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Many successful traders may say they never predict, when what they may really mean is that they never EXPECT their prediction to come true. Thus they may say things like “I only react” when more accurately they are reacting… to a failed prediction. For, it is virtually impossible to trade without predicting. So, I say to all you new traders out there “Don’t be afraid to predict. Just know how likely it is that you’ll be wrong, and know what to do when your prediction fails!”

Last Close :  8922.65


Boldly Written :Those who Read with Eyes open and Follow Strategy will mint money in TONS

Just All Eyes on  8877 level …………………….Nothing else !

Crossover with volumes and stays above for 15-20 minutes ,Next Target :8909 level in minutes only.Above 8909……

8942 level in hrs only.


It kissed High of  8938 level.

(So From 8877 to 8938 in hrs only ,What else u want in life ? )

Now -What to expect


Above is Daily Chart of NIFTY FUTURE

Just Look at Above Chart and see Rising TRENDLINE :Connecting Two points…………8200–8668 ,Hurdle at 9045 level. (Major selling point )

6th or 7th session…………….Will see UNEXPECTED level in NIFTY FUTURE

In 14 sessions ,NF is up by 843 points……………Thanks to FIIs & Indian Corporate -Insiders !!


3DEMA @ 8854 ,7DEMA @  8738 ( Two Crucial support levels )

Today’s Support @ 8872——8860 level.

Yes ,Now if BREAKS 8860 level with volumes and stays below for 15-20 minutes then only MORE PANIC !

Below  8860 level ,Watch Slide and Huge Unwind upto 8798 level in hrs only.

horseIf Sustains above 8939 level with volumes  ,Rally upto 8961——8973 is possible in hrs only.

1000% Rally will come to end near 9045—9060 level.Major Hurdle ,Heavy selling not ruled out.

101% More Details to our Subscribers during trading hrs


Yes ,4 Gaps to be filled…………………Very Dangerous Sign ,But 99% Traders are Ignoring !!

Updated at 8:16/28th Jan/Baroda/India



Simplicity in trading demonstrates wisdom. Complexity is the sign of inexperience. 

Last Close :8844

On Friday ,Boldly written : Laxman Rekha at 8874 level.If crosses then only more Strength.

It kissed High of  8875.85 & Intraday Crashed to kiss low of  8810 level.


Above is Daily Chart of NIFTY FUTURE

Today What to expect

Just All Eyes on  8877 level …………………….Nothing else !

Crossover with volumes and stays above for 15-20 minutes ,Next Target :8909 level in minutes only.

Yes ,Above 8909 level……….Next Target 

8942 level in hrs only.

7th or 8th Session …………………Will see UNEXPECTED level in NIFTY FUTURE


8811 LEVEL ,Break with volumes and stays for 15 minutes then Next Target : 8778 level.

ALREADY 4 GAPS on chart………………….Be Cautious ,Everything looks ROSY ….Then only Unexpected things happens.


Traders ,Corporate World ,Blue Channel People Should pray Daily that FIIs should continue buy in Indian Market 

GOI Should do one thing :Allow 50% Buying in all stocks for FIIs and Rest will remain with Corporate !!

Technically Yours,More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 7:53/27th Jan/Baroda/India



Not risking is the surest way of losing.  If you do not risk, risk eventually comes to you.  There is simply no way to avoid taking a risk

Last Close :8779 level.

Now SGX NIFTY at 8865 ( +75 points )

Any LOGIC ??Your Country’s Instrument and Traded at SGX……………………But we will open at 9:15 AM ??For whom this market is made ?For FIIs & Corporate India ?

What Traders will get if it opens at these levels ?U can open commodity mkt upto 11 :55 PM ,ATM works for 24 hrs….So why not Open NIFTY Future for 24 hrs ??

Think about it !

Now -What to expect


Above is Daily Chart of NIFTY FUTURE 

Already 3 Gaps on chart ,110%……………………..Today 4th Gap and very dangerous for Bulls.


Not Supporting at all……………………NF will trade  above upper band by 100 points ,101% will not sustain !!


Two levels……………..8833 &  8874 !

Now if sustains above 8874 for 20 minutes or more then only MORE FIREWORK

Yes ,Above 8874 ……………Our Next Target Nonstop will be 8998-9039 level.

10th Session-Unexpected level


Be Cautious ,101% Around 8874 level………………..Yes ,Sell Sell Sell Sell !

Today ,Buy 8850—8800 put if NF Opens around 8865–8870 level.

101% More Details to our Subscribers during trading hrs.


Yesterday ,We Recommended to our SUBSCRIBERS ,BUY 9200-9300 CALL of Feb !

Updated at 8:03/23rd Jan/Baroda/India



“If you can’t take a small loss, sooner or later you will have to take the mother of all losses” – Ed Seykota

Last Close : 8574

No Need to change levels everyday !

Above 8544 level ,If closes for 3 Consecutive days :Our Target of 8668———————–8709 is possible.


Above is Daily Chart of NIFTY FUTURE

Support at  3DEMA @  8524 ,Break with volumes and stays below will create panic !

7DEMA @ 8444 level…………..Major Support !!

Already 2 Gaps on chart

101% More Details ,Intraday levels to our Subscribers

Updated at 7:16/20th Jan/Baroda/India




A losing trade costs you money but letting a big losing trade get too far out of hand can cause you to lose your nerve. Cut losses for the sake o your nerves as much as for the sake of capital preservation.

Last Close : 8535

Now SGX Nifty at 8581 +61 points !

As Expected

Firework Continues………….On Friday Indicated above  8540 level it will blast to kiss  8576-8583 level.

Best Jackpot was 8600—-8700 call ,Yes Great Money Minted !!


Above is Daily Chart of NIFTY FUTURE

Already Two Gaps on chart :Look we had shown it with Black Arrows

Now -What to expect

Today ,All Eyes on 8576 level……………………!!

Crossover with volumes and stays above for 15-20 minutes then ??

Will zoom to kiss  8606 level in minutes only.


Suppose Crosses 8606 level and sustains for 15 minutes then ??

Nonstop Rally upto 8651 is possible.

Rising Wedge —————Hurdle at 8655-8660 area !

Yes ,Already 2 Gaps had been Formed + Rising Wedge :Be Cautious at Higher levels 


Already Told u :Last WEEK………………2 Consecutive close above 8544 will take to 8668—-8709 level.

Support at 3DEMA ,DEMA : 8474 &  8402

12th Trading session ,Unexpected level ?

101% More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:13/19th Jan/Baroda



“The market will..” and “I will make money”. Once again the market does not like to be told what to do. It is the bratty kid screaming at the tops of his lungs. The word “will” relaxes your mind, similar to “should”, people use it to be lazy instead of a black background in an otherwise light picture. You can do everything right and still lose money. That is why trading is so effective at diminishing confidence. In most every activity, if you do everything right you are going to get the desired result. Doing the “right” things is bare minimum. Of course, over time you will get paid for doing the right things but it is never when you think it should be and hardly how much you anticipated.

Last Close :8515 level.


After SURPRISE RATE CUT by RBI………………..NF zoomed at SGX

*Our Message to our Subscribers :Sell NF with stop of 8541 in TRUCK LOAD ,It kissed 8509 & Crashed !

*Our 2nd Message :In fall it can slide to kiss 8443—-8427 level !

*Boldly Indicated :Crucial support for Day at 8427 ,Below this level only we will panic more 

*Yes ,Kissed 8427 ………………….and Taken U-turn ,Then it zoomed to kiss 8564 level in hrs only.

-Don’t worry about work of style ,We always say and write :Better concentrate on your trading and start earning money and create wealth.Don’t waste time on commenting on Social Sites ,U will not get anything :U are wasting life’s precious time and money !

-Yes Simple Calculation :In Morning sold and it crashed heavily and from lowest point sky rocketed :In Trading hrs ,Just watch levels and nothing else.Avoid Blue channels ,Policies announcement :U are in India…………From Results to Policies are known to few 50-100 people.

Naked Truth : Indian Market Moves or Dances on Tune of FIIs only.Corporate always plays dirty game ,Insiders are always active and Media Minting Money by supporting Insiders and Corporate houses.

US + European + Japanese Market…….Moves on Free money printed by Central Bankers !!

Now -What to expect

NF-1601Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Future

Now ,Not crossing High of Yesterday-8564 & Remains below 8544 level then ???

Slide Upto 8484—————————–8464 is possible.

Enjoy it

Break and sustain below this level for 15-20 minutes or more (Those who look 15 minute chart )

Watch Unexpected Selloff upto 8384 level in hrs only.

Yes ,Minor Support u will see @  8440 level.

Today’s Hurdles at  8527-8540 level.Crossover with volumes will take to 8576-8583


Two Consecutive close above 8544 level will take to 8668————————8709 level !

101% More Details to our Subscriber during trading hrs

Updated at 8:10/16th JAN/BARODA



Expect to lose when you enter a trade but define the limit you are willing to lose. Don’t waffle if the market reaches that point.

1201Above is Daily Chart of NIFTY FUTURE ,Last Close : 8315

Now SGX NIFTY @ 8287 ( Down 28 points )

On Friday ,Boldly written :LAXMAN REKHA @ 8329 level.

Our Message to our Subscribers ,Sell at Opening bell around 8300-8310 NF and Relax ,Below 8254 level….

Target : 8211——-8197 level !!

Do u know it kissed low of 8205 & taken U-turn to zoom upto  8334 level.

now what to do

Above 8319 level if stays with volumes for 15-20 minutes then ???

Rally upto  8364-8379 is possible in hrs only.

We see 8393—8418 level if stays above 8319 level.

supportCrucial Support levels @ 8275—————8260 level.

Yes ,In panic will Buy small lots …No worry @ all.

101% More Details ,Intraday levels to our Subscribers ,Updated at 7:47/12th Jan/Baroda/India



A series of loses first eats into your account balance, and then begins to eat into what is most important of all: your confidence.  

Trade with confidence or don’t trade at all.  If you cant take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Last Close :8257


Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Future

*Day Before Yesterday Indicated  :Worst is over at 8096 level (Boldly written ,Now break below 8099 then only more panic )

*Then Mentioned : It will zoom to kiss 8185-8220 level !

*Yesterday Indicated :Once crosses 8229 with volumes it will Blast to kiss 8294—–8319 level (Don’t trade with eyes close ,Never shout+ bark and Don’t waste your time on social sites during or after trading hrs + Avoid Blue channels…Always )

Just see :Yesterday it kissed High of  8274.90 ,Now SGX NIFTY at 8314 ( +60 points )

now what to do

Already Written Yesterday ,So Need to change levels @ all.

Above 8229 level……….Target intact of 8294 ,8319 level.

8327Today if Trades above 8327 with volumes + Sustains for 20 minutes then ????

Rally upto 8393—–8418 is possible.

Where To Short ,What is Reversal Point ,What is Intraday Strategy …More To our Subscribers

Updated at 7:27/09th Jan/Baroda/India



Many problems in day trading occur when we impose our own views on markets and do not focus on how markets are actually behaving.  Problems also occur when we do not stay sufficiently flexible to continually update our views of how markets are behaving.  With a strong payrolls number, we could have imposed a view of a big market day.  We could have conducted studies of how the market has behaved with past big payrolls numbers and used those to guide our expectations.  It’s fine to enter the day with a hypothesis, but as Ayn Rand liked to point out, the ultimate arbiter is objective reality.  And that reality told us that, both in level of participation and the skew of participation, this was not shaping up to be a big day.

Last Close : 8273.75

sms-3 days

*Our Message on Friday to our Subscribers :

-Below 8281 level ,Panic upto 8243—8205—-8196 is possible. (Do u know it kissed low of  8212.50 )

*Again Our Message to Buy NF at  8230 level ,Stop 8205.Target :8267—8280 level (Just see what happened ? )

Now -What to expect

Now SGX Nifty at 8299 level.

Above 8280 level if trades with volumes and sustains above …………………….

We see Rally upto  8318————–8331 level.


Yes ,8331 will act Laxman Rekha

If crosses with volumes and stays above for 15-20 minutes will take to 8369-8382 level in hrs only.


We Don’t Change levels Everyday.

Three Consecutive close above 8379 will take NF to 8503-8544 level !

More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers

Updated at 7:46/29th Dec/Baroda



“If you can’t measure it, you probably can’t manage it… Things you measure tend to improve.”

Last Close :8393


Yesterday Boldly written : Slide upto 8452——-8436 is possible and Major Support at 8382 level.

110% No magic @ all.

It crashed Intraday to kiss low of 8383 level !!

When We are Shouting :Buy 8600-8500-8400 Put………Just last week ,Every Joker /Fool were Laughing and Idiots were barking !But always remember

If u are Minting Money then only Consider yourself as King and then only u have Right to Shout or Bark-Otherwise  keep quite !


Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Future

EXPANDING WEDGE -Again shown its power ,But u need to know these pattersn ,Better read books instead of watching Blue channels.

Now ,SGX Nifty at 8347 ( Down 41 points )


3 Consecutive close below 8382 +WEEKLY Close will take to  8210————-8153 level !!

Read Every word Carefully -Never Shout/Bark till u mint money from Trading and create wealth.

Still 4 Gaps have to be filled 


8358—–8346 are Support levels for NF

In Panic it can slide to kiss 8317 level too.

Yes ,Below 8346… panic upto 8317

If Breaks 8317 level and trades below for 15-20 minutes then ??????

101% More Details ,Intraday levels ,Reversal Points to our Subscribers

Updated at 7:39/10th Dec/Baroda/India

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