Some big moves in Big Oil. Big Chinese Oil, that is.

Shanghai-listed shares of PetroChina and Sinopec rose by their daily limit in trading on Monday.

Media reports have suggested that the Chinese government is considering merging some of its state-owned companies. There has already been open discussion about a merger between high-speed rail companies China CNR and CSR Corp.

Oil is seen as a sector ripe for consolidation given companies have been burdened by assets purchased before the slump in Brent Crude since the middle of last year.

Sinopec shares rose 10 per cent to a seven-year high of RmB8.56, and is the second consecutive session the shares have increased by the maximum allowed in a single session. The share price has doubled so far this year.

PetroChina, meanwhile, gained 10 per cent to reach a fresh six-year high of RmB14.65. They are up 35 per cent year-to-date.

ocFrom 12 Till 3:15………..One side movement in Market !

Yes ,Will Not short anything………………One Bounce is must !!

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The cost of a cabbage in Russia has almost tripled in less than six months.

The Russian staple — and a key ingredient in traditional dishes such as the famous shchi soup — leads the field among foods suffering from inflation because of huge ruble devaluation in 2014 and a Kremlin ban on food imports from the United States and European Union.

Cabbages now cost over 40 rubles (80 cents) a kilogram in most stores. Some stores have marked up the vegetable as much as 400 percent, according to analysts.

“The further from the harvest season the more expensive they become,” said Irina Kozy, the head of industry news agency FruitNews. “This year the price is much higher.”

Inflation, currently running at its highest rate in over a decade, has provoked some social discontent, undermining the rising living standards that have been a hallmark of President Vladimir Putin’s 15-year rule.

Import Achilles Heel

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Great Gamblers :Take Risk of Rs.8.50 

Yes ,Those who Minted Tons of Money……………..or Not -They To can take Risk of Rs.8.50

Buy 8500 Call of April @ 8.50…………………….Hold for 24-48 hrs

Yes ,Chances are Very BRIGHT :NF may not Break 8225-8200 & Spike upto …………X level !

Dead Cat Bounce is must ,Let’s see ……….Pure Gambling 


HSBC-BETS ON RUSSIAThe Hong Kong listed shares in one of the world’s biggest banks are up nearly 6 per cent, following a colourful few days for the lender.

Shares in HSBC listed on the Hang Seng rose as much as 5.8 per cent to HK$78.25 in early trading on Monday, putting them at a six month high. The rise is also the highest since 2011.

On Friday HSBC threatened to move its headquarters from the UK, while on Sunday, British newspaper the Sunday Times reported that HSBC may spin off its UK retail bank.

HSBC has been through a string of scandals in recent years, including Mexican money laundering, global sanctions breaches, insurance mis-selling, and foreign exchange manipulation.



Last Close : 1233 level.

Yes,If opens with Gap up…………………Sell !Sell Sell !!

It can Rally upto 1288——————————-1305 level.

Between 1270—1290 ,Sell it ………..Stoploss :1305 level.

Suppose crosses 1305 with volumes ,Next Target :1358


Any Rise ,Sell it…………and just need Patience !

Stock will Melt to kiss 1152————–1108 level very soon !


443———————————–448.50 are Hurdles.

Now ,Once crosses 448.50 with volumes and stays above for 15-20 minutes then ??

Rally upto 465———-470 not ruled out.

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Last Close :309.25

Decisive Break with volumes below 306 and stays for 15-20 minutes or more after result too 

Watch PANIC upto 286————————279 level very soon in hrs only.

Hurdles @ 318—322 level 

Now if crosses and stays above 322 with volumes for 15-20 minutes after result then watch Unexpected short covering.

Target :333—————————-337 level.

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Last Close : 3532

Hurdles at 3564——————————————-3586

Yes ,Before Result or After result :If u think u are having lion heart ,keep a stop of 3586 & go short around 3550-3560–3570

Crossover above 3586 with volumes and stays above after result is out with volumes ,Watch BLAST upto 3654—3676

On Rise ,SELL it…………………Very Soon ,Not Today But it looks stock will crash to kiss 3250 level.

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