On 1st Oct ,We had written this about USDJPY

Just see it kissed High of 110.688 level………………

What else u want in life ?

Mint Millions from all corners !


In a surprise move given all the recent congratulatory bullshit from Abe and Kuroda on breaking the back of Japan’s deflation and bring about recovery (forgetting to mention record high misery index, surging bankruptcies and a crushed consumer), the Bank of Japan (by a 5-4 vote) raised its bond-buying program from JPY 70 trillion to 80 trillion… and increases its ETF buying to JPY 3 trillion. This move, on the heels of more confirmation of broader foreign asset purchases in Japan’s GPIF sent USDJPY instantly gapping 1 big figure higher to 110.30 and Nikkei futures instantly rose 400 points. S&P futures are also surging. Gold and silver are tanking and TSY bonds are selling off.


BoJ Statement >> Read More




Risk-taking: Never test the depth of the river with both feet.

Nifty Future-Above 8096 zoomed to 8167 in hrs.In 3 sessions From 8010 to 8167 -Up by 157 points !

Last Close : 8166.60 ( Oct )

November close :8198 ,Now SGX Nifty at 8245  ( plus 53 points )

Now -What to expect


Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Future ,Already 3 Gaps…………………………………….on CHART !

NF-WEEEKLYAbove is Weekly Chart of Nifty Future

Rising CHANNEL………………..Indicates will it zoom to kiss 8500-8550+ level in November ?


110% Be Cautious………………………………………..!

Today it will form 4th Gap on chart ,In last 15-20 years it had happened 1-2 times only and that too in Individual stocks only

Short Term Traders ,Be Cautious !!

Again U Can’t do anything :SGX Nifty is up by  50 points………….So will u jump & Buy ?

Including Today’s session…………In just 10 days NF is up by 493 points at this moment !!


Above  8236 LEVEL if stays for 20 minutes with volumes 

Then Think to buy Fresh :With Target of  8287—————8312——————–8340 level !!

101% Be Cautious ,Today it will form 4th Gap on chart ,99.999999% will not sustain till it fills gap or kisses high of yesterday during day ( 8172 )

Or Manipulation will make low of 8172 in morning opening bell can happen !


If Nifty Future Opens at 8240——–8250 level ( Keep a stop of 8287——-8312 ,Go short )

101% ……………Buy 8200 Put if opens around 8250+ ,We say Buy 8250 put too and Mint fast money

101% More Details ,Intraday levels ….to our Susbscribers 

Updated at 8:36/31st Oct/Baroda


Sensex -Nifty Moving Up Up Up

On 30th November 2012 ,We had written this about Nifty Future

Yes ,By April 2015 should cross 10000+ ( should kiss 10444 level )….Written on 30th November ,Yes still intact with this level.Now just 2200 points away !

Yes ,Chart still Indicating long term Bullishness.Forget Economy ,Growth ,Fundamentals ,Government……………We Don’t care @ all.

What Matters in India :Only FII Money (Either it is black or white ……….Nobody will dare to question )

Either money been rerouted from India to X country and coming back …………..(Nobody will dare to check in India )


In Next 6 Months or 1 Year ………..Time will come only 4-5 Entity will hold 100% Share holding of all blue chips !

Yes ,Many Companies allowing 50% stake to FIIs  ( 1 )

Then 35-40% will be with Indian Promoters (2 )…………….Biggest Manipulators 

5-7% Stake with Mutual Funds (3 )………….These people are Close to Company Management +Mutual Funds owned by Corporate Houses 

2-3% Stake with General people (It will be wiped out soon )…………….All will be eaten by Fiis or Company people itself !

Now 4-5 entity will have control over Big companies (What profit to be shown ,What dividend to be given ,What happening in company ,What guidance to be given will be known to 3-5 entity )


Don’t use Your Brain & Don’t Read Fundamentals or Growth story of Economy

30 Sensex Stocks or BSE 200 Stocks or 50 Nifty Stocks…………..Blue chips of India (Now in control of FIIs + Corporate houses )

Another 100-200 Midcap stocks (Already maximum are up by 100-200-300% in last 6 months ).Insiders +Company people playing game !

So Opportunity for Individual Investors in India :To Invest in stocks limited to maximum 200 stocks ( Nobody will dare to touch high price stocks and Nobody having Money too )

Where People still look for Discounts……………….Will not Invest in stocks.


Traders Trying to Trade Everyday-Trying to Mint Money 

But Biggest Problem is :Only u can trade in FO Segment………………..No other choice 

Any FO Stocks ( 110% Controlled by Company people + Fiis + Data been leaked everyday……………….So people trying hard ,But 90% or more Traders losing money )

Because :What will be the result ,What is the sale figure every month ,What is the News………..Everything known to Insiders

At India level we see not more then 1 Million Trader exist at this moment ( THIS on Higher side we are writing )

All volumes u seen in FO Segment ( 90% or more done by Fiis +Funds +Corporate houses only )

Everything is calculated ,Either somebody sells big qty or buy big qty in FO Segment or what is the position is known to few people sitting at Mumbai !

Think it over ,But still u can Mint Money Everyday if u trade with eyes open +Look at Chart +Look at Price movement 

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA



P-Notes are mostly used by overseas HNIs (High Networth Individuals), hedge funds and other foreign institutions, to invest in Indian markets through registered Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs), while saving on time and costs associated with direct registration.

According to the data released by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the total value of P-Note investments in Indian markets (equity, debt and derivatives) increased from Rs 2,11,499 crore in August to Rs 2,22,394 crore at the end of September.

This has reached highest level since June, when the cumulative value of such investments stood at Rs 2,24,248 crore.



Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly confirmed he is gay in an opinion piece published Thursday, making him the highest-profile chief executive to come out.

In an essay published by Bloomberg Businessweekadvocating for human rights and equality, Cook says he was inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King to set aside his desire for privacy to do something “more important.”

“While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven’t publicly acknowledged it either, until now,” writes Cook. “So let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.”

Cook becomes the first openly gay CEO of a Fortune 500 company, according to gays rights group Human Rights Campaign, who applauded the Apple chief’s essay.

“Tim Cook’s announcement today will save countless lives,” says HRC President Chad Griffin. “He has always been a role model, but today millions across the globe will draw inspiration from a different aspect of his life.” >> Read More

Russia and Ukraine reach gas deal

31 October 2014 - 6:29 am

Russia has secured an 11th-hour deal to resume gas exports to Ukraine, allaying concerns that Europe would face an energy crisis this winter.

Moscow severed gas exports to Kiev in June amid a payment dispute that has been overshadowed by a conflict between Ukraine’s army and pro-Russian militias in the east of the country.

For months, EU-mediated negotiations to restart gas flows have made no progress and European diplomats viewed the end of October as a deadline for a deal. With temperatures in Kiev dropping below freezing, fears have grown that a supply crunch in Ukraine would disrupt energy exports to the rest of Europe.

But after 30 hours of negotiations in Brussels, Moscow signed a deal with Kiev to guarantee supplies until March. “There is now no reason for people in Europe to stay cold this winter,” said José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission.

According to the terms of the accord, Kiev will make prepayments of $1.5bn for 4bn cubic metres over the winter. It will also pay off $3.1bn of debt owed to Gazprom, Russia’s gas export monopoly. >> Read More

Stocks jumped Thursday as investors weighed the offsetting impact of less stimulus from the Federal Reserve with fresh signs the economy is growing stronger.

The Dow Jones industrial average added 221.11 points, 1.3%, to 17,195.42. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index rose 12.35 points, 0.6%, to end at 1994.65, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq composite finished up 16.91 points, 0.4%, to close at 4566.14.

The Dow’s upward momentum was thanks largely to component stock Visa. Shares of (V) surged 10.2% to close at $236.65, following its better-than-expected quarterly earnings report.

The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note held steady at 2.31% and the price of crude oil fell $1.15, 1.4%, to finish at $81.06 a barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Wall Street is still trying to gauge how the economy will fare going forward after the Federal Reserve on Wednesday officially ended its market-friendly bond-buying program, known as quantitative easing. So-called QE, which was designed to boost growth by making borrowing costs cheaper for consumers, home buyers and businesses, has been cited as a major driver of the bull market in stocks the past five years. >> Read More


Bad loans at China’s biggest banks rose at the fastest pace in at least seven years during the third quarter as a slowing economy squeezed corporate borrowers. Analysts said the fall in asset quality was manageable.

Industrial & Commercial Bank of China and China Construction Bank, the country’s two biggest banks by assets, reported their biggest quarterly jump in bad loans in at least seven years, with rises of 9 and 10 per cent respectively.

Analysts warned against misinterpreting the rise at the two banks. “The market might be over-concerned with ICBC and CCB’s nonperforming loans,” said Dorris Chen, China financial institutions analyst at Standard Chartered. “NPLs rose because these banks are reluctant to sell them to distressed asset managers. It doesn’t indicate a bigger underlying problem with asset quality.”

Data from the central bank this week showed that lenders have trimmed their exposure to China’s troubled property sector. Loans to home buyers and developers fell 5 per cent in the third quarter from the same period a year earlier. >> Read More

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