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WTI CRUDE :Last Major Hurdle at $55.73


Above is Monthly chart of WTI CRUDE

3 Consecutive close above $ 55.73+ weekly close +++Monthly close if happens

Rally (Nonstop )upto $62.58—————-64.86++ will happen.

More Details to our Members.

US jettisoning ‘One China’ would trigger geopolitical earthquake

In the less than two weeks since his inauguration, U.S. President Donald Trump has taken a series of controversial actions that have rocked the world.

But he has not yet offered any clue about his real intentions regarding the so-called One China policy, which is a matter of great concern to East Asia. 

 Trump indicated his willingness to reconsider this long-established principle, which, simply put, means Taiwan cannot become an independent nation.

If the U.S. abandons its commitment to this principle, it would be a historic policy shift that could violently shake East Asia’s security architecture and the structure of economic relations among countries in the region. 

One beginning

On Jan. 23, the online Japanese-language version of South Korea’s JoongAng Ilbo newspaper carried an intriguing article on the issue written by one of its columnists.

In the article, titled “Trump: ‘How about Three Chinas?'” the author, quoting a source who has contacts within Trump’s inner circle, said Trump, after being elected, asked former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger whether he should maintain the “One China” policy. Kissinger reportedly floated the idea of three Chinas instead of two.

Trump lashes out at federal judge’s order to block travel ban

U.S. President Donald Trump criticized on Saturday the action of a federal judge in Seattle blocking Trump’s executive order banning anyone from seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the United States, calling it “ridiculous” and vowing to overturn it.

Trump said on Twitter, “The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned.”

 The bench order to lift the travel restriction was issued Friday. It suspends the executive order that Trump signed, banning travelers from the seven countries from entering the United States for 90 days, and refugees for 120 days, triggering a wave of protests across the United States.

Nearly 60,000 people had their U.S. visas cancelled due to the travel ban, the State Department said Friday.

The people will continue to be affected while the U.S. government reviews its screening process for admitting travelers from Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Iran and Libya and refugees from any country, the department said.

Meet The New, “Safe” Synthetic CDO’s That Could Spell Disaster For The European Banking System

So what do you do if you’re a European banking regulator faced with the task of maintaining a safe, sustainable financial system amid a concerning growth in bank leverage.  Well, if you said sell down risk assets then you’re just being silly or completely ignoring your implicit obligation to engineer higher banking profitability at all costs.

If we can get serious for a moment, like in the early 2000’s, when all else fails you turn to synthetic CDO’s which, courtesy of some magical, if completely incomprehensible, math, slashes the risk of bank balance sheets while having a negligible impact on profitability.  It’s called the Synthetic Collateralized Loan Obligation and it’s all the rage in Europe.

Here’s how it works:

In a synthetic securitisation a bank buys credit protection on a portfolio of loans from an investor. This means that when a loan in the portfolio defaults, the investor reimburses the bank for the losses incurred on loans in that portfolio up to a maximum, which is the amount invested. This amount therefore provides credit protection for a slice of the portfolio, which is often called the ‘first loss tranche’. The size of this tranche is typically chosen in a way to cover at least the expected losses on the portfolio as well as a share of unexpected losses. The bank usually retains the rest of the risk, which is called the ‘senior tranche’.


World Leaders “Stunned” By Trump’s Bluntness

As President Trump drops tape (and tweet) bombs left, right, and center; often saying exactly what he is thinking, it appears the world’s leaders (and establishmentarians) are “shocked” at his inconvenient truthiness. As Tim Bale, politics professor at Queen Mary University of London, said, reflecting on Brexit concerns,

 “…our reliance on the United States, in normal times, wouldn’t worry too many people… But Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be a normal president.”

Which seemed to sum things up nicely.

From Australia to Iran, and from Germany to Russia, no one is safe from President Donald Trump’s blunt, win-the-deal approach to diplomacy. As The Wall Street Journal reports, his style has U.S. adversaries and some allies struggling to assess its impact for their countries and puzzling over how to react if they land in the new American leader’s crosshairs next