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India: Begging For Votes

It is a travesty at worst and a mockery at the least that each and every person holds Elected Governments at ransom, just by the threat of a single vote being denied to them. The most famous single vote was that of Mayawati which floored the Vajpayee Government somewhere in late 1990s. Today, while the most energetic PM India has ever seen in 69 years is running helter-skelter to put this country in order. The others are simply exploiting that virtue. When was the last time anyone saw a PM travel to a foreign nation and address 2 rallies in 2 States in one day. Or when did India ever see a PM who returns from a late night foreign tour  and is next morning addressing a mammoth rally in Bihar. And yet, all such efforts may go in vain.

While the blue channels keep extolling the perceived hard landing of China, they would do well to look into their own backyards. There is a Kejriwal who gives free water to people in Delhi and is planning to raise minimum wage for unskilled labour to Rs 9000 per month. Will anyone pay temporary staff this sum of money for an hour of work once a day? Compare this to rural areas where after decades of free power, diesel, fertilisers, seeds and pumpsets the people still have no money to pay for Electricity which is now available at their door step.
Such colossal number of people may amount to 600 mn strong and can decide the fate of any ensuing and existing governmemnt in India. So, what are we doing? We are auctioning Coal mines, but providing free power to people. We are building roads on the PPP model but letting people get away without paying toll. We are putting up power plants, but they remain non functional beause the SEBs are bankrupt. To cover SEB and bad loans to businesses we are recapitalising banks. At the same time we are writing off crop loans given to farmers.

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Big Blow to Govt :Land Bill lapse

In a setback for the ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA), which has been attempting to make it easier for industry to acquire land but has failed to convince the Opposition, the amended legislation would be fair to farmers, the government will not repromulgate the Land Acquisition Bill. The Bill is set to lapse on August 31.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday the government was willing to make changes to the Bill and accept suggestions that were in the interests of farmers. In an address to the nation, broadcast on radio, the PM said, “I have decided that the ordinance be allowed to lapse. This means that the situation stands where it was at the time that my government came to power.”

The government’s inability to push through the contentious land legislation comes as a blow to its reform agenda and will not merely delay capacity building but could also hamstring the much-hyped smart cities programme.

However, political experts believe the government is giving up on the land Bill to instead rally support for the Goods and Services Tax (Constitutional amendment) Bill in Parliament so as to be able to meet the April 2016 deadline.

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Alexis Tsipras gambles on outright poll victory to win reform mandate

His party has split and its popularity has slumped since Greece agreed last month to a new €86bn rescue package — and the tough austerity measures attached — with its international creditors.

Yet Alexis Tsipras looked relaxed as he kicked off his election campaign, defending his record in a television interview aired on Thursday even before Prokopis Pavlopoulos, the Greek president, formally announced the snap vote sparked by the premier’s resignation last week.

The poll, expected to be held on September 20, will be Greece’s second general election this year.

“The new memorandum [bailout agreement] is by no means the worst . . . My conscience is clear,” Mr Tsipras declared.

Vassiliki Thanou, president of the supreme court, was sworn in on Thursday evening as Greece’s first woman prime minister at the head of a caretaker government.

Mr Tsipras’s Syriza scored a stunning victory in January, becoming the first radical leftwing party in Europe to win a general election. But it fell two seats short of an outright majority in parliament, leaving the prime minister to govern in coalition with Independent Greeks, a small rightwing party.

Mr Tsipras is gambling that this time his high approval rating as premier will be enough to ensure an outright win for Syriza, despite a damaging break with the party’s hardline faction that pushed him to resign and seek a new mandate rather than rely on the support of pro-European opposition parties in parliament. A coalition government is not on the cards, he asserted.

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Indian politicians publish poetry to make themselves seem intellectual