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Last Close :18859

Above  18890 level………………….if sustains with volumes for 10-15 minutes 

Watch BLAST upto  19028-19098 level in minutes only.

There after Nonstop Rally Upto 19233 is possible.

101% Looking HOT HOT HOT !

Last Week & Yesterday at 260 level ,Told To Buy 19000 Call of Bank Nifty and Relax

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Enjoyed BLAST…………………or not ?

Just see Yesterday Historic volume !


Above 146 level………………..??

Watch BLAST upto 150-152 level in hrs only.

Consider 137 as Crucial Support.Buy 160 call and RELAXXXXXXXXXXXX !


Big Move upto 108-110+ on card.


96+ 13 =109 ??

Big Big Move on card…………………………………………!!

Watch this stock very closely ,Somebody playing big…………!

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Successful traders constantly ask themselves: What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? How can I do what I am doing better? How can I get more information? Courage is a quality important to excel as a trader. It’s not enough to simply have the insight to see something apart from the rest of the crowd, you also need to have the courage to act on it and stay with it. 


Boldly Written :No PANIC @ Lower levels.First 15 Minutes crucial.

Yes ,Crucial Support was at 8371.It kissed low of 8389 & Zoomed Like ROCKET !

Our Upper Targets were : 8521-8534 level.

now what to do

Last Close :  8537.75

Decisive Crossover above Yesterday’s High of 8547.70 with volumes………….and sustains for 15-20 minutes

Watch BLAST upto 8593-8617 level.

(Today Around 8580-8590………………Go short FRESH )……………Stop of 8617

Above 8617 level ,Next Target : 8651-8661


8508————————-8498 are Crucial Support.

If Breaks with volumes and stays below with volumes for 15-20 minutes then ?

Slide upto 8468 is possible.

(Chances are remote )

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05th Trading Session-Will See UNEXPECTED level.

24th Trading Session-Will see Unexpected level.

(Everyday Reduce One Day & See What Happens ? )

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On 16th June ,We had written This :

It kissed low of  7931 & see……………….What Happened ??

Now ,All Eyes on 8640 level.

3 Consecutive close above 8640+Weekly close if Happens :

Next Target :8876——————-8955+

Think it over.



Last Close :18722

Today Watch :18510——————-18450 level as support & Down Target.

Yes ,Now if Breaks 18450 with volumes and stays below for 15-20 minutes then ????

Intraday PANIC upto 18270-18210 is possible.

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101% in PANIC……………….Buy 19000 Call of Bank Nifty !

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I don’t think I could put the difference between the consistent winners and everyone else more simply than this: The best traders aren’t afraid. They aren’t afraid because they have developed attitudes that give them the greatest degree of mental flexibility to flow in and out of trades based on what the market is telling them about the possibilities from its perspective. At the same time, the best traders have developed attitudes that prevent them from getting reckless. Everyone else is afraid, to some degree or another. When they’re not afraid, they have the tendency to become reckless and to create the kind of experience for themselves that will cause them to be afraid from that point on.

Last Close : 8488

Now SGX NIFTY is Down 84 points @ 8407 level !!

All Eyes on 8402 level (Nothing else )

If Trades Below 8402 level for 15-20 minutes ………………….With Volumes Then ??

Gates For 8345—–8326 not ruled out.

Minor Support at 8371.

Yes ,101% If Opens with Gap around 8410-8400………………….Start Buying small lots in First 15-20 minutes and Watch Sharp Rally in next 1 hr.

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8521—————8534 are Hurdles !


06th Trading Session-Will See UNEXPECTED level.

25th Trading Session-Will see Unexpected level.

(Everyday Reduce One Day & See What Happens ? )

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In Today’s PANIC…………………OR ANY Day Big panic Happens :

Buy 10000-Dec Call of Nifty Future ,Today U can Get at 30-1 range

Yes ,No worry for Greece ,Indian Economy,Growth :Risk Rs.30 & Forget for 6 Months !



In order to truly be successful, you must recognize factors in the market that might have an impact on the price of the stock during a specific time period.

Ideally, you should develop a differentiated view and decipher the data to determine which trades have the most potential before investing a large percentage of time investigating them.

Last Close : 8491


Above is Daily Chart of SGX NIFTY

Tomorrow ,Above 8502 level if trades ……………Watch Rally upto  8527–8540 level in minutes

Next Target :8569.

Yes ,Above 8569…………if sustains for 15-20 minutes will take to 8625.


8442————————8430 levels.

Yes ,Break Below 8430 will create PANIC Selling.

More ..Tomorrow Morning.

Updated at 17:28/05th July/Baroda/India



Above is Weekly Chart of US DOLLAR INDEX

Major Support at 93 ,Unexpected level on 4th or 5th week not ruled out.

Yes ,3 Consecutive close +Weekly close above 97.02 will create Unexpected firework



“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.” 
― Thomas Jefferson

Thousand Times ,We had written -Just to Rig Bank Nifty or To see Down move :U have to Manipulate 

AXIS-ICICI-KOTAK -HDFC Twins-YES BANK ,Indusind & SBI ………………………Complete Manipulation.

Maximum Holding of Pvt Banks with Management + FIIS ONLY !

Last Close : 18566

Above 18546 level :Our Target Intact of 18871————18980+ level.

Yes ,Above 18615 level if sustains with volumes for 15-20 minutes then only FRESH BUYING.

Support @ 18419-18367

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Zoomed Like ROCKET ……………….!!


From 64 to 69………………….!!

Mint Money 24 x 7 …But not possible without Strategy & Trading levels.

Will Update Stocks ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:41/03rd July/Baroda



The successful trader that you want to become is a future projection of yourself that you have to grow into. Growth implies expansion, learning, and creating a new way of expressing yourself. This is true even if you’re already a successful trader and are reading this book to become more successful. Many of the new ways in which you will learn to express yourself will be in direct conflict with ideas and beliefs you presently hold about the nature of trading. You may or may not already be aware of some of these beliefs. In any case, what you currently hold to be true about the nature of trading will argue to keep things just the way they are, in spite of your frustrations and unsatisfying results.

Last Close : 8438


Yesterday Boldly Mentioned :Watch 8480 level …………………If crosses then only Strength !

It kissed 8477 & CRASHED …………….Intraday to kiss  8426 level.

Just see Volumes :On Low Day of  8191…………………….Highest volume recorded in NF

Just see From Last 3 DAYS…..Volume is Decreasing Daily and NF going up (Think it over )

now what to do

101% No need to change levels @ all.

All Eyes on 8408————————–8390 level.

7DEMA @ 8381

If Breaks 8390 with volumes and sustains for 15-20 minutes with volumes (Huge volumes )

Then PANIC upto 8336 or more is possible in PANIC.


Hurdle at 8489—————-8525 !

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07th Trading Session-Will See UNEXPECTED level.

26th Trading Session-Will see Unexpected level.

(Everyday Reduce One Day & See What Happens ? )

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An economist is someone who, when he finds something that works in practice, tries to make it work in theory.

Last Close : 18553.70


All Eyes on 18355-18402 levels.

Decisive Crossover with volumes and stays above 18402 for 15-20 minutes ……………….??

Blast Upto 18545-18600 is possible.

(Just see it kissed High of  18615.60 level ,Now …….What else u want in life ? )


Above 18546 level :Our Target Intact of 18871————18980+ level.

Today If crosses High of Yesterday (  18615 level with volumes and stay above for 15-20 minutes )

Watch BLAST upto  18746————————-18873 level.


Support @ 18409———————18358 level.

Major Support @ 18317

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All Eyes on 239.50……………….Nothing else !!

Once crosses with volumes :Grab it ,Target-246.50-249+ in hrs only.

Will It Break 226 First or Will zoom to kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :256-260+

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Self-management is the closet thing to the Holy Grail in trading that you’ll find. In fact, a trader who incorporates awareness and self-management into their trading but has an average trading method will generally outperform a trader lacking in self-awareness and self-management but with a superior trading method.

Last Close : 8455.20

In 3 sessions From low of 81914 to 8480 level !

As A Trader ,What else u want ?…………………Think it over.

On 29th June -Indicated will not panic @ all.Forget Greece ,Just Buy 8300-8400-8500 call (Our Subscribers knows )

101% ,In Panic or Everyday Buy 10000-Dec Call :Hold for 6 Months and Mint Tons of Money is our Mantra -No Need to see Balance sheet/Economy/IIP/Inflation number till Dec :Total Risk Rs.32-35 ?


Above 8388 level ,Our Targets were : 8454 level…it kissed  8480 level.

now what to do

Today’s Support @ 8408——————-8390

Yes ,Major Support in PANIC @ 8383

101% Will Buy in PANIC…No If & But !

Today If Crosses High of 8480 level (Yesterday’s High ) with volumes and sustains for 15-20 minutes 

Will Take to 8515 ——8525 level in minutes only.

101% More Details During Trading hrs to our Subscribers


08th Trading Session-Will See UNEXPECTED level.

27th Trading Session-Will see Unexpected level.

(Everyday Reduce One Day & See What Happens ? )

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