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GOLD -Silver MCX :Crucial Update For Traders


Last Close : 25679

On 3rd Dec -After Hitting low of 24757 level :Boldly told to our Subscribers in panic ,Buy GOLD ….Stop of 24757 level (No if and but )

It zoomed to kiss 25747 level and now at 25679 level on Friday !

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Crude-Intraday Targets Done.Now Watch 6827 level.


Today ,Above 6737 level…………..Our Target was :6805—6827 level.

Our Stoploss was Today’s low of 6625 level.

Now kissed 6818 level.


If Now crosses 6827 & sustains for 30 minutes or more then ???

Target :6895———-6917 not ruled out.

101% More Details to our Subscribers.

Updated at 21:35/18th Sept/Baroda

USDINR-An Update


On 11th June ,We had written this :


On 12th June ,We had written this :


On 14th June ,We had written this :


Just Click above Links and see Power of chart ,Forex Subscribers had minted Tons of Money.

Now -What to expect

Short Term Traders ,Below 57.68 level…………….Our Target intact of  57.15 ,56.99 in PANIC !!


Weekly chart it had formed Gravestone Doji

Three Consecutive close below 57.44 + Weekly Close below this level will take to 

56.43——————56.10 level in coming Days.

(In Short Term is it possible it will not cross 59 & will kiss 56 level  ?? )

101% More Details to our Subscribers.

Will Update More about USDINR ,JPYINR ,EURINR ,GBPINR to our Subscribers.

Updated at 11:00/16th June/Baroda/India

Gold Spot-Crucial Support at $ 1371.MCX Gold ,Last Support at 25944




Above is Daily Chart ,It kissed High of $ 1414 level and Now Trading at 1376 level.

Now -What to expect


Just Watch :$ 1376—————–1371 level.Now if Breaks 1371 & stays below for 15-20 minutes or more will take to 1357–1352————1338 level in PANIC !

101% Will Update more to our Subscribers.

For MCX Gold ,Our Down Targets we told :26025–25944 is Last Hope.

Updated at 20:46/22nd May/Baroda/India

USDINR-Above 55.42,No worry.Target 55.97-56.15



usdinr-Yesterday Afternoon ,We had written :


Just see Now crossed 55.55 & Trading at 55.63 level.


Our Weekly Chart Indicates ,Above 54.98………………..No worry for USD Bulls.

Above 55.42 level if able to close for 2 Consecutive days ,We see Nonstop Rally upto 55.97—56.15 level

101% More Details about USD ,GBP ,JPY ,EUR against INR and about EURUSD pair will update to our Subscribers.

Updated at 11:55/22nd May/Baroda/India

April Chicago PMI 49.0 vs 52.5 expected

The results of the April Chicago PMI:

  • Lowest reading since the crisis
  • Prior reading was 52.4
  • Employment 48.7 vs 55.1 prior
  • New orders 53.2 vs 53.0
  • Prices paid 51.0 vs 61.0 prior

The number was released early to subscribers and made the rounds. It’s generally released three minutes early to subscribers but given the wave of USD selling ahead of the numbers, I’m suspicious it came earlier.

Chicago PMI April 30, 2013

Jim Sinclair: The Big Dirty Secret is Out: There is No Gold!

llLegendary gold trader Jim Sinclair sent an email alert to subscribers last night, stating that the rig (gold manipulation) is up, and that the big dirty secret is out that there is no physical gold in volume.

Sinclair states that the biggest moves on a percentage basis for gold and gold stocks has just begun, and provides a formula for profits in the gold sector here and now:

Click here for more on the Dirty Secret that THERE IS NO GOLD!:

Trading Strategy for 26th March ’2013.Below 5654,Bears will have Upperhand.Retest of 5555 on card ?

NF-ICONIf we want to be successful as traders it is crucial that we have great filters. We must filter out all the noise that separates us from the actual price action. In the end it is just us versus the market. We need to seek to learn how to trade from others and not look for trades. We have to play a lone hand because we have our own tolerance for pain, our own goals, and we should… have our own trading plan with a robust methodology. Others do not know our time frame and we do not know theirs. Their position sizing may be ten times what ours is.

Before we trade we should have a watch list, a risk percent per trade, a methodology, and a trading plan. We should be running our trading like a business not a casino. Information and opinions can bias our trading. Be very careful about the information that you let into your mind. You should attempt to trade as close to your system and methodology as possible without allowing anyone’s opinions our thoughts to come between you and the charts. Actual price action is the king everyone’s opinions are just that, opinions.

TuesdayLast Close :5645

Yesterday Boldly written if trades above 5714 level for 15-20 minutes then will show more power.Just see it kissed 5717 & Crashed vertically !!

Yesterday was 7th Consecutive Session…………..it closed lower !!

Now -What to expect

Below 5654 level………………………………..???bear12WILL HAVE Upperhand !!

In PANIC ,Watch slide upto 5625——-5606—–5595 ,5575 level !!

Retest of 5555 or 5520 too is possible.

Hurdle at 3 & 7DEMA…………..Yes ,If Reversal happens then will Update more to our Subscribers during trading hrs.


Three Consecutive close below 5662 level ,Our Next Target intact of 5555-5520 level in short run !!

Weekly & Monthly CHART looking Very SCARY @ this moment.If H & S formation shows its power then ??

In Coming Weeks we can see PANIC upto 5200—5100 level too.Just TRADE with levels ,Nothing else.

-Forget Fundamentals (First your funds will be wiped out ,then slowly u will become Mental ),Forget Economy ,Growth ,Inflation ,IIP and many more bogus data…everything is Fishy.

-Don’t trust Managment-Hum sab Hindustani hai…..!!Don’t watch Blue Channels-After Management ,Promoters..these are main culprits !!

Our Mantra :Just Follow CHART levels +Watch Fii’s activity !

-More Details to our Subscribers during Trading hrs.

Updated at 7:34/26th/ MARCH/BARODA/INDIA

USDINR-Above 54.69,Rally to Continue.Will it kiss 55 ?



Last Close : 54.7275

-Above 54.6954 level……………………Upmove will continue !!

We see Rally upto 55.23–55.41 level very soon.

Trendline Hurdle at 55.07 level.

(Above 54.34 level ,No worry for Bulls )

More Details about JPYINR ,EURINR ,GBPINR and Intraday levels to our Subscribers 

Updated at 8:55/01st March/Baroda/India