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‘India deserves better than Modi,’ says The Economist

The BJP has reacted sharply to an article in The Economist that describes Narendra Modi as a divisive man and “recommends” to Indians a Rahul Gandhi-led government as an uninspiring but “less disturbing” option.

The BJP’s Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said, “Let them write what they want to. They don’t know the ground realities. The country is fed up of Congress rule and people want a Congress-free India and good governance under Modi.” The party’s Nirmala Sitharaman had earlier tweeted, “What a let-down, The Economist lacks objectivity and is patronizing.”  (Elections: full coverage)

The article, which comes just three days before India begins voting in a nine-phase national election, says, “Mr Gandhi’s coalition is tainted by corruption. By comparison Mr Modi is clean. So there is much to admire. Despite that, this newspaper cannot bring itself to back Mr Modi for India’s highest office. (Read The Economist article here)

“We do not find the prospect of a government led by Congress under Mr Gandhi an inspiring one. But we have to recommend it to Indians as the less disturbing option.”
In the article, titled “India Deserves Better than Modi”, The Economist ascribes its reservations about Mr Modi to the 2002 riots in Gujarat, the state he has ruled since 2001. A Supreme Court inquiry has said there is no evidence of his role, which was upheld by a trial court last year.

Barack Obama gives powerful warning against Brexit

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron (L) and US President Barack Obama (R) wave outside the door to 10 Downing Street ahead of talks in central London on April, 22, 2016. US President Barack Obama plunged into Britain's increasingly poisonous EU debate on Friday at the start of a visit, warning strongly against Brexit and pointing out that US soldiers had died for Europe. / AFP PHOTO / Adrian DENNISADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty ImagesBarack Obama has delivered a stinging rebuke to supporters of a British exit from the EU, saying that if the UK left the 28-member bloc it would go “to the back of the queue” in seeking a trade deal with Washington.

Standing alongside David Cameron in Downing Street, the US president delivered a clear warning that Britain would be less secure, less influential and less prosperous if it votes to leave the EU on June 23.

Challenging Brexit campaigners who had told the US president to stay out of the debate, Mr Obama said: “I’ve not come here to fix a vote, I’m offering my opinion. You should not be afraid to hear an argument being made.”

Quoting the poet John Donne, Mr Obama said: “No man is an island,” adding “even an island as beautiful as this one.” He said that influential nations in the 21st century did not “go it alone”.

Mr Obama’s backing for the prime minister’s campaign to keep Britain in the EU has infuriated some Brexit campaigners, who called the president “a hypocrite” who would never surrender US sovereignty to a body like the EU.

Boris Johnson, London mayor, suggested that the “part-Kenyan” US president harboured an ancestral grudge against Britain, dating back to animosity about the British empire.

On Alert: China Deploys Troops as North Korea Plans Another Nuke Test

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reacts as he watches a long range rocket launch in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang February 7, 2016.Pyongyang threatens to blow-up the world again, preparing for its fifth nuclear test.

On Wednesday, China deployed troops along its border with North Korea as Pyongyang prepared for what will be its fifth nuclear test amid rising tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Beijing deployed 2,000 troops to the border, according to a statement by The Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy, a nongovernmental organization based in Hong Kong.

According to the statement, many of the Chinese troops are tasked with measuring radioactive emissions in the event that North Korea follows through with their proposed nuclear test.

This isn’t the first time China has deployed troops along the North Korean border. In January, after North Korea announced a purported “successful” hydrogen bomb test, China sent 3,000 soldiers to the ramparts. Similarly, in late 2013, China deployed troops following the execution of Kim Jong Un’s uncle-in-law, Jang Sung Taek.

Apart from observational and measuring functions, it remains to be seen what Beijing stands to gain by dispatching the troops. Relations between the long-time allies became strained in 2012 when Kim Jong Un assumed power. The Pyongyang regime has continued the advancement of its nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities, despite repeated warnings from Beijing.

In December 2015, China announced it would no longer provide fossil fuel to North Korea, effectively cutting off the Kim regime’s last lifeline to the world community, as growing sanctions continue to take a toll on the country’s population.

Hillary Clinton and Trump the winners in New York primaries

Projections showing The Hillary and The Donald will be The Winners of NY primaries

  • For the Dems – Clinton up around 56% to Sanders on 44%
  • And the Reps – The Trumpster is on around 60% with Kasich on about 25 and Cruz 15%
The big question is whether Trump can sustain the 60% … if he gets over 50% of the vote in NY he takes all of that states delegates and edges closer to winning the nomination without having to go to a contested convention.

Brazil’s Lower House Begins Impeachment Vote- Live

Update: moments ago the Brazilian Congress began its impeachment vote. 504 members of the lower house of Congress are present for the vote, with nine absent.  It appears that the 500+ members of Brazil’s lower house will vote 1-by-1, giving little mini-speeches each time.As we reported earlier below, newspaper surveys showed the opposition has only a few votes more than the two-thirds majority needed among 513 deputies to put Rousseff to trial in the Senate. 

As reported on Friday afternoon, ahead of Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment vote to be held in Brazil’s Congress later today, a critical threshold was passed when, according to local Folha newspaper, more than the required 342 votes had been gathered.

Sure enough, today all the main Brazilian newspapers dedicate their entire covers to impeachment, with Folha and Estado bringing nominal list of lawmakers’ expected votes for and against, Bloomberg reports. Furthermore, according to the latest tallies from Folha, Estado and Globo the “For” impeachment vote is currently anywhere between 347 and 350 votes, above the 342 needed.