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Nikkei closes up 0.18% at 15646.23

30 July 2014 - 11:50 am
  • +28.16
  • open 15616.89
  • high 15666.62
  • low 15594.89
  • USDJPY 102.12


Above is Daily Chart of RTSI 

Below  1241 level if closes for 3 Consecutive days ,We see PANIC upto  1181—–1161 level.

Will Update More if breaks 1161 level too.

Updated at 6:03/30th July/Baroda/India



There is hope yet for a deal between Argentina and its holdout creditors that could avert a default on Wednesday

Axel Kicillof, Argentina’s economy minister, arrived at the offices of Daniel Pollack, the court-appointed mediator, just after 6.30pm EST, more than seven hours after the negotiations began on Tuesday.

Mr Kicillof had been expected to attend a Mercosur summit in Caracas with President Cristina Fernandez, and had failed to attend previous talks since New York Judge Thomas Griesa on July 22nd ordered the two parties to negotiate “continuously” until an agreement was reached.

But there was renewed optimism for a settlement after Mr Kicillof’s last-minute appearance in New York, just one day before Argentina will default on its performing debt if it fails to make interest payments that have been blocked by Judge Griesa.

The US Supreme Court’s rejection on June 16 of Argentina’s appeal left Judge Griesa’s ruling in favour of the holdouts intact, so obliging Buenos Aires to pay the group of US hedge funds that refused to accept restructured debt after a 2001 default at the same time as the holders of performing debt. >> Read More


  • +88.67
  • open 15564.79
  • high 15632.70
  • low 15556.02
  • USDJPY 101.98


Above is Weekly Chart of NIKKEI

  • +71.53
  • open 15426.98
  • high 15556.62
  • low 15426.98
  • USDJPY 101.81


On 15th June ,We had written this about SHANGHAI COMPOSITE 

Short Term Looking HOT :Will zoom to kiss 2146 ,2156 level.

Next Target :2178—-2191 level.

In Panic ,Buy and Hold …………Looking Hot 

203 POINTS Rally ?1982+ 203 = 2185 LEVEL 

Updated at 19:45/27th July/Baroda/India



Above is Daily Chart of BRITISH POUND

Crucial Support at 169.45————169.141 level.

Now ,Three Consecutive close below 169.141 level will create More Panic.

Slide upto 168.215—–167.90 is possible.

Short Term Looking Weak ,Long Term we are very Bullish ,More Details to our Subscribers

Updated at 11 :00 /27th July/Baroda



Above is Weekly Chart of US DOLLAR INDEX

As Expected US Dollar on Fire and Still Looking Hot !

Heading Towards to 81.53—————81.69 in short run 


Monthly Chart Indictes…………….79.80 is Major Support

Will zoom to kiss 81.945—82.32 level 

In Panic ,Buy Buy Buy !

Updated at  21:45/26th July/Baroda/India


  • +173.45
  • open 15342.46
  • high 15457.87
  • low 15341.69
  • USDJPY 101.73

A strong rally into the close but not followed by USDJPY suggesting  decent offers above 101.80 still

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