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Above is Monthly Chart of SILVER Spot

Triangle Target of  $14.23 is intact 


Major Support and Last Hope at $16.16 level.

Three Consecutive close below 16.16 +Weekly close +Monthly close if happens……………….

Bloodbath Upto $ 8.41 ……Nonstop PANIC 

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Last Close :15542


Our Mantra :It will show power above 15812 level only.

Yesterday it kissed High of  15750 & Crashed Vertically………..upto  15495 level.

now what to do

Today ,15495—————————-15458 are Support levels.

Break Below 15458 level with volumes and sustains for 20 minutes will take to 15348—15311 level.

If Something Wrong Happens……………..Below 15311 ,It will crash to kiss 15200-15160 level !!


15744——————15812 !

101% BNF will show power above this level of 15812 level only.

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From 35 to 38 in 3 sessions ,Still Looking HOT HOT !!


Watch :1006———————————996 as Support or Last Hope !

If Breaks 996 with volumes and trades below for 15-20 minutes then ??

Watch PANIC upto 965-955 level in hrs only.On Rise ,Sell Sell Sell !!


Above  989 level…………….Grab it !!

We see BLAST upto  997———-1003 level.

Somebody Knows ………….Something ??Big Move on card.Very soon will cross 1020 level.



Above 2457 level…………….Bulls will have upperhand !

Target :2513—-2532 level.

(In PANIC ,BUY ………………..Yes ,U can Buy 2500 Call )


Above 897 level…………………Grab it !

Target :917—-923 level in hrs only. (Don’t panic @ lower level )

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Above is Weekly Chart of INDIAN RUPEE INDEX

On 26th Sept ,We had written it will kiss 62.07 level.

Yesterday it kissed 62.03 level 

now what to do

All Eyes on 62.05——–62.3675 are Hurdles !!

We see INR Index will cross 63.32—–63.6375 level very soon


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Above is Weekly Chart of Emerging Market Index

Slide upto 1109———————-998 is possible in Panic !

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Above is Daily Chart of Brazilian Bovespa.

Just see After Breaking Neckline of Head & Shoulder it Crashed Vertically



Last Close : 15724.75


 Above is Daily Chart of BANK NIFTY


Yes ,All Eyes on This level.Crossover with volumes and stays above for 15-20 minutes 

Next Target :16016———————–16084 in hrs only.


Not Crossing High of Friday ( 15789 ) and trades below 15752 level with volumes………..Then ??

Slide upto 15642———–15605 is possible ,Break below 15605 will create More PANIC !

Below 15605 if trades for 15 minutes ,Next Target :15495-15458

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Indian Stock Market -Fully Depended on FIIs Flow + Foreign Agencies !!


Rally upto 166—————167.50 is possible.

Our Triangle Target was 150 (It kissed 154 ) and taken U-turn ??

Now ,Above 167.50 if stays with volumes it will zoom to kiss 172+ level !

-On Rise ,Sell Sell Sell !!


Watch :239 level as Hurdle.

With volumes if crosses and sustains…………we see Rally upto 246.50—249 level !!

(Buy in PANIC )


Above 248 level if trades with volumes for 15 minutes…………..Stop of 244

Dead Cat Bounce Upot 258—261 is possible.


Above 294……………………………………??

Rally upto 302—305 is possible.

Now ,Once crosses 305 with volumes …Watch BLAST upot 313+ in hrs only.


Watch :392———–394.50 as Hurdles.

Crossover with volumes and sustains will take to 402–404.50 level.


Watch Rally upto 117—————————119 level.

101% ,Once crosses 119 with volumes and trades for 15-20 minutes …We see BLAST upto 124–126 level.

Buy 120-125 Call ………..and Relax !!

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Updated at 8:37/29th Sept/Baroda

An Update For CRUDE -Natural Gas (MCX )

28 September 2014 - 20:25 pm


Last Close :5775

From 5595 LEVEL ,We are Bullish and With Target of  5694————-5741——5757 level.

& There after our Targets were :5805–5820 level.

(Just see in 3 sessions kissed 5783 level ,What else u want in life ? )

Yes ,Zoomed by  188 in 3 sessions.

Watch Triangle of 312 points ,Yes More Details to our Subscribers 


Last Close :248

Very soon Heading Towards…………256—260 level !

Will it zoom to kiss 267+ level in coming Days ?

Yes ,Our Subscribers knows more Details.




Above is Monthly Chart of EURUSD

Panic To Continue ……………………???

Slide Upto 1.25298——————1.24078 is possible.

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Last Close :8022


Above is Daily Chart of SGX NIFTY

SGX Nifty should sustain above 8043 level for 15-20 minutes with volumes (Tomorrow )

Next Target :8100—–8119 level in hrs only.

Suppose Not crossing High of 8056 level & remains below 8045 level 

Slide upto 8000—————-7989 is possible (Will as Crucial Support )

101% More Details to our Subscribers and More Details about Nifty Future -Tomorrow Morning.

Updated at 12:12/28th Sept/Baroda/India

SPX 500- Fall upto 1963-1956 on cards

25 September 2014 - 20:10 pm


Above is Daily Chart of S&P 500

On 22nd Sept ,We had Updated This :

Now S&P 500  @ 1976 LEVEL.

Below 1976 if sustains……….Traders will see CRACK upto 1968—-1965 level.

Major Support at 1963—-1956 level.

12th Session Will see UNEXPECTED LEVEL !

Updated at 20:09/25th Sept/Baroda/India

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