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Above is Daily Chart of S&P 500

Watch :2078———————————2074 crucial support levels.

Yes ,Break & close below 2074 will take to 2061-2058 level.

Triple Top in area of 2110 to  2120  (Very difficult to cross in short term )

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA



Most people (and funds) who try to trade will not be successful, and I believe this is because most of them are simply trying to do things that do not work. Taking a good, hard look at your tools, methods, and approach can be scary, but there is no other way to find enduring success in the market


Watch :1128——————–1121 as Support or Last Hope !

Break below 1121 with volumes will take to 1101———————-1094 level !

1000% Manipulative stock ,On Rise Sell Sell !!


Below 800 level………………….Sell if u can !

Target :777———————–769 level in minutes ,On Rise Sell !


Real Power above 240.25 level only.

Stop :236

Target :250—————-253   level in hrs only.


Heading Towards…………………..338——343 level !

(Do U Remember ,What we told 3 days back about CAIRN ,ONGC ? )


All Eyes on 346.50 level……………Nothing else !

Break with volumes and stays below for 15-20 minutes then ?

PANIC upto 339—-336.50 not ruled out.Honeymoon +Rally is over !

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Last Close :18673

18410———————————-18323 Crucial Support/Down Targets in panic !

Today ,Above 18717 level if sustains for 15-20 minutes :Rally upto 18824————-18859 is possible.

But ,On Rally SELL SELL SELL !!


Above 1311 level………….if stays ,Grab it 

Target :1325————-1329 & then ???

Your Stop :1285 !


Below 162 ,Bears will have Upperhand.

Once BREAKS 160 level with volumes :Watch PANIC upto 157—–155 & then ???


Below 129 level………………………….????

More PANIC –Yes Target :120—117 is possible.

(Yes ,105-100 is major support of Neckline ,Ultimate Target 200+ )


Below 152 level………………….??100% No Buying @ all.

Target :146-144 & then ????????Retest of 138 level !

(Insiders selling Daily )

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All Big Bank Stocks :PVT Banks + Rel.Capital +NBFC Stocks……+REAL Estate stocks 

100% Looking WEAK WEAK WEAK ,On Rise Sell 

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We have long said that the task of active trading or active management comes down to managing risk: taking on the correct risks, the correct amount of those risks, at the correct time, and managing those risks appropriately. Though such a one line summary necessarily omits a lot of important detail, it really is about bringing the right risks into the portfolio (or trading book) at the right time, and being willing to do nothing for long stretches of time. 

Last Close : 8726


8738-8704 are Support levels  ,Intraday UPDATED :Watch 8685 level !

Kissed low of  8671 & taken U-Turn !

Image result for friday


Decisive Crossover above 8735 with volumes and stays for 15-20 minutes ……….

Intraday Rally upto 8773——–8786 not ruled out.

Yes ,Another round of blast if crosses 8786 level ( will update more to our Subscribers )

SUPPORT POINTSCrucial Support @ 8667 level.

Break with volumes and stays for 15-20 minutes ( Watch PANIC upto 8611 in hrs only )


8th or 9th Sessions :Unexpected level in Nifty Future

Yes ,Time will Tell u -Just Need Patience 

Three Consecutive close above 8813 +Weekly close 

Then Rally upto 8974—————9028 is possible.

More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers

Updated at 7:59/17th April/Baroda

German DAX- Watch 11957 level.

17 April 2015 - 5:58 am


Above is Daily Chart of DAX

Break & stays below 11957 level……………………………………Then ???

Watch PANIC upto 11812—————–11764 level in panic !

101% Short Term Looking Weak Weak 

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If U Missed Yesterday ,Then Click Here & See

LAXMAN REKHA for Bank Nifty at 19137

At 13:37 hrs ,Yesterday afternoon -Boldly written 19137 is laxman Rekha and see it kissed high of  19109.65  & Crashed vertically upto  18650 in minutes only.

We Don’t care for Fundamentals/Growth of Economy :100% A Traders should never think about these things @ all.

now what to do

Below 18714 level if trades with volumes and stays for 15-20 minutes then ???

Slide upto  18582———————-18538 is possible in panic & there after ?

Will It BREAK 18400 level First or Will Now Cross 19137………………….??

More Details to our Subscribers during trading hrs


From Last Result Date :Already stock is up by 17% 

So it means Profit will be in range of 17-20%…………………Just see Result Today  

Good Result will take to 989—-995 level (Intraday )

Support at 944——————————-937.

Break Below 937 with volumes and stays below then ???


Hurdle & Target :300———————————304 level.

Now Support at 285—282.50 level.


500—————————————–493 are Crucial Support or Last Hope !

Once Breaks 493 with volumes ,Watch PANIC Selling upto 473—–467 level in hrs only.


Watch slide upto 460———————457 level.

Once BREAKS 457 with volumes and stays below for 10-15 minutes ,Watch Panic upto 447-444 level in hrs  only.


Watch :314—————————312.50 levels

Break Below 312.50 with volumes and stays below :Panic upto 308—306.50———————-302 is possible !



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Your protective stop is like a red light. You can go through it, but doing so is not very wise. If you go through town running every red light, you probably won’t get to your destination quickly or safely

Last Close : 8786


Watch 8888—————————–8908 as Hurdles 

LAXMANREKHA for Traders at 8925 level.

Yes ,It kissed High of  8874 & CRASHED VERTICALLY……………………..!!

Now if u Don’t have Intraday Trading levels +Strategy………..U will never Mint Money.

sms-3rd Dec

Below 8840 level ,Told :Crash upto 8738————8704 on card (In just 45 minutes it kissed low of  8757 )

now what to do

Today’s Hurdle at 8816—8823 levels.

Now ,Suppose Crosses 8823 level with volumes and stays above for 15-20 minutes then ??

Next Target : 8853 (Yes ,Laxman Rekha For Bull’s )


No Need to change levels @ all.

8738-8704 are Support levels (Crucial Support or Last Hope )

Now if Breaks 8704 level with volumes and stays below :Next Target………..8602-8568 in hrs only.


9th or 10th Sessions :Unexpected level in Nifty Future

Yes ,Time will Tell u -Just Need Patience 

Three Consecutive close above 8813 +Weekly close 

Then Rally upto 8974—————9028 is possible.

More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers

Updated at 7:55/16th April/Baroda



FIRE-CRUDEYesterday Written This :

6th Week ,We will see UNEXPECTED Level

Now at $ 55.70 level.

Heading Towards  $ 58.435———————–62.52 level ??

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The perfect speculator must know when to get in; more important, he must know when to stay out; and most important, he must know when to get out once he’s in.

Power of Chart -ASR

As Expected :Already RELIANCE ,ITC ,HLL ,SBI…………………………Blasted Like Rocket !

Yes ,Already Booked 70% Long position in these stocks.

Stocks Like AMTEK AUTO ,Petronet LNG (We love this stock ) ,Canara Bank ,DABUR,Eng.India ,Hind.Zinc ,KTK BANK ,TATA COMM + Many More Stocks !


Yes ,Already Minted Tons of Money by our NEW Subscribers/Old Subscribers in Last 7-8 Days itself in above stocks.

With Trading levels ,Without Intraday Updates………………..1000% No possible.

No Beggar Like TRADING @ ALL……………….We Don’t Recommend stock for Rs.1-2-3 Gain.

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA



Trading actually tends to attract people who are ill suited to the task – those who are enamored with making lots of money; people who are willing to take high risks; individuals who seek excitement or who react to the world with emotional intensity. 

Last Close : 8855

Day Before Yesterday :We had Boldly written & Told………………….Above 8815 level ,Our Targets were : 8874-8910 level.

(Don’t ask …..What happened ? …Just see with your naked eyes )

Intraday Boldly told :Break below 8792 with volumes will create UNEXPECTED PANIC.

(Yes ,kissed low of  8790 & zoomed like ROCKET )

Trade with levels…………..Nothing else !!

now what to do

In Last 11 Days :NF had zoomed from 8329 to 8872 (With out any Reason )

Yes ,Speculation + Manipulation …Will Continue ,No if & But (And Now Result season already started so Insiders +Company people + Media will mint great money )


Three Consecutive close above 8813 +Weekly close ( Today +Tomorrow +Friday is must )

Then Rally upto 8974—————9028 is possible.

10th or 11th Sessions :Unexpected level in Nifty Future


Watch 8888—————————–8908 as Hurdles 

LAXMANREKHA for Traders at 8925 level.

Suppose NF ,Not crosses High of 8872 & Trades below  8838 with volumes for 15-20 minutes then ????

Slide upto 8806 is possible & There after sharp panic upto 8757–8736–8702  level.

If Not Today ,Then Tomorrow First Half…………Intraday Top and Sharp FALL on card.

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:39/15th April/Baroda

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