Sun, 01st May 2016

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Christine Lagarde: Women need ‘skin as thick as a crocodile’ to make it to top

Niall Ferguson, the Harvard professor who was interviewing Lagarde, didn’t sound too hopeful. “It seems as if the world is going the wrong way. There’s a kind of nasty, macho streak in politics,” he said referring to the US, but adding that it was a wider trend. “You said recently in an interview that for a woman to get to the top, she needed ‘skin as thick as an old crocodile’. I don’t find that very encouraging. Can you give the women in this audience some hope that you can get to the top without crocodile skin?”

Her answer? If women want to succeed, they need to be thick-skinned – aggressively determined and impervious to criticism – at least to begin with: “I regret to say that the crocodile skin is unfortunately a sine qua non for a period of time.” But once a woman is established, “she can take off the crocodile skin and become a normal human being, without having to shield against horrible attacks and below the belt punches.”

UK PM David Cameron Explains He Did Not Have Tax Evasion Relations With An Offshore Account – Live

After growing pressure from an increasingly angry populous, Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain speaks to parliament on measures to curb tax evasion after admitting last week that he had profited from an offshore account. Of course, he “did nothing wrong,” but opposition leaders smell the blood in the water so close to the Brexit decision… pushing for an Icelandic end to this controversy.


Glass: the Oscar-Winning, Jazz-Scored, “Perfect Short Documentary” on Dutch Glassmaking (1958) -Video

You’ll find many a bold claim on Wikipedia, even on the page for Bert Haanstra’s Glass, a 1958 short documentary on glassmaking in the Netherlands, which, as of this writing, mentions that the film “is often acclaimed to be the perfect short documentary.” Just the sort of thing you’d want to take with a grain of salt, right? But if you watch Glass itself, which won the 1959 Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject, you might find yourself joining in on that supposed chorus of acclaim.

JPMorgan Warns “Reduce Equity Exposure… Don’t Chase Crude”

“First quarter earnings will be difficult,” warns JPMorgan’s global head of equity strategy, suggesting investors consider reducing market exposure and/or “consider buying protection.” While Rees is not quite as directly ‘sell-it-all ‘ – adding that he hopes H2 earnings will pick up – his overall message, beneath the JPM vineer, is not bullishly biased. “We are not chasing the oil rally,” Rees adds, noting the technical short-covering nature of this most recent move, adding that “the worst is not behind us.”