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Thought For A Day

31 March 2015 - 0:02 am

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60 Minutes: Killing Cancer

30 March 2015 - 23:22 pm


Five Indian military transport planes being modernized by the Antonov aircraft company in Ukraine have vanished, defense industry publication Defense News reported, citing an Indian air force official.

“These five aircraft are almost lost, as it is difficult to trace them and diplomatic efforts to find their whereabouts have failed,” the official told Defense News.

The upgrades were part of a $400 million deal, signed in 2009, to modernize over 100 of India’s aging Antonov An-32 military transports. 40 of the planes were delivered to Ukraine for the project, while 64 were to be modernized in India under supervision from Ukrainian engineers.

A diplomat from Ukraine’s embassy in New Delhi said the Ukrainian government could not assist in locating the planes and that the Indian air force would have to resolve the issue with Antonov, Defense News reported.

Antonov did not respond to a request for confirmation that the five planes are missing or unaccounted for. The other 35 aircraft have been sent back to India.

Work on modernizing the An-32s in India has also come to a halt due to the conflict in Ukraine, where Russia-backed separatists have declared independent states. Amid the crisis, Ukrainian engineers have returned home and Antonov has ceased shipments of spare parts to India.


Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has admitted his country’s relations with Germany over its latest bailout have declined into a state of “open hostility.”
Writing in the business newspaper Handelsblatt, Varoufakis said: “This toxic game of Schwarzer Peter [a card game] only benefits Europe’s enemies. It has to stop.”

Greece came in for further criticism this weekend, when it emerged that the Greek Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis is to fly to Moscow on March 30 to negotiate lower gas prices for his country and find ways of increasing Greek exports to the Russian Federation, despite the EU sanctions over Ukraine.


Meanwhile, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is expected to travel to Moscow next week to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in a move that has left German politicians apoplectic with rage with the chairman of the Bundestag [German parliament] European Committee Gunther Krichbaum accusing Greece of “frittering away valuable time and trust”. He added:

“Instead of asking for help from his comrades in Russia, Prime Minister Tsipras should finally put forward concrete and dependable reform proposals.”
Very Risky Strategy
“Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is carrying out a very risky strategy,” Manfred Weber, the leader of the conservative EPP group in the European Parliament, told Der Spiegel. >> Read More


People in the United States feel under threat, both from beyond our borders and within them and as Reuters reports, when asked about both U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin, it was a pretty darn close call. A new Reuters/Ipsos poll finds a third of Republicans believe President Barack Obama poses an imminent threat to the United States, outranking concerns about Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The blame, according to one sociologist, “the TV media here, and American politics, very much trade on fears.”

On the bright side for the Administration, ISIS and Al Qaeda still outrank him as more imminent threats… so that’s good (considering he is a Nobel Peace Prize winner). 

A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll asked more than 3,000 Americans what they see as some of the biggest threats to themselves and the country. Overall it was close – 20% saw Putin as an imminent threat compared to 18% who said the same about Obama.  >> Read More


The Reserve Bank of India on Monday relaxed provisioning rules against bad loans by allowing banks to set aside up to 50 per cent of floating provisions, up from 33 per cent earlier.

Countercyclical provisioning buffers and floating provisions broadly refer to the specific amount that banks need to set aside in good times above the mandatory provisioning requirement as prescribed by RBI; these are used only in contingencies or extraordinary times of economic or system-wide downturns. Banks have started building such reserves since 2010.

The new relaxation will be applicable for floating provisions held by them as of the end of December 2014.

“It has now been decided, as a counter cyclical measure, to allow banks to utilise up to 50 per cent of countercyclical provisioning buffer/floating provisions held by them as at the end of December 31, 2014, for making specific provisions for non-performing assets, as per the policy approved by their Board of Directors,” RBI said in a statement.

In February 2014, RBI had allowed to utilise up to 33 per cent of countercyclical provisioning buffer/floating provisions held by them as on March 31, 2013.

Mounting bad loans have been a concern for the RBI and this relaxation may help banks provide for such loans thereby reducing the hit banks may face on their profitability due to the bad loans.

“The utilisation of countercyclical provisioning buffer/floating provisions under this measure would be over and above the utilisation of countercyclical provisioning buffer/floating provisions as permitted,” the statement by RBI added.


Telecom operators like Vodafone, Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications, Idea Cellular are expected to gradually increase rates to recover Rs 1.1 lakh crore they bid for spectrum in the auction that concluded last week, Moody’s said today.

“This high cost is credit negative for the country’s telecom operators because it will increase their debt and costs and reduce their ability to fund future expansion,” said the global credit rating agency.

“Although we expect that the companies will raise tariffs in an effort to recover their spectrum costs, we believe the increases will be gradual, leaving the companies’ debt levels bloated for some time,” Moody’s said in its March 30 issue.

Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, however, had said recently that as per an analysis shared with him by an expert, “the yearly load on telecom operators is going to be about Rs 5,300 crore…and 1.3 paise per minute call”.

Moodys also said that the growing demand for 3G data services will continue to drive companies’ spectrum cost recovery and it expects operators to maintain rational pricing, rather than cutting prices in an effort to increase volumes quickly. >> Read More


As the deadline for Iran nuclear talks looms, the possibility of a deal which in some way lifts crude export sanctions is starting to be realized. As we warned 2 weeks ago, despite all the rhetoric, a confluence of political factors makes a deal highly likely at this point; and as The Telegraph reports, Iran is a sleeping oil giant holding 9% of the world’s proven oil reserves and with an estimated 2m barrels per day of excess supply already sloshing around international markets, any significant increase in Iranian output could easily trigger a further rout in prices. While OPEC may well clamp down on this in June, as The Telegraph concludes, by then a barrel of oil may already be selling for $20.

Crude rejects Yemen premium and starts pricing in the supply from an Iran deal…

Firstly, the USA has a stated policy of pivoting from the Middle East and Europe toward Asia. There are a number of reasons for this, but the major one is that the rebalancing of China is likely to be a fraught affair and nobody can forsee the outcome. As such, the USA would prefer a balance of power stabilising the Middle East, of which Iran and Iraq form an important part.


Second, a number of traditional Middle Eastern alliances such as have been frayed in recent years due to certain conflicts and clashes on a leadership basis. This is not to say that Iran, who are leading the fight against ISIS, are a prospective ally, but they may no longer be part of a defined Axis of Terror.


Third, President Obama is a final term President looking for some final wins. The recent letter from 47 letters in which they claimed to have the power to rewind any Iran deal ironically highlighted his ability to push through a deal if he chose on the response, with a range of parties, from Iranian lead negotiator Zarif to US government officials pointing out that any agreement would be bilateral and binding and that Obama has the power to put this in place. This has been our view for some time as the persistence of multilateral agreements, particularly those likely endorsed by the UN security council is huge, with sanctions also only working if one has assistance from a wide range of parties. Any future US leader could theoretically renege on the agreement, but this is something almost unprecedented and with minimal upside given the agreement will have clauses in case Iran steps out of line.

>> Read More

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30 March 2015 - 19:48 pm


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