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As Expected ..Intraday Sharp Rally Occurred




Do U know  Nifty Future zooooooooooooomed to kiss 6038 level !

Do U know Bank Nifty spurtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttted to kiss  10847 level !!

Still u saying ..Not able to Mint Money during Intraday ???It means u are in wrong hands.


India Is Scrambling To Figure Out What To Do About Its Tumbling Rupee

India’s finance minister P. Chidambaram met with top bankers Saturday to discuss ways to boost the weak rupee and bring in more foreign capital to bridge a trade gap that has put pressure on the currency.

 Chidambaram was accompanied by top officials at the meeting in India’s financial hub of Mumbai with representatives of leading private and public sector banks.

As the US economy picks up, the Federal Reserve is expected to start winding down its bond-buying stimulus scheme which has helped fuel an investment splurge in Asia’s emerging markets.

“The meeting was mainly to seek ideas and suggestions on what can be done about capital inflows. It was a very good and positive meeting,” ICICI Bank’s chief executive Chanda Kochhar told reporters. Read More 

Why Traders Pay Rs 100 /Day to US ?Power of Chart



Any fool can carry on, but only the wise man knows how to shorten sail.

snakecharmer1Our SMS to our Subscribers at 12:07 PM 


Just see ,Now while Updating 5400 call zoooooooooooomed to kiss 75.60 

5500 Call zooooooooooooooomed to kiss 33.50

Nifty Future :Zooooooooooomed to kiss 5394 level.

(Yes ,Just in one Hour of Trade……………Fastest Money Fast )

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA

Mint Money 24 x 7 x 365 Days



As Expected :Yesterday…………..Dabur zoomed in Morning.What Happened to SUN TV ,CIPLA ,LARSEN ,Mcdowell (This was Jackpot of life )

Intraday -Maruti zoomed like Rocket after our Buy Call.

Trading is not about winning percentage, being right all the time, or predicting the future. What it is about is having bigger winners than losers. If you are profitable after each long string of trades then you are a winning trader in that time frame. You can make money through winning percentage as long as you keep losers small and you can make money through huge wins even with lots of losses. The key is not how many times you are right but the size of your winners versus your losers. That is the magic elixir of profitability.

Yes ,Tons of Money Minted in Jubilant Foods (Call given @ 977 & yesterday it was 1085 )

What happened to RELIANCE ?Not Broken 781-765 & zoomed to kiss 890 in 5 sessions only.

(Many Strategies are there ,We Trade ,Recommend..Not everything to be written and said on Blog )

Just for Our Critics :“Critics are like eunuchs in a harem; they know how it’s done, they’ve seen it done every day, but they’re unable to do it themselves.”

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Updated at 9:00/02nd July/Baroda/India

Bank Nifty-Yesterday’s High and 11397 are Hurdles.Sell PSU Stocks on Rise.Sell Union Bank ,Canara Bank ,BOI….watch Panic Selling


Last Close : 11199

(Yesterday Intraday ,We told to our Subscribers :Above 11174 level will take to 11341-11397 )

It kissed  11343 & Crashed in minutes.

Now -What to expect

Support at 11175———-11161.Now if BREAKS with volumes will take to 11119—–11105

Above 11174 if trades ,Our Same :11341—-11397 level.


Bank Nifty -Long Term Chart Looking Very Very SCARY.After a small upmove ,We see Bloodbath to continue.

Will Update More to our Subscribers.


Once Breaks 176 with volumes and stays below and not crosses 185 level.

Very soon u will see Stock Melting upto 150—————————-141 level !!

(101% ,Sell if Revives..No if and But )


Technically WORST STOCK ,We see BLOODBATH to Continue.

Below 1955 level ,Short Term Target :1815———————1769 level.

Not Today or Tomorrow…………..but very soon will see Stock Crashing to kiss 1500-1450 level (We Don’t know reason )


Greatest Manipulator ??

Last Hope for Stock is at 102.Three Consecutive close below 102 +WEEKLY Close will take to 

78———————-71 level !!

Hurdle at 114.If crosses with volumes then only will show power.


Our Target intact of 125—————-122 level !!

Any Rise ,Still u can sell………(No charm @ all )


-Last Major SUPPORT at 1032 level.Decisive Break and close with volumes 

We see PANIC PANiC upto  987————–972 level very soon.


We see MORE PANIC in BANK OF INDIA ,CANARA BANK —-Sell if u can !!

101% Will Update More to our Subscribers.

Updated at 8:12/26th June/Baroda/India

Trading Strategy for 21st June ’2013.Support at 5590 & U-turn ?Very Soon will kiss 5480-5432 level

NF-ICONThe great trades don’t require predictions. The Soros trade of going short the pound in 1992 was based on something that had already happened — an ongoing deep recession that made it inevitable that the U.K. would not maintain the high interest rates required by remaining in the E.R.M. Afterward, everyone said, “That was incredibly obvious.”

“Most of the great trades are incredibly obvious. It was the same in late 2007. In my mind, it was clear that the financial system was imploding and that most market participants hadn’t noticed.”

Do you agree that the great trades are obvious? Why do so many market participants miss what is unfolding right before their eyes?

What are the elements in your process for observing, keeping tabs on, and exploiting major macro trends?

0556Last Close : 5648 level.

Our Yesterday Headline was :

Below 5768-Panic to Continue.Will Try to kiss 5700-5650 ?  (What Happened u all know  )


Above is Weekly Chart of Nifty Future

Now -What to expect

No Need to USE BRAIN………………Yesterday Intraday ,We had written :


Yes ,Three Consecutive close below 5622 level +Weekly close will take to 5480—————–5432 level in PANIC.

Connecting Trendline of 4760  & 5480 ……………….Yesterday closed at EXACT Support point !!


Now SGX NFITY @ 5601 (down 39 point ).This is our Trading Instument and here it start trading at 9:15 ….Everyday ,Everytime either up or down Cream been eaten by SGX Traders.

(Why not Open Nifty Future for 24 hrs ?…Like ATM works 366 days ! )

Today ,Below 5640 level ,No Buying @ all.

Will it TAKE SUPPORT @ 5590—5593 level ……….Bollinger Band indicating not to short at lower levels.

101% Will Update during trading ,Once it will take U-TURN will update to our Subscribers.

Updated at 8:41/21st June/Baroda/India

Trading Strategy for 14th May ’2013.Support at 5980-5968.Hurdle 6022-6031.

NF-ICON“Sun Tzu said if you sit by the river long enough, you’ll see the bodies of your enemies float by. The key is “long enough.” If you live long enough, you have to be the survivor. When I was a kid, we didn’t have the video games you have today, so we used to listen to comedy records. One of the greatest ones was Mel Brooks doing the 2000 year old man. Carl Reiner says to him, “how did you get to be the world’s oldest man?” And he says, “Simple. Don’t die.” How do you get to be the world’s oldest investor? The answer is don’t crap out.

“So if you look at distressed debt where we started in 1988, I could tell you who our number one competitor was in every year through 1995 and not one is a main competitor today. And it’s not because of what we did; all we did is perform consistently. They crapped out. It sounds simplistic to say, but the first requirement for success is survival…”

– Howard Marks

What steps do you take to ensure survival as a trader?Do you think about markets from the perspective of wanting to be around for a very long time? How do you proactively make that happen?Blowing up, bleeding to death, and grinding out are different ways to “die.” Imagine three failed traders, one for each of the ways. What might the postmortems look like?

TUESDAY-4th OctLast Close : 5994

Yesterday as Expected (It was Reversal Day ).Our Stop was 6160 for Shorts…Recommended & Written on Friday/Saturday …!!

Yesterday ,We told our Subscribers :Below 6118 level……..We see PANIC upto 6080-6068–6030-6018 level.

Intraday told below 6018 …Below this level will take to 5980-5968.

(It kissed low of 5986 )

Yes ,Exactly after 21 sessions …….Fibonacci  Number had shown its Magic.

Now -What to expect


Fall May Arrest between these two levels.Major Support or Last Hope is 5928.

*Two Consecutive close below 5928 will take to 5808—5768 level.

Today if Not Breaks low of Yesterday and Trades above 5995 will take to 6022-6031 level.

Above 6031 if sustains for 15-20 minutes then More Firework upto 6058-6067 level.

Major Support at 5968 ,5928 for Day /Swing Traders.

-More Details ,Intraday levels to our Subscribers-

Updated at 7:12/14th May/Baroda/India

Gold Spurted from 1377 to 1403.Above $1405 if sustains ,We see 1458-1475.



GOLD-SPOTToday Afternoon told to Buy GOLD ,When it was trading at $1375.99


Our Target for GOLD was 1388——1405 level.


Just Click to Enlarge………………….Just 20 minutes back it kissed $ 1403 level.

Yes ,This way u have to Mint Money……………From 1377 to 1403 in just 6 hrs of trading ??


If Revives ,Sell Tisco.We love Godrej Ind ,Biocon



On 26th March ,We had written this :


Yes ,As Expected its in Freefall mode and more PANIC more PAIN on card.


Below 140 level………………………Watch PANIC PANIC !!

Slide upto 137——–135 level in hrs only.On Rise ,Sell Sell Sell !!


Yesterday Intraday Recommended to buy this stock and it blasted !!

Above 1893 level if trades with volumes and sustains for 15-20 minutes will take to 1935—–1948 level !!!

Don’t panic @ lower level.


Below 391 level ,WE SEE PANIC PANIC PANIC upto 367—359 level very soon.

Sell if u can and Relax !!


We love GODREJ Industries ,IGL ,BIOCON…………………All three our Darling stocks.

Yes ,First & 3rd Having Long position (Our Subscribers knows )

-More Stocks ,More News ,Intraday levels to our Subscribers.

Updated at 9:49/12th April/Baroda/India

Trading Strategy for 5th April ’2013.Between 5550-5520,Buy Nifty Future.After 2:30 ..Watch something Unexpected ?

NFBEARThere is also the emotional blow up, a trader can lose their faith in themselves or their system and lose the confidence needed to take entries. The entries come and go and they can no longer pull the trigger. Understanding the possible historical draw down of your system and understanding it is the market environment no you who chooses if you win or lose can save you from this fate of ruined confidence.

You could blow up simply due to the fact that  your system has no edge, you are just slowly giving your money to the house over and over with commissions and the bid/ask spread. You must understand why you have an edge and take the entries when they come and cut the losses when the trade fails. Is your edge a trend? A chart pattern? A mechanical system? A stock profile? Swing trading? Trader know thy edge or you will not know profitability.

The ONE BIG TRADE blow up is caused when you are 100% sure of a trade and bet your whole account. I do not believe this is really a risk management problem this is an ego problem. When you shift from a 1% risk per trade that gives you 100 chances to win to a 100% risk in one trade you truly must be an egomaniac, a gambler, and doomed to eventual failure.

Friday-06AugustFrom Monday ,We were writing to Sell NF and its in freefall mode !!

Yesterday we had written :Below 5637 level it will slide to kiss 5604-5594


During Trading hrs ,Yesterday we had written this :


Yesterday itself only ,We told and written below 5590 level it will PLUNGE to 5555-5520 level in panic.


Intraday it can slide to kiss 5568——————5550 level & then Panic upto 5520 not ruled out.

Intraday Spike can come during trading hrs………..But on RISE SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL !!

Now ,5700-5750 will as Major Hurdle for NF.

3DEMA @ 5651 ,7DEMA @ 5682 LEVEL !!


After Looking at Qtly Chart on Log Scale :Our Reading says….

1 )The level of 5800—5860 will act as Major Hurdle for Next 3 months.

2)Three Consecutive close below 5640+Weekly close if happens ,Next Target will be 5480—-5425 level !

3)On downside PANIC upto  5285———-5231 not ruled out.

Above Forecast Valid upto June 2013 (For next 3 months ).

Updated at 9:00/05th April/Baroda/India