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16 March 2012 - 6:23 am

Our Overnight Reading :

• Wilshire 5000: US stocks hit all-time high (CBS News)
• Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail (Rolling Stonesee also Hamburg Banks Defying Fast Money Mantra Seek Growth From Crisis (Bloomberg)
• Martin Wolf: A hard slog in the foothills of debt (
• These deals are rampant at 3rd tier firms: Charges Filed Against Brokerage Firms That Trade Private Shares (DealBooksee also SEC Cracks Down on Pre-IPO Trading (WSJ)
• Whistleblowers reap millions in U.S. mortgage suits (Reuters)
• Confirmed: Is Doomed (Going Concern)
• When Uncle Sam Bought Back His Bonds (Bloomberg Echoes)
• ANALYSIS: When a Congressman Becomes a Lobbyist, He Gets a 1,452% Raise (on Average) (Republic Report)
• Why I left Google (MSDNThis is now a trend
• The Wild And Crazy ‘Tweets Of Steve Martin’ (NPR)

• Fed’s Stress-Test Champion Reshapes Regulation of Biggest Banks (Bloombergsee also The Volcker Rule and the Goldman Controversy (DealBook)
• Takeover Defense, Goldman Style (Circa 1960s) (Economix)
• U.S. Auto Dealers Who Survived Debacle See Record Sales (Bloombergbut see Is Warm Weather Putting a False Shine on the Economy? (BusinessWeek)
• What Isn’t for Sale? (The Atlantic)
• Capital shortfall: A new approach to ranking and regulating systemic risks (Voxsee also Stress Tests for Zombies? Why Low Interest Rate Policy Does Not Work (Institutional Risk Analyst)
• The Man Who Broke Atlantic City (The Atlantic)
• Wikipedia Didn’t Kill Britannica. Windows Did (Wired)
• LinkedIn is the Gateway Drug to Social Media for Fin Services (HuffPo)
• Umair Haque: The Builders’ Manifesto (HBR)
• Alone in a Crowd: How Crowdfunding Could Strand Startups (Businessweek)

• WTF! Apple Eyeing $960, May Settle For Six-Handle (For Today, At Least) (WSJsee also Apple Drives Record $1.24T of Company Cash (Bloomberg)
• WTF? Germany Fails To Meet Its Own Austerity Goals (Spiegel Online)
• 10 reasons Wall Street will hit bottom, (WTF!) crash (Market Watchsee also An interesting model of asset bubbles (Noahpinion)
• US Federal Tax Receipts (Dr. Ed’s Blog)
• MBIA cries discovery abuse; BofA counters with grandstanding claim (Reuterssee also BofA Makes a Deal on Side (WSJ)
• Generation Stuck: Why Don’t Young People Move, Anymore? (The Atlantic)
• Rent-Seeking: A Primer (Freeman Online)
• Over the rainbow: If there are better ways to split atoms, they will be a long time coming (Economist)
• Lost Leonardo da Vinci found (National Geographic)
• As told by Christopher Hitchens: Heaven can wait (Washington Monthly)

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