An agreement over Greece’s eurozone future continued to elude European leaders as late night talks failed to bridge the gap between Athens’ Leftist government and its creditor partners.

Meeting until 1am in Riga, Germany’s Angela Merkel, Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras and France’s Francois Hollande were no closer to a breakthough over the bankrupt country’s fate.

Describing talks as “friendly” and “constructive”, Ms Merkel dashed hope that a deal could be struck between Europe’s heads of state, insisting that a “conclusion needs to be found with the three institutions and there needs to be very, very intensive work.”

Greece’s Syriza government has failed to extract any concessions from its international lenders after four months of fruitless talks.

Brussels is demanding Mr Tsipras back down over his government’s Leftist “red lines” on labour and pensions reform in order to secure its first release of bail-out cash since August 2014.

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First Financial Daily, a well-respected financial newspaper in China, had a damninginvestigative report on Hanergy Solar‘s (566.Hong Kong) parent Hanergy Group today. According to First Financial, since 2009, Hanergy Group has raised billions from bank loans, trusts and peer-to-peer lending in the name of funding solar projects. But many projects are stalled.

Hanergy Group sounds like it was hanging with the right crowd. Last January, it said that it has raised at least 20 billion yuan from reputable financiers such as the Minsheng Bank and Minsheng-affiliated Asia Financial Cooperation Association, and back in 2011, it raised 30 billion yuan from China Development Bank. But First Financial was unable to obtain details on these mega financing deals. Rather, Hanergy Group has been funding from small, regional banks, as well as trusts.Last October, Hanergy borrowed 200 million yuan from Minsheng in the form of a trust product. That trust had 4 tranches; the shortest tranche was only 3 months and charged an annualized 7% interest rate.

Why did Hanergy take out these expensive loans if it could have access to China Development Bank? And where did all of its money go? Is it cash squeezed? The newspaper asked.

First Financial’s reporters also went to the 9 solar project construction sites Hanergy operates and found that many sites were falling way behind the company’s own targets. Market cap of Hanergy has fallen USD 19 Bn, even as the HKSE stepped in to suspend the stock. By market cap, Hanergy is the world’s largest solar company. It is the Guggenheim Solar ETF‘s (TAN) largest component, with 12% weight.


Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has put Lodha  Developers International Ltd. among its top junk-bond bets, as Asian high-yield debt delivers the best returns in three years. The homebuilder’s 2020 notes, which at 12 percent carry the highest coupon of any active Indian offshore debt, were added by the New York-based bank to its 20 most-favored speculative-grade trades in the region, only the second addition from India after ICICI Bank Ltd.’s 2022 debentures in September. The country’s biggest real-estate company represents “good value” with an 11 percent yield given its leverage ratio and land costs, Goldman Sachs said May 19. 

The call is a fillip for Mumbai-based Lodha as the developer seeks funds for its foray into the U.K. market amid a housing slump at home. Fund managers bought 40 percent of 
 Lodha’s notes, while private banks took 26 percent. The developer is expanding overseas after home sales in India’s top six cities fell 8 percent in the three months to March 31 from a year ago, research firm Liases Foras estimates. 
“You’ll probably need strong conviction to buy at these yields, which are really where the private banks tend to come in,” said Kim Jinha, the head of global fixed income in Seoul at Mirae Asset Global Investments Ltd. “There could be catalysts for Lodha from India’s reform plans,” said Kim, who  doesn’t own the debt. 

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  • +61.54

  • open 20208.85
  • high 20278.31
  • low 20130.87
  • USDJPY  120.70

The Fed has all but guaranteed it won’t be raising interest rates in June.

 In some ways this was non-news. The markets had been expecting a potential rate hike to come in September if not later. Interestingly enough however, the bulls didn’t use this to gun the market higher. If anything the S&P 500 has been weak since this was revealed.

 Stocks have broken out of the wedge pattern they’ve been forming since November… but there’s been no follow through. And more and more it’s looking like a false breakout similar to the one that occurred in late February 2015.

 The bigger issues for investors concern currencies, most notably the Euro.

 For three years now we’ve been repeatedly told that the Greek situation was “fixed.” Those were lies. And those lies have resulted in a gross misallocation of capital both financial and political.

 From a macro perspective, anti-austerity/ anti-Euro political parties have seen a chance to capitalize on popular dissent. Simultaneously, pro-Euro groups have been forced deeper and deeper into the deception that somehow the Euro is a good thing for all involved. Distrust in politics and in the Euro is now higher than ever in Europe.

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