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US Indices mixed. Nasdaq closes at another record.

S&P closes near the highs. Bullet proof market.

The US stock market is closing the session with mixed results from the major stock indices.
  • The S&P is closing up at 2.55 point and closing near the highs for the day at 2399.50. The low reache 2392.79.
  • The Nasdaq is closing up 8.5 points to 6129.14. This is another record close for that index. The high reached 6131.64. The low traded at 6103.875.
  • The Dow is the dog. It is closing down -35 points.  At the low, the index was down -91 points.

US Indices end the day with mixed results

The US stock market is ending mixed with the  NASDAQ index leading the way (new record close).  Apple is ending up $.95 to $153.96 and the rise has taken its market capitalization above 800 billion.  The S&P is ending down. The Dow is also lower on the day.
  • NASDAQ composite index is closing at 6120.58, oof  17.926 points or +0.29%. The  high reached  6132.996 while the low was at 6107.59. 
  • The S&P index is ending down -2.46 points to 2396.92.  The high reached 2403.87. The low extended to 2392.44
  • The Dow industrial average is closing at 20,975.78. That represents a decline of 36.50 points  or -0.17%. The high reached 21,046.85. The low extended to 20938.04. 

Overnight US Market :Nasdaq up 0.03%. S&P unchanged, Dow up 0.03%

Nasdaq up 0.03%. S&P unchanged, Dow up 0.03%

The Nasdaq composite index squeaked out a 1.9 point gain today, and that was good for a 0.03% gain and a new record for the index. The high reached 6106.117. The low 6083.059. The index closed at 6102.66
The S&P also advanced but by a tiny 0.09 of a point.  Call it unchanged on the day. The S&P high reached 2401.36. The low 2393.92. The index closed at 2399.38.
The Dow was up 5.34 point or 0.03% on the day at 21012.28. The high reached 21017.80. The low 20971.05.

US major indices end the day mixed.

Recovers most of losses but off the highs.

The US stock indices are ending the day mixed after spending the day mostly lower for most of the day.  As the cards settled, the Dow is the only major index to end with gains and those gains were minimal.   The S&P and Nasdaq recovered from much lower levels, but still ended down on the day.
  • The Dow ended the day with a small 7 point gain or +0.03%.
  • The S&P index ended the day down 3.04 points or -0.13 points to 2388.13. The low reached 2379.75.
  • The Nasdaq ended down -22.815 points or -0.37% to 6072.55.  The low reached 6053.277. The high reached 6076.96

Overnight US Market :Dow closed -41 points

S&P down -0.19%. Dow down -0.19%. Nasdaq down -0.02%

The US major stock indices are ending the session with small declines.
  • S&P was down -0.19% or -4.57 points to 2384.20. The high for the day reached 2393.68. The low for the day reached 2382.36.
  • Nasdaq was down -1.332 points or -0.02% to 6047.60. The high today reached 6074.03. The low reached 6040.707
  • The Dow fell by -40.82 points or -0.19% to 20940.51. The high today reached 20987.76. The low extended to 20926.75.
For the week, the major indices benefited from the gains from Brexit and modest follow through during the week.
  • The Nasdaq was the big winner for the week, rising by 2.32%
  • The S&P rose by 1.91%
  • The Dow rose by 1.51%.
Today is also the last day of the calendar month, and stocks are ending with gains (thanks in part, to the gains this week).
  • The Nasdaq rose by 2.30% this month
  • The S&P rose by 0.91%.
  • The Dow rose by 1.34%.
For the year (just for giggles):
  • The Nasdaq is leading the way with a 12.34% gain
  • The S&P is up 6.49% and
  • The Dow is up 5.96%.
Overall, investors in equities cannot be disappointed with the overall performance of the equity markets with 1/3 of the calendar year complete. What will the next 1/3 bring?
As posted earlier, the earnings calendar is chock-a-block with big time names that have helped propel the overall market higher including Facebook, Tesla, and Apple.

Overnight US Market :Indices can’t hold onto gains. End marginally lower.

S&P down -0.05%. Nasdaq unchanged.  Dow -0.10%

The markets got the broad brush strokes of Pres. Trumps tax plan from the team of Mnuchin and Cohn.  The stock market was not all that impressed (or the 2x +200 days already had a lot priced in).
Anyway, the US stocks was able to still stay positive until the very end when the prices dipped into the red.
At the end of the day:
  • The S&P ended down -1.16 points or -0.05% to 2387.45. The high for the day toyed with the 2400 level (high reached 2398.16). The low came in at 2386.76.
  • The Dow fell by -21.03 points or -0.10%. The high extended to 21070. The low reached 20972.27. The index closed at 20975.09.
  • The Nasdaq is ending the day down -0.265 points, unchanged on the day. The high extended to 6040.89. The low 6021.719. The close 6025.227.

Overnight US Market :Dow closed +232 points.Nasdaq Composite closed above 6000

The Nasdaq Composite closed at a new all-time high on Tuesday, with the S&P 500 not far behind with sentiment brightening sentiment across trading desks.

The tech-heavy Nasdaq climbed 0.7 per cent to 6,025.5 — its first ever close above the 6,000 mark. The small-cap Russell 2000 was up 1 per cent to 1,411.3, having hit an intra-day record earlier in the day. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 gained 0.6 per cent to 2,388.6.

Lower taxes would increase corporate America’s profits and spark higher levels of economic growth, according to analysis from numerous investment banks following the November election. However, the failure of the White House to repeal and replace Obamacare has cast a shadow on the administration’s ability to enact fiscal measures.

Meanwhile, investors continued to unwind positions in havens that were built up ahead of the French vote. The 10-year Treasury yield, which moves in the opposite direction of the price, was up 0.0646 percentage points to 2.338 per cent. Gold slid 1 per cent to $1,263 a troy ounce.

Overnight US Market :Nasdaq closes at record levels. Major indices end the day with strong gains.

Nasdaq up 1.24%. S&P index up 1.08%. Dow up 1.08%

The Nasdaq composite index is ending the day up 1.23% – a record close for that index.  The S&P rose by 1.08% and the Dow also gained over 1% (up 1.06%).
3M, Home Depot, Microsoft all traded at record highs.
Today is the biggest one day gain since March 1st.
The details:
  • Nasdaq rose by 73.299 points or 1.24% to 5983.82. The high reached 5989.91, less than 11 points from the Nasdaq 6000.  The low was 5970.254.
  • The S&P index rose y 25.45 points or 1.08% to 2374.15. The high reached 2376.98. The low came in at 2369.19. The all time high for the S&P index came in at 2400.98 on March 1.
  • The Dow rose by 216.13 to 20763.89. The high reached 20792.20. The low came in at 20723.59.  The all time high for the Dow came on March 1st at a high price of 21169.11.  Today, the Dow moved back above the 50 day MA at 20717.77. The price has been below that MA since April 12th.