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On 12th Sept ,Recommended to Buy @ 5627 level……………….and Told Worst is over !!

Yesterday zoomed to 5805 level.

Our Targets were :5760—5779 & there after 5838 level.

Mint Money from all corners………..No if and But !!

Power of chart ,Technically Yours



Above is 15 Minute Chart of BRENT CRUDE

Today kissed low of $ 96.21 level.


Watch $96.135————————————Break & Trades with volumes 

Nonstop PANIC upto $94.22 is possible.

Now ,Three Consecutive close below $94.22 +Weekly close  will create UNEXPECTED PANIC !

Nonstop Slide upto $ 88.49———86.57 on card.

Really Great for India & Indian Refinery stocks…………..Sharp Cut in Petrol ,Diesel prices not ruled out.

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Yesterday Late Night ,WE Updated about CRUDE MCX

Boldly told to Buy @ 5627 level……………Just see ,Now kissed  5695 level.

Told ,Worst is over …………..Mint Money  24x7x366 Days


11 September 2014 - 23:04 pm



Now Trading at  5627 level !

Time to Buy small lots ??

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Saudi Arabian oil output fell 400,000 barrels a day in August according to a report issued by Opec that coincided with another drop in the price of Brent, the international oil marker.

In its monthly report, the oil producing cartel said the Gulf nation produced 9.6m b/d a day in August, down from 10m b/d in July. Only four times in the last decade have the cuts been as great.

The sharp drop in the price of Brent since mid-June has prompted some market participants to question whether Saudi Arabia will curb its output to keep global supply in check and support prices.

On Wednesday, ICE Brent October fell $1.52 hitting a seventeen month low of $97.72 a barrel. >> Read More


Inspired forecasting there as Brent currently trades 99.34 in Oct futures and 100 in the Nov contract.

  • Says prices fell on oversupply and weak demand
  • Sees higher Chinese demand in Q4
  • Libya crude and US shale pressured prices

Nawal Al Faziea spoke to reporters, via Bloomers

One thing to watch with oil prices is that if demand keeps falling then that may prompt OPEC to cut output. The rough, back of a fag packet, break even range for production, across all OPEC producers is around $95-110.

Crude MCX-Crucial Update

09 September 2014 - 14:52 pm


Now at  5662 level.

Yesterday CRASHED VERTICALLY………Kissed low of 5550 & taken U-turn !

Now ,What to Expect ?

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Brent Crude Breaks $100

08 September 2014 - 14:51 pm


Above is Hourly Chart of  Brent Crude Oil

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Now at 5610 level.

Will it crash to kiss 5444———-5249 level ??

We Told It will crash to kiss 5240…………When Triangle Was Broken @  6149,Just 6 weeks back.

No Beggar like Trading to get Rs.10-20-40-50 in Crude Oil.

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sellitMint Money 24 x7 x 366 Days

As Expected………………….Yesterday 

Natural Gas ,Crude ,GOLD …………..Melted like ICE

Yes ,Tons of Money Minted by our Subscribers.

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