Sun, 25th June 2017

Anirudh Sethi Report


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SGX NIFTY-Above 6926 ,Targets 6975-7014-7075 in hrs only.



Politics is not the art of the possible. It consists in choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable.

Last Close :6895

Short Term Hurdle at 6910———-6926 level.


Once CROSSES 6926 LEVEL with volumes and SUSTAINS for 20-25 minutes 

In Hrs only ,Blast upto  6975—–7014 on card

There after it will zoom upto  7056-7075 level in hrs only

Support @ 6883 level.Break will take to 6837—6822 level ( Chances are very remote )


7345—————————7601 level !

(Not Today ,We are writing From last 3 Months ,Buy 7100-7200-7300-7400-7500 call & RELAX )

Our Dream intact  :Need Upperfreeze on 16th May’2014

Forget Politics ,Forget Economy ,Forget Growth ,Forget Country…………..Just u need to Salute Fiis & Bhisampitama of Indian Stock Market !

More Details Tomorrow Morning

Updated at 15:17/11th May/Baroda/India

Party Time for Subscribers ,Yes Only Power of Chart



NOMAGIC-NOMIRACLEsms-3 daysOn Friday ,Recommended to Sell BANK NIFTY with stop of 10500 & Recommended to sell Below 10237 level with 

Target of  10079——————–10027 level !!

(Just see ,Now trading at 9998 after kissing low of 9980 level )

Recommended to Sell Nifty Future ,Below 5929 with Target of 5881-5865 level.

(Just see it kissed low of  5866 level )

BEAR ATTACKRecommended Boldly to Sell 6000 Call @ 122—130 LEVEL & RELAX 

Yes ,Now at 99 level.

This way U have to Mint Money ,Fastest & Safest way.

Updated sat 10:23/07th Oct/Baroda/India

As Expected It’s Bloodbath ,We told 95% Traders will get Trapped -If u remain Long



No Father in India will DARE to write or Say :

Yes ,Our Down Targets ,We told our Subscribers were :5925-5912————–5873—–5860 level.

(Just see now it kissed low of 5888 )

Look at 6000 put Recommended to buy 120 ,Now at 172 level………………….????


Our Morning Call to Sell below 10534 level ,With Target of 10438—–10406—10310–10278 level.

Now ,Just see it kissed low of 10376 level in hrs only.


Now ,Should we send u CHEQUE or MONEY ORDER ???

Those who paid Rs.100 /Day ……….Think Money they are Minting.

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA


Just 4 SMS ,90 Minutes of Trading -Tons of Money Minted.No need of Blue Channels ,Forget Economy ,Don’t see EPS/PE /Fundamentals



nommrINTRADAY CALLS1st Message @ 9:17  AM


Our 2nd Message at 9:24 AM


Our 3rd Message at 9:32 AM


At 9:59 AM ,We had Sent Mssge 


What Really Happened

*5400 Call Spurted to 198 level from  138 level in just 90 minutes only.

*NF Spurted from 5349 to 5475 level in just 90 minutes only.

*Reliance ……….Blasted from 851 to 870 level in just 90 minutes only.

*Bank Nifty from 8747 to 8968 level…………………In just 90 minutes only.

*5600 call ,Told to Buy @ 68 level………Now at 90 level in just 90 minutes only.


From 68.78 to 67.53 level in just 90 minutes of trade………………!!

Should ,We send u Cheque or Money Order ???

Just THINK………………….Those who paid Just Rs 100 /Day ………………..How much Money they are MINTING ???

Think about our Premium Members………Personal Calls from Morning till late Night.


Money Tripled in 4 Hours of TRADING



Our Buy Call of 5200 Call at 31 ,Buy NF Future at 5150 & Buy  Bank Nifty at 8495 level.


Yes ,31 …………………Now at 104 level.

NF zoomed to 5300 level  ( Our Revised Target told 5318–5344 )

Bank Nifty zoomed to 8855 ( Our Revised Target 8971–9049 )

What Else U want in life ???


Those Who paid Rs 100 /Day……………………………Think Money they are Minting ,Yes in TONS TONS.

Updated at 14:51/28th August/Baroda/India

100% Power of Chart ,Just see 2 Messages



Two Messages for Nifty Future ,Bank Nifty we had sent to our Subscribers.


Recommended to Buy  above 64.0797 level with Target of 64.2737-64.33 level 

(Yes it kissed High of 68.38 level )

bhangra1This way u have to Mint Money in TONS ,Yes with price and Time Accuracy.

Updated at 14:59/26th August/Baroda

Mint Money in Up or Down Market ,Yes in TONS only.



Always Remember :

Goal oriented traders succeed, if you know why you are trading and where it leads you may just get there.

sms-3rd Dec

Our SMS at 9 :51 AM 

Today ,No PANIC @ ALL.Buy Your choice of qty of NF ,Bank Nifty

Nifty Future :Above  5344 level we see BLAST upto 5427—————-5455 level.

(Already kissed  5413 level )

Bank Nifty :Above 8983 level ………….No worry @ all.Just hold !Target 9206–9280 level.

(Just see it kissed High of 9233 level )


Buy ICICI BANK :Above 797 ,Target……..821—-829 level.

(Just see it kissed  827 level in minutes only )

Recommended to Buy AXIS BANK : Above 958 level……..Catch it ,Target 999–1012 level.

(Just see 1002.95 level ………………Jai ho )

PARTY-PARTYAt 10:49 AM ,We UPdated about SILVER & GOLD MCX

Silver Crashed Vertically  from 50700———————————49167 level in just 20 minutes of trading.

GOLD MCX : Crashed from 30975———————30240 level in just 20 Minutes of trading.

Now ,Should we send u DEMAND DRAFT ,CHEQUE ???

This is Power of Chart ,Nothing else.

Updated at 12:21/20th August/Baroda/india

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From Last 10 DAYS ,We Flashed above levels………………Below 6002  level will see PANIC upto 5812

Now at 5805 ,after kissing 5800 level.


What Happened ?Its A RAPE ……………….Have u seen Power of H&S ??

This Way U have to Mint Money from Trading !


Many Times (Thousand time we had written :Forget Economy ,Forget Fundamentals…Never Ever Believe Indian Companies Fundamentals ,Just Watch Fii’s activity and watch USD Movement…Nothing else )

Not A Single Economist in India can stop or Tell Trend of USD.

Everything in hand of Fii’s and Remote Control with USA ………!!Already Traders been raped by Indian Promotors and Investors been Raped by Fii’s.

Think about it.Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA