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We have long said that the task of active trading or active management comes down to managing risk: taking on the correct risks, the correct amount of those risks, at the correct time, and managing those risks appropriately. Though such a one line summary necessarily omits a lot of important detail, it really is about bringing the right risks into the portfolio (or trading book) at the right time, and being willing to do nothing for long stretches of time.


March Close : 8342.10

April Close : 8455.75

Difference of 113 points……………………..????

Now ,Today :What to Expect ?

101% Will Update More to our Subscribers

Hurdles @ 8491———–8511 ,Yes if Revives Keep a stop & Go short 



March Close : 17802

April Close : 18066

Difference of  264 points ??

Hurdle & Target @ 18149———————————-18259 

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Stocks/Intraday levels & Many More  to our Subscribers

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Every day I work on my trading game. I’ll never be satisfied. That’s like asking a concert pianist, “Do you think you could play that piece a little better?” People who are good at what they do are never satisfied with the status quo.

Last Close :8602


Above is Daily Chart of NIFTY FUTURE

Last Close : 8602

now what to do

Today is 13th Session From 9191……………………..Reversal ??

Three Consecutive close below 8629 ,Will take NF to 8499—-8456 level very soon

Rising Trendline :Support at 8400 area 

Today What to expect

Not Breaking low of Friday ( 8578 ) and Trades above 8593 level with volumes………………..Then ?

Hurdle & Target at 8637———-8652 !

Decisive Crossover above 8652 with volumes and sustains for 15-20 minutes will take to 8696-8711 is possible.

Minor Hurdle at 8677 level.


Crucial Support at 8567 ,Break below 8567 with volumes…………….and stays below for 15 minutes will take to 

8538 level in PANIC !

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Trading contains much of the comedy and drama of life. In many ways it is microcosm of life. There is joy, uncertainty, frustration, pain and struggle. The ultimate test in trading is always to accept the gauntlet of the ultimate challenge: self-control and self-mastery.


*Above 8775 level ,Our Targets were :8810–8845 level (It kissed 8815 and CRASHED )

Below 8760 level ,Our Intraday Message Sell it & See PANIC upto 8716

*Then Below 8716,We told it will kiss 8672,Then Below 8672…………….Target was 8640-8629 level !

Our Mantra was :Below 8800,Bears will kiss this Market !

Yes ,In Panic NF kissed low of  8612 level & closed at 8635.85

Now -What to expect


Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Future

Today ,Break below low of Yesterday ( 8612 ) & sustains for 15 minutes or more will create another round of panic selling

Target : 8560—————8534 is possible in panic

101% Will Update More during trading hrs to our Subscribers


Not Breaking low of 8612 & sustains above 8625 level……………..Watch Intraday rally upto 

8663——————-8676 level.

Will it cross 8676 ?Can We go short with stop of 8676 ?What if crosses 8676 & stays above ?

More Details to our Subscribers


Three Consecutive close below 8575 level ,Next Target :8369-8301 level in panic !

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The joy of winning and the pain of losing are right up there with the pain of winning and the joy of losing. Also to consider are the joy and pain of not participating. The relative strengths of these feelings tend to increase with the distance of the trader from his commitment to being a trader. 

Last Close : 8740 level.


In Morning ,We told :Above  8712 level it will zoom to kiss  8756-8770 level. (Just see it kissed  8765 & Crashed Verticalllllllllllllllly )

Must Read our Intraday Messages 

sms-3 days

*Told :Exit All Long ,Overnight Buy call………..Sell NF with stop of 8770 level.

*Below 8726 level will take to 8695—-8664 level & Then Below 8664 our Targets were :8640-8632 (it kissed low of 8645 & taken U-Turn )

*Buy with Stop of 8632 in TONS TONS………..and Relax :Do U know ,It zoomed to kiss 8750 level (What else u want in life ? )


Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Future

Today ,If Trades above 8770 level with volumes for 15-20 minutes then ?

Rally Upto  8788–8800 is possible

Crossover above 8800 ,Next Target :8828————-8842 level in hrs only.

101% More Details to our Subscribers during trading hrs



Break & Close below this level will another round of panic :Writing since last 3 Days !

Updated at 8:45/18th March/Baroda/India




Not everyone is going to interpret things in the same way, at the same time, as you do, and it’s important to understand that

Last Close :8813

From Last Two Days :We were writing……………..Crucial Support @ 8716————-8710 level.

Yesterday too Not Broken & Once crossed  8799 level it zoomed like Rocket to kiss 8824 level.


Above 8743 level ,Our Targets for NF were :8832———————-8862 level.

Yesterday Told Boldly :

Yes ,Now SGX Nifty @ 8865


Above is Daily Chart of NIFTY Future

Crossover and close above 8862 will take NF to 8951——-8981 level !


Once Crosses 8862 level with volumes and stays above for 15-20 minutes will take to 8886 level.

Sell NF…………If Opens at 8850-8860 ,stop will be 8886–8890 ,Sell & Relax

Reversal Point ,Intraday Update to our Subscribers during trading hrs

Updated at 8:27/13th March/Baroda/India



Price fluctuations have only one significant meaning for the true investor. They provide him with an opportunity to buy wisely when prices fall sharply and to sell wisely when they advance a great deal. At other times he will do better if he forgets about the stock market and pays attention to his dividend returns and to the operating results of his companies.

Last CLOSE : 8752.15

Yesterday Boldly Written :Not Breaking Low of  8713 & TRADES above  8743 will take to 8812—8832 level.

(Yes ,Those who use Brain & Eyes will see NF not broken 8713 & Zoomed Intraday to kiss 8809.90 )


 Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Future

Minor Support at 8738—————————-8732 !

Crucial Support @ 8716————-8710 level.

Yes ,Break Below 8710 with volumes and sustains for 15-20 minutes will create PANIC Selling !

Target :8677 is possible.


Hurdle & Target at 8799 level.

Once crosses with volumes and stays above for 15-20 minutes ,Watch Rally upto 8832——8845 in minutes only.

101% More Details to our Subscribers during trading hrs

Updated at 7:39/12th March/Baroda/India1203




“Systems don’t need to be changed. The trick is for a trader to develop a system with which he is compatible”

*Today Intraday We told Below 8954 level ,NF will Melt to kiss 8898——-8879

& Then We told :Below 8879 level…..if sustains………..Watch PANIC upto 8823–8804 level.


It kissed low of  8791 & Now Trading at 8851 level.

Now -What to expect

Above 8853 level if sustains with volumes and trades for 15-20 minutes then ??

Rally upto 8891————–8903 is possible.


Remember : 8804 LEVEL.If Break this level with volumes or closes below this level then ?

Vertical Fall upto 8748—–8729 is possible.

101% More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers.


-As Expected : 9100 Put Zoomed from 255 to 350…………….What else u want in life ?

As EXPECTED NF …………Crashed Vertically :Breaking 8954….It was Bloodbath.

TITAN ,ADANI PORT ……………..Crashed !

How much more money ??




Sometimes no position is the best position. A compulsion to trade leads to disaster.


In Morning Itself ,Boldly Mentioned :Above 8726….

Rally upto 8759—-8770 is possible

If Not Breaks Yesterday’s low of 8671…………Then Rally upto 8807-8824 is possible

Then @ 12:12 ,We Updated this :


Yes ,Level of 8824………………Above this level :Boldly written ,It will zoom to kiss 8875–8892 level.

Just see it kissed High of 8900 level in hrs only.

Just see Above 8726…………….To 8824 & Then 8900 level in hrs only.


Mind BlOWING GAINS……………in Single session !


Above is Daily CHART of Nifty Future

Today ,Above 8892 if sustains………Will Try to kiss 8945-8963 level.

Yes ,100% Should cross 8960 and stays for 15-20 minutes above this level then rally upto 9005————-9030————9063 is possible.

Support Points ,Intrday Reversal Points……..& many more Details to our Subscribers


101% ,3rd Week…………………Starting from Monday ( 2nd March ) U will see Unexpected level.

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8 :25/28th Feb/Baroda


NF--1902“Systems don’t need to be changed. The trick is for a trader to develop a system with which he is compatible”

Last Close : 8891


We had Boldly written :Above 8853 level………….NF will zoom to kiss  8886 ,8930 level.

It kissed High of 8927.70 & Tumbled sharply in last 45 minutes !!


Above is Daily Chart of NIFTY FUTURE

8930Crossover and close above this level ,Next Target  9029–9062 level.

Watch Unexpected level on 6th Day


3DEMA @ 8849 ,7DEMA @ 8797

Today’s Hurdle @ 8936

Yes ,101% should cross this level today to show more Strength.And Sustain for 15-20 minutes then ?

Rally upto 8977 level.

More Will Update to our Subscribers during trading hrs.


Not Crosses of Yesterday ( 8927 ) and trades below 8900 with volumes then ?

Slide upto 8820—-8793 is possible.Watch For 3DEMA level too.


Gamblers can Buy 9100 Call @ 19…………………..Total Risk Rs.19 or Keep a stop of 10

More Details to our Subscribers during trading hrs.

Updated at 8:14/19th Feb/Baroda/India



The ability to change gears and recognize new information and fresh upside participation in the marketplace is key to trading success.  Success is not so much a matter of making right decisions, as making decisions the right way. 


*Yes ,This way our Readers + Subscribers Mint Money…………READ NOW :

-On 10th Feb-Delhi Election Result Day ,Boldly told………..Worst is over ,It’s U-TURN………NO PANIC -NOW !

-At 8596 level ,Boldly told NF will zoom to kiss 8694—8718 & there after Yesterday told will kiss  8749 level.

Just see it kissed high of  8770 level.

From 8596 to 8770 level in 3 sessions…………………Gain of 174 points !


Above is Daily Chart of NIFTY FUTURE

Above 8770 level…………if sustains ,Rally upto 8792——8824 is possible !!

Now if crosses 8824 with volumes and stays above ,Then More DHAMAKA upto 8869 is possible.


If NF Crosses 8797 & closes above this level ,Then Door for 8897-8930 will get open !


Now Support at  8702——————-8685 !!


Buy 8900 Call in small lots and Relaxxx !!

101% More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:09/13th Feb/Baroda/India

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