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BSE SENSEX -Heading Towards 26197——-26426


Too often, trading comes as the expense of relationship. The ups and downs of performance and the uncertainties of markets take a toll on traders and partners alike.

I recall being asked at one trading conference for the secret to success in markets.

My answer was simple:

“You should always have something in your life that is more important to you than trading”.

Above is Weekly chart of BSE SENSEX

Last Close : 25626

Above 25501 level…………………….(No worry for Bulls )

Target : 26197—————————-26426 not ruled out.

Falling Trendline Hurdle at 26130.

This WEEK VERY CRUCIAL…………………Major Turning !

Will Update More to our Members.

Updated at 14:03/17th April/Baroda/Inida

Trading Strategy For 06th April’16.Nifty Future-All Eyes on 7660-7672.Big PANIC …Below 7584 only


Above is Trend of Nifty Future For Today’s Trading

Any PANIC ,Any Big Slide :Major Support area at 7525-7501

To Cross 7810 level…………U Now need MIRACLE !!

More to our Members

Updated at 8:23/06th April/Baroda/India

NIFTY SPOT -All Eyes on 7569 ..Next Target 7499-7476


Whatever failures I have known, whatever errors I have committed, whatever follies I have witnessed in private and public life have been the consequence of action without thought.  – Bernard Baruch 

(Not able to fulfill condition closing above 7755 for 2 Consecutive days )

Short Term Support & Target :7592——————-7569

Break will take to  7499–7476 level.

101% More Details to our Members.

Updated at 7:42/05th April/Baroda/India

NIFTY SPOT -LAXMAN REKHA at 7755.Next Target 7972-8043.


Learn charting & play around with where to set STOPs. When more advance learn to scale in & out. But key is add to winner & not to losers

Last Close :7716 (Spot )

No Need to change @all.


3 Consecutive close above  7755 + Weekly close …………………..(Read again and save it )

Will take to 7972———————8043 level.

After Making Double Bottom @ 6869-6826  -Days Count Indicated 16th Session will see Unexpected level.

Yes ,Wednesday it kissed High of  7727 level.


+ or – 1 or 2…………………TGD Method shows Unexpected level.In next 1-2 sessions (Top ) &  PANIC to start ?

Or will zoom to kiss 7972–8043 ……..this week and PANIC ??


Not Crossing 7728 & Breaks 7708 will take to 7647-7627 & there after ??

101% More Details to our Subscribers -Tomorrow Morning.

Updated at 17:37/27th March/Baroda

S&P 500 -Below 2030…SLIDE upto 2013-2008 is possible


Above is Daily Chart of S&P 500

Below 2030……………………???

Watch PANIC upto 2013——-2008 level !

Three Consecutive close below 2042 + weekly close will take to 1995————-1980 level.

Will Update more to our Subscribers.

Updated at 15:20/24th March/Baroda/India