sellitMint Money 24 x7 x 366 Days

As Expected………………….Yesterday 

Natural Gas ,Crude ,GOLD …………..Melted like ICE

Yes ,Tons of Money Minted by our Subscribers.

More Details shortly to our Subscribers.

Bhusan Steel

After Hitting low of 87……………Now at 96.10 ( UPPERFREEEEEEEEEEEEZE )


What NEWS is coming out ??

Not Breaking Today’s low of 87

Rally upto 107 is possible………………………then ???

Three Consecutive close above  107+ Weekly close will take to 166 level !

Something is coming out………….Today Evening or In next 24 hrs.

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA


Last Close :16205 level.


Yes ,Our Inverse Head & Shoulder :16700-16800 level very soon

Just U have to Manipulate +Rig :ICICI ,AXIS ,KOTAK ,HDFC-Twins…………..and U can take BNF anywhere !

(But this will be done by FIIs flow only….Nobody having TAAKAT in India )


Yesterday Intraday Targets were achieved !

Today’s Bank Nifty Levels and Strategy to our Subscribers.


Upgrade & Downgrade ….Done by Fiis only.

Our Mantra :For next 57 months………..u have to Buy and Hold this Stock +ADANI Group+ ADAG Stocks +Reliance (Don’t use brain & never check Fundamentals )

Crucial Trendline at 262 level…………….

Decisive Crossover with volumes and stays above ,Next Target :269—————-271 level in hrs only.

Will it cross 276 level in coming Days ?


Insiders selling before NEWS……………………..and once NEWS is out (They square short and mint millions )

Above 185 level if stays……….. with volumes and sustains for 15-20 minutes will take to 190–192 level.

Manipulative stock ,Only Hardcore Trader can mint money.


Just Watch …………………2553 level !!

Crossover with volumes and stays above will take to 2576——-2583 is possible in hrs only.


Grab @ Opening Bell…………………….and Relax.

Rally upto 975——————-984 is possible.

We see stock crossing 1000+ level very soon.


Above 96………………………..If trades with volumes ,Watch BLAST upto 99—100+ in hrs only.

Stock will not break 88——————we see Nonstop BIG BLAST upto 110+ level very soon.

More Stocks ,More News to our Subscribers.

Updated at 9:09/03rd Sept/Baroda


NF-ICON-ASRYou have an edge if the trades you take over a statistically relevant period of time have a net positive expectancy. In other words… How you trade needs to make money over weeks, months and years. Your indicator diarrhea based, extensively back-tested blah-blah-blah is of no use if the execution is appalling. Does how you execute, manage and evolve as a trader net you profit over time?

Hand wringing about how you detail or characterise your ‘edge’ is pretty much a waste of time because all you need to know is whether you have one or not. To do this all you can do is look at your results.

If you make money then you have an edge. It is likely that this is the result of a ridiculous amount of study, losses, perseverance, pain, irritation, despair etc. then at some point this becomes familiarity, belief, success, euphoria, process orientation and ultimately boredom.You should then be able to show/teach another person how you trade. You really know how to do something when you can teach it to someone else so clearly they can pass it on successfully to a third party you’ve never met.At this point the student/teacher process breaks partly due to issues around risk but mainly because of the third leg of the stool…

4tinkLast Close : 8121 level.


Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Future

From Last 3 Days ,We are writing :


8101 & 8162 are Hurdles 

Now Crossover and close above 8162 ,Next Target : 8250—8280 is possible in this month.

7750—————7680 as Major Support or ROCK SUPPORT !


Triangle Target :8238 level.

Inverse Head & Shoulder Target : 8190 level.

REDALERTFrom this level of  8121………………Rally of Another 70 to 120 point is left 

12th Session -Will see Unexpected level.


Today’s Hurdle & Target ………………….8155-8163 level.

Once crosses 8163 level with volumes and stays above for 15-20 minutes ,Nonstop Rally upto  8193 is possible.

101% More Details to our Subscribers.


Indicating……………Be Cautious at Higher levels (Short Term Top and Sharp Intraday Fall +2 to 3 Days sharp correction will happen )

Intraday Reversal Point and Support levels ………….to our Subscribers


Last Thursday ,We told our Subscribers :Buy 8100——-8200———-8300 call & RELAX

Buy 7600 Put.

Now From Last 2 sessions ,We are buying 8000 PUT -Bought at 78-71-59…..Will add more in panic upto 8200-8240 level too.

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:28/03rd Sept/Baroda/Indiabulll

Portfolio Credit Risk Situation of Major Banks in India


Steel and power companies want the list of 46 coal blocks that may be offered a safe cover from the outright cancellation of leases to be expanded.

The government had sought a reprieve from the Supreme Court for these 46 blocks and had also asked the power and steel companies who own these blocks to come up with status reports on these blocks.

Representatives of these companies now want the list of coal blocks to be expanded to include those that have received stage-two environmental clearance and are merely awaiting a final mining licence. The number of such blocks could run up to another two dozen, estimate analysts.

The companies are likely to request this while responding to a letter from the coal ministry asking them to file status reports which would be submitted before the Supreme court.

A total of 218 mining blocks had been allotted to companies which were the end users of coal.

The Supreme Court, in its August 25 judgment, had declared all the 218 coal blocks allotted since 1993 as illegal. However, the court had reserved orders on what was to be done about them. >> Read More


With a rise in non-performing assets exerting pressure on their profitability, Indian banks’ capital adequacy ratio (CAR) has fallen in the aftermath of the global economic slowdown of 2008 — to 13 per cent as of March 2014 from 13.88 per cent a year earlier, according to data compiled by the Reserve Bank of India. The ratio — a measure of banks’  capital to their risk — was 13.01 per cent as of March 2008.

Public-sector banks have been the worst hit, with their average capital adequacy ratio falling to 10.67 per cent as of the quarter ended June, compared with 11.18 per cent in March.

The situation is worrisome, as bad loans continue to mount amid a slowing economy, where interest rates have stayed elevated. Gross non-performing assets (NPAs) of public-sector banks increased to 4.1 per cent as of the end of March from 3.6 per cent a year ago. Their net NPA as a proportion of net advances were 2.2 per cent, compared with 1.7 per during the same period a year earlier.

“The obvious choice would be getting rid of the NPAs, which necessitate steep provisioning and prevent new credit growth. But that has not been easy. If the excess statutory liquidity ratio (SLR) — the amount commercial banks are required to maintain in the form of gold or government bonds — is converted into loans as business picks up, the risk weights will further shift from government securities to corporate bonds, making the capital adequacy ratio look even worse,” said Shinjini Kumar, leader for banking and capital markets at PricewaterhouseCoopers India.

>> Read More

Shanghai Composite-ASR-


On 15th June ,We had written this :

Yes ,From 2070 to 2267 level…………………..Our Triangle Target is 2309 level.

Power of chart ,Nothing else.Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA


Further evidence just emerged to confirm that China’s economy experienced a broad slowdown in late summer.

The state-sponsored non-manufacturing index rose slightly from 54.2 in July to 54.4, but that’s the second-lowest reading in seven months.

Any level above 50 indicates growth, but the forward-looking new orders component fell from 50.7 to 50.0, pointing to stagnation.

The index is a purchasing managers’ index compiled by surveying about executives at about 1,200 industries in China.

Its cousin survey tracking the manufacturing survey already fell to a reading of 51.1 last month, slightly missing forecasts.

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