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Finally the Penny Drops: Merkel Admits Crimea is Part of Russia

German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the first time publically accepted the fact that Crimea doesn’t belong to Ukraine and that the peninsula will stay as part of Russia, Alexei Pushkov, head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian Duma, said on his Twitter account, according to

 “Important: After a meeting in Paris, Merkel for the first time admitted that Crimea won’t return to Ukraine. That means the crisis is only about the east of the country,” Pushkov wrote.
The Normandy Four talks on Ukraine reconciliation concluded in Paris on Friday.
The leaders of the Normandy Quartet countries managed to agree on the procedure of the withdrawal of heavy weapons in eastern Ukraine, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Friday.

“We were able to agree on the withdrawal of heavy weapons,” Merkel said following the Normandy Four talks in Paris. “There is hope for progress. We are moving toward each other.”

On the whole, the results of Friday’s Normandy Four talks in Paris set a positive tone, Angela Merkel said, adding that she was satisfied with what the participants achieved during the meeting.