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Terrorist Behind German Train Attack Leaves Chilling Suicide Video

In the chilling 2 minute clip,  Mohammad Riyad says that “I want to perform a martyrdom operation in Germany.” He continues by urging his fellow-minded Jihadists to take a weapon and “fight the armies in your lands.”

The time in which you come to our countries, killing our men and women and children has expired. Now the Islamic State Caliphate has been established and the soldiers of the Caliphate will reach you, Allah-willing. We will slaughter you in your own homes and they will occupy your homes and bases. They will target you in every village, city and airport.  I have lived in your land and in your homes, where I planned against you.

And I will slaughter you in your homes and alleys. I will fight you for as long as my veins beat. I will slaughter you with this blade and will cut your throats with an axe.

My message to the Muslim nation: until when will you remain asleep? Wake up! The caliphate is established. Fight the apostate armies in your lands.

Video below:

Diving in Style: Affluent Beachgoers Find Another Use for Porsche Cayenne -VDO

A group of eccentric Russian beachgoers has decided to repurpose their luxurious vehicle as a diving board.

Having arrived at a Volga River beach in the vicinity of the Russian city of Volgograd, this group of men chose a rather peculiar new way of enjoying their high-priced sport utility vehicle.

In an apparent effort to spice up their beach fun, the men parked the luxury crossover right at the water’s edge and started using the vehicle as an improvised diving board and slide.

ISIS Releases Footage Of Russian Helicopter Shot Down Over Syria -VIDEO

Russia’s Interfax news agency reported, citing a source in the Russian military, that the helicopter had been downed with the aid of an American TOW antitank missile system. “According to reports, terrorists used the American TOW system to down the helicopter, which, having exhausted its ammunition, was on the course back to the base at an extremely low altitude,” the source is quoted as saying.

According to RT, the puts the number of Russian military casualties in Syria at 10. In June, serviceman Anton Erygin suffered fatal wounds after falling under militant fire while guarding a Russian center for reconciliation convoy in Homs province.

The killed helicopter pilot Ryafagat Khabibulin is a Russian army Veteran, was among Russia’s most decorated and renowned military pilots. He had taken part in multiple operations in the North Caucasus over the last 25 years. Ryafagat Khabibulin (b. 1965) graduated from Air Force school in 1988 and was stationed in Poland with the 55th combat helicopter regiment, where he trained to replace helicopter pilots taking part in the Afghanistan campaign.