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Above is 15 Minute chart of GOLD -SILVER

Short Term Traders ,Watch $1275 level…………………………….

If sustains for 20 minutes below this level or more will take to $ 1265-1262 level in PANIC.

Three Consecutive close below $ 1273 +Weekly close if happens :

Watch Bloodbath upto $ 1235——-1222 level very soon

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Updated at 16:32/24th April/Baroda/India




Above is Daily Chart of FACEBOOK

Hurdle & Target for Traders at $ 64.77——65.7475 level.

Now ,Crossover above 65.7475 and sustains for 20 minutes or more with volumes will take to  68.68—69.6575

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 15:58/24th April/Baroda/India

AAPL -AAPL :Nonstop Rally upto $ 607

24 April 2014 - 15:42 pm



Above is Daily Chart of AAPL

Triangle Height $ 60.58 level.

Today Breakout Point at $ 547 level

547+ 60.58 =607.58 level !!

Three Consecutive close above $ 547 +Weekly close will take to 604.34–623 level.

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 15:40/24th April/Baroda/India




Yesterday Enjoyed PANIC or not ??Mint Money from all corners……Don’t Watch TV During Trading/Forget Movies-Cricket (All Useless and Waste of Time )The Worst is Political News

Last Close : 3475

Below  3620 level ,Bears will KILL It !!

Today U all Watch 3418 level……………………….Decisive Break with volumes and sustains for 15-20 minutes then ?

BLOODBATH LIKE POSITION CAN HAPPEN :It can slide to  3128-3032 level.

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Updated at 8:31/23rd April/Baroda




Last Close : 13002

No need to change levels everyday

Yes ,It should sustain above 13031 for 20 minutes with volumes ………….Next Target :

Nonstop Rally upto 13142-13179 level not ruled out

We see Very soon it will kiss 13250-13300 level.


Support at 12932—————————-12900 level.

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Buy :210—————-220 (Call of May and RELAX )

Don’t Laugh Like Idiot……………..!!

Above 189 level ,We are Bullish only

Today ,Above 191 level if trades ………….Just GRAB it for Few hrs

Nonstop Intraday Rally upto  198–201 on card

Remember in panic of Rs.1-2-3……………Buy Buy Buy ,Single Day Big move on card !


Just Watch 373 level very closely.

Decisive Break with volumes and stays below will take to 363—–360 in panic

Minor Dip can Happen ,But very soon stock will cross 410+ level (Unexpected price we can see in this Manipulative stock* on 16th May )

(In India 95% or more Stocks are Manipulative only —-Nobody will write ,Nobody will say…Just people /Media/Netas will talk about Corruption and Idiotic talks )


Below 161………………Bears will have upperhand 

Yes ,below 158 level………Our Short Term Target intact of 148–145 level.

(Another Manipulative Stock )




We Love ICICI BANK ,Target short Term :1350 ,Medium Term 1550+

Some Big NEWS Coming in ICICI Bank ?Buy 1350 Call of May in PANIC and Relax

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Updated at 8:19/23rd April/Baroda/India








Yes ,Our Darling Commodity.

Still Looking Hot HOT HOT !

Three Close above $ 2.18 will take to 2.57-2.70 level very soon

Updated at 5:19/23rd APRIL/BARODA

USDINR (Spot )Crucial Level 60.615

22 April 2014 - 11:52 am



Above is Weekly CHART of USDINR-SPOT

Three Consecutive close above    60.615 +Weekly close if happens then ?

Nonstop Rally upto 61.23–61.435 on card !

Looks so ..Dead Cat Bounce only !

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Updated at 11:52/22nd APRIL/BARODA




Last Close :12828.60

Watch :12846——————————-12883 level.

Now ,Crossover with volumes and stays above  for 15-20 minutes 

Blast upto  12994———13031 not ruled out

More Details to our Subscribers During Trading hrs


Are U Short in this stock ??

We see BLAST upto 281——-289 level in hrs only

Minor Hurdle at 272-273…………Crossover with volumes catch it and Mint Fast Money


Keep A Stop of 66 (Yes Risk of  2 only )

Decisive Crossover with volumes above 68.50 ………………….Unexpected Short Covering +Fresh Buying will start

Target :72.50-73 not ruled out ,More Details to our Subscribers


Short Term Target :1350–1360 level.

Our Inverse Head & Shoulder Formation Indicates Target of 1550+ 

In Panic ,Buy ………..Stoploss will be 1200 ,Target 1350 ?


Watch………………………….419 level.

Crossover above 419 ,Last Hurdle @ 422

Yes if sustains above 422 for 15-20 minutes………WATCH MIND BLOWING SHORT COVERING RALLY upto 432-435 level.

More Details to our Subscribers

Updated at 8:33/21st April/Baroda/India

SGX NIFTY -Watch 6824 level

20 April 2014 - 19:14 pm



SGXNIFTY-2104Above is Daily Chart of SGX NIFTY

Thirsty Traders ,Watch 6824 level ——————————eye-4798

If crosses and stays above for 15-20 minutes with volumes………..Watch BLAST BLAST

Target :6857—6868 level in hrs only

Support at 6775—6767 level.Break will create panic.


Above 6576 level ,SGX NIFTY…………..Our Short to Medium Target intact of 

7345——————–7601 level !!

Can We see these Levels on MAY 16th ??


Already told You :Buy 7000-7100-7200-7300-7400-7500 Call of MAY

A Million $ Question :Will it Break 6650-6600 level First or will zoom to kiss 7000 to 7500 ?

Just Concentrate on MODI- USD DOLLAR FLOW & FIIs Money…………..(No need to see and Check Fundamentals of stocks ,No need to see and look at Results-All Manipulative and Insiders +Company people knows everything )

More Details ,Tomorrow Morning.

Updated at 19:15/20th APRIL/BARODA/INDIA

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