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GOLD MCX :Crucial Update

23 November 2014 - 11:55 am


Above is Daily Chart of GOLD MCX

From 25938 level……………….We are Bullish & With Target :26402–26557 & there after 27021-27176

Last Week it kissed High of  26833 level.


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On November 30, Swiss nationals head to the polls on three separate issues: abolishing a flat tax on resident, non-working foreigners, an immigration cap, and a proposal on Swiss gold reserves. As Visual Capitalist notes, the one we are most interested in is the latter section of the ballot, and today’s infographic sums up everything you need to know about the upcoming Swiss gold referendum.

The referendum, if passed, will mean that (1) The Swiss National Bank must hold 20% of all assets as gold, (2) Switzerland will repatriate the 30% of their gold held abroad by England and Canada, and (3) Switzerland may no longer sell any gold they accumulate.

In the most recent polling, 38% of respondents supported the initiative, 47% were against, and 15% were undecided. The poll has a 3% margin of error as well. While support is down from the previous poll, anything is still possible on November 30th.

Switzerland currently holds 1,040 tonnes, or 7.7% of its reserves in gold. The country actually holds the highest amount of gold per capita (4.09 oz per citizen). However, it used to be an even bigger holder of the yellow metal. In 2000, the SNB held 2,500 tonnes of gold and it has also been the biggest national seller since.

The implications of the vote are huge. With a “yes”, the SNB would have to purchase at least 1,500 tonnes of gold to meet the 20% threshold for 2019. That’s about half the world’s annual production. It would also put Switzerland back in the top three for most gold holdings worldwide.

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Back in March, at a time when the IMF reported that Ukraine’s official gold holdings as of the end of February, so just as the State Department-facilitated coup against former president Victor Yanukovich was concluding, amounted to 42.3 tonnes or 8% of reserves…

... and notably under the previous “hated” president, Ukraine gold’s reserves had constantly increased hitting a record high just before the presidential coup… >> Read More



Above are 1 Hour chart of GOLD ,SILVER SPOT

MCX Gold ,Silver Trading levels to our Subscribers



GOLD-MCXOn 11th November ,We had written this about GOLD SPOT

On 11th November ,Told to our Subscribers …………..No Need to PANIC in GOLD ,SILVER ….Worst is over over !!Yes Password protected post !

Above 25938 ,Our Target for GOLD MCX was :  26402———26557 level.

Yes ,Yesterday it kissed High of  26531 level !!


Above 35268 level ,Our Target…………………..We Told was : 36335—36690 level.

Yesterday kissed 36626 level in hrs only.

Yes ,Just Patience needed + TRUST…………Nothing else !!

JOIN ASRYes ,Not only Stock Market……………..Mint Money from all Corners !!

Just Need Trust & Follow our Strategies…Nothing else


Russia has taken advantage of lower gold prices to pack the vaults of its central bank with bullion as it prepares for the possibility of a long, drawn-out economic war with the West.

The latest research from the World Gold Council reveals that the Kremlin snapped up 55 tonnes of the precious metal – far more than any other nation – in the three months to the end of September as prices began to weaken.

Vladimir Putin’s government is understood to be hoarding vast quantities of gold, having tripled stocks to around 1,150 tonnes in the last decade. These reserves could provide the Kremlin with vital firepower to try and offset the sharp declines in the rouble.

Russia’s currency has come under intense pressure since US and European sanctions and falling oil prices started to hurt the economy. Revenues from the sale of oil and gas account for about 45pc of the Russian government’s budget receipts.

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China should accumulate 8,500 tonnes in official gold reserves, more than the US, according to Song Xin, President of the China Gold Association, General Manager of the China National Gold Group Corporation and Party Secretary. He wrote this in an opinion editorial published on Sina Finance July 30, 2014. Gold is money par excellence in all circumstances and will help support the renminbi to become an international currency as “gold forms the very material basis for modern fiat currencies”, Song notes. In the short term the Chinese will not back the renminbi with gold (establish a fixed renminbi price for gold), but

The previous President of the China Gold Association (CGA), Sun Zhaoxue, was also the General Manager of the China National Gold Group Corporation, these jobs are apparently connected. Song took over from Sun as CGA President and Manager of China National Gold in February 2014. Remarkably, when Sun was in office he wrote equally candid articles (in Chinese) about the importance of gold for China’s economy. Sun’s most renowned article is titled “Building A Strong Economic And Financial Security Barrier For China”, published on August 1, 2012, in Qiushi magazine, the main academic journal of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee (click here for a translated version). From Sun: >> Read More

GOLD SPOT- Gold MCX :An Update

02 November 2014 - 20:10 pm


Above is Monthly Chart of GOLD SPOT

On 15th Sept ,We had written this about GOLD SPOT

Just Click above Link and Read More !

Now -What to expect

On Friday it kissed low of $1160.50

Short Term Hurdle at 1180——————1185 level.

Short Term Rally Can Happen ,But on Rise Sell Sell Sell !!

Yes ,Click above link and Read………..More Downside is left and More PANIC 


Last Close :  26135

As Expected it was Complete Bloodbath………………….

Tons of Money Minted 

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GOLD MCX-Crucial Update

29 October 2014 - 18:41 pm


Now Gold Spot at $1222

Watch :1219————————-1215 as Support ,Break below $1215 will create panic upto $1201-1197 level.

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Russia increased its gold reserves for a sixth straight month in September, while Azerbaijan added to its holdings for a second month, according to International Monetary Fund data.

Russia, which has one of the world’s largest gold reserves, added 37 tons to its reserves last month, taking the total to 1,149 tons, while Azerbaijan raised its reserves by 4 tons, taking the total to 27 tonnes, according to the data released Tuesday.

Kazakhstan raised its gold holdings by 2.1 tons to 184 tons, while Turkey added 12 tons taking the total to 532 tons.

Significant buying and selling by central banks can influence gold prices, which earlier this month hit $1,183 per ounce, the lowest level since June last year, on a strong dollar and robust economic data.

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