Last Close :18758.75


After Hitting low of  17600……………………..We had Boldly Told :Targets of 17932—18015 level.

There after Our Targets were :18347————————-18596—–18679 level.

Now ,U Don’t Read Carefully & Then u say not able to Mint Money ,It’s not our Baby !

Now -What to expect

Above 18679 level…………..Our Target is 18928—19011 level 

101% More Details ,Intraday levels to our Subscribers


Hurdle and Target :1157———————————-1164 level.

Now ,Crossover and stays above 1164 will create more FIREWORK !


All Eyes on 257 level…………………………….

Crossover with volumes and stays above for 10 minutes ,Catch it !

Target :266——269 in hrs only………!!

(Investors Can Buy this stock in Every Decline ,Hold for 5 Years or Upto Next General Election and see What happens ? )


Watch :745 level…………………………Once crosses Catch for QUICK GAINS.

Target :751 level.There after UNEXPECTED BLAST will start.

101% More Details to our Subscriber ,Updated at 8:52/23rd Dec/Baroda



No matter what the prediction may be, so long as the EXPECTATIONS for the prediction are based in reality, there is nothing inherently wrong with making a prediction. As long as a trader accepts a 30% win rate, for example, and makes allowances accordingly, there is nothing wrong with taking such a trade. The same is true for trades with 50/50 odds, as long as the trader properly predicts, expects, and is prepared for 50% failures; which is why it is possible to flip a coin and still be successful. 


*4 Days Back…………..Boldly Told :Buy Between 8050-8000 level in TONS

*Told To Buy 8100-8200 Call & Relax ,Then Told to Buy 8300 Call !

*Our Targets we were writing were :8173—-8214 & there after Mentioned :8338—-8379 level.

Always Remember :


Critics ,Jokers ,Lazy Persons ,Those Who Comment +Waste Time on Social Sites +TV Watchers….Never Earn Money From Trading.

Irony of Life is -Those who trade in 1 lot or Don’t have Money in Bank………They too COMMENT !

Now -What to expect



Yesterday Mentioned :Above 8269 level it will zoom to kiss 8298 & then we had written between 8298-8320 …Can go short !

Those who Trade with eyes open :Never Shout……….From 8050 to 8300…in 4 sessions (U can take Risk of 20-30 points )

Today ,Watch  8349 & 8379 as Hurdles.


Yes ,Traders ……………Just watch this level very Carefully !!

If crosses with volumes and stays above for 15-20 minutes ,Intraday Rally upto 8413-8420 is possible.

101% Will Update More to our Subscribers During Trading hours


Two Consecutive close above 8379 level……………..Next Target :8458—8473 is possible !!

Now ,A Million $ Question………Will it Break 8250 First or Will kiss and Cross 8500 ??

Intraday Trading levels ,Reversal Points to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:21/23rd Dec/Baroda/India

Power to all, and how

23 December 2014 - 7:32 am

Earlier this month, energy minister Piyush Goyal announced that the proposed amendments to the Electricity Act, 2003, will allow consumers to exercise their choice to select the electricity supplier. This will boost competition, resulting in lower prices and better service. In technical term, this is called open access.

International experience in open access has been very encouraging. During the last decade, electricity prices in the UK fell by over 30 per cent and similar trends were visible in the US and Europe. In these countries domestic consumers do have choices, and they do exercise it. Electricity Act 2003 does not allow open access for consumers above one megawatt, and now the proposal is to bring down this limit, thus opening the retail power sector to competition.

Another critical amendment will be to separate carriage and content, i.e. distribution will be done by multiple players, while the carriage — the line infrastructure will belong to a different operator whose job will be just to transmit power for different suppliers through the same wire network. In its Competition & Regulation in India, 2007 report, CUTS (Centre for Competition, Investment & Regulation) had advocated such a step on the argument that in the mobile telephony sector all towers are independent entities which are used by different operators to reach out to their consumers.

Reform is a slow and often uphill task. The basic idea behind reforms initiated in 1991 was to convert the traditionally monopolistic system into a competitive and market oriented one. Further, in 1998-99 restructuring of state electricity boards was also introduced with the objective of ensuring competition, transparency and accountability in various segments of power industry and promoting greater efficiency by streamlining operations of distribution, transmission, generation and trading. >> Read More


North Korea cut from the internet

23 December 2014 - 6:40 am

North Korea’s links to the internet, already minimal compared to other countries of its size, were cut completely on Monday in the aftermath of claims by the US that the country had been behind an embarrassing cyber attack against Sony.

The severing of connections was widely seen as retaliation for the Sony hack, in which employee and company details were dumped online before the hackers threatened terrorist attacks against cinemas that screened The Interview , a satirical film depicting the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, forcing Sony to withdraw the film.

The FBI announced on Friday that it believed North Korea was behind the cyber attack against Sony and warned that it would impose “costs and consequences” on those responsible.

However, the White House refused to comment on whether or not the US had been behind the internet outage in North Korea.

Internet security experts said it was impossible to tell what had caused the failure, partly because of the sparse nature of the connections that normally link North Korea to the wider online world. >> Read More


S&P also still sees the first rate hike in June 2015, and says the Fed Funds rate can go as high as 1.25% by 2015 end.

This corresponds with the Fed’s own projection which had the range of Fed Funds between 1.000 and 1.25% (or 1.125% for the average of the low to high range)


The six-month rout in oil prices is casting a pall over the credit ratings of energy companies BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Total, agency Standard & Poor’s warned on Monday.

The almost 50 per cent decline in crude since the end of June has reverberated through financial markets, precipitated an economic crisis in Russia and has forced oil producers to scale back their ambitions.

The rating agency said:

We have revised to negative our outlooks on three oil majors, while affirming the credit ratings on these companies to reflect that we will further evaluate management’s actions in reducing negative free cash flow by cutting costs and gradually reducing capital expenditures (capex).

BP had its outlook cut to negative from stable.

Royal Dutch Shell had its outlook reduced to negative

Total also had its outlook trimmed to negative >> Read More



Above is Daily Chart of GOLD SPOT

Below $ 1186 level……………………………….Our Target is 1169—–1163 level.

Now ,Trading at $ 1175 level.

Yes ,Details +Levels for MCX-GOLD known to our Subscribers ,Updated at 6:10/23rd Dec/Baroda/India


Yes ,101% it should cross and close above 864 level.

If this happens………………..will take to 959———991 level very soon.

We Personally Think ,This is just Dead Cat Bounce ….Nothing else.


Above is Daily Chart of Bovespa ,All Eyes on 50347 level.

Decisive Crossover and close above 50347 for 2 Consecutive Days will take to 50886—–51066 level !!

More to our Subscribers ,Updated at 5:52/23rd Dec/Baroda/India

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