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Trading Strategy For 18th Feb’16.Nifty Future -Hurdle at 7206-7222.Laxman Rekha at 7246


“Our personal beliefs form the texture of our lives.  When nourished with energy and action, our self-beliefs act as powerful for achieving our goals and dreams.  They access resources deep within us and direct these resources to support and achieve desired outcomes.”  Toni Turner


Now SGX NIFTY @ 7178 ( +42 POINTS )

Above 7162 level…………………Rally upto 7206—7222 is possible.

No Need to change levels :Everyday.

2 Consecutive close above 7246 if happens……………………….

WATCH NONSTOP Rally upto 7370–7411 level !!

GAP @ 7369 is to be filled.

101% More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers.

Updated at 8:30/18th Feb/Baroda

Trading Strategy For 22nd Jan ’16.NIFTY Future :All Eyes on 7373…Next Target 7410-7429 is LaxmanRekha


“You don’t need to know what is going to happen next in order to make money.”

Last Close : 7290.85

    Yes ,Now SGX NIFTY is up 60 points at 7366 level.   Yes ,Above 7373 level……………..If stays for 15-20 minutes    Will take to 7410 level …………..in Minutes only.   LAXMAN REKHA @ 7429   101% More Details ,Intraday Trading levels +Strategy with Time REVERSAL to our Subscribers   Updated at 8:35/22nd Jan/Baroda     

Trading Strategy For 18th Jan ’16 ,NF-Between 7381-7369 -Buy Nifty Future.

NF-1801Thinking positively or negatively about performance outcomes will interfere with process of performing. When you focus on the doing, the outcomes take care of themselves.

LAST CLOSE : 7446.25

Below  7416 level if Trades with volumes and stays for 15-20 minutes 

IntraDAY PANIC upto 7381————-7369 is possible !!

Yes ,In PANIC of First 2 hrs………..Will Buy NF more ,On Friday at last moment bought small lots.

Hurdle at 7479————7490 level.

3DEMA @ 7502 ,7DEMA @ 7569

101% More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers. Updated at 8:53/18th Jan/Baroda

NIFTY FUTURE -Sell Call on 4th Jan !Our risk model signals have been invaluable to our members


Everyday, ask yourself, do I have really want or need to make this trade? Always make quality choices.

From 7968 level……………….Below this level :Our Targets were :7890-7864———–7760

& Then 7656———–7579——————-7552 level.

Below 7552 ,Will CRASH to kiss 7448 level in PANIC !

(This week made low of 7428 level )……..With out Strategy /Trading levels  :Open challenge U will not be able to Mint Money.

Every 2nd Person knows the levels ,But Trading is an art.Just see ONLY 5% Traders will only Mint Money and Create wealth.

NOTE :We Don’t Believe in Fundamentals/Results of companies at all.Not from now…From last 20 years or more.

We Don’t Believe in Economy Data/Numbers/Growth Story :All Manipulative and Cooked and 101% of no use for Traders @ all.

Don’t Waste Time :Everyday 6-7 hrs during trading time and from morning till late night watching Blue channels and SGX NIFTY.


Trading Strategy For 07th Jan :Nifty Future..First Cover Short,In Panic Buy Stop of 7605-7585.Will Hit Bottom by 11:30 AM


The single most destructive pattern I observe among skilled professionals–especially those in competitive fields such as finance.

They hate losing and turn that into hating themselves for losing. Emotionally, they transform the experience of failure into experiencing themselves as failures.

Last CLose : 7750,Now SGX NIFTY @ 7648 -85 POINTS.


Readers…………………Don’t Read and are not able Mint Money !!

Yesterday shouted many times and from last 2 days saying below 7760 it will create more PANIC + Bloodbath.

Now………..What to do ??


Below 7656 level if stays for 15-20 minutes with volumes Then ?

Slide upto 7579——————–7552 is possible in hrs only.


If NF Opens around 7650–7640 level………………………Keep a stop of  7605————-7585 (In PANIC ,BUY )

Yes ,If u had shorted (Then First eat Profit ) and Buy Fresh for Pure Intraday STOP of 7605-7585

Everything not here ,More to our Subscribers :Updated at 8:33/07th Jan/Baroda

Trading Strategy For 5th Jan’16.All Eyes on 7786-7760.LaxmanRekha at 7855.Sell on Rise !!


Don’t ever analyze your trading in time blocks. Do NOT ever set return targets. All this will lead to is over trading & forced trading.

Last Close : 7809.80SUPPORT POINTS7786——————–7760

We Don’t Change levels (Every Day ) and We Don’t Trade and Eat Every Day !!

-Yesterday During Trading hrs Indicated :7786-7760 are Crucial support points.

Now Decisive Break with volumes and stays for 15-20 minutes or more below 7760 will create another round of PANIC Selling.


Not Breaking Low of  7792 & Trades above 7805 level…………….Will take to 7843—7855 level.

Yes ,LAXMANREKHA at 7855 level…..Once crosses and stays above then ?

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Yes ,In Dec 7800 Option ….We lost Rs.10…………..No worry @ all.

But in Last 2 sessions again built 7800 Put Option and see …………What Happened ??Money Tripled !Always Remember :Jokers ,Fools ,Idiots ,Lazy Persons ,TV Watchers & Critics……………Never Earn from Trading.

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 7:53/05th Jan/Baroda

Trading Strategy For 14th Dec’15 .NF-Below 7586,Panic upto 7561-7506


Five of the common threads of a successful trader:

1. An aversion to risk.

2. An ability to preserve capital by taking losses and changing one’s mind.

3. Intimacy with their approach / system / methodology.

4. A willingness to experiment.

5. Single-minded purpose.

Last Close : 7627.90

Now SGX Nifty down 69 points at 7586 level

We Don’t Change levels ,Everyday :Sold on RBI Day Policy NF ,BNF :Still holding short (No Beggar like Trading )


All Eyes on 7586 level (Low of Friday )

Yes ,101% should stay below this level for 15-20 minutes with volumes………………(Remember 7586 )

Will take to 7569——7561 level in PANIC.

Now Suppose Breaks 7561 with Volumes and Trades watch Nonstop PANIC upto 7506 level in hrs only.

(Always Remember :Idiots ,Fools ,Jokers ,Lazy persons ,Critics ,TV Watchers will never earn -Forget Minting money )


Indicating Sharp PANIC if happens……………..Will Buy Small Lots !!

101% More Details ,Reversal Point ,Intraday TRADING LEVELS to our Subscribers

Neckline of Head & Shoulder Broken :Will act as Major Hurdle -Consider it as LAXMANREKHA

Yes ,Rally can happen will try to kiss above level of 7750 if something positive happens across Globe.

Head Height Indicates :Crash upto 7180-7200 level……………..if not able to cross and close above 7750 level !!

More will update to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:20/14th Dec/Baroda/India

Trading Strategy For 29th Oct’2015.Nifty Future…Any Rise Sell.Below 8131,Sharp PANIC .8218-Major Hurdle


Five of the common threads of a successful trader:1. An aversion to risk.2. An ability to preserve capital by taking losses and changing one’s mind.3. Intimacy with their approach / system / methodology.4. A willingness to experiment.5. Single-minded purpose.

Last Close : 8173.60


-Below 8234 level ,It will be PANIC………….Slide upto 8169————–8147 level in hrs only.

(What happened ?……..it crashed to kiss low of 8140.75 & closed at 8173.60 )…Now u don’t read levels and start shouting …Why ?


Below 8131 level if trades with volumes for 15-20 minutes……………….Then ??

Target :8093——– 8073———————-8050 in hrs only.

Yes ,101% More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers

Updated at 8:35/29th Oct/Baroda/India