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Anti-Islam, Anti-Racism Protesters Clash Across Australia

Members of the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism hold a counter-rally against anti-Islam group Reclaim Australia, as the latter group - who have organised county-wide protests around the country in the wake of the Paris terror attacks - protest over plans for a mosque in Melton, in Melbourne on November 22, 2015.

Anti-Islam protesters clashed with supporters of cultural diversity across a number of cities in Australia, as the country is expected to accept a large number of refugees, SkyNews television reported.

 In the city of Melbourne, about 500 opponents of a planned construction of a mosque clashed with around the same number of its supporters on Sunday, according to the media. Police intervened, using pepper spray, the media reported.

Ten Australians have been arrested in the nationwide protests, according to the media.

Australia is expected to take in 12,000 Syrian migrants before Christmas in order to help Europe cope with the ongoing refugee crisis.

ISIL terrorist group, which took responsibility for deadly attacks in Paris on November 13, occupies a large part of Syria.

Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Robert Doyle told Sputnik on Friday that his city, home of the country’s busiest port, may consider strengthening security measures after the Paris attacks.

In Indian Politics -No Need To Be Qualified : Nitish Kumar’s team: 7 Masters, 9 grads and 12 who went to school

In a Bihar cabinet where Lalu Prasad’s two sons are the youngest members, both in their twenties, none of the other 26 ministers is under 40. The 28-member cabinet’s average age is 52, not counting Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, 64. One-fourth of the ministers are above 60, four of these from the JD(U) and three from the RJD, while all four Congress ministers are between 40 and 60. 

The 28 ministers, 19 of them first-timers, range from a dozen who studied up to various stages of school — including both of Lalu’s sons — to seven postgraduates, four of these from Lalu’s party. The CM is an electrical engineering graduate.

 The following profiles are in the order in which they are standing in the photograph.

Jay Kumar Singh: Industries and Science & Technology Minister, 46, is a civil engineering graduate. He defeated the BJP’s Rajendra Singh to take Dinara for a second time. An upper caste Rajput with the JD(U).

Ramvichar Rai: Agriculture Minister, 60, has been a minister and RJD chief whip earlier. He defeated Raju Kumar Singh of HAM in Sahebganj. Rai studied till Class X

Chandrashekhar: Disaster Management Minister, 53, is a second-time MLA from Madhepura, where he defeated the BJP’s Vijay Kumar Vimal. An MSc, he used to teach at a college. A Yadav leader with the RJD.

Inside Vladimir Putin’s Multi-Billion Dollar, Triple-Decker War Room

If you were one of the unlucky moviegoers who spent $15 on a ticket for the latest Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks extravaganza “Bridge of Spies” (a Cohen brothers-assisted screenplay corrupted by a smorgasbord of Hollywood cliches), you know that the tradition of using American cinema to whip the public into a Russophobic frenzy is alive and well.

In Spielberg’s East Germany it’s always dark, it’s always snowing, the KGB agents at the Russian embassy in Berlin are laughably cartoonish stereotypes, and the backdrop is gray and monocrhromatic except for bright red Soviet flags. 

But it’s a well placed piece of propaganda designed to convince Americans that Vladimir Putin’s Russia threatens to plunge the world back into Cold War diplomacy on the way to resurrecting the type of nuclear brinksmanship that could make a $17,500,000 nuclear fallout shelter look like a prudent investment. 

Of course you can count on Kremlin grandstanding to perpetuate the stereotype and in the wake of Moscow’s confirmation that it was indeed a bomb that brought down a Russian passenger jet over the Sinai Peninsula earlier this month, we got a look at Putin’s new multi-billion, National Control Defense Center which is so … how shall we put this… so “Soviet”, that you’d imagine Sean Connery might be creeping around the compound in a suit carrying a silenced pistol.

Nigel Farage Warned Hollande In 2013, EU Warmongery Will Mean “Unending, Unwinnable Misery” For Europe

“The EU is increasingly about war,” exclaimed the outspoken UKIP leader in 2013 in front of Francois Hollande and his European parliamentarian peers. Amid the collapse of the French economy and capital flight, Farage jabs at Hollande it is clearly “impossible for France and Germany to stay together inside the same economic and monetary union.” So on the basis that the country is bankrupt (as France’s employment minister has said), Farage asks rhetorically, “what do you do? Well, the old trick – launch a foreign military intervention.” He concludes ominously prophetically, “taking on fundamentalist, radical Islam in battle is something that will launch ourselves… on a decade of unending, unwinnable misery.”

Russia Plans to Rebuild Syria From Ashes – German Press

Russia has a long-term plan to rebuild Syria after the terrorists there are defeated, which requires the involvement of other regional powers to ensure that the threat of terrorism is extinguished, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten [DWN] reported on Saturday.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin is pursuing a long-term strategy in the Middle East, according to which Syria’s traditional allies play an important role,” wrote DWN.

“With new alliances with Iraq and Iran, Russia wants to break the dominance of Saudi Arabia, which through OPEC and its missionary Wahhabism plays a destructive role both economically and socially, in the Russian view.”

The newspaper referred to an interview Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin gave the news channel Rossiya 24, in which the minister said that the rebuilding of Syria’s economy will begin as soon as the Syrian army, with the assistance of the Russian air force, has liberated large tracts of land from the terrorists.

“We are not, like the US in Yugoslavia in 1999, using old ammunition. They cleaned out their arsenal – just bombed civilian buildings. We can’t allow ourselves to do something like that,” said Rogozin, explaining that Russia is using precise weaponry carried by Su-24, Su25, and Su-34 attack aircraft, in order to expressly target Islamic State terrorists rather than civilians and civilian buildings.

ALERT- ISIS Planning Attacks in US, Worldwide on Sunday

The hacker group Anonymous said Saturday that the Islamic State plans to attack sites in the U.S., Paris, Indonesia, Italy and Lebanon on Sunday.

In the U.S., the terrorist group is planning an attack at the WWE Survivor Series pro-wrestling event at the Philips Arena in Atlanta at 7:30 p.m. EST on Sunday, The International Business Times reports.

The FBI said Saturday that it was aware of the alleged threat to the Atlanta event, but lacked “specific or credible information of an attack,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Britt Johnson said.

“The FBI is aware of reports of an alleged threat that includes an Atlanta, Georgia, venue and event,” Johnson told the IBT. “We have … made the proper notifications as we continue to work closely with our law-enforcement and private-sector partners to keep our community safe.”

WWE officials said that the event would continue as scheduled.
“WWE Survivor Series is currently scheduled as planned while we investigate the matter with federal, state and local authorities,” the organization told The Hill.

US Will Have to Wait for Next President to Fight ISIL

In the wake of the night of terror in Paris and the downing of a Russian passenger jet in Egypt more world leaders seem to be genuinely determined to fight ISIL, the terrorist group behind the attacks. Barack Obama, argues journalist Charles Krauthammer, is not among them since his priorities apparently lie elsewhere.

Look at how the French and US presidents reacted to the Paris tragedy. Whereas “François Hollande has responded furiously to his country’s 9/11,” Obama showed “weariness and annoyance,” the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist noted in an opinion piece titled “Obama’s phony war.”

Obama’s “news conference in Turkey was marked by a stunning tone of passivity, detachment and lassitude, compounded by impatience and irritability at the very suggestion that his Syria strategy might be failing,” Krauthammer added.

The US president appeared to be willing to degrade and ultimately destroy the brutal group last year when the siege of Sinjar and the plight of the Yazidis shed light on how brutal ISIL truly was. These days, according to the journalist, Obama lacks passion and is essentially leading a “phony” coalition. 

“The air campaign over Syria averages seven strikes a day. Seven. In Operation Desert Storm, we flew 1,100 sorties a day. Even in the Kosovo campaign, we averaged 138. Obama is doing just enough in Syria to give the appearance of motion, yet not nearly enough to have any chance of success,” he lamented, blaming the US president for “an absence of passion, of urgency and of commitment to the fight.”