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  • +391.49
  • open 15038.19
  • high 15,195.78
  • low 15001.43
  • USDJPY 106.92

USDJPY offers above 107.00 weighing on the pair even as Nikkei made new gains

Nikkei closes down -2.03% at 14,804.28

21 October 2014 - 11:42 am
  • -306.95
  • open 15115.29
  • high 15115.29
  • low 14761.84
  • USDJPY 106.40

Nikkei closes up +3.98% at 15,111.23

20 October 2014 - 12:25 pm
  • +578.72
  • open 14822.84
  • high 15111.23
  • low 14819.69
  • USDJPY 107.23

A late burst for the line and new session highs leaves USDJPY less than impressed


Most exchanges in the Middle East rebounded on Sunday after global stock markets recovered on Friday from a big sell-off triggered by worries about the impact of weak earnings reports on growth and businesses.

Those worries had sent Middle East bourses tumbling, with Dubai’s index down 13.6 percent last week. Saudi Arabia lost 12.0 percent and Egypt dropped 10.0 percent over the same period.

But on Friday, when markets in the Middle East were closed, European stocks surged by the most in more than two years as investors bought back into beaten-down markets after further, soldid, U.S. corporate earnings and rising consumer sentiment. >> Read More


  • -205.87
  • open 14796.32
  • high 14830.67
  • low 14529.03
  • USDJPY 106.20

A late dip to new session lows before a small bounce. Now we keep an eye on the futures and the European equity/bond openings

USDJPY not seeming to want to be bullied lower on the drop but still near session lows


BRAZIL-PANICAbove is Daily Chart of Brazil Bovespa



Above is Monthly Chart of CRB INDEX

Broken 272.04 level and closed at  271.31 level.

All Eyes on 269.46 level ,Break & close below this level for 3 Consecutive days +Weekly close will take to 266.78-263.36

Looking Weak only.More PANIC on card in coming days.

Updated at 5:45/16th Oct/Baroda/India


EUROPE-MARKET European Stoxx 600 index down 11.4% from its highs just 18 days ago… All European stock indices are now red for 2014



Above is 15 Minute chart of GREECE ATHENS INDEX

Now Down by  5.40% 

Below 901 level ,Next Target :788—————–751 level !

Now 13 Month LOW !

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