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Above is  Hourly chart of SILVER SPOT

Now Broken  $ 18 level.


Monthly Chart Indicates :Break and close below $ 18.754 level………………For Three Consecutive Days

Next Target and Final Hope $ 16.168 level.

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On 18th Sept ,We had written :

Tons of Money Minted…………..By our Subscribers


Now at 40770 level.

Today kissed low of 40600 level.

Our Short Term Target of 40765 is achieved………………..!!

Now ,Three Consecutive close below 40765+weekly close will take to 39464—–39031 level.

We Don’t Recommend Every day about GOLD ,SILVER………….Our Subscribers knows from WHAT LEVEL We are Bearish ??

101% More Details to our Subscribers,Updated at 17:59/18th Sept/Baroda



Now @  26582 level.

Our Targets were :26589——————26381 level.

(Now kissed low of 26560 )

Break & CLOSE below 26381 level ……………………for 3 Consecutive days then ??

Nonstop Panic upto 25757—25549 is possible !

Below 27213 level ,Our Targets were :26589–26381

Our Subscribers knows …….From What level we are Bearish in GOLD SPOT & GOLD MCX 


Gold ,Silver (Spot ) :It’s Bloodbath

18 September 2014 - 5:31 am


Above is Hourly Chart of GOLD SPOT ,SILVER SPOT

As Expected PANIC Continue………………….Complete Bloodbath.

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 5:30/18th Sept/Baroda/India

Silver MCX-An Update

15 September 2014 - 16:22 pm

MCX-SILVER-19th March

Now ,SILVER MCX @ 41470 LEVEL.

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Now at 27014 level @ MCX

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Above is Weekly Chart of GOLD SPOT

101% No need to change level @ all.

Just All Eyes on $ 1222

Three Consecutive close below $1222  +Weekly close will take to $1182—-$1169 level in PANIC !!


Triangle on Monthly Chart & Our BOX Chart Indicates :

Below $1180 level…………………..We see GOLD Will Melt to $ $928 level.

Box Chart Indicates :Monthly Close below $1224 will take to $991—————–914 level.

101% More Details to our Subscribers

Our Ultimate Targets of GOLD ,SILVER (MCX ) are Known to our Subscribers

Updated at 6:15/15th Sept/Baroda/India

Bloodbath Continue in GOLD ,SILVER ,NICKEL

11 September 2014 - 22:47 pm


As Expected


Today….Tons of Money Minted …………..(Everyday routine )

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA

Crucial Update For GOLD ,SILVER (MCX )

10 September 2014 - 19:43 pm


Now at  27302 level @ MCX

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Above is Daily Chart of GOLD SPOT 

Three Consecutive close below $1222+ Weekly close will take to 1182-1169.

Still Looking Weak ,More Details to our Subscribers.

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