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Self-management is the closet thing to the Holy Grail in trading that you’ll find. In fact, a trader who incorporates awareness and self-management into their trading but has an average trading method will generally outperform a trader lacking in self-awareness and self-management but with a superior trading method.

Last Close : 8455.20

In 3 sessions From low of 81914 to 8480 level !

As A Trader ,What else u want ?…………………Think it over.

On 29th June -Indicated will not panic @ all.Forget Greece ,Just Buy 8300-8400-8500 call (Our Subscribers knows )

101% ,In Panic or Everyday Buy 10000-Dec Call :Hold for 6 Months and Mint Tons of Money is our Mantra -No Need to see Balance sheet/Economy/IIP/Inflation number till Dec :Total Risk Rs.32-35 ?


Above 8388 level ,Our Targets were : 8454 level…it kissed  8480 level.

now what to do

Today’s Support @ 8408——————-8390

Yes ,Major Support in PANIC @ 8383

101% Will Buy in PANIC…No If & But !

Today If Crosses High of 8480 level (Yesterday’s High ) with volumes and sustains for 15-20 minutes 

Will Take to 8515 ——8525 level in minutes only.

101% More Details During Trading hrs to our Subscribers


08th Trading Session-Will See UNEXPECTED level.

27th Trading Session-Will see Unexpected level.

(Everyday Reduce One Day & See What Happens ? )

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Continuous improvement is what every trader would like—getting better every day. To get better requires a high level of commitment. It also involves a strong desire and dedication to learning to be the best trader you can be, not just today or tomorrow, but over the long term. In other words, it requires eff ort, and lots of it.

Last Close : 8377.80

Day Before Yesterday written : 8183——————-8152 are Major Support levels.

Just see it kissed 8191 & Taken U-TURN !

(Day Before Yesterday itself told :Buy 8300-8400-8500 call and Relax )


101% Should Cross Yesterday’s High of 8334 with volumes and sustains for 15-20 minutes

Next Target :8371—8390 & There after ????

(It kissed  8388.90 )

Told U Day Before Yesterday Forget :GREECE…………In Panic will Buy NF and Hold for 1-3 DAYS …..Do u remember or just watch TV & Waste Time on FB/Twitter ??


Above 8388 level if sustains for 15 minutes ,Grab it !

Target………………..8412 ,8425 level.

Above 8425 ,Next Target 8454.


Support @ 8339-8327

All Eyes on 8317……….Last Hope for Traders.


09th Trading Session-Will See UNEXPECTED level.

28th Trading Session-Will see Unexpected level.

(Everyday Reduce One Day & See What Happens ? )

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Today ,Nobody Talking about FUNDAMENTALS ,GROWTH ,ECONOMY ,INFLATION ,IIP Numbers.

Every Tom -Dick & Harry……………….Talking about GREECE (Instead of talking & trading-Better visit Greece and Enjoy Vacation )

Last Close :  8381.65

Now SGX NIFTY is Down  110 points at 8265 ,Made low of 8245 level.


Below 8277 level if sustains for 15-20 minutes with volumes then ?

Next Target :8183————————–8152 in panic is possible.

In Today’s Panic :Buy 8500-8600 Call 

Buy December 10000 Call -Again in PANIC………………..Buy it !!

101% More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers


11th Trading Session-Will See UNEXPECTED level.

30th Trading Session-Will see Unexpected level.

(Everyday Reduce One Day & See What Happens ? )

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In order to truly be successful, you must recognize factors in the market that might have an impact on the price of the stock during a specific time period.

Ideally, you should develop a differentiated view and decipher the data to determine which trades have the most potential before investing a large percentage of time investigating them.

Last Close :8350.30


-Yesterday Boldly written :To Watch ……………………..8411 & 8438 level. (Yes Laxman rekha )

Just see It kissed High of 8418 & CRASHED VERTICALLY !!

It CRASHED TO 8322 level in  last 45 minutes only.

Yesterday at 14:23

RED ALERT-From 2:45 Till 3:30 One Side MOVE.Watch 8438-LaxmanRekha ,Risk Rs.3.50…Buy 8500 Call ?

What Happened U KNOW ?………………………From 2:45 to 3:30 it was Bloodbath.


Crucial Support & Down Targets are : 8297————–8263 level.

Yes ,First it will have to Break Low of Yesterday -8322 with volumes 

7DEMA @ 8258


Today’s Hurdle at 8398—8405 level.

101% More Details ,More Updates to our Subscribers During Trading hrs


13th Trading Session-Will See UNEXPECTED level.

32nd Trading Session-Will see Unexpected level.

(Everyday Reduce One Day & See What Happens ? )

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Whatever failures I have known, whatever errors I have committed, whatever follies I have witnessed in private and public life have been the consequence of action without thought.  – Bernard Baruch 


Buy December 2015 :10000 Call at Rs.27

Think U Will Lose Rs.27 (Yes ,Risk of Rs. 27 only )

In This Rs 27 U will see GREECE ,GEOPOLITICAL PROBLEMS + 2 Qtr Results of Indian Corporate too


Or Consider 7915 as Major Support

3 Consecutive CLOSE Below 7915+Weekly +Monthly Close if Happens :Then u can Throw Your Call ………U May Lose some money or Rs.27

Many Traders had lost Crores of Rupee either on SCREEN or in Dabba Trading.

Make Strategy :Buy Slowly 10000 Call and Relax for 6-7 Months.

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Baseball Jersey

7915 is Last Hope :Yes ,Monthly +Qtly CHART Indicating 

3 Consecutive close below 7915+Weekly close if happens : Next Target :7149-6894 level.

Below 8136 level ,Monthly Chart Indicates :Bears will have Upperhand.

If u are an Investor or Trend Follower :All Eyes on 7915 level.




The single biggest way traders lose money, however, is by not following the rules, by somehow thinking that “this one time” there is an exception. Its a mistake that everyone makes, but one that is controllable. If you understand the rules, and more importantly, why they exist, its a mistake that is possible to avoid 99% of the time.

Last Close : 8120


-All Eyes on 7991 level.Yes ,Not Breaking this level…………………..Means ?

-Boldly Told to our Subscribers :Buy NF ,Stop of 7990 & Forget.

-First Target 8066 level.Crossover will take to 8113 & Then Nonstop Rally upto 8151-8163 level.

101% ,No Magic @ all.Just see …………In Just 24 hrs it kissed HIGH of  8154 level.

Just Mint Money -Concentrate on Trading levels ,Nothing else.

now what to do


Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Future

101% No Need to change level @ all.

All Eyes on 8151 level ,Crossover with volumes and stays above will take to 8163 level.

Yes ,Not if crosses 8163 with volumes and stays for 15 minutes +Then ??

Blast Upto 8191——————–8200–8213 is possible in hrs only.

Nearest Support @ 8107,Break with volumes will take to 8078——————–8069 level.


In This Rally will NF kiss 8243——————————-8273 level ???

101% More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers

Updated at 8:14/11th June/Baroda




We know that we don’t know. No matter what information you have, no matter what you are doing, you can be wrong. I have a friend who has amassed a fortune in excess of $100 million.

He taught me two basic lessons:

First, if you never bet your lifestyle, from a trading standpoint, nothing bad will ever happen to you.

Second, if you know what the worst possible outcome is, it gives you tremendous freedom.

The truth is that, while you can’t quantify reward, you can quantify risk.

Last Close : 8452

101% ,No Need to change level :8499 is LAXMANREKHA !

Yes ,2 Consecutive close above 8499 level will take to 8659—-8712 is possible.


Above is DAILY Chart of NIFTY FUTURE

Falling Trendline Hurdle at 8530-8540 area


-Hurdle at 8493-8499 level ( No if and But )

Crossover will take to 8535 level ( 101% Be Cautions )………………at Higher levels !

Suppose not crosses High of (Friday ) and Trades below 8465 level then ?

Watch PANIC upto 8391—-8367 level in hrs only.


From 1:00 PM Onward..One Side Movement

Today is 13th session from low of  8020

101% More Details During Trading hrs to our Subscribers

Updated at 8:25/25th May/Baroda/India


Risk management is the first and most important job of any trader. Traders must make clear distinctions between the normal risks associated with any trade and the more extraordinary risks that can potentially destroy a trading account or end a trading career. Many of the psychological struggles traders face come from not really understanding the  nature of risk. The trader’s job boils down to this: assume the correct kinds of risk at the correct times, and manage those risks appropriately; then, assuming the trader is working within a net positive expectancy framework, profits will accrue


Above 8238,Target 8272-8283.Rally For 1-3 Days Starts !

In This Dead Cat Bounce………….We can see Rally upto 8333—8357 level.

Yes ,It zoomed to kiss  8387 level in hrs only.


-Those who bought above 8238 …………….Think Money They had Minted in Single session -


Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Future

-Do U Remember :We were writing Countdown Days…………..just see EXACTLY on Thursday it made low and taken U-turn !

-Just see Taken Support at Falling Line and taken U-turn !

now what to do

Not Crossing High of 8388 & Trades Below 8372 with volumes for 15-20 minutes 

Intraday PANIC upto 8325——-8309 is possible.

Now Consider 8285 as Major Support………………..(If u are A Trader )


Today ,Once crosses 8388 level with volumes 

Next Target & Hurdle at 8423———–8441—————–8455 

LAXMANREKHA @ 8455 level.

101% More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers

Updated at 8:28/05th May/Baroda/India



One of the most common mistakes traders make is that they address performance problems by thinking harder. Like the insomniac who stays awake longer and longer thinking about trying to get to sleep, the trader who analyzes and worries about performance loses that “zone” in which probability distributions present themselves implicitly. 

Last Close : 8238.25


Boldly written :Above 8324 level if crosses with volumes then only will show STRENGTH !

-Just see it kissed High of 8319…………………CRASHED VERTICALLY !

Trade with Eyes open & Never Bark ………..Till u Had Minted Money +Created Wealth From Trading -Those who waste time on Social Websites during trading hrs.

-Our Down Target was 8215 ,it kissed 8220 level.

now what to do

Break Below 8220 with volumes and stays for 15-20 minutes then ?

Watch PANIC upto  8192————-8178

Once Breaks 8178 with volumes ,Watch Slide upto  8149 level in minutes !


Who will save BELOW 8149 ?

101% Will Update More Details to our Subscribers.

Above 8251,Watch Rally upto 8277———————8295 level.

7DEMA @ 8344 LEVEL.


Will it Crash to kiss 7800-7600 FIRST

Or Will Zoom to cross 8450+ ?

See Head & Shoulder Formation on Weekly Chart ,No if and But.

More DETAILS ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers

Updated at 8:27/30th April/Baroda

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