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MCX-CRUDE-Yesterday Recommended to buy 5000……………………………….

With Target of 5062—5082.

Yes ,Now kissed High of 5086 level.Now …….This way u have to Mint Money in TONS !

Now ,Above 5082 if sustains then ?More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 18:12/29th Oct/Baroda

Alright! Alright! Calm down! Calm down!

That’s the message from Abdalla El-Badri, the Opec secretary-general.

Speaking at an industry conference in London on Wednesday, Mr El-Badri said there was no need to panic at the recent sharp drop in oil because fundamentals remained robust

We do not see much change in the fundamentals. Demand is still growing, supply is still growing. Opec is reviewing the situation.

The most important thing is we don’t panic.

Opec is due to meet in Vienna next month, but few market participants believe the cartel will agree to lower its production target of 30m barrels a day. Analyst say Saudi Arabia, the cartel’s biggest producer, is prepared to accept a period of lower prices to keep market share.

Mr El-Badri said Opec did not have a price target and would let the “market settle down”. >> Read More

Crucial Update For Nickel ,Crude MCX

28 October 2014 - 16:27 pm

NICKEL-23rd March

Now at 921.50 ,Yesterday kissed low of 899 level.

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Above is Weekly Chart of WTI CRUDE ,Now kissed low of $79.45

Next Stop ……………………only $ 77


On 16th Oct ,We had written this………………

No Need to change levels everyday ,Just Trend Followers minting money in TONS.

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 19:23/27th Oct/Baroda

The winners and losers from cheap oil

27 October 2014 - 11:12 am

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Saudi Arabia, it appears, had enough of shooting itself in the foot for its American ‘partners’, and has admitted for the first time that it slashed supply in September. As Bloomberg reports, OPEC’s biggest producer cut supply to mkt by 328k b/d in September to 9.36m b/d, from 9.688m b/d in August, according to a person with knowledge of Saudi Arabia’s oil policy. Prices in September were flat admit this supply cut which suggests along with the build in EIA inventories seen yesterday that Saudi Arabia may have also been forced by global demand weakness to cut supply through October also. 

It appears the Saudi supply cut in September offset any demand weakness as prices remained flat… which makes one wonder what the plunge in October represents (global demand weakness or a flip-flopping Saudi Arabia?)


Crucial Update For CRUDE ,NICKEL

16 October 2014 - 22:47 pm



Now at 5142 ,After kissing High of 52226  level.

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Below 5249 level ,Our Target is intact of 4664

Yes ,Only Mantra was Sell Sell Sell :Now kissed low of  4978 level.

Yes ,Mint Milllllllllllllllllllllllions.But u should have trading levels !

Updated at 10:05/16th Oct/Baroda


Above is Daily Chart of  WTI CRUDE

Today kissed low of $ 80.02 ………………Now Zoomed to $81.70 level.

Above $80.95 level……………….if sustains ,We see Rally upto $83.7425—-84.67 level ?

Dead Cat Bounce on card ?More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 19:09/15th Oct/Baroda


Above is Hourly Chart of WTI CRUDE ,BRENT CRUDE 

Best for India…………..Petrol ,Diesel price should come down Drasticallllllllllllllllly ,If Modiji ki iccha hogi to ?

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