Sun, 28th May 2017

Anirudh Sethi Report


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INDIA VIX -Above 3345 ,No Worry.Firework will start above 3379 level



Last Close : 3349 level.

Friday Afternoon ,We had Boldly written this :


Our Targets above 3257 were ……………………….3355–3387 level.

Do U know it kissed High of 3379 level in hrs only (Jump of 122 points )

now what to do

Above 3345 if sustains and suppose crosses High of 3379 with volumes and stays above for 15-20 minutes 

Rally upto 3460————–3498 not ruled out

Support at 3285—–3262 level.

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:40/05th May/Baroda/India

India VIX -Watch 3418 level ,Break will Create Unexpected Selloff



Yesterday Enjoyed PANIC or not ??Mint Money from all corners……Don’t Watch TV During Trading/Forget Movies-Cricket (All Useless and Waste of Time )The Worst is Political News

Last Close : 3475

Below  3620 level ,Bears will KILL It !!

Today U all Watch 3418 level……………………….Decisive Break with volumes and sustains for 15-20 minutes then ?

BLOODBATH LIKE POSITION CAN HAPPEN :It can slide to  3128-3032 level.

More Details via to our Subscribers  during trading hrs

Updated at 8:31/23rd April/Baroda

India VIX (March 18th )Below 1791,Panic will continue



Now at 1767 ( 18th March )

Below 1791 level……………..if stays and not crosses 1816 level (chances are remote )

Watch slide upto 1716————1691 in next few hrs ?

Hurdles for Short Sellers @ 1775 ,Crossover will take to 1789 level !!

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 14:11/11th March/Baroda/India

India VIX-Watch Triangle of 6.96 Points ,Big Rally on Card ?


-Last Close : 16.20

In Last 5 Session zoomed by 28% 


Just u all Watch 16.40 & 16.70 is Last Hurdle…………Once crosses & closes above 16.70 level ,We see Sharp rally in VIX upto 

17.60 !!


Watch TRIANGLE of 6.96 points in Weekly Chart +Look at RSI  & Have a eye on  17.40 level.

Decisive Crossover and close above 17.40 will take VIX to 24.36 level in coming weeks.

If above thing happens then think……………………….Where will Nifty Future will go ??(Scary )

-Will Update more and will Try to Update everyday-

Updated at 6:45/14th March/Baroda/India

India VIX-Above 15.51 level ,More Firework



Last Close : 15.13

Hurdle at 15.5113 level as Major Hurdle.Decisive Crossover and stays above for 15-20 minutes or more then ?

Rally upto 16.4075-16.7056 not ruled out.

Will Update more to our Subscribers.VIX  is one of the best Indicator and really gives fastest Reversal or Trend Signal for Market.

Updated at 7:15/13th March/Baroda

India VIX-Below 13.52 ,Watch Panic !And Rally in Nifty Future



Last Close :13.67

Just U all watch :13.52 level.Decisive Break and close below this level then ??

Target :12.58—–12.26 level !

If VIX falls to above levels…………Then Can we see SHARP Rally in Nifty Future ??

Will Update more to our Subscribers.

Updated at 22:35/04th March/Baroda/India

India VIX -As Forecasted it Blasted



Yesterday in SIngle Session Spurted from 15.60 to 17.24 level  !!

Now U can Manipulate Nifty Future ,Stocks…………But No force any Manipulate VIX.


On  5th Feb ,We had written this :


Click above link and see  ,On 5th Feb we had mentioned it can flare to kiss 17.22—-18.97 level and (it was written if this happens then think where will Nifty go ? )

What Else U Want in life ?

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA /INDIA 

India VIX-Above 14.62 ,Rally upto 14.99-15.11 not ruled out.



Last Close : 14.34

We see Rally upto 14.50——–14.62 level.If crosses and stays above then watch Fire work upto 14.99-15.11 level !!

Now if Breaks and closes below 13.50 level…………then only Expect Rally in Nifty !!

Mano ya Na Mano

Is it possible………………..Will Not Break 12.85 level and Will zoom to kiss 17.22-18.97 level very soon in coming Weeks ?????

If this Happens think………Where will Nifty Go ?

Will Update more to our Subscribers.

Updated at 8:30/05th Feb/Baroda