Tue, 31st May 2016

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Light Rider – World’s first 3D printed motorcycle -VIDEO

What happens when aerospace engineers try their hand at designing a motorcycle? They revolutionize the industry by crafting the world’s first 3D-printed futuristic motorcycle from aluminum powder.

Airbus Group’s German APWorks subsidiary has unveiled its hi-tech brainchild, the Light Rider, an emission-free motorcycle powered by a 6-kW electric motor which can accelerate the bike to 80 km/h. It can gain a speed of 45 km/h in three seconds.

The vehicle’s frame was 3D-printed “out of thousands of 30-µm [micrometer] thin layers in a metallic powder bed,” and the precursor, Scalmalloy, is an aircraft grade aluminum which “offers the specific strength of titanium and is unequaled in 3D printing,” the bike’s website said.