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The Russian economy could plunge into a fresh recession, Anton Siluanov, the country’s finance minister, has warned.

“We are losing around $40bn [£26bn] per year due to geopolitical sanctions and we are losing some $90bn [£58bn] to $100bn [£64bn] per year due to oil prices falling 30 pc,” Mr Siluanov said in a speech in Moscow, reported by RIA Novosti news agency.

Brent – an oil classification which serves as a global benchmark – has already plummeted by as much as 30pc from a peak of $115 a barrel in June.

If the price of oil fell to $60 a barrel and sanctions intensified, the economy would fall into a recession in 2015, Mr Siluanov said.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, has previously suggested that thedecline in global prices has been engineered by political forces

In early November he said: “The obvious reason for the decline in global oil prices is the slowdown in the rate of [global] economic growth which means consumption is being reduced in a whole range of countries”.

In addition to this, “a political component is always present in oil prices. Furthermore, at some moments of crisis it starts to feel like it is the politics that prevails in the pricing of energy resources”, he added.


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24 November 2014 - 16:01 pm

The Best Computer For Traders


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This is small write up written in morning ………………….Think about Intraday Updates ???

  • 103.2 prev
  • current assessment 110.0 vs 108.0 exp vs 108.4 prev
  • expectations 99.7 vs 98.5 exp vs 98.3 prev

EURUSD 1..2392 from 1.2382 on the better than expected readings not exactly racing higher but EURGBP posting new session highs at 0.7925 and EURJPY session highs at 146.64

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Skill Versus Luck in Investing-VIDEO

24 November 2014 - 12:38 pm


Iran and six world powers look set to miss Monday’s deadline for resolving a 12-year stand-off over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, though Iranian officials say they can turn to Beijing and Moscow if talks in Vienna fail to end Western sanctions.

While the deadline, already extended in July, could be extended again, Iranian officials have said they are working on an alternative if the talks collapse altogether, which would see them look east and north for diplomatic and economic support.

“Of course we have a plan B,” a senior Iranian official said. “I cannot reveal more details but we have always had good relations with Russia and China. Naturally, if the nuclear talks fail, we will increase our cooperation with our friends and will provide them more opportunities in Iran’s high-potential market.”

He added: “We share common views [with Russia and China] on many issues, including Syria and Iraq.” >> Read More

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