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On 1st Oct : Nifty Future-What Ascending Triangle ,Inverse Head & Shoulder Indicating ?


8025+ 565 Points = 8590 level………………………..???


8025+ 375 Points …………………………..??

Will these Pattern work or Fail will get confirmation in next 1-2 sessions itself

Will it CRASH to kiss 7700—————–7500 First or We are Heading Towards 8550–8650+ ???

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 7:15/01st Oct/Baroda

Trading Strategy For 7th Oct’2015.Hurdle & Target 8203-8239 level.



Worst thing you can do as a trader is let the last few trades influence the next series of trades,which is what most traders do.

Last Close : 8160

-Yesterday written to sell NF ,Stop of 8224 level.It kissed High of  8190 & Intraday Tumbled to kiss low of  8105 level and closed at 8160

Now -What to expect

Tons of Money Minted in 8300 & 8400 Call in just 24 hrs and still Holding Long !!


8222 …………………..All Eye on this level.

Today’s Hurdle at 8198-8203

Crossover and stays above will take to  8239 level.


Real EXPLOSION :Above 8239 level if stays for 15 minutes !


8100 & 8016……………….are 3 & 7DEMA

Crucial Support at 8069 level.

More DETAILS to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:26/07th Oct/Baroda

Trading Strategy For 1st October’2015 .NF-Will Try To kiss 8059-8080.In Panic ,Buy Buy


Every trader should post a sign at the entrance of their door named ‘market’ and leave ‘ego’ in a pouch outside. 

Last Close : 7980.35

Now SGX Nifty @ 8047

(Our Subscribers knows………….Everything and What we told above 7947 ? )


Above 7991 level ,Our Targets -Already told Yesterday :8059—8081 LEVEL in hrs only.

Yes ,Gap up opening will happen-Now if u are holding long then only u will get advantage.

Yes ,First Book Profit around 8050–8060 level…………and Then Wait !

Around 8080-8090 level ,Go short with Stop of 8111 level.

101% More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our SUBSCRIBERS

Updated at 8:12/01st Oct/Baroda/India

Trading Strategy For Nifty Future -30th Sept’ 2015.Crucial Support at 7838-7822.Hurdles-7970-7991



Last Close : 7875.85


“I’m only rich because I know when I’m wrong…I basically have survived by recognizing my mistakes.” – George Soros


-Yesterday Boldly written :Crucial SUPPORT levels are  7701-7684 level.

*7 Minutes before POLICY was out :We told to Buy NF @  7719 LEVEL.

Our Subscribers knows levels of 7930–7943 level.

(Yes it kissed HIGH of 7970  )


Recommended Boldly to sell NF at 7948…………Stop of 7970-7991 & Relax 

-U Know it crashed to kiss low of  7856 level in minutes only.

Everything u will not get free ,Yes our AIM is Mint Money-We just follow chart and Respect it !

Now -What to expect

Support @ 7838-7822 !

Crossover above 7891 with volumes will take to 7919 & there after 7940-7947 is possible.

Major Hurdle intact at 7970-7991.

101% More Details to our Subscribers only during trading hrs

Updated at 8:31/30th SEPT/BARODA/INDIA

Nifty Future -Sharp Move on card.Will it kiss 7650 First or Will Zoom to 8050.Yes in Next 72 hrs itself


Above is Strategy from Our Trading Desk

101% More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers

Trading Strategy For 22nd Sept’2015.Above 7990,Target 8029.Then Nonstop 8069




Boldly Written Yesterday in PANIC :Will Buy …………No if & But !

These were our 2 Messages for Nifty Future

101% More Details to our Subscribers.

Yes ,Intraday PANIC or Slide Happens…will Buy !

NIFTY FUTURE-Below 7930-Sharp PANIC .Stop of 7871-7852..Buy and Relax


-Above is Trading Strategy for Nifty Future -21st Sept

-If Opens with Gap Down around 7910-7920.FIRST Square short and then in PANIC at 7875…keep a stop of 7852 (Buy fresh )

Yes ,Recommended Boldly on Friday to short Nifty Future at 8029 & still holding short…………….Mint Money in TONS.

101% More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:23/21st Sept/Baroda

Trading Strategy For 18th Sept ‘2015 :Watch 7983.LaxmanRekh at 8018…Next Target 8160 ?


Last Close :7896

Now SGX Nifty at 7980 

In 8 sessions……………….now up by 400+ points.

(Yes ,Not only Nifty :Just see across Globe Everything has moved up )


From 7736…………..Told :Targets of 7842-7877————7983———-8018

On Friday kissed 7919 level.


Yes GAP of 7961……….will be filled Today !

7th or 8th Session :Watch Unexpected level in Nifty Future

101% More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers only

Updated at 8:11/18th Sept/Baroda/India

Nifty Future Strategy From Our Desk Board :NF -7894 Hurdle For Bulls.Yesterday’s Low Very Crucial


Above is RAW Analysis for Today’s Trading Strategy for Nifty Future

Yes ,Gap up opening due to Rally in US Market is possible.


Yesterday Morning Told :To watch 7889 as Hurdle it kissed 7887 & crashed

-Intraday our Sell call and NF tumbled to 7801 level.

Not Everything can be written and explained here on Twitter.

7th Session-Unexpected level on card

8160 First or 7560 ?

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 6:30/16th Sept/Baroda

NIFTY FUTURE STRATEGY -From Our Desk :All Eyes on 7877 & 7937.Be Cautious at Opening Bell Trend.


101% More Details to our Subscribers during trading hrs.