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We have long said that the task of active trading or active management comes down to managing risk: taking on the correct risks, the correct amount of those risks, at the correct time, and managing those risks appropriately. Though such a one line summary necessarily omits a lot of important detail, it really is about bringing the right risks into the portfolio (or trading book) at the right time, and being willing to do nothing for long stretches of time.


March Close : 8342.10

April Close : 8455.75

Difference of 113 points……………………..????

Now ,Today :What to Expect ?

101% Will Update More to our Subscribers

Hurdles @ 8491———–8511 ,Yes if Revives Keep a stop & Go short 



March Close : 17802

April Close : 18066

Difference of  264 points ??

Hurdle & Target @ 18149———————————-18259 

101% More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers

Stocks/Intraday levels & Many More  to our Subscribers

Updated at 8:33/27th March/Baroda




Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Index

Support Levels & Targets :8330———————————-8264 !!

Yes ,Break & close below 8264 level for 3 Consecutive Days will take to  8065———————–8000 level in panic !!

200 DMA @ 8160 


Above is Weekly Chart of NIFTY INDEX

Below 8469 level………………………..If stays ,Then Gates for 8252—-8180 

101% Looking More Weak ,On Rise …..Sell Sell Sell !!

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 7:41/27th March/Baroda

SILVER MCX -Crucial Update

26 March 2015 - 21:42 pm



Just Click this link  & See Power of chart :

Then our Another Call :Buy above 38089 level…………..With Target of  39156—–39512

In 24 hrs it zoooooooooomed to kiss 39090 level in hrs only.

Tons of Money Minted !

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Above is Daily CHART of GOLD SPOT

Mind Blowing Rally ,Tons of Money Minted by our MCX Subscribers

Now Gold Spot @  1205

Crucial Support at  $ 1200————————————-1195 level.

Yes ,Break with volumes and sustains below 1195 will create more panic.

Hurdles at $$ 1223—-1228 level.

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CRUDE MCX -Very Crucial Update

26 March 2015 - 20:50 pm


Today  After noon at 13:46 Hrs ,We had written this about CRUDE MCX

Once u will click and Read …………….U will see Power of chart !

LAXMANREKHA was at  3383 level ,Just see it kissed High of  3368 & CRASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHED !

Now @ 3175 level 

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Most traders who fail have large egos and can’t admit that they are wrong. Even those who are willing to admit that they are wrong early in their career can’t admit it later on. Also, some traders fail because they are too worried about losing.

Last Close :18327


This Week ,We were Writing BNF will MELT to kiss 

Our Down Targets were : 18480—————————-18339

Then Yesterday written :

Now in PANIC :Be Ready to see  18294——————–18141 level very soon !!

Just see ,Yesterday it kissed low of  18290 level 

bear-short sell

Had Eaten 2 RATE Cuts very easily.

Everything is Manipulative ,Don’t Trade on NEWS or Fundamentals in India.Biggest Manipulation is done by Corporate world only & Officially they Manipulate stocks !

now what to do

Will Update More to our Subscribers during trading hrs

Very soon BNF will Melt to kiss 18000———–17700 level !

Any Type of Rally for 1-3 Days ,Sell Sell SELL !!

As Expected

Complete Bloodbath in  PSU BANK STOCKS………………………!

Yes ,Look at SBI ,PNB ,OBC ,CANARA BANK ,BOI ,BOB…………………………..!!

100% Still looking weak ,On Rise ,Sell Sell Sell.


To Manipulate Bank Nifty :Rally in AXIS BANK ,ICICI Bank Can happen Today !

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:36/26th March/Baroda


Trading is continuous process, a transformative process, where the trader can change and be born anew. It involves courage, optimism and the discipline to succeed – and the intuition that trading does not have to be scorecard of self-evaluation when it can be 360 degree universe of self-realization.

Last Close :8535

Power of Chart -ASR

Told & Written : 8632 is Laxman REKHA……………..See not crossed and CRASHED Vertically !

*Yesterday too written on RISE ,SELL SELL SELL…………..!!

*Yesterday Our Targets were : 8530-8521 (Look it kissed low of  8522 )


Yes ,Now SGX NIFTY at 8481 ( -45 points ) ,It went to kiss  8462 level in panic !!


Above is Daily CHART of NIFTY FUTURE

Consider : 8498—8455 as Support levels.

Major Trendline Support at  8430 area 


Three Consecutive close below 8575 +Weekly close 

Next Target :8369————————————8301 level !

Today & Tomorrow if closes below 8575 level then ??

21st or 22nd Trading Session -Will see Unexpected level in Nifty Future

Today ,If Takes Reversal From 8548 OR 8530 LEVEL……………….Then ?

More Details to our Subscribers During Trading hrs ,Updated at 8:02/26th March/Barodacricket-



NICKEL-1In Afternoon Recommended to sell @ 869 level………………..!

Yes ,Strategy & Target  were with our Subscribers ,Yes ……….it crashed to 854 level in hrs only.

Mint Money 24×7 !



The temptation when a market is making new highs is to think it is too expensive and you missed it. The problem becomes that over time as the markets makes new highs, the dynamics above continue to play out until the very last person who ever thought they might buy a stock does. That is the last point at which you want to be buying.

Last Close :8573.25


Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Future

Yesterday’s Low Very Crucial -8548

Decisive Break with volumes will take to  8530————————————–8521 level in panic !


101% No Need to change levels @ all.

Hurdle @ 8615 &  LAXMANREKHA @ 8632

Yes ,Once crosses 8632 with volumes and should sustain above for 15-20 minutes then ???

Rally upto 8682—————————–8699 is possible in hrs only

(101% ,These levels will Work Today & Will Work till NF not breaks 8548 level )


Any Type of Rally for 1-3 Days……………….Sell Sell Sell !!!

In PANIC ,We see 8400——————-8300 level very soon 

101% More Details ,Intraday TRADING LEVELS to our Subscribers

Updated at 7:46/25th March/Baroda/India

GOLD SPOT -Watch $ 1192 ……

23 March 2015 - 6:21 am


Above is Daily Chart of GOLD SPOT

Yes ,Our Major Support at $ 1141……..Not Broken ,Our Targets were :1165——1170

Next Target were :1187———————–1192 level 

(Just see it kissed High of $ 1188 level )


All Eyes on $ 1192 level.Crossover and close above this level create more Firework

We see Rally upto 1203—-1208 level 

101% More Details to our MCX Subscribers ,Updated at 6:20/23rd March/Baroda

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