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Catch Up On The Latest Chinese News With These Seven Bullets

With China offline for the next seven days as its celebrates its Lunar New Year, here are 7 bullets from Evercore ISI to get everyone up to speed on the latest developments in the world’s most troubled “growth” economy.

Evercore ISI China Weekly Summary

No one can remember (and we can’t think up) more than 7 bullets on anything.  Here, this week’s top China 7.

  • Lunar New Year, Feb 7 – 13.  All markets, business and gov’t closed the entire week.  There will be little news.  All on vacation; many headed home.  Jan-Feb data are always fouled up.    
  • Beijing says 6.5 – 7.0% is the 2016 Real GDP growth target.  In China — targets ‘set’ are targets ‘met.’  But actual economic growth this rapid — implausible to us.     
  • We have seen a giant rise recently in cheerleading stories in China’s media by many officials – claiming all is OK in the economy, finance and currency.  This is jawboning up confidence.  Not convincing to anyone.      
  • China’s domestic equity markets remain broken.  Friday close 2763 — down 21.9% YTD; down 46.5% since Jun 2015 peak of (5166).  The State is in charge; not investors.            
  • The Chinese citizenry can’t find enough attractive destinations for their savings.  So, creative new instruments are arriving just in time to fill the vacuum in an environment of — doubtful regulation, unsophisticated investors, a weak economy and a leadership elite with little ‘appreciation of’ or ‘experience with’ market forces.   
  • CNY is still on a downward path, albeit with interruptions.  We are using 6.80/USD year-end 2016; now 6.53/USD.  Forex Reserves Jan, down $99 bln, vs. Dec, down $108 bln.  We are not alarmed.        
  • New housing stimulus this last week.  A five percentage point reduction in minimum down-payment for both first home and second home buyers.  Small help.  



Last Close : 5630

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LUPIN-Rally upto 1862-1878 if happens…Sell Sell !Grab Godrej Industries -Big move upto 366-375-390 on card.



Decisive Crossover with volumes above 1823 (Friday’s high ) will take to 1862–1878 level.

101% Sell more at 1870……………….Stop of 1903 in TONS TONS TONS !!!!!

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Above 355 level ………….Don’t miss it !!!!

Target :362—————–366 & there after will BLAST upto 375+++

In PANIC ,BUY and Hold Tight for 24-48 hrs.

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An Update :JSW Steel :Above 1051…Target 1091-1131.Big Trap Game only.Sell on rise.



Above 1051 level………………….if stays with volumes ,RALLY will continue upto 1081–1091 level.

& There after 1121–1131 is possible. (Yes TRAP Rally only )

Not Today…in next 1-2 days………..Rally will get over :Insiders +CC w+Fiis will again sell heavily.


Not Broken 215 on Thursday ………….Not broken on Friday !

Trade with eyes open and never shout.

FRESH Buying if crosses 241 with volumes and stays above …….Target :249-252

Yes ,Again TRAP Game.

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BANK NIFTY-Above Friday’s High…Target 15453-15607 ,In PANIC..Buy !Above 133-Catch Union Bank.Above 213.50-ICICI


Most people (and funds) who try to trade will not be successful, and I believe this is because most of them are simply trying to do things that do not work. Taking a good, hard look at your tools, methods, and approach can be scary, but there is no other way to find enduring success in the market. 

Last Close : 15226

Yes ,Above Friday’s High if crosses (15269 )with volumes and stays above :

Rally upto 15402——————15453 & there after more firework not ruled out.

Support at 15149————15119 ,Break will take to 15029 level.

(In PAnIC ………….Will Buy )



All Eyes on 133 level……………..Nothing else.

Decisive Crossover with volumes in Future if happens :Nonstop BLAST upto 142-145+ in hrs only.


All Eyes on 170 level…………………Nothing else.

Decisive Crossover with volumes and sustain for 15 minutes will take to 175-177+++


Above 694………….No worry @ all.

Target :708————————-713++++ or more in hrs !In PANIC ,BUY BUY BUY !!


All Eyes on 213.50…………….Yes once crosses with volumes and stays for 10-15 minutes.

Watch DHAMAKA upto 222—224.50++

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Trading Strategy For 08th Feb’16.Friday’s High Crucial.Below 7482…Intraday PANIC…!


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Last Close : 7519

Above Friday’s High ( 7529 )if crosses and stays with volumes……………………watch Rally upto 7549-7563 level !!

Yes ,All Eyes on 7563 level :Crossover and close will create another PANIC BUYING.

Now SGX NIFTY AT 7475 ( -32 POINTS )

Below 7482 level if sustains for 15-20 minutes (Intraday PANIC upto 7453—7444 is possible.

10th Trading session -Watch Unexpected level.

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Indian Revenue Service website hacked by suspected Pakistan-based groups

Suspected Pakistan-based groups have hacked the official website of the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) belonging to the income tax (I-T) department.

Officials said the website—irsofficersonline.gov.in—was hacked early on Saturday and it has been rendered inaccessible since then.

They said messages were posted on the link such as “Pakistan Zindabad” and “we are team Pak cyber attacker”.

The website, which acts as an official communicator for official work between the Central Board of Direct Taxes and the I-T department’s field offices in the country, has put up a message saying, “We’ll be back soon! Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re performing some maintenance at the moment.”

The technical team handling the website has sent a report in this regard to the Computer Emergency Response Team of India, which is the nodal agency to combat hacking, phishing and to fortify defences of the Indian Internet domain.

Officials said a security audit is being undertaken of the website, adding no sensitive or secret information was uploaded on the universal resource locator of the IRS community working in the I-T department.