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Bank Nifty -If Revives Sell ,Hurdle at 16848-16907.



Last Close :16563


Break Below 17087 with volumes and stays below 

For 15-20 minutes will take to 16896———–16832 level in hrs only.

sms-3 days

Then Below 16832 our Targets were :16640—–16576 (It kissed low of  16455 )

now what to do

Today Break Below 16455 with volumes will take to 16337—–16278 level.

101% Will update more via SMS to our Subscribers

Today ,Not Breaking Low of 16455 & Stays above 16530

Will Take to 16756——-16848 level  ——————-16907

On RISE ,Sell Sell Sell !!


Bank Stocks if Revives for 1 to 3 Days…………………..SELL On RISE

Monthly Chart of Many PVT Banks :Looks VERY VERY SCARY.

Forget Fundamentals ,Forget Results……….TECHNICALLY Looking weak only.

Updated at 8:37/02nd Sept/Baroda/India

CNX NIFTY -Last Hope 7869.Next Target :7119-6869


Above is Monthly Chart of CNX NIFTY SPOT

3 Consecutive close below 7869 + Weekly close is must 

Watch Allround BLOODBATH upto  7119——6869 level !!

In Sept

Below 7667 level (Low of August ) ,Gates for  7554————-7441 will get opened

& There after PANIC + Bloodbath upto 7103 not ruled out.

Hurdle for Sept @ 8161——8223.

Yes ,Crossover and close above 8223 will create More FIREWORK.

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 7:31/01st Sept/Baroda/India

CRB INDEX -Above 198.94 level ,Bulls will have Upperhand.


Above is Weekly CHART of CRB Index

Above 198.94 level ………..No worry for Bulls.

Target :207.23—209.99 level very soon.

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 6:02/01st Sept/Baroda

BANK NIFTY -All Eyes on 17090 ,17018 level.In Panic-Buy BOB-Kotak-DLF.Sell HDIL..Big CRASH ???Target 53-40 very soon


“The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people.”
Karl Marx

Last Close : 17273

sms-3 days

Yes ,As Expected it crashed Vertically and at  10:20 ,Recommended and Boldly told :We are Sell NF ,BNF……

Today ,All Eyes on 17150——–17090 level.

Decisive Break with volumes below 17090 and stays for 15-20 minutes will CREATE PANIC PANIC .

Target :16899—16836

From Lower levels……………Sharp Recovery ?

101% More Details to our Subscribers during trading hrs


Watch slide upto 459——————-455

Yes ,Now if Breaks 455 with volumes and stays below for 15 minutes :Unexpected selling will start.

Target :443 in minutes only.

-More Stocks ,More News to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:58/31st August/Baroda/India

Trading Strategy For 31st August ’2015.Intraday Traders Watch 7981-7951.In PANIC-Will Buy


Difference between great traders & the rest isn’t magic entry points, instead they’re better risk managers & better at position management.

Last Close : 8022.70


Again A Great Friday ,Yes on Friday we had Boldly written if Opens around  8080-8130…….Go short with stop of 8137-8164

It kissed High of  8125 & Crashed…………………..(Vertically ).Now if u Don’t read and shout on Social Sites ..Then its your fault.

Then Boldly Told ..During Trading hrs.Below  8096,Our Targets were :8010-7981 level. (It kissed low of 7983 )

now what to do

Decisive Break with volumes Below 7981 & stays for 15 minutes then ?

Slide Upto 7895————-7866 is possible in hrs (This too already mentioned on Friday )


Minor Support levels @ 7962————-7951.

Thirsty Traders ,If 7951 is Broken watch PANIC upto 7896 in minutes only.

Hurdle at 8053———8062 level.

101% More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers during trading hrs

Updated at 8:20/31st August/Baroda/India

CNX NIFTY INDEX -Hurdle at 8099 ,LaxmanRekha at 8153


Above is Daily Chart of CNX NIFTY

Hurdle at 8099—————8153

On Friday it kissed High of 8091.80  & Crashed Vertically.

Closed at 8001.95

Support @ 7993———-7967 level.

Break Below 7967 with volumes and sustains will create PANIC upto 7887—-7861 level.

Traders Watch :8026-8034…..If crosses will show Power upto 8066 level.

101% More Details to our Subscribers :Tomorrow Morning.

Updated at 21:04/30th August/Baroda/India

EURO INDEX -Watch 115.65 …Major Hurdle For Trend Followers


Above is Monthly Chart of EURO INDEX

3 Consecutive close above 115.65+ Weekly close if happens then ??

Blast Upto 122.275————–124.48 level.


Day Traders ,Watch…………..110.35-109.78 as Support levels.

More Details to our Forex Subscribers ,Udpated at 14:28/30th August/Baroda/India

Yesterday Updated : NIFTY FUTURE -Crucial Update For Traders/Trend Followers.



Above is Daily Chart of NIFTY FUTURE

Refresh Your Memory and see on 25th August ,How many times……….Told and WRITTEN :Don’t PANIC 

Do U Remember :Bollinger Band ?

From Low of  7665…………….Now kissed High of 7963.25

now what to do

Above 7942 ,Gates for 8109–8164 are Opened !

Yes ,Just need Patience :Now if u talk like Idiot…Why it is not coming then consider yourself as fool

Those who Bought on 25th or Yesterday or Today …………..They will RELAX AND ENJOY 

7DEMA at 8051


1st Gap @ 8222 ,2nd Gap at 8358


3 Consecutive close below 7915 + Weekly close………………….

NEXT Target :7149————-6894

(So From Last 3 Days closing below 7915 ,But Need to see will it close Today/Tomorrow ?? )

If Above Condition is Fulfilled :Then Watch WORST NEWS From Global Market.

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA

Shanghai Composite :Hurdle & Target at 3139–3211.



Yes ,Major Hurdle at 3211

If crosses and closes above this level this level for 2 Consecutive then More FIREWORK

Yes ,Gap Filling +Dead Cat Bounce on card


WTI CRUDE-No Surprise at all.Zooms by 10% ,Brent Crude -Up by 9.35% in Single Session.



Above is Daily Chart of WTI CRUDE

Short TERM :Worst is over………………….Will zoom to kiss $ 43.63-44.37 soon


Above is Daily Chart of BRENT CRUDE 

3 Consecutive close above $ 47.75…………….Watch Blast upto $ 51.06-52.16

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 5:45/28th August/Baroda/India