From LAST 3 Days we were writing to watch 7841 level ,Not crossed & CRASHED !!

Today ,Morning………..We had Mentioned :7717 is Major Support or Last Hope.

Kissed low of 7722.70

Now Trading at 7737 level.


Break with volumes +Closes below 7717 will take NF to  7643—-7619 level.

(If this happens means HLL ,LT ………Results will come WORST ? )

Not Breaking Low of 7722.70 ………………Then Hurdle at at  7752–7759

Crossover will take to 7789 level is possible.

More Details to our Subscribers ,UPdated at 13:49/28thJuly/Baroda

As Expected

ARVIND ,IRB ,CEMENT Stocks  are melting like ICE

Go hard like Vladimir Putin-VIDEO

28 July 2014 - 13:00 pm


The Spanish lender that became emblematic of the country’s banking crisis has reported that net profit rose by 48 per cent in the first half of the year to €431m.

The first-half profit outpaced the €393m mean estimate of nine analysts polled by Bloomberg and feeds optimism that Spain’s battered banking industry is continuing to recover after bringing the country to the brink of a full-blown eurozone bailout just a few years ago.

Perhaps most importantly, the clean-up of the bank’s balance sheet is progressing. The total volume of non-performing loans fell €1.4bn in the first half of the year to €18.6bn (or about 14 per cent of its total loan portfolio) and the coverage ratio nudged up to 58.9 per cent, from 56.5 per cent at the end of last year.

Second-quarter net profit of €245m was 56.1 per cent higher than the same period last year, thanks to a lift in its net interest income and a slight decline in its provisioning. Bankia also highlighted an extra €3.9bn of deposits in the first half of the year.


Above is Weekly Chart of NIKKEI

  • +71.53
  • open 15426.98
  • high 15556.62
  • low 15426.98
  • USDJPY 101.81


Buy HUL ,690 Call at 2.50 !

Yes…………………….Let’s see What Happens once result is out !!

Technically ,Above 659 level………..We are Very Bullish ,Stop will be 650

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 11:42/28th July/Baroda

China’s Storm: 2016

28 July 2014 - 11:17 am

There never seems to be a day that goes by without someone predicting that China is going to go down the Yangtze and end up some creek without a paddle. There never seems to be a day that goes by without, whatever the results from the Middle Kingdom might show, someone somewhere predicting the imminent failure ,and the West’s (read: the USA’s) revival and rebirth from the flames of financial catastrophe. Why is it that human nature in the West makes us want the ones over there to fail and for us to succeed? Wouldn’t it be possible to succeed because they are also doing pretty well?

It’s the PNC Financial Services Group that is now talking of a ‘prefect storm’ brewing in the midst of theChinese and ready to unfurl its wrath in 2016. Even Nostradamus would have had a harder time predicting what the financiers think they can get right, wouldn’t he? So will it be the ‘perfect storm’ or just another storm in a teacup as usual. All wind and no sails. China was predicted for decades to be ready to overrun the world. But, it didn’t quite happen the way people said. President De Gaulle of France said that China would be the only thing that united Europe. Little did he know that it would be Europe that would disunite Europe. China has now been predicted to fail dismally, to suffer from corruptive measures and to sink into the abysses of the darkest recesses of the economy because it has a housing bubble. Diverting the focus of attention from our own backyard is always good for the masses. The sheeple prefer that, don’t they? Life is so simple. We are good. The Chinese are bad and so doomed to failure. >> Read More


Short Term Looking FIERY ???

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