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Above is Daily Chart of Bovespa

On 30th Sept ,Written :

Just see Power of chart ,look at H&S formation and see after breaking Neckline………….What happened ??

Head Height :5082 points.Will Try to kiss 52100 level in panic or more !




Above is Daily Chart of Argentina Merval Index

Overnight Crashed down 8.23% ,1032.71 POINTS

Argentina’s central bank governor, Juan Carlos Fábrega, resigned on Wednesday, a day after being criticised in public by President Cristina Fernández as the peso currency comes under growing pressure.

Mr Fábrega, who was considered a moderating influence in an increasingly radical administration, will be replaced by Alejandro Vanoli, head of the CNV regulatory authority, according to presidential spokesman Alfredo Scoccimarro.

Without naming Mr Fábrega directly, Ms Fernández accused the central bank during a nationwide address on Tuesday night of failing to control “manoeuvres” by banks and brokers to provoke a devaluation of the peso, and suggested that “privileged information” had been leaked.
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  • -91.27
  • open 16173.39
  • high 16225.96
  • low 16089.56
  • USDJPY 109.82


Above is Monthly Chart of US DOLLAR INDEX

Now Crossed and closed at 86 level.

On 26th Sept ,We had written this :

Three Consecutive close above 85.71+Weekly close …………………Next Nonstop Target 

88.71–89.71  level very soon

Watch TRIANGLE on Monthly Chart ,Yes More Details Once Breaks Huge Triangle of  17.78 points

More Details to our Subscribers, Updated at 6:20/1st Oct/Baroda/India

  • -137.12
  • open 16252.72
  • high 16252.72
  • low 16058.72
  • USDJPY 109.36


Above is Weekly Chart of HANG SENG INDEX

Three Consecutive close below  23291 +Weekly close if Happens 

PANIC will Continue………………We see Freefall upto 22600—22370 level very soon.

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 7:08/30th Sept/Baroda/India



Above is Weekly Chart of Emerging Market Index

Slide upto 1109———————-998 is possible in Panic !

More Details to our Subscribers 



Above is Daily Chart of Brazilian Bovespa.

Just see After Breaking Neckline of Head & Shoulder it Crashed Vertically

  • +80.78
  • open 16339.03
  • high 16344.32
  • low 16262.00
  • USDJPY 109.60


Above is Daily Chart of Brazil Bovespa 

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