03 October 2010 - 21:14 pm

  • How much should we practice? (Wired)

  • Habits that make you more productive (Mint)

  • Speed-reading techniques (Rock Town)

  • Why so many people can’t make decisions (WSJ)

  • Be grateful if you have plenty of food in the refrigerator! (Gallup)

  • Did you know you’re already perfect? (Zen Habits)

  • School uses Chess to teach self-control, critical thinking to troubled students (WSJ)

  • Plastic surgeon has world’s coolest biz card.

    The Russian Hottie bank scam.

    The beer poster to end all beer posters.

    If you’re pretty, you’re hired. Good rule!

    Inventionland looks like a fun place to work

    Just Enjoy these links !!

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