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Above is Daily Chart of GOLD SPOT

All Eyes on  $ 1177 level.

Break with volumes and closes below :Watch PANIC upto 1162————————-1157 level !

1205 to 1210 area :Hurdle 

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gold-fireAbove is 15 Minute Chart of GOLD SPOT

After Job Data on Friday & Weakness in US Dollar Index………………….Gold on Fire

Now at  $1218

We see Hurdle & Targets at $ 1225———————-1235 level.

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Valuing Gold

05 April 2015 - 9:00 am

There is only one way to value gold, and that is to quantify the expansion of the fiat currency in which it is priced.

That is the sole purpose of the Fiat Money Quantity (FMQ), which since I last wrote about it five months ago has increased by $375bn to $13.7 trillion. This is despite the end of quantitative easing, which had been tapered down before being abandoned altogether. The long-term chart of FMQ is shown below.

FMQ chart

FMQ is the total instant-access cash and deposits in the commercial banks plus their reserves at the Fed and the temporary means by which those reserves are changed. Its purpose is to quantify the difference between sound money and fiat currency by including the steps by which gold has been progressively absorbed into the banking system from private ownership and into government vaults via the commercial banks and the Fed. A fuller description can be found here. >> Read More


Two months ago, when looking at the most recent physical gold withdrawal numbers reported by the Fed, we observed something peculiar: between the publicly reported surprise redemption by the Netherlands (122 tons) and the just as surprise redemption by the Bundesbank (85 tons), at least 207 tons of gold should have vacated the NY Fed’s gold vault. Instead, the Fed reported that in all of 2014 “only” 177 tons of gold were shipped out of the massive gold vault located 90 feet below 33 Liberty Street. Somehow the delta between what we “shipped” and what was “received” in the past year was a whopping 30 tons, or about 15% of the total – a gap that is big enough to make even China’s outright fraudulent trade numbers seems sterling by comparison.

This prompted us to ask: 

what happened? Did an intern input the Fed’s gold redemptions figures for December, supposedly a different intern than the one who works at the IMF and who caused a stir earlier this week when the IMF, allegedly erroneously, reported that the Dutch – after secretly repatriating 122 tons of gold – had also bought 10 tons of gold in the open market for the first time in nearly a decade.


Or perhaps some “other” bank, central or commercial, decided to offset the redemptions by the Netherlands and Germany, and inexplicably added 30 tons of gold in December? The question then becomes: “who” deposited said gold, especially when one considers that even the adjoining JPM vault which is allegedly connected to the NY Fed by a tunnel, only contains some 740K ounces of gold, or about 23 tonnes.



Or is it simply that when it comes to accurately reporting the flows of physical gold, classical math is incapable of keeping track of the New Normal gold moves, and the Fed has decided that even when dealing with physical gold there is a “settlement” period?

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Above is Daily CHART of GOLD SPOT

Mind Blowing Rally ,Tons of Money Minted by our MCX Subscribers

Now Gold Spot @  1205

Crucial Support at  $ 1200————————————-1195 level.

Yes ,Break with volumes and sustains below 1195 will create more panic.

Hurdles at $$ 1223—-1228 level.

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GOLD SPOT -Watch $ 1192 ……

23 March 2015 - 6:21 am


Above is Daily Chart of GOLD SPOT

Yes ,Our Major Support at $ 1141……..Not Broken ,Our Targets were :1165——1170

Next Target were :1187———————–1192 level 

(Just see it kissed High of $ 1188 level )


All Eyes on $ 1192 level.Crossover and close above this level create more Firework

We see Rally upto 1203—-1208 level 

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There is a story being told to the masses about Chinese gold demand that is grossly incorrect. The huge discrepancy between numbers from the World Gold Council (WGC) and actual gold demand is so wide yet cunningly hidden I must conclude there is essential information about physical gold demand deliberately kept privy.

Let’s go back to April 2013; the price of gold made a nosedive, which spawned an unprecedented physical buying spree across the globe, most notably in China. Withdrawals from the vaults of the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), that equal Chinese wholesale demand, closed at 2,197 metric tonnes December 31, 2013, up 93 % y/y.

However, the WGC (the global authority on gold) initially stated Chinese consumer gold demand had reached 1,066 tonnes in 2013, an astonishing 1,131 tonnes less than wholesale demand. In the China Gold Association (CGA) Gold Yearbook 2013 it was disclosed China had net imported 1,524 tonnes and domestically mined 428 tonnes. Without counting scrap supply this adds up to 1,952 tonnes; adding scrap total supply has been well over 2,000 tonnes. It’s impossible consumer demand was only 1,066 tonnes.

Finally the WGC admitted their initial estimate of 1,066 tonnes of Chinese gold demand was grossly understated. By email they wrote me on February 12, 2015:

Dear Mr Jansen,


Thank you for emailing the World Gold Council, we apologize that your previous enquiry was missed.


Our figure for Chinese consumer demand in 2013 has since been revised upwards to 1,311.8 tonnes from the original figure of 1,066 tonnes published in the full year 2013 Gold Demand Trends report. 

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Gold MCX- Crucial Update

08 March 2015 - 18:17 pm


Last Close :26012


At 26657 level………………..Recommended to Go short and Remain short

With Target of  26043————–25838 level.

Yes ,On Friday kissed low of  25982 level.

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China’s planned gold fixing will promote the country’s interests and provide it with a “decisive influence” on global prices, Zhang Lei, chief gold analyst with the Beijing Gold Exchange Center, told Sputnik on Friday.

 “Chinese gold fixing will directly reflect domestic prices on the Chinese market, and gradually introduce its own rules to the global gold market,” Zhang said, adding that this will grant China a “decisive influence on the establishment of the gold price.”

Local media reported earlier in the week that Chinese banks will take part in the ICE Benchmark Administration’s new gold fixing system, set to replace the nearly century-old London gold fix.

Yuan-denominated gold fixing will complement the new mechanism, and gradually promote the interests of the Chinese market, according to Zhang.



There is a major new buyer in the gold market – Apple

- New Apple watch could use up to one third of total annual gold supply

- Apple expects to sell one million gold watches per month

- Each watch to use up to two ounces of gold

- May have enormous ramifications for gold market and propel prices higher

Apple may consume up to 746 metric tonnes of gold per year in the production of its new luxury Apple watch, due for release in April. This equates to roughly one third of gold’s total annual global mine supply. Read more ›

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