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Nikkei closes flat at 14,417.53

17 April 2014 - 11:46 am



  • -0.15
  • open 14395.95
  • high 14500.66
  • low 14351.85
  • USDJPY 101.99

A slight fade into the close sees USDJPY off a few pips



Forget Economy ,Forget Growth…………………….!!



We had Written this :

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Foreign brokerage CLSA has said the Sensex is poised to gain 75 per cent through 12-24 months, on a technical basis. A 75 per cent jump in the benchmark index could take it to 40,000-levels.

On Wednesday, the 30-share index closed at 22,277.

“A technical view of the recent breakout of Indian markets to new highs is that of a signal that the long-term uptrend off the 2003 low is resuming. This implies an upside target for theBSE Sensex of 39,707 (+75 per cent) through the next 12 to 24 months,” CLSA said in its India strategy report authored by analysts Mahesh Nandurkar, Laurence Balanco and Abhinav Sinha. At current levels (21,483-22,023), however, the Sensex could see a temporary dip of three-five per cent, an attractive buying opportunity, the report added.

On a fundamental basis, too, the brokerage expects Indian markets to do well. It expects the Sensex to give compounded annual returns of about 15 per cent through the next two years. “We are looking at more gradual market gains…15 per cent…over a two-year period; largely in line with the earnings growth; a possibility of 5-10 per cent re-rating exists as earnings upgrades unfold from the second half of FY15,” the report said. >> Read More



Above is Daily Charrt of BALTIC DRY INDEX

In Last 5 Weeks ,Down by 42% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





  • +420.87
  • open 14126.30
  • high 14420.30
  • low 14125.59
  • USDJPY 102.28

A late rally into the close has lifted USDJPY to new session highs of 102.29





BVSP-15Above is Daily Chart of BRAZIL-BOVESPA

Now ,Three Consecutive close below 50741 level +Weekly close if happens

Nonstop Panic upto 49149———————————–48579 on card

Short Term Looking Weak 



And still the mainstream media’s discussion of the collapse in the Baltic Dry shipping index is entirely absent. As we have been pointing out for weeks now, something extreme is occurring in the cost of shipping dry bulk around the world. 2014 is now witnessing the biggest drop in price (a typical seasonal pattern) to start the year since records began. Today’s drop to $989 (the first time below $1000 since June 2013) is the 15th drop in a row and it’s not just this index that is fading: Capesize, Panamax, and Supramax rates are all falling. As we noted previously, the shipbuilding industry is already feeling the pain.


Three Consecutive close below 1005+Weekly close will take to 698———————–595 level !

Russian Index-Tumbling….Now Down 2%

14 April 2014 - 12:58 pm



  • -49.9
  • open 13887.23
  • high 14008.29
  • low 13885.22
  • USDJPY 101.56



Above is Weekly Chart

In Just 10 weeks zoomed by 11.5% (  105.15 points )

Three Consecutive close above 1020.64 +Weekly close will take to  1044.66 ,1052.66 level.

Falling Trendline Indicates :Hurdle at 1031 level.

Looking Hot ………..Really Hot in PANIC ,Buy Buy !!

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