Wed, 26th April 2017

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Overnight US Market : S&P up +0.07%. Nasdaq and Dow little changed.

S&P up +0.07%. Nasdaq and Dow little changed.

The major US stock indices closed the day little changed.
  • S&P index is up +0.07%
  • Nasdaq is up +0.05%
  • Dow is up +0.01%
Each were up earlier in the session, but gave up the gains as the day progressed.
Meanwhile over in the US debt markets:
  • 2 year yield 1.276%, -1 bp
  • 5 year 1.903%, -1.6 bp
  • 10 year 2.3643%, -1.8 bp
  • 30 year 2.985%, -1.8 bp

Overnight US Market :Dow closed +15 points

Not really scared about geopolitical risks

The major US Indices are ending the session with modest gains. This despite some geopolitical risks intensifying a bit.  The market is not all that concerned about Syria, N.Korea or what might come out of Pres. Trumps meetings with China’s Xi Jingping.
  • The S&P is ending the session at 2357.49, up 4.54 points or 0.19%
  • The Nasdaq composite index is up 14.472 points or 0.25% to 5878.949
  • The Dow is up 14.80 points to 20662 (up 0.07%).

Overnight US Market :Intraday sharp reversal ,Dow closed -41 points

S&P was up about 19 points. End down -7.32 points or -0.31%

The US stocks surged higher on the back of a much better than expected ADP report. Then gave up all the stinking gains when the Fed minutes said:
  • Stock prices were “quite high”
  • That the Fed did not think fiscal policy won’t be in effect until next year
They also did say that most on Fed thought they should unwind the balance sheet.  Details were sketchy.
A final blow seems to be a report that Sen Paul Ryan said that tax changes were a way off as well.  Whoops…. No healthcare. No taxes.  No good.
  • S&P ends the day down -7.21 points ro -0.31%
  • Nasdaq was down -34 points or -0.58%
    • Dow was down -41 points or -0.20%

Overnight US Market : US stocks squeak out gains in the major indices

S&P and Nasdaq little changed. Dow up +0.19%

The US major indices are ending the day with gains.  The S&P and Nasdaq indices were little changed admittedly, but it was still positive and the lows were much lower.
  • S&P index is ending the day up 1.32 points or 0.06% on the day. The low reached 2350.72 and the high reached 2360.53. The index is settling near the high for the day at 2360.53
  • The Nasdaq composite index is settling at 5898.609, up 3.927 points or 0.07%. The high reached 5901.391. The low was about 20 points lower than the close at 5878.76
  • The Dow industrial average closed at 20689, up 39 points or +0.19%. The high reached 20701. The low was 84 points lower at 20605 earlier in the session.
Another day where early losses were largely erased by the close.

Overnight US Market :Dow closed -66 points.Qtly closed +4.56% ,Nasdaq up 9.82% ,S&P up 5.53%

S&P -0.23% , Nasdaq -0.04% , Dow -0.32%

The US major indices are ending the day lower.
  • The S&P is ending the day down -5.4 points or -0.23%
  • The Nasdaq is ending the day down -2.60 points or -0.04% (no record high today)
  • The Dow is ending the day down -65.82 points or -0.32%
For the quarter the story is different with all of the major global indices higher with the exception of the Nikkei posting gains. In the US for the quarter:
  • The Nasdaq was up 9.82%
  • The S&P gained 5.53% and the
  • Dow was up 4.56%
Globally, the table below sho

Overnight US Market :Dow closed +69 points.Nasdaq closes at Record high

S&P up 6.93 points or +0.29%. Nasdaq up 0.28%

The NASDAQ composite index is closing at record high levels at  5914.34.. That is up 16.79 points or 0.28%.
In the other major indices,  the S&P indexes closing at 2368.06, up 6.93 points or 0.29%.  the Dow industrial average  is closing at 20728.49, up 69.17 points or 0.33%

Overnight US Market : Broader market up. Dow down.

S&P up +0.11%. Nasdaq up +0.38%

The major US stock indices are ending the session mixed with the broader markets up, while the more specialized Dow Industrial Average down.
  • S&P index is ending the day up 2.56 points or +0.11%
  • Nasdaq composite index is ending the day up 22.40 points or 0.38%
  • Dow Industrial Average is down -42.18 points or-0.20%
The Dow has been down 9 of the last 10 trading days. For the year it is still up 4.54% while the S&P is up 5.46% and the Nasdaq is up 9.56%.

Overnight US Market :Dow closed + 150 points.S&P up 0.73%

S&P up +0.73%. Nasdaq up +0.60. Dow up 0.73%

The major US indices are ending the day with solid gains.
  • The S&P rose by +0.73%
  • The Nasdaq index increased by +0.60% and the
  • Dow industrial average rose by +0.73%.
The S&P index moved below the 50 day MA yesterday but closed back above the MA line. That was the first break since the November election.  Today, the low held above the MA line and also moved above the broken trend line.  The selling seems to be over for now.
In other markets, a snap shot of the major currencies vs each other shows that the AUD is ending the day as the strongest. It rose against all the major currency pairs. The GBP was the weakest.  The GBP tumbled on the day before the triggering of Article 50 tomorrow by PM May.
The USD recovered quite nicely and had strong gains against most currencies with the exception of the AUD (the USD was little changed ag. the CAD).
  • Spot gold was down by -$3.00 to $1251.30
  • WTI Crude recovered to $48.37 (up $0.64)
  • 10 year yield rose to 2.416% up 3. 7 bps


Overnight US Market :Dow closed -45 points.

S&P 500 down 0.1%

The S&P 500 finished down 2.4 points to 2341 and the Dow declined for the eighth straight day.

The index was in positive territory with a few minutes to trade but ultimately failed to finish higher. But it’s still a victory for the bulls as it roared back after trading down 22 points at the open.

With the quarter winding down, expect flows to be a big driver this week.