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“If you can’t measure it, you probably can’t manage it… Things you measure tend to improve.”

Last Close :8393


Yesterday Boldly written : Slide upto 8452——-8436 is possible and Major Support at 8382 level.

110% No magic @ all.

It crashed Intraday to kiss low of 8383 level !!

When We are Shouting :Buy 8600-8500-8400 Put………Just last week ,Every Joker /Fool were Laughing and Idiots were barking !But always remember

If u are Minting Money then only Consider yourself as King and then only u have Right to Shout or Bark-Otherwise  keep quite !


Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Future

EXPANDING WEDGE -Again shown its power ,But u need to know these pattersn ,Better read books instead of watching Blue channels.

Now ,SGX Nifty at 8347 ( Down 41 points )


3 Consecutive close below 8382 +WEEKLY Close will take to  8210————-8153 level !!

Read Every word Carefully -Never Shout/Bark till u mint money from Trading and create wealth.

Still 4 Gaps have to be filled 


8358—–8346 are Support levels for NF

In Panic it can slide to kiss 8317 level too.

Yes ,Below 8346… panic upto 8317

If Breaks 8317 level and trades below for 15-20 minutes then ??????

101% More Details ,Intraday levels ,Reversal Points to our Subscribers

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“In the twenty-first century it has become fashionable to manage one’s own investments, yet few traders implement disciplined, professional money management strategies.  During the stock market bubble, limiting risk was an afterthought, but given the recent price action, it’s time to get serious about management of money and risk.  Professional risk and money management strategies are the foundation for success in trading in any market.  Basically, money management tells you how many shares or contracts to trade.  This is the most crucial decision a trader faces.  This decision determines both risk and profit.”  

Last Close : 8605.75


8552–8538 are Crucial Support levels ,It kissed low of 8560.70 & taken U-turn !!

7DEMA-MAGICAbove is Daily Chart of NIFTY FUTURE

Now ,Just see Magic or Power of 7DEMA……………(Black line on chart )

shhhYesterday our Message to Buy Nifty Future Considering Low of 8560 as stop and it zoomed like Rocket !

Morning Call to sell NF with stop of 8636 ………it kissed 8528 & crashed Intraday to 8560.

Yes ,101% U can Mint Money :But u need Trading levels +Strategy 

Now -What to expect

Today ,Just All Eyes on 8636——————————8644 level.

Hurdles & Targets ,Crossover with volumes above 8644 and stays for 15 minutes will take to 8676 level !!

Rising Wedge Indicates …………..Rally can go upto 8740 level.


3DEMA @ 5891 & 7DEMA @ 8566

Yes ,Either it will zoom to kiss 8700-8750 First or will Crash to kiss 8400 level.


Buy 8700——————-8750 Call & Buy 8400 Put for 2-3 sessions !!

Around 8700-8750………..Something Unexpected (BAD NEWS )We can see in Market 

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Don’t succumb to the emotions of a trade, and don’t attach your ego to it.


1st Probab

Our Box Chart Indicates :All Eyes on 8647 level.

Three Consecutive Close above 8647 +Weekly Close + Monthly Close is Must …………(Remember This )

Nonstop Rally in Nifty Future Upto 9417————–9674 not ruled out.

1 IS TO 1

Those Who Love Numbers and Ratio will study More :

1:1 Ratio Indicates :From low of 2228 level (Year 2008 low )………Target for Nifty Future Comes to 8647 level.

Yes ,Will kiss this level any moment !

1.618  Ratio Indicates :

Long Term View :3rd Wave Indicates……………Rally can Nifty Future to 11200 level 


We had written …………………This :

Nifty Future was at 5828 level ,and We had written on 30th November 2012 it will zoom to 10444 by April 2015

Already crossed 8550 level.Now Just another 1900 points left 

101% More Details ,Intraday levels to our Subscribers 

Updated at 8:37/28th Nov/Baroda/India




Above is Weekly LOG Chart of NIFTY FUTURE

Click to Enlarge

Rising Trendline :Hurdle at 8600–8630 level.

Monthly Chart Indicates :Above  8556 level if trades + closes for 2 Consecutive days

Will take to 8656 level in hrs only.


Yes ,Every Day Moving UP UP UP UP UP 

But Remember 4 Gaps :Still to be filled !

Our Short Term Very Strong Hurdles -Sellers can go short with Stop of 8536-8564 level.

Yes ,More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 3:04/21st Nov/Baroda



Greatness is the outcome of a prolonged developmental process. It is not merely something people are born with, nor is it solely the result of hard work. Greatness lies at the intersection between talents (inborn capacities), skills (acquired competencies), and interests (personality). When these three variables come together early in a person’s career (or life), it is as if an emotional spontaneous combustion results

Last Close :8416



Just see from last 2 days ……..Not breaking 7 DEMA

Above 8428 level………………..if trades with volumes for 15-20 minutes 

Will take to 8448———–8468 level !!

101% More Details During Trading hrs to our Subscribers

If Breaks 8404 level with volumes and sustains below will take to 8386-8380 level.

Real PANIC & Bloodbath below 8370 -7DEMA level is possible 


Read With Eyes Open :

NF not crossing High of 8448 & Closes below 8405 for 3 Consecutive Days

Watch Bloodbath & Panic upto 8274—————————8231 level in hrs only.

4 Gaps still to be Filled 

More Details ,Intraday levels to our Subscribers

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at  8:32/17th Nov/Baroda/India



Just because the market is open does not mean it is necessary to trade.   This is hard especially if you have had success in another part of your life or you see others making money.  Sitting on your hands is hard but try it once. You will realize after enough time that it is easier to watch.  If you do it right, your next opportunity should be a better one.

Last Close : 8352.70


Above 8236 level it will zoom to kiss  8287—————8312——————–8340

Yes ,kissed High of  8358

We had Mentioned Rising Channel Indicates : Rally upto 8500-8550 is possible in November !

Now SGX Nifty at  8392  ( up 32 points )

Now -What to expect


Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Future.

4 Gaps ………………….On Charts  + Trading above Bollinger  Band :DANGER-NF


Today ,Watch : 8399————————8419 as Hurdles !

Now Decisive Crossover above 8419 level with volumes and sustains for 20 minutes will take to 8445–8455 level.

Above 8455 level (Suppose crosses )with volumes ….Next Target in hrs only we can see 8532 level !

Today if Opens above 8358 ,What SGX Nifty is showing will create 5th Gap 


110% Please Be Cautious ………………….At Higher levels ,From 13:30 onward till 15:30…..We see sharp panic and correction in Market


Yes ,Buy More 8250———————8200 Put + Buy 8500 Call (Our Strategy intact )

Between 8400——————8445 ,In this area Sell Sell Sell and Relax !

Big Slide of 200——-250 points will happen ,Once it will Reverse from Peak

101% More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:05/03rd Nov/BARODA



N-FLast Close : 8014 level.

Watch :8024 level……………(No need to change level )

Decisive Crossover with volumes and stays above for 20 minutes will take NF to 8072-8088

Falling Trendline ……..Hurdle at  8121 level.

Not Crossing High of  8022 & trades below 8005 with volumes ,Next Target :7955-7938  level.


Watch : 7872 &  7959…………(Two Gaps )

101% More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 16:30/23rd Oct/Barodaparallel-bars





Click above link and Read it………………Forget Fundamentals ,Politics ,Congress ,BJP ,Growth ,RBI Policy.

We had Boldly written 29th Month from Dec 2012………………………April 2015

Our Target is 10444 level.

Do u Think ……..Anybody in India had Thought on 30th November 2012 -NF was 5828 level that it will zoom to kiss 10444

Already crossed 8000+ level.Up by 2172 points.

Just Power of chart ,Nothing else.


Now All your TV Analyst ,Technical Analyst ,Big Brokerage (Local house )…………..doing bla bla about 10000 level of Nifty 

Yes ,We are far ahead ,No worry @ all.Just Mint Money 24x7x366 Days





Politics is not the art of the possible. It consists in choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable.

Last Close :6895

Short Term Hurdle at 6910———-6926 level.


Once CROSSES 6926 LEVEL with volumes and SUSTAINS for 20-25 minutes 

In Hrs only ,Blast upto  6975—–7014 on card

There after it will zoom upto  7056-7075 level in hrs only

Support @ 6883 level.Break will take to 6837—6822 level ( Chances are very remote )


7345—————————7601 level !

(Not Today ,We are writing From last 3 Months ,Buy 7100-7200-7300-7400-7500 call & RELAX )

Our Dream intact  :Need Upperfreeze on 16th May’2014

Forget Politics ,Forget Economy ,Forget Growth ,Forget Country…………..Just u need to Salute Fiis & Bhisampitama of Indian Stock Market !

More Details Tomorrow Morning

Updated at 15:17/11th May/Baroda/India




3-FACTORSREDALERTRemember :497 Point Triangle BREAK OUT…………………….??

6254+ 497 =6751 LEVEL……………..(28th Feb given Breakout )

downToday…………………..Will give Break out from Triangle of 133 Points !!

6603+ 133 =6736 level is possible very soon ??


Remember This :

We need Three (3 ) Consecutive close above 6593 +Weekly close will create Fresh Buying Wave

Next Target : 7363-7720 level.

10th Week (including this week )…………will see Unexpected level in Nifty Future

-101% More Details to our Subscribers.

Updated at 14:55/24th March/Baroda/India

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