Wed, 24th May 2017

Anirudh Sethi Report


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World’s Most Scariest Chart ?British Pound Index !Will it CRASH to kiss 61 ?


Above is Monthly Chart of BRITISH POUND INDEX

Look at H&S Formation ,Already Broken Neckline at 136 level.

Yes ,Monthly close below 136 if happens and not closes above 136 level……………Then ?

Unexpected Bloodbath will continue ,Height of Head = 75 points ( 136-75 = ? )

Short Term ,Below 134 level………………..It can slide to kiss 127—125 level too.

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FTSE 100 – PANIC upto 6033-5963-5905 is possible.H&S Indicates :Target of 5750


Above is Daily CHART of FTSE

Will Retest 6050———————-& can slide to kiss 6033 level in PANIC.

if something goes wrong :We see 5963——————–5905 level very soon.

At this Moment looking very very weak ,Watch For Neckline of H&S 

Will Update More to our Members.