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India Stamp Gandhi 1948 VVIP Folder SG 305/8 Ghandi

Yes ,Now this Folder in My Collection :

Folder is in extremely extremely good condition. It has all 4 value stamps inside it. The top of the folder has an inscription that reads Courvoisier S.A. La Chaux De Fonds. The stamps are also in extremely good condition.
Stamps inside folder are FRESH!!!!
Folder is in EXTREMELY EXTREMELY GOOD conditions!!!!
This folder is from the printer, Helio Courvoisier. This is the same company that printed the Gandhi 1948 stamps for India, only set of stamps to be printed in a foreign country. 
This folder was given to Very Very Important Persons (VVIPs) who attended the ceremony.
Only 50 of these folders were given as gifts to visiting high ranking officials.
I Love Philately ,I Invest in Stamps !!

Bankers never learn

The reason for the Recession — simplified.

A naked and drunken woman boards a cab in London one night.

The Gujju driver keeps staring and does not start the cab.

Woman : Haven’t you ever seen a naked woman before ???

Gujju Driver : I am not staring at you lady ….. just wondering where you kept money to pay !!

The Moral : That is what most of the American and European banks failed to do. (i.e.) Assessing repayment capacity before taking exposure !!!

Long live Gujju enterprise…

India 1854 Inverted Head Variety

The classic 1854 inverted head variety set a new world record yesterday at Spink. The stamp, part of the Vestey collection auctioned off on October 13th, 2010 brought in a record GBP 105,390. The stamp was cut to shape. Twenty seven copies of this world famous rarity are known, only 3 of these were cut square. Image is courtesy of Spink. Entire catalog can be downloaded from: http://www.spink.com/auctions/pdf/default.asp

Everyday New High :Chile IPSA ,Jakarta & Srilanka

Chile :Yesterday Made High of 4848

Jakarta :Yesterday High :3405

Srilanka :Made New High :6720

Have u Heard any Blue Channel ……talking about these Indices ?

What is the Reason to Celebrate 20k and 6k for Sensex & Nifty ?All had been done by Fii’s Money……..Nothing else ?

If they are Buyer and If u get DATA that FII’s are Buyers everyday and Buying Indian Stocks then Who are Sellers ?

Indian Mutal Funds or Indian Instituions ??Just see the Buying and Selling RATIO ?

Again Nobody will talk and Write ……101% Money is been re-routed to India from Locals only…….Just wait and watch…….This will be out very soon.

Mark my words :Nothing had changed so fast in India that everyday Fii’s are Buying …Think and ACT ……Instead of doing Bla Bla about 2008 Crash !!

Updated at 7:55/22nd Sept/Baroda

M for MAST for M for MAXWELL :Target Rs.32-42-50

Just Invest & Forget.

Thirsty Traders ….Don’t miss this stock

Technically Worst is over.I dont believe in Fundamentals.

-Rising Channel indicates ,Stock will zoom to kiss Rs 28 level in short term.

-I see stock flaring upto Rs.32 level.

-Hold for Next 15-20 days will see stock zooming upto 42-50+ level.

Thirsty Traders ,Keep stoploss for Trading /Investment of Rs.18

-Rockbottom price level.

Explosive rally not ruled out.Any time ,Any moment it will blast.

“Waise bhi zindagi mein hum kitna adjust……karte hain, shukar hai underwear toh adjust nahin karni padegi. VIP underwear. Fit itna mast, no adjust.”…

Some facts for Traders /Investors :

Do u know he holds 14.55% holding

They bought at Rs.32 & still holding.


*Do u know Promotors holds :64%

*Half year sales Rs.108 crore.


Maxwell owns ubiquitous underwear brand VIP, and international brands like Lovable, Vanity Fair and Daisy Dee.


*Market Cap @ 22 Rs.144 crore.

Don’t trade or Invest without Stoploss.But  I think not today but very soon will see unexpected firework in this stock.

Updateda t 10:40/8th March/Baroda