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China has just hit another milestone.

In 2010 China’s economy overtook Japan’s as the world’s second largest economy. This week the country’s stock market has finally caught up.

Thanks to a broad decline in the Japanese yen and a major rally in Chinese equities, the total value of China’s stock market has finally surpassed Japan’s to snatch the number two spot in the world, after the US.

The total value of China’s equity market in US dollars finished Wednesday at $4.448tn, just a sliver below the entire value of Japan’s market, at $4.507tn, according to data from Bloomberg.

The data is always delayed by a day, but it appears that China’s equity market overtook Japan’s on Thursday.

China’s Shanghai Composite, the most widely used index in China, rose 0.7 per cent in mid-afternoon trading. Japan’s Topix, the key index for Japan, finished lower by 1 per cent. Using these indices as broader proxies, and taking into account today’s currency moves, China’s total market cap has now grown to $4.480tn, while Japan’s has slipped to $4.478tn (see charts below). >> Read More

  • -135.08
  • open 17310.49
  • high 17346.85
  • low 17212.48
  • USDJPY 117.33


Above is Daily Chart of BALTIC DRY INDEX

Below 1174…..More Panic not ruled out 

Nikkei closes down -0.14% at 17,383.58

26 November 2014 - 12:08 pm
  • 24.04
  • open 17347.97
  • high 17432.57
  • low 17335.99
  • USDJPY 117.77

Nikkei closes up 0.29% at 17,407.62

25 November 2014 - 12:42 pm
  • +50.11
  • open 17490.39
  • high 17490.39
  • low 17372.71
  • USDJPY 117.89


Brazilian markets rose on Friday on reports that Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff has appointed a former treasury secretary, Joaquim Levy, as finance minister.

The benchmark iBovespa stock index rose 5 per cent to 56,084 points on the reports while the Brazilian real strengthened 2.3 per cent to R$2.52 against the dollar.

Mr Levy, who won a reputation as fiscally responsible when he served under Ms Rousseff’s predecessor Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva as treasury secretary in 2003, will replace Guido Mantega, the embattled finance minister of her first term, according to local media, including business newspaper Valor Econômico, without naming sources.

The reports could not be immediately confirmed with the presidential palace in Brasília. Mr Levy did not return a call for comment >> Read More


You know the market is a joke when Italian stocks rally almost 4% on hints of the European Central Bankbuying Italian bonds when they’re already at record low rates. Here are the changes for the main equity markets in Europe:

  • UK FTSE +1.2%
  • German DAX +2.6%
  • French CAC +2.7%
  • Italy MIB +3.9%
  • Spain IBEX +3.2%

The Italian MIB is a nice looking chart:

Italy MIB daily

  • +56.65
  • open 17285.72
  • high 17381.59
  • low 17108.20
  • USDJPY 117.88
  • +12.11
  • open 17407.69
  • high 17407.69
  • low 17270.70
  • USDJPY 118.62
  • -55.31
  • open 17384.31
  • high 17472.57
  • low 17280.76
  • USDJPY  117.28

A fade right at the finish but USDJPY unperturbed


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