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CRUDE-BUY CALLYesterday Night Given buy Call on CRUDE MCX @ 3084 level……………

Just see ,Now zoomed to kiss 3177 level

Mint Money 24x7x 366 Days


DOE EIA crude oil inventory report 29 July 2015

  • Prior 2.468m
  • Cushing -212k vs +250k exp. Prior 813k
  • Gasoline inventories -363k vs +250k exp. Prior -1.725m
  • Distillates 2.588m vs 1.450m exp. Prior 235k

The expected number in the headline was Bloomberg’s secondary estimates following the API data which showed a 1.9m drawdown. Their prior forecast was for a 850k build


28 July 2015 - 21:21 pm


Now Crude at  3084 ,COPPER @ 340.80

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Now at 3013 level………………………..It’s BLOODBATH !

Fresh Short Call Below 3212 level with Targets of 2953———————-2888 !

Yes ,Now crashed to 3010 level.

Mint Money From All Corners…..No if and But !

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA



Above is Weekly chart of WTI CRUDE

3 Consecutive close below $ 46.19 +Weekly close if happens…………………Then ?

Watch PANIC upto $ 42.41——41.49 level.

More Will Update to our Subscribers


From 3820 level…………….One side Sell Call Intact !

Our Recent Targets were : 3212—————–3147

Today Kissed low of 3156

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As the NYMEX close approached, front-month WTI Crude futures slumped towards a $48 handle – the lowest since early March, having firmly rejected the algo-driven rip after this morning’s inventory build and tiny production cut… 

NICKEL-20th May

Now at  748 

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 Data published Sunday on the website of the Joint Organizations Data Initiative (JODI) showed Saudi Arabia’s crude oil exports fell to a five-month low in May

  • Saudi Arabia shipped 6.94 million barrels a day in May (from 7.74 million in April)
  • Lowest since December

Some analysts cite Chinese refinery shutdowns in May (for maintenance) as a contributor to lower Saudi exports. London’s Energy Aspects say Chinese refineries had almost 1 million barrels a day of capacity offline in May, and that stockpiling also probably came to an end that month.


JODI compiles data provided by oil-exporting countries


Will it crash to $ 47.45 or Will Cross $ 53.50

Will Update More to our Subscribers Tomorrow Morning.

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