Sun, 29th November 2015

Anirudh Sethi Report


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NIFTY Spot :7908 will Act as LAXMANREKHA .Support at 7847-7799


Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Spot 


-Yes ,Now it will have to cross 7908 level and close above this level for 2 Consecutive days then only will show more Power.

Target :8024—————————8063 level !!

Break Below 7847 & stays below :PANIC upto 7799 is possible 

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Updated at 11:59/22nd Nov/Baroda/India

CRB INDEX -YTD Down 20% ,Last & Final Hope at 181.83 ,Next Target 164


Above is Daily Chart of  CRB INDEX

YTD down by  20% ,In Last 5 Years ………………..Down by 50% !

Monthly Close  below 181.83 will take to 164 level………….& then ??????

Will it crash and kiss Double Digit of 97 level ??

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BANK NIFTY -Hurdle at 17300.LaxmanRekha 17356.Sell BOB ,SKS MICRO…Sharp PANIC ??


To have lasting success in the stock market, you must decide once and for all that it’s more important to make money than to be right. Your ego must take a backseat

Last Close : 17179


Will Face Hurdle & Target at 17300————————–17356 level.

(Just see it kissed High of  17317.65 & Tumbled )

Today ,Intraday if Breaks 17143 with volumes and stays for 15-20 minutes below this level will take to 17048—–17008 is possible.

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Once crosses 17356 with volumes :Next ROUND of Blast will start.


Below 478 level…………..No Buying ,Once breaks 474 with volumes will take to 

468————————465.50 in panic.On rise sell sell sell !!

Stop of 488 


Day Before Yesterday Recommended during trading hrs to Buy this stock at 1169 level.

Yesterday it kissed High of 1205.

All Eyes on 1209——-1221 as Hurdle & Target.Yes if crosses 1221 with volumes will create more Firework.


Will slide to kiss :170—————–168 in PANIC.

Now ,Once breaks 168 with volumes and trades for 15 minutes or more watch PANIC PANIC PANIC !!


434-34 =400 level in PANIC ???

Once Trades below 430 with volumes……………SELL IF u can and RELAX

On Rise Sell :Stop of 448 on closing basis.

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BANK NIFTY -Last Hope at 17269.If Revives Sell Sell.


Yes ,All Eyes on 17355————–17269 !

Yes ,Now 2 Consecutive close below 17269 level will take Bank Nifty to 17012———-16926 level.

Today if not breaking low of 17310 level then ?

Hurdle & Target :17493———17539

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As Expected

PSU Bank STOCK CRASHED……………………….Vertically !

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Trading Strategy For 29th Oct’2015.Nifty Future…Any Rise Sell.Below 8131,Sharp PANIC .8218-Major Hurdle


Five of the common threads of a successful trader:1. An aversion to risk.2. An ability to preserve capital by taking losses and changing one’s mind.3. Intimacy with their approach / system / methodology.4. A willingness to experiment.5. Single-minded purpose.

Last Close : 8173.60


-Below 8234 level ,It will be PANIC………….Slide upto 8169————–8147 level in hrs only.

(What happened ?……..it crashed to kiss low of 8140.75 & closed at 8173.60 )…Now u don’t read levels and start shouting …Why ?


Below 8131 level if trades with volumes for 15-20 minutes……………….Then ??

Target :8093——– 8073———————-8050 in hrs only.

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Updated at 8:35/29th Oct/Baroda/India