2015 - 20:50 pm


Today  After noon at 13:46 Hrs ,We had written this about CRUDE MCX

Once u will click and Read …………….U will see Power of chart !

LAXMANREKHA was at  3383 level ,Just see it kissed High of  3368 & CRASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHED !

Now @ 3175 level 

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Above is Hourly chart of WTI CRUDE


Above 2842 ,We Told ………..CRUDE MCX will zoom to kiss 2961-3001 & there after Our Targets were 

3120——–3160 ,Next Targets were :3279———————-3319 level.

In Hrs only (From 3001 to  3368 level )

LAXMANREKHA @ 3383 level.

Mint Millions in Hours only.Yes Power of chart


The prospect of a return to $100-a-barrel crude is tempting some to bet against the bearish consensus in the oil market.

One or more traders have resumed buying call options that pay out if benchmark US crude futures surpass $100 by the end of 2018. Call options give holders the right to buy oil at a set price by a certain date.

Open interest in these options has risen to the equivalent of 2.7m barrels, nearly trebling from the start of the month.

The bullish positions run counter to the downbeat sentiment that pervades the oil market. Despite cutbacks in drilling, the price of West Texas Intermediate crude for December 2018 delivery was $64.25 a barrel on Wednesday. This specific futures contract last traded above $100 a barrel in mid-2011, while spot US crude oil was at that level last July.

Money managers last week had the biggest gross “short”, or bearish, position on record in WTI, data from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission reveal. Analysts’ median forecast for oil in 2018 is $75 a barrel, according to a Bloomberg survey. >> Read More


Trust is built with consistency.

As Expected GOLD ,SILVER………….Rocket-07

Our Subscribers know @ What level we told to buy GOLD ,SILVER !!


Told Above 2842 level…………………….Rally upto 2961——3001 is possible.

Once crosses and sustains above 3001 ,Our Next Target told to our Subscribers was :3120—-3160 level.

Yesterday Night kissed High of  3111 level.

Now ,This way We Mint Money 24 x 7 x 366 Days

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA

WTI CRUDE- All Eyes on $ 47.88 level.

23 March 2015 - 19:29 pm


Above is Daily Chart of WTI CRUDE

Watch $ 47.24———————47.88 level as Hurdles

Crossover and sustains above $ 47.88 or closes above this level will take to $ 49.83—50.47 level in hrs only.

Will Update More to our Subscribers


On Friday ,We Boldly Told :2961——3001 are Hurdles & Targets

Told Lion Heart Traders can sell with stop of 3001

It kissed High of  2986………………………………..Now Crashed to kiss low of 2877 level.

Mint Money from all corners

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Now at 2949 level @ MCX

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Now Trading at 2735 level.

Dead Cat Bounce ??Let’s see

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MCX-CRUDE-ASRJust Click this link and see Power of chart

Just see From 2801 too it crashed to 2748 level.

What Else u want in life ??

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