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Risk Of “Accidental” Nuclear War Growing, UN Research Group Says

The warning comes as the Pentagon begins an extensive review of its nuclear arsenal.

On Sept., 26, 1983, shortly after midnight, the Soviet Oko nuclear early warning system detected five missiles launched from the United States and headed toward Moscow. Stanislav Petrov, a young lieutenant colonel in the Soviet Air Defense Force, was the duty in the Serpukhov-15 bunker that housed the Oko command center. Petrov was the man in charge of alerting the soviets about a nuclear attack, which would trigger a retaliatory strike. He determined that the Oko had likely malfunctioned and the alarm was false. The Americans would not start World War III with a quintet of missiles (risking total annihilation.) It was a daring judgment call. He was, of course, right. As the U.S. prepares to undertake a new nuclear posture review to determine the future direction of the nation’s nuclear weapons, a report from a United Nations research institute warns that the risks of a catastrophic error — like the one that took place that early morning in 1983 — are growing, not shrinking. Next time, there may be no Lt. Col. Petrov in place to avoid a catastrophe.

On Monday, the U.S. Defense Department commenced a new, massive study into its nuclear weapons arsenal, looking at how weapons are kept, how the U.S. would use them in war and whether they present an intimidating enough threat to other countries not to attack us. The review was mandated by President Trump in a Jan 27, memo.

 The Pentagon is scheduled to complete the review by the end of the year, an essential step as the military seeks to modernize different aspects of its nuclear deterrent. But a new report from the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research, or UNIDR, argues that as the modern battlefield becomes more technologically complex, crowded with more sensors, satellites, drones, and interconnected networks, the risks of another nuclear accident are on the rise.

“A greater reliance on automated systems can lead to misplaced confidence while introducing new points of vulnerability,” says the report. Those new points of vulnerability include so-called “hidden interactions.” That means a sensor or computer program misinterpreting some bit of data and possibly presenting false information in a way that could cause an accident.

The 1987 incident provides a good case in point. Oko satellites mistook a very unusual sunspot on top of a high altitude cloud as a missile strike, hence the false alarm.

Take those satellites, combine them with sensors on drones and data from other sources as well, including new, perhaps unproven technologies to detect missile launches and the picture becomes much more crowded and murky.

North Korea Fires What May Be Intercontinental Missile: Yonhap

North Korea on Monday fired a projectile into the East Sea, with South Korea’s Yonhap News reporting it may have been an intercontinental ballistic missile.

The potential missile test comes as South Korea and the U.S. undertake annual military drills that Pyongyang has called a prelude to an invasion. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff are analyzing the details of the projectile including the distance and the type, Yonhap said.

The regime in Pyongyang has fired a series of missiles and conducted three nuclear tests since Kim Jong Un came to power. The launch could be a step toward the development of a missile that is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to the continental U.S.

Kim has carried out his tests in defiance of a United Nations ban on weapons development and despite tightening sanctions aimed at pressuring him to give up his nuclear ambitions.

 His actions are adding to tensions with key ally China after the death of Kim’s half-brother, Kim Jong Nam, in a Malaysia airport. China, which accounts for most of North Korea’s trade, banned all coal imports from its neighbor following the murder.

Russia Releases New Airstrike Videos, Says “Most” ISIS Ammo, Heavy Vehicles Destroyed

Don’t be deceived, there are always two sides (or more) to every propaganda war and as we’ve been careful to mention on the way to critiquing US foreign policy in Syria, just because what Washington says about the war is so completely absurd as to warp the mind, that doesn’t thereby mean that everything which comes out of The Kremlin’s spin team should be taken as gospel. So when you see the steady stream of Russian Defense Ministry videos that purport to show the destruction of an ISIS stronghold or weapons cache which supposedly has some strategic significance, you should take it with a grain of salt.

Having dispensed with the customary disclaimer, we’ll move swiftly to say that although it might not be easy to tell what, Russia is certainly blowing up something in Syria and the videos – especially when viewed in light of how inept they make the US air force look by comparison – are always worth a look.

Below, we present the latest videos from Russia’s airstrikes in Syria. One interesting thing to note is that this is Moscow claiming to have destroyed a large portion of ISIS’ ammo right around the time the US paradropped 50 tons of ammo to the “Free Syrian Army.” Time for another caveat: correlation does not equal causation.

Without further ado:


Alert-Bank of Thailand cuts interest rates to 2%

Breaking News-ASRThe prospect that political unrest will dent the Thai economy forced the Bank of Thailand to cut its benchmark interest rate on Wednesday.

The BoT cut the policy rate by a quarter point to 2 per cent, as widely anticipated.

The central bank cited “prolonged political uncertainties” that will impede private consumption, investment, and tourism, though it said exports should gradually improve.

The central had kept rates steady at its January meeting, but by a narrow 4-3 vote. Today’s decision to cut rates was also a 4-3 decision. Read More 

The UK gold vaults are rapidly emptying

UK companies exported about 14% of all the non-central-bank held gold in the country in the first six months of the year to Switzerland.

UK gold exports to Switzerland increased to 798 tonnes in the first six months of the year, up from just 83 tonnes in the first half of 2012, according to data from Eurostat. The assumption is that the buyers in Switzerland were mostly from China and India.

Those are some staggering flows and make me wonder if buyers have drawn a line under gold. Then again, how much buying ammunition can Asia provide? Then again, it’s dangerous to read too much into the moves which don’t necessarily imply a change of ownership. It could simply be a move to melt large bars into smaller pieces at the many refineries in Switzerland. Or a warehousing change (GlencoreXtrata?)

PepsiCo’s sales top expectations

PepsiCo’s second-quarter results may not get pulses racing. Nor, though, are they likely to provide fresh ammunition to activist investors pushing for change at the food and drinks company.

Second-quarter revenues climbed to $16.81bn, topping forecasts of $16.79bn.

Earnings per shares for the quarter were $1.31 compared with a forecast of $1.19.

Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo’s chief executive, said: Read More 

ECB Expected To Leave Rates Unchanged

The European Central Bank is expected to keep its main interest rate at a record low 0.5 percent on Thursday but tweaks to its economic forecasts may give investors a steer on the future direction of policy.

 The euro zone’s central bank cut its main rate last month and signaled it was ready to do more should a recovery not materialize in the second half of the year as it expects.

With economic data improving in May, the ECB will probably want to save its last remaining policy firepower for a later date, while stressing it is not out of ammunition.

This may include action to boost lending to smaller firms in the euro zone periphery, although plans to do so are unlikely to have been finalized.

“We won’t see any changes on the policy rates,” ABN Amro economist Nick Kounis said. “If data were to disappoint going forward, then a refi rate cut becomes an option.”

The ECB will release its latest set of staff projections after Thursday’s Governing Council meeting, which began at 0700 GMT (3 a.m. EDT). Read More 

Trading Strategy For 29th January ’13.First 6000 or 6135 ?

NF-ASRWhen it becomes too obvious.

There are moments when market direction and the timing is very obvious, it doesn’t happen as often as we think it does.  It is most likely to happen when governments or another big participation tips their hand. As a trader you must be able to argue both sides at the same time and at all times.  It does not mean you agree but you can never be blind to it.

When you stop seeking other information

When you feel like you do not need to see the other point of you view, you are in trouble. Once again it is important to see the other side of the trade, you already know what you think.  You are subconsciously searching for your view as it is.

When you get annoyed hearing another view

If you get angry reading or listening to an opposing view not because of the logic or the argument but just because it is different.  Every person has their time to be right, it is the nature of the market.  It unfortunately give everyone ammunition.

NICE-DAYLast Close :6077.20

Support @ 6066—–6061 .Break with volumes and trades for 10-15 minutes then watch PANIC upto 6046 level.

Yesterday ,We had written :Hurdle @ 6085-6091—-6110 level.(Yes same level for Today too )


First we will see :6135–6150 or Will see 6020———6000 level ???


On 30th November ‘2012 ..We had written this :


Yes ,4th Week (Including this week )………will see Unexpected level in Nifty Future !!

Is it possible……………….Rally upto 6349+ in next 4 weeks ???????????

Will Update More during Trading Hours and after RBI Policy is announced !!

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA ,Updated @ 7:59/29th Jan/Baroda/India

CAG ready to make life more difficult for Congress; argues loss to exchequer can be pegged 10 times higher

Undaunted by sustained criticism from the government, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) is ready to make things even more difficult for the Congress-led administration by arguing that the value of blocks given away to private companies can be pegged 10 times higher than the controversial estimate of Rs 1.86 lakhcrore.

The auditor is expected to cite the higher number to thePublic Accounts Committee of Parliament if asked to respond to the barrage of attacks from the Prime minister and his Cabinet colleagues, sources in theCAG office said.

One source said the value of coal blocks given to private parties was estimated conservatively on the basis of the difference between the cost of production (including financing costs) and selling price of Coal India, which translates into a gain of Rs 295.41 per tonne. Read More 

Trading Strategy for 28th June’12.Around 5180 (Go short stoploss 5210 )

People don’t seem to grasp easily the fundamentals of stock trading. I have often said that to buy on a rising market is the most comfortable way of buying stocks. Now, the point is not so much to buy as cheap as possible or go short at top prices, but to buy or sell at the right time. When I am bearish and I sell a stock, each sale must be at a lower level than the previous sale. When I am buying, the reverse is true. I must buy on a rising scale. I don’t buy long stock on a scale down, I buy on a scale up.—-REMINISCENCES OF A STOCK OPERATOR by Edwin LeFevre

I never hesitate to tell a man that I am bullish or bearish. But I do not tell people to buy or sell any particular stock. In a bear market all stocks go down and in a bull market they go up. I don’t mean of course that in a bear market caused by a war, ammunition shares do not go up. I speak in a general sense. But the average man doesn’t wish to be told that it is a bull or a bear market. What he desires is to be told specifically which particular stock to buy or sell. He wants to get something for nothing. He does not wish to work. He doesn’t even wish to have to think. It is too much bother to have to count the money that he picks up from the ground. —-REMINISCENCES OF A STOCK OPERATOR by Edwin LeFevre

-Yesterday ,We had written that above 5127 will zoom to kiss 5147-5154 & there after our Targets were :5174-5184.

It made high of 5162 & closed at 5139.65

Our Support was  at 5106-5094 level (Low of the day was 5124 )

Yesterday’s volume was lowest of last 5 sessions !!

(Now Today is the Day of Chor Bazari-Yes will be done by Insiders /Managment )

Last close :5139.65

Now SGX Nifty @ 5159,up 19 points !!

-Today above 5154 if stays for 15-20 minutes will take to 5174-5181 level !Crossover above 5181 will take to 5203-5210 level.

3DEMA @ 5133 ,7DEMA @ 5125 will act as support.

-Diamond Formation on Chart -Very Bearish formation (Just need patience to show its Magic )

-Weekly Chart indicates :5092-5064 are Crucial Support levels.Decisive Break and close below 5064 will take to 4981-4953 level in PANIC.

More Details ,Intraday levels ,Trading levels to our Subcribers.

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA

Updated at 7:29/28th June/Baroda/India