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Yes ,Manipulation +Insider Trading ……………………….At PEAK !

First Corporate will Mint Money then Insiders then Local (Funds owned by Corporate Houses )……………In Last FII will take Decision & Will Mint Money

Mid April ,Again Result season will start & Again Manipulation of Price + Insider Trading for 1 month or more will start.

We Don’t Believe in Fundamentals ,Economy ,Growth ,Results :All Manipulative in India

Untill & Unless Corporate +Insider Trading stops in India :Nobody can Mint Money.

Rs 1000 entry in Your Bank Account :Income Tax will ask u 1000 questions.Who is Checking…..Who is pouring so much of money in India & Who’s Money ??

But if u Refresh your memory and see  on 4th March :We told Honeymoon is over…………….Game over for Bulls

-Yes ,2nd Rate cut happened & see there after ……….WHAT HAPPENED ??

Only Follow Chart ,Only TRADE with levels ………Nothing else.

All Results are known to Insiders ,All DATA are leaked & Open positions are known to few people sitting in Mumbai 

-Don’t Watch Blue Channels :Don’t waste time & Money (If they are so Expert then they will not do job on TV ,They will trade & mint money )

-U are only looking at PRICE on screen :Behind activities ………….out of 100 Traders only 2-3 people knows 

-Have u seen any Fund Manager/Analyst on TV @ 9100-9200 level…………Sell it ??These Jokers/Idiots are saying we are in Bull Market every Decline u should Buy…….

-At Your Backyard……….u are having Money PRINTING PRESS ??

From 9191 to 8328 ………Fall of 860+ points !

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA


It seems not everyone was caught off guard when the Reserve Bank of Australia held rates yesterday.

Market regulators are investigating unusual patterns of trading in the Australian dollar immediately before the unexpected decision,

The central bank said it had asked the Australian Securities and Investment Commission to look into the trades, which caused the dollar to rally. The decision to hold rates was a surprise for many investors, given most economists were predicting a 0.25 per cent cut.

The currency jumped almost half a US cent to around $0.7823 immediately before the rate announcement. It later rose to $0.7845 after the decision was publicised.

An RBA spokeswoman said the bank had verified that the policy decision was published at exactly 2.30pm, according to appropriate procedures.

ASIC said it was reviewing the matter but did not intend to provide a running update. >> Read More


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INSIDER TRADING-CHALNE DOOn 2nd Dec it was at 2717………………………….On Friday it crashed to  2439 

In Just 8 sessions only.

Today MADE LOW of 2365 level.

Who sold……………….Last Week and on Friday ?Who will check ?

The company told analysts that growth is likely to be similar to what it had achieved in the year-ago December quarter. Back then, revenue had grown by a little over 2% in constant currency terms. This time around, adverse cross currency movements are expected to impact dollar revenue growth by about 220 basis points. The upshot: reported dollar revenue growth is likely to be next to nothing. One basis point is one-hundredth of a percentage point. Needless to say, this will come as a disappointment. The firm said the banking and financial services sector continues to face weakness, especially in the insurance segment and in banking products. Besides, revenue from the retail, manufacturing and hi-tech industries are expected to take the yearly impact of holidays and furloughs.


Three Consecutive close below  2375 +Weekly close if happens………………Then ?

Panic upto 2220———-2169 is possible.

Not Breaking low of Today and Trades above 2387…….will take to 2453—2475 ?

Everything in hand of Company & FII’s ,Not for this stock…Every stock listed and traded !


Sebi to tighten insider trading norms

10 October 2014 - 21:29 pm

Market regulator Sebi on Friday said it has come across cases of insider trading at not just small companies, but at big corporates as well, and the norms would be tightened soon to curb this menace. Besides, the capital market watchdog would initiate prompt action in case of entities that violate listing norms. “We are revising our prevention of insider trading regulations because we have discovered cases… unfortunately the cases are not just from small companies but also from big ones,” Sebi chairman U.K. Sinha said. Emphasising that Sebi was “going to tighten the norms about insider trading regulations”, Sinha said, “I am sure insider trading as an offence is happening in India.” The revision in these norms would be substantially based on Sodhi committee, which had submitted its report to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) in December last year. The high-level panel, chaired by former Chief Justice of Karnataka and Kerala High Courts, K Sodhi, had focused >> Read More


NF-ICON-ASRThe Hunch is not a logical trading decision, but purely a gut feeling. As I read this chapter it seemed to me that Larry’s discussion with his friend would be the internal thoughts and battles one would be having as they tried to understand why they were compelled to follow the Hunch; should they stick with it etc… The counter-intuitive judgement? Or it may idea be the Creative Mind at work, subconsciously assembling all the gathered information until – the Hunch forms. Once the Hunch proved itself correct, Larry did the only thing he could do – add to the position. His strategy here is in complete accordance with Phantom of The Pits – Rule #2.

The second theme centered on the perils of acting on someone else’s market tip – even if the are in a position to get inside information. This is a reoccurring example of having to have faith in your own judgment and trading.The correctness of the tip is less important than the process of gathering the information needed to form a certain opinion as to the market direction.

The different processes used to make money leave different echo’s on your psychological perspective – which can alter your judgment. This painful experience, Larry says, completed his education as a trader. I found this to be a very heavy statement.It was not just learning to follow his own assessment, rather than following the tips of others, but that he gained the confidence in himself necessary to entirely shake off his old way of trading.- Reminiscence of a Stock Operator

MONDAY-1st August

Last Close :7785.70


Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Future

On Friday ,We had Boldly written to Watch 7841 level.Above this level only will show power.

Made High of  7832.80 & crashed. (On Thursday it kissed 7841 & Crashed )

Our Down Targets were :7741-7735 (It kissed low of 7751 & taken U-turn )

now what to do

7746 is 7DEMA -Crucial Support level.

No need to change levels @ all

7741-7717101% 7717 is Last & Crucial Support.If Breaks with volumes and stays below for 20 minutes or more then ??

Or If closes below this level then ?

Yes ,Will Update more to our Subscribers


Hurdle if not breaks low of (Friday )…………..Then will face Hurdle at 7795-7800

Crossover will take to 7822 level 

LAXMAN REKHA @ 7841.Crossover with volumes will create unexpected buying.

Rising Trendline ,Now Hurdle at 7878

More Details ,Intraday levels to our Subscribers

Updated at 7:20/28th July/Baroda


Rengan Rajaratnam, brother of the convicted co-founder of Galleon Group, the $8bn hedge fund, was on Tuesday acquitted of a charge that he conspired with him as part of a vast insider trading scheme.

The acquittal is the first loss by the US attorney’s office in Manhattan after an unprecedented run of 80 straight convictions of individuals for insider trading since Preet Bharara took over as US attorney in the summer of 2009.

After just a few hours of deliberations, a jury in New York found Mr Rajaratnam not guilty on one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud. The judge overseeing the trial last week threw out two charges of securities fraud. Before the trial the government had eliminated other charges.

After the verdict Mr Rajaratnam hugged his three attorneys. Judge Naomi Buchwald noted that he would be out of court in time to watch Brazil play Germany in a semi-final World Cup game. Mr Rajaratnam was living in Brazil when prosecutors announced the criminal charges against him last year. >> Read More


mukesh4As fate of an alleged seven-year-old insider trading case continues to hang in balance, Reliance Industries says it was issued ‘show-cause notices’ by Sebi on three issues and the reply has been submitted for the same to the markets regulator. 

The case, where RIL has been accused of making unlawful gains through alleged violation of insider trading norms, has been before the Securities Appelate Tribubal for a long time. 

RIL had approached SAT after Sebi refused to settle the case through its ‘consent settlement mechanism’, while norms were also tightened for such settlements in May 2012, while excluding insider trading cases from their ambit. 

The SAT, which hears appeals against decisions of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi), last month sought more clarity on the issues related to RIL’s appeal as also on the mechanism at Sebi for deciding on consent pleas.  >> Read More

Hurdle to Sun-Ranbaxy merger

30 April 2014 - 6:53 am

The merger of Ranbaxy Laboratories with Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries has received a setback with the Andhra Pradesh high court asking both the BSE and the NSE to withhold their approval for the proposal as it hears a petition alleging insider trading in the Ranbaxy scrip.

The high court has issued orders to the stock exchanges to maintain interim status quo on the matter. It has also issued notices to the Securities and Exchange Board of India, the BSE, the NSE, Sun Pharma, Ranbaxy, Daiichi Sankyo and Silver Street Developers — a limited liability partnership firm having two Sun Pharma subsidiaries as partners.

“There shall be interim status quo, as prayed for,” Justice P. Naveen Rao said in his order.

This followed a writ petition filed by some individual investors alleging heavy trading in the Ranbaxy stock before the merger with Sun Pharma was announced on April 6. >> Read More




Who was Knowing this NEWS ???

In Last 3 sessions from 367 to 467 level…………………………….(And now News is out )





Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA

Updated at 5:45/07th April/Baroda

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