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EU Extends Deficit Deadlines For Most European Countries, Admits Structural Adjustment Failure, Kills Austerity

Moments ago, the following European Commission website hit the interwebs, which can be summarized as follows:


Translation: the theatrical spectacle of Europe’s austerity, which never really took place, is finally over. Going forward political incompetence will henceforth be known as just that: incompetence, and elected rulers will not be able to pass the buck to evil, evil, “austerity.” More importantly, Europe has also proven without a doubt, that any “structural adjustments” on the continent are impossible, and that governments are locked in a spend till you drop mode.

For Europe’s sake, it better find a sake of endogenous credit creation once the BOJ’s carry trade fueled mask of all that is wrong with Europe fades away. Alas, following yet another painful M3 report, and an intractable ECB which refuses to monetize de novo and unsterilized (and simply can’t “lack of fiscal union” reasons previously explained), where such credit creation will come from is unknown.

Trading Strategy for 6th Feb’13.Support at 5963 ,Last Hope at 5944.Hurdle at 3 &7 DEMA

NF-ICONDon’t worry about perfect :The easiest way to fail the first time is trying to be perfect.  Your goal in the beginning is understand how different the experience is from how you imagined it.  Start with reasonable expectations and over time shift to unreasonable expectations.

Seeing others do it : At the beginning you believe you will be successful. After your expectations for success are not met, your belief fades.  Surround yourself with as many people who have been successful.  Seeing is believing. You will begin to notice some of the little things that they doing.  The difference between good and great, I have found, is in those little things.

Ego :Ego does not work well in situations where temporary set backs are inevitable.  Get over yourself and do it now. Ego should be used like salt, in moderation.


Last Close :5974

Yesterday we had written :5963 is Support and 5944 is last hope !Just see it kissed low of 5964 & taken U-turn to close at 5974


-Above is DAILY Chart of Nifty Future ,Just see CHANNEL………….Yesterday taken Support @ Lower band ?

Suppose Not Breaks Yesterday’s low of 5964………….and Trades above 5974 for 15-20 minutes with good volumes then ?

Rally upto 6003————-6013 not ruled out !

7DEMA @ 6020 will act as LAXMAN REKHA.


-Friday will see UNEXPECTED level———————Just Remember us !!

Yes ,5963 will act as CRUCIAL Support……………Decisive Break with volumes and stays below will take to 5910—5893 level in PANIC !

Mano ya Na Mano

*Results are Known to Company +Insiders -So they are Manipulating (No if and But )

*Company having Hand Shake with Blue Channels……….(manipulation going on )

* Market in Control of Fii’s (What ever they want will do ?Everything they know-From Govt Policy to Company News )

*Retails Investors-Fucked ,Retail Traders……..Wiped out (Only choice he is having to trade in F&O Segment…Where Managament and INSIDERS +Stock Exchange will allow small traders to win ….)

*Our Intuition says very soon in this year will Ban or Removal of Stock Future Trading -Yes Fii’s in need of this last thing  to be done !

*Yes ,Govt Policies and Major Decision known to Fii’s ,Big Corporate Houses………..!!

-More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:11/06th Feb/Baroda/India

Fear of failure

Don’t worry about perfect.

The easiest way to fail the first time is trying to be perfect. In the beginning, understanding how different the experience is from how you imagined it is important.  Start with reasonable expectations and over time shift to unreasonable expectations.

Seeing others do it.

At the beginning you believe you will be successful. After your expectations for success are not met, your belief fades. Surround yourself with as many people who are successful.  Seeing is believing. You will begin to notice some of the little things that they doing.  The difference between good and great, I have found, is in those little things. Read More 

Spain Discussed €300 Billion Full Bailout, Germany “Uncomfortable”

While the EUR was soaring, and Spanish bond yield were (very briefly) plunging in the past 48 hours, the reality behind the scenes was very different than what was blasted publicly in the headlines. Namely, Spain was on the verge of requesting a full blown sovereign bailout, one which would see it become the next country after Greece, Ireland and Portugal to fall under the Troika’s control. From Reuters: “Spain has for the first time conceded it might need a full EU/IMF bailout worth 300 billion euros ($366 billion) if its borrowing costs remain unsustainably high, a euro zone official said. Economy Minister Luis de Guindos brought up the issue with German counterpart Wolfgang Schaeuble in a meeting in Berlin last Tuesday as Spain’s borrowing costs soared past 7.6 percent, the source said. If needed, the money would come on top of the 100 billion euros already agreed to prop up Spain’s banking sector,stretching the euro zone’s resources to breaking point, and Schaeuble told de Guindos he was unwilling to consider a rescue before the currency bloc’s ESM bailout fund comes on line later this year.” So why the sudden attempt to talk up European risk in the last two days? Simple – Germany did not agree to fund Spain’s bailout. Which meant it was suddenly up to Europe’s apparatchiks to jawbone markets into cooperation. “De Guindos was talking about 300 billion euros for a full program, but Germany was not comfortable with the idea of a bailout now,” the official told Reuters.”

What this means is that, as we suggested yesterday, Draghi really has nothing up his sleeve, and the promises of the last two days from Nowotny and less than Super Mario are very ad hoc and even more hollow, and that the vigilantes are about to come back with a vengeance as Spain has effectively admitted it is broke. So once the euphoria from the latest risk on episode fades, watch out. Read More 

Brooks, Trading Price Action Reversals

The third and final volume of Al Brooks’s series is Trading Price Action Reversals: Technical Analysis of Price Charts Bar by Bar for the Serious Trader (Wiley, 2012). A trader does indeed have to be serious to read all three volumes because, according to the author himself, the task is daunting: some 570,000 words.

Only half of the final volume is about trend reversals. The rest deals with day trading, the first hour (the opening range), and putting it all together, including 78 trading guidelines, some of which you may not have encountered elsewhere.

This volume is the most accessible of the three, but then my very tired eyes did a lot of work before getting here. It would be difficult to skip the first two volumes and expect to understand the third.

Brooks himself is not primarily a reversal trader. As he writes, “I prefer high-percentage trades, and my most common trades are pullback entries and trading range fades. I especially like breakouts because when they are strong the probability of follow-through is often more than 70 percent. I look less often for reversal trades, because most reversal attempts fail, but I will take a strong reversal setup.” (p. 463) Read More 

India bond yields rise as RBI rate cut impact fades

India federal bond yields rose on Wednesday, snapping two sessions of falls, due to concerns about a hefty stream of upcoming debt sales and on doubts about whether the central bank will continue to cut interest rates. 

Yields have been falling in anticipation of monetary easing from the Reserve Bank of India, hitting their lowest in a month on Tuesday when the central bank delivered a bigger-than-expected 50 basis points cut. 

However, traders don’t expect the rally in Indian debt prices to continue, at least in the short-term, because the RBI plans to sell a hefty 3.7 billion rupees in bonds from April to September, with a sale of 160 billion planned for Friday. 

“There is about 500 billion rupees of supply coming up over the next three weeks. The supply will get absorbed, but at higher yields from here,” said a senior trader at a primary dealer. 

The yield on the benchmark 10-year bond settled up 2 b asis points to 8.36 percent after falling to 8.30 percent in early trade. 

The front loading of the cuts in the repo rate by the central bank also means analysts expect fewer such easing moves in the months ahead.  Read More 

Full Letter From Merkozy To Von Rompuy

And so the hope that anything real can be done on Friday fades with every confirmation that when it comes to simple math, there is no solution.

Mr President,

To overcome the current crisis, all necessary measures to stabilize the euro area as a whole will have to be taken. We are confident that we will succeed. 
We are convinced that we need to reinforce the architecture of Economic and Monetary Union going beyond the indispensable measures which are urgently needed to cope with immediate crisis resolution. Those steps need to be taken now without further delay. We consider this as a matter of necessity, credibility and confidence in the future of Economic and Monetary Union.

The current crisis has uncovered the deficiencies in the construction of EMU mercilessly. We need to remedy those deficiencies. To build a lasting Stability and Growth Union which allows us to preserve our unique European model combining economic success and social responsibility, we have to substantially reinforce the foundations of EMU. Alongside the single currency, a strong economic pillar is indispensable, building on enhanced governance to foster fiscal discipline as well as stronger growth and enhanced competitiveness. In order to achieve these objectives, we need a renewed contract between the Euro area Member States. This conviction is the driving-force behind our proposal.
We need more binding and more ambitious rules and commitments for the Euro area Member States. They should reflect that sharing a single currency means sharing responsibility for the Euro area as a whole. They should pave the way for a new quality of cooperation and integration within the Euro area.
We propose that those new rules and commitments should be enshrined in the European Treaties as. Alternatively , the Member States whose currency is the Euro will have to go ahead. In that case, we would ensure that those Member States willing and able to do so would be able to join and the European institutions would play an important role. We would also work towards bringing this new agreement into the framework of the European Union as soon as possible.
The main building blocks of the new Stability and Growth Union are: Read More 

Bifurcated Euro Begins As AAA-Only ‘Elite’-Bond Issuance Considered

As the hopes of an IMF bazooka fades, Market News is reporting that the ever-ready-to-print-a-story European newspaper Die Welt says Germany and the other 5 AAA-rated nations of Europe are discussing jointly issuing ‘Elite’ bonds. We assume the borrowings could be used to fund the less-well-rated nations and avoid a true Euro-bond joint-and-several issuance which Merkel and other have been so opposed to. For now, it is clear that the ‘Have’s and the ‘Have-Not’s are becoming increasingly divided and this – much like our earlier discussion of the recap section of the EFSF draft – seems to be further from a fiscally united Europe and any inevitable endgame. We wonder what will happen when Austria gets downgraded? It certainly seems that the much-ridiculed ratings agencies are now playing an even more important role and we can only assume that the recent disappintments in the better-rated sovereign auctions were ‘transient’ and ‘temporary’.

It is increasingly clear that Europe is bifurcating in many ways – High-grade and everyone else – and it appears the preparation is beginning.

 From Market News: Read More 

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