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As if Ukraine was not struggling through enough turmoil currently, Bloomberg reports that the fragile coalition government has collapsed after two parties quit. The UDAR and Svoboda parties said they’d leave the government and seek a snap parliamentary ballot. Tempers have been fraying recently as numerous brawls have broken out in parliament ahead of President Poroshenko’s pledge to call elections this year. All we have to do now is find out who Washington would like to see in power? The end result: Prime Minister Yatsenyuk just resigned. The big question now is what will the IMF do about the remaining tranches of its loans? Via BBG:


How The Ukrainian government has settled these problems in the past.

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In a recent address, Sergei Glazyev, the  Economic Advisor to Russian President Putin warned that the US has begun another World War with their actions in the Ukraine, and stated that in order to solve the Ukraine conflict,Russia must defeat the heart or Nazism- the US. 

Kiev is clearly conducting a policy of genocide to eliminate the whole population of Donbass… They’re destroying hospitals, kindergartens, schools. The fate they’re preparing for the people of Donbass is serfdom… It is obvious that the United States is fully controlling the Kiev Nazis, Poroshenko personally, and the government, and is pushing them to pursue this war against Donbass to the very end… THIS IS A WAR BY THE UNITED STATES AGAINST US… So we have to understand that the key to resolving the catastrophe of Ukraine is to be found in Washington.
That’s where Nazism has to be defeated

Legacy of Benjamin Graham- Video

23 July 2014 - 12:09 pm

Last week I stumbled across this excellent video about Graham which includes old clips from his investment classes as well as some of his former students (including Warren Buffett, Rob Brandes and Irving Kahn) giving interviews about the effect the legendary investor had on them:


Senior U.S. intelligence officials cited sensors that traced the path of the missile, shrapnel markings on the downed aircraft, voiceprint analysis of separatists claiming credit for the strike, and a flood of photos and other data from social media sites.


The officials also for the first time identified a sprawling Russian military installation near the city of Rostov as the main conduit of Russian support to separatists in Ukraine, describing it as a hub of training and weapons that has expanded dramatically over the past month. The officials said that tanks, rocket launchers and other arms have continued to flow into Ukraine

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The Golani Brigade enters Gaza on a mission: remove Hamas’ terrorist infrastructure & restore quiet to Israel



Your one stop to catch up on all the latest development surrounding the crash of flight MH17 and the recovery effort. Courtesy of Bloomberg.


  • German Chancellor Merkel, Russian President Putin discussed ICAO’s role in MH17 crash investigation; need for talks
  • Putin says plane crash shouldn’t be used for political gain
  • Says Russia will do all it can to end east Ukraine clashes
  • U.S. Secretary of State Kerry, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov agree on impartial investigation of MH17 crash
  • Kerry says circumstantial evidence points to Russian-supplied missile attack on MH17.
  • Turkish PM Erdogan believes Russia shot down MH17: Hurriyet


  • Poroshenko Orders Truce Within 20 Km of Crash Site: IFX
  • East Ukraine separatist Borodai says train with MH17 bodies hasn’t left area; rebels seek “objective” investigation
  • U.K. said to seek ban on EU defense goods export to Russia
  • Looking at sanctions options, incl. energy: PM’s office
  • Dutch PM Rutte says economic, political, financial measures on table in response to limited access to MH17 crash site
  • Russians divided over their country’s role in Ukraine: poll
  • Separatists fired at OSCE crash investigators: ABC News
  • OSCE team not getting access needed to do job: Swiss ambassador
  • Russia seeks to cut dependence on IBM, Microsoft amid sanctions

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Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Secret Trading Ingredient-Video

20 July 2014 - 19:15 pm

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