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  • +274.60

  • open 19731.57
  • low 19678.22
  • USDJPY 119.44

A good session for the Nikkei puts a spring back in the step of USDYEN but other yen pairs not so well supported

European stock market close 20 April 2015

  • FTSE +0.8%
  • Cac +%
  • Dax +1.7%
  • Ibex flat
  • FTSE Mib +1.3%

European bonds

  • Italy 1.49% +1bp
  • Spain 1.46% +1bp
  • Portugal 2.01% -1bp
  • Germany 0.077% flat
  • Greece 13.26% +37bp 
  • -18.39

  • open 19501.00
  • high 19725.86
  • low 19474.23
  • USDJPY 118.56

Which is the bubble?India or China

19 April 2015 - 18:54 pm



Above is Daily Chart of CAC 40 Index

Slide upto 5101—————————-5080 on card.

Yes ,Now if Breaks 5080 level too with volumes and stays below then ??

Watch PANIC upto 5017——————–4996 level very soon !

Short Term Sharp slide on card.

More Details to our SUBSCRIBERS ,Updated at 14:59/19th April/Baroda/India



Above is Daily Chart of RTS INDEX

On 16th April ,We had written this :

Yes ,Three Consecutive close above  1053+Weekly close will create more Firework !Click above link and Read

now what to do

Break & Close below 1001 level……………………………

Watch PANIC upto 960———947 level !

Yes ,Correction for 1 to 3 Days is must !

Will Update More to our Subscribers ,Updated at 14:41/19th April/Baroda/India

Emerging Markets: An Update

18 April 2015 - 15:11 pm
(1) Some measure to support the lira maybe on the way in Turkey.
(2) Singapore MAS kept the slope and width of the policy band unchanged, a hawkish surprise.  
(3) Malaysia sells $1.5 bln in the country’s first global bond offering since 2011.  
(4) The EC suspended about EUR450 mln from Hungary’s EU funding after the nation failed to take action on a previous dispute.  
(5) Colombia central bank Co-Director Cano delivered some hawkish remarks.  
(6) Brazilian Finance Minister Levy still looks set to deliver the basics.

Over the last week, China (+6.3%), Argentina (+4.8%), and Hong Kong (+1.39%) have outperformed in the EM equity space, while India (-1.5%) and Czech Republic (-0.9%). In the EM local currency bond space, longer date yields in Turkey (+34 bp), Indonesia (+27 bp) and Peru (+12 bp) rose the most, and fell the most in Colombia (-8 bp), Check Republic (-6 bp) and Brazil -6 bp). To put this in better context, the 10-year UST yield fell 7 bp over the past week. In the EM FX space, the top performers were RUB (+5.4% vs. USD), SGD (+1.8%), and BRL (+1.8%), while the underperformers were TRY (-2.1% vs. USD) and PEN (-0.0%).

(1) Some measure to support the lira maybe on the way in Turkey. The central bank says it will discuss a measured cut FX depo lending rates. It will also consider “a measured hike in the partial remuneration rate on Turkish lira reserve requirements” at its MPC meeting on April 22.  However, it’s still unclear whether the government can remain quiet if the central bank keeps policy rates unchanged again.
(2) Singapore MAS kept the slope and width of the policy band unchanged, a hawkish surprise.  The monetary authority will maintain the policy of a modest and gradual appreciation of the S$NEER band.  The decision was in part following considerably better growth figures, with Q1 GDP rising 2.1% y/y, same as the previous quarter. Also, Singapore’s labor market remains tight.  We do not rule out another move to loosen policy this year, as we believe the economic outlook has worsened since the last MAS intra-meeting move back in January.

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Big losses across Europe:

  • UK FTSE -0.9%
  • Italy MIB -0.9%
  • German DAX -2.7%
  • French CAC -1.6%
  • Spain IBEX -2.6%

Suddenly there is a big correction underway in German stocks, even with bunds yielding 0.077%.


While the Chinese are long to bed, futures continue to trade on their exuberant stock market… and it’s going south in a hurry. As we noted earlier, the catalyst appears to be a regulatory decision to increase the number of ‘shortable’ securities (and follow-through from PBOC’s day prior demands of brokers to monitor margin trading). Both of these actions were taken as ‘signals’ that policymakers may be getting nervous about the ebullient wealth creation… Chinese stock futures are now down almost 7% – the 2nd biggest drop in 7 years

It appears the 4% rally post-crappy-GDP print was a little too far too fast.. >> Read More

  • 232.89

  • open 19810.40
  • high 19815.25
  • low 19638.37
  • USDJPY 119.04

A soft session that saw weekly lows and a fade into the close but USDJPY unfazed

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