Sun, 28th May 2017

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Korea Constructs Road That Wirelessly Charges Moving Electric Buses

An electric bus that charges its batteries while driving (rather than while sitting idle in a charging station) is no longer science fiction.

Researchers at Korea’s Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) recently constructed a seven and a half mile stretch of asphalt roadway in the city of Guami in South Korea with specialized electric cables designed to power batteries on a moving passenger bus.

The first of it’s kind technology doesn’t need the vehicles to stop at a point to charge.

The bus’s batteries are equipped with a novel technology called “Shaped Magnetic Field In Resonance” that sends electromagnetic fields created by the electric cables buried in the asphalt to the bus but not normal cars.

The technology recognizes vehicles capable of accepting the electric charge and those that cannot.

A coil in the battery can turn the electromagnetic fields into electricity at a distance of more than half a foot above the road.

Fujifilm Sheet Converts Body Heat To Electricity

-Fujifilm Corp. and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) have developed a resin sheet that generates electricity, utilizing the temperature difference between human body and the air.

The power-generating sheet developed by Fujifilm and AIST could be used to provide additional power for portable devices.

The sheet uses the thermoelectric effect, which generates a voltages due to the temperature difference between the surface of an object and its reverse side. The sheet is 0.4mm thick and soft. In a normal environment, the temperature of the air is lower than that of the human body or the surface of clothes. That temperature difference can be used to generate a steady flow of electricity.

It can be used as an additional power source for portable devices by attaching it to a human body or clothes. Heat emitted from TVs, steam in a bathroom, curtains in sunlight or a car’s body can also be used to generate electricity. Read More 

Petroleum ministry=frustration: Jaipal Reddy

Sulking Science and Technology Minister S Jaipal Reddy on Monday said anybody handling the ministry of petroleum and natural gas would be “totally frustrated”.

“I was the minister of petroleum and natural gas. Anybody who handles this portfolio will be totally frustrated as nobody knows why the oil prices increase,” he said at the International Bio-energy Summit here.

Reddy pointed out that India imported 75 per cent of its oil requirement and no one can explain why and who is increasing oil prices when there is no disconnect between demand and supply.

“That is the mystery economists have to solve,” he said.

70-year-old Reddy, who was made Petroleum Minister in January 2011, was shifted to the Ministry of Science and Technology and Earth Sciences in the Cabinet reshuffle on October 28.

BJP and civil society leaders have attacked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s decision to take Reddy out of Petroleum Ministry contending that the move had been dictated by corporate pressure.

Reddy, however, had said that the Prime Minister had taken him into confidence before changing his portfolio.