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Who was Knowing this NEWS ???

In Last 3 sessions from 367 to 467 level…………………………….(And now News is out )





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And so the most lucrative insider trading case in history has just resulted in a criminal conviction.


Hopefully Steve Cohen’s alleged hush money which bought Martoma’s allegiance and silence will be worth it (and still there upon release) to make Martoma’s stay in Federal pound me in the assprison – up to 25 years – more pleasurable.

And some tweets from the regulators:







Stock was at Rs 133 on 19th December and Today kissed 214 level.

Yes ,Today is 15th Session 


Today NEWS is out :


Who Bought 35 lac shares on 20th December ?

Who Bought 19 lac shares on 6th January ?

Yesterday who bought 32 lac shares from 184 to 208 level ????

HANG HANGWhy nobody talks ??Why…………………..Nobody takes action ??

Basically Everybody is Involved from Management ,Insiders ,CC People ,Fund Managers……….This is not first time …Happened many times and we are writing everytime this thing


U Try to Rig any stock with low volume or u write some where about stock and u trade in that stock…….then see what happens to TRADERS or Analysts ??

Think it over………..But in India (Insider Trading is done by everybody )

4 Time in Year Promoters/Fii’s/Mutual Fund people do manipulation during result time……….That period starts from Tomorrow.

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Think this would make a difference?

 Today, jury selection will begin in the insider trading case against Mathew Martoma, a former portfolio manager at embattled hedge fund SAC Capital. But before attorneys could argue before the jury, Martoma’s lawyers tried to set an interesting term – they wanted to ban the use of the word “greed” during the trial.

This request didn’t go over well, according to the NYT:

In a ruling on Monday, the judge presiding over the trial, Paul G. Gardephe, barred prosecutors from introducing evidence of Mr. Martoma’s fainting spell. But he decided to allow prosecutors to use the word “greed” during the trial, despite concerns raised by Mr. Strassberg that the word could be used as a way to “tap into the anger out there against Wall Street.”

Remember, Martoma fainted in his front yard when the FBI took him in.

Martoma is accused of passing inside information to Steve Cohen, the founder of SAC Capital, that made the firm $276 million. It’s the latest in a string of cases against SAC, which last year pleaded guilty to federal insider trading charges, returned outside investor money, and became a family office. >> Read More


The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) is of the view that the insider trading case involving Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries (RIL) cannot be settled through consent mechanism as any such a decision would be against public interest.

In a hearing before the Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT) on Monday, Sebi counsel Darius Khambata said the regulator cannot be compelled to settle the case. “They (RIL) have a right to go for consent application. Does that confer a right, no… The consent norms are purely administrative guidelines. It should be left entirely to Sebi to offer or not offer a settlement process,” Khambata said, citing a Bombay High Court order in a similar case involving Shilpa Stock Broker.

“…The person who is alleged to be in breach of the regulations or statutory provisions, which are designed to protect the public interest, will have no vested right either to insist upon Sebi to settling a dispute or enforcing compliance of the terms,” Khambata added. >> Read More


Investors are bracing for October-December earnings results, as they look for signs of how much a slowdown in economic growth is impacting corporate profits.

As is customary, Infosys Ltd will unofficially kick off results from blue-chips when it reports earnings on Jan. 10.

Caution is also expected to prevail ahead of key economic indicators, including industrial output on Jan. 10, which tends to impact capital good shares.

Factory data will be followed by wholesale and consumer inflation later in the month, which will help determine whether the central bank raises interest rates at its policy review on Jan. 28.


A senior Microsoft employee has been hit with insider trading charges by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The regulator said that Brian Jorgenson, a manager in Microsoft’s corporate finance and investments division, tipped off a friend ahead of big company announcements.

The friend, Sean Stokke, then allegedly traded on the information and they split the profits in shared brokerage accounts in hopes of saving enough money to create a hedge fund.

According to the SEC:

Abusing access to Microsoft’s confidential information and generating unlawful trading profits is not a wise or legal business model for starting a hedge fund.

The SEC alleges that the two made $393,125 in illicit profits from the scheme, which started in April 2012. It said that Mr Jorgenson leaked information about Microsoft’s investment in Barnes & Noble’s e-reader business and its quarterly earnings, among other events.

Microsoft did not immediately have a comment.


This is very common in India ,Everybody is doing !!




MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION-ASRWho SOLD $ 6.03 Billion Worth of Stock ???

YTD :SENSEX is Just up by 1233 Points  (Just up 6.5% )

YTD :NIFTY is just up by 249 points 

YTD : Average of USDINR for Whole year is 61

Now Next Year either USD will have to Crash heavily or Sensex/Nifty will have to Rally very Sharply then only Fii’s will Earn Something !

Indian Investors-Not interested in Market (101% loser )Local Mutual Funds-which are managed by Corporate Houses-110% non reliable (they manipulate and mint for them self only )

Indian Traders :Only choice is to trade in NF ,BNF and 150 stocks which are in FO Segment (4 Times in year again Corporate plays dirty game ,just see next month again result will start coming and for whole month…Manipulation will continue )

Trader in India can’t trade in Cash stocks (Daily  Square up )u have to do and stocks are managed by CC people-95% stocks.

Trading Volumes in FO Segment is due to FII’s + Mutual Funds + Companies only 

All Data ,Results ,NEWS………………Known to CC +Insiders.

BEST WAY of Insider TRADING :Management will tell to Fii’s and Mutual Funds to Buy or Sell before Big NEWS…..No person can catch that Insider trading is going on !

But then also only way to mint money from trading is :Just Believe in chart ,Technical levels…….Nothing else.

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA


Insider Trading -Anirudh Sethi Report



Glaxo has offered to up its stake in the Indian unit, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited, from 50.7 per cent to 75 per cent.

The offer, priced at 3,100 rupees per share, is worth around INR64 bn (£629m).

It comes at a 26 per cent premium to the India unit’s closing price on December 13, according to a statement from HSBC, the bank handling the deal.


Who Bought this stock on FRIDAY ?????????????????

Who was having this NEWS ?????????????????

VOLUME in NSE was :299270 shares 

Never seen ,Never happened this type of volumes…………..

Now ,SEBI should check this matter immdly  and Cancel all the Transactions done on FRIDAY (Either in BSE or NSE )

Yes ,U have to DO……………..This is complete CHOR BAZARI.

This is bigger then any type of Corruption happening in India.

Will SEBI take action or AAP ???????????????Yes ,Arrest all those who traded in GSK Pharma on Friday and ask them source !!

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA


India’s insider trading rules have been tightened just over two decades after they were first framed — raising the prospect that the country will soon have its own gallery of rogues who have made oodles of money by trading on information that only they were privy to.

On Tuesday, a committee appointed by market regulator Sebi overhauled insider trading regulations that were framed in 1992 by widening the definition of the term insider trader. For the first time, public servants, judges and immediate relatives of company insiders have been brought within the ambit of the definition.

The committee, headed by former Chief Justice of Kerala and Karnataka High Courts N.K. Sodhi, today came out with a 74-page report that defined terms such as insider trading, connected persons and unpublished price-sensitive information but admitted that it might still be hard to prove the charges. “The initial burden to bring home a charge could be heavy,” the report prophesied. >> Read More

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