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On 1st Oct ,We had written this about USDJPY

Just see it kissed High of 110.688 level………………

What else u want in life ?

Mint Millions from all corners !



As chatter of a very aggressive (greater than 50bp) rate-hike at tomorrow’s meeting.




Hurdles & Target :16734-16808 (It kissed High of  16785  and tumbled )

now what to do

Targets & Hurdles at 16734—————————–16808

Decisive Crossover with volumes and stays above 16808 for 30 minutes or more will take to 

17030–17104 level in hrs only.

Below 16705 level if stays and not crosses High of 16785 level………………..Then ??

Sharp PANIC upto  16404————–16324 is possible.

101% More Details to our Subscribers during trading hrs.


All Eyes on 1635.

Decisive crossover with volumes and stays above for 15-20 minutes will take to 1672—————1684 level.

Support at 1570—-1559 level.Break below 1559 will create sharp panic !

In Last 4 weeks already up by 13.50% (Big game Big manipulation before result is out and after result )

Our Monthly Triangle Break out Target is intact of 1850 level………….Just need Patience !

Triangle Breakout happened in April at 1200 level.


Today above 120.50 level…………………….Catch it !

Target :123————124+ in hrs only.

Rally upto 127—130.50 is possible 


Watch :897————————————-890.50 as Support & Down Targets

Once Breaks 890.50 with volumes will crash to kiss 871——–864.50 level.


Watch :263————————261 levels

Break below 261 with volumes and stays below for 15 minutes will take to 252—-248 level in panic 

On Rise ,Sell Sell Sell !!


We see Rallllllllllllllllllllllllly upto 261———–265+ level very soon

Crossover and close above 265 will take to 276–280 level.

Buy 270-280 :November call and hold !!

101% More Details ,Intraday levels to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:59/30th Oct/Baroda

GOLD MCX-Crucial Update

29 October 2014 - 18:41 pm


Now Gold Spot at $1222

Watch :1219————————-1215 as Support ,Break below $1215 will create panic upto $1201-1197 level.

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MCX-CRUDE-Yesterday Recommended to buy 5000……………………………….

With Target of 5062—5082.

Yes ,Now kissed High of 5086 level.Now …….This way u have to Mint Money in TONS !

Now ,Above 5082 if sustains then ?More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 18:12/29th Oct/Baroda



Last Close :16688.90

No Need to change levels @ all.

Targets & Hurdles at 16734—————————–16808

Decisive Crossover with volumes and stays above 16808 for 30 minutes or more will take to 

17030–17104 level in hrs only.


No Need to use Brain @ all :Just Manipulate or Control 4-5 PVT Bank Stocks + 2-3  Big PSU Banks and Create movement of your choice in BNF


Three Consecutive close above 16800 +Weekly close ………………….We see Nonstop Rally upto 17844—18192 level very soon

Just Think it over :All Big PVT Bank Stocks are in Controll of Fiis and What result to be given are known to Big Corporate+Mutual Funds +Insiders and in a year 4 times officially manipulate stock nobody will dare to touch them !


Watch 918 level…………….Last hurdle !

Crossover with volumes and stays above for 15-20 minutes ,Grab it :Stop :911-907

Target :940-947+ level in hrs only.


On 20th Oct…………………..We had written about these stocks :Just Click this link and u see power of chart

Just see ,What we had written about ICICI ,YES BANK ,OBC.

Now ,Today is result of OBC…………………….Yesterday Insiders Bought heavily ??

When u can send TONS of Money out of India…………….Why not to Mint Money from insider trading ??

Today above 286 level if stays with volumes ,Next Target :301-306 !

In 13 days stock had spurted from 221 to 281…………So average is of 251.Now watch Manipulation once result is out !


Short Term ,Medium Term ……………………….looking HOT HOT !

All Eyes on 2683 level….Nothing else.

Crossover with volumes and stays above will take to 2739————2758 level.

101% More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:32/29th Oct/Baroda



Yesterday Written this :

Why Nobody Buying Shipping Stocks in India ???



Above is Daily Chart of BALTIC DRY INDEX

Overnight Zooms by 7.8% in Single session.

We see Rally upto 1395———————————-1451 level very soon.

Why Shipping stocks in India not moving up ?Watch SCI ,Mercator Lines !



Above is Weekly Chart of SHANGHAI COMPOSITE

Watch :2291 & 2266 as Support & Down Targets.

Now Break & close below 2266 for 3 Consecutive Days will create More panic 

101% More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 18:50/25th Oct/Baroda/India



The theory that most of the sudden declines or particular sharp breaks are the results of some plunger’s operations probably was invented as an easy way of supplying reasons to those speculators who, being nothing but blind gamblers, will believe anything that is told them rather than do a little thinking.

Last Close :8020

Above 8015 level ,No worry for bull2

Target :8082—————-8104 is possible very soon !


Three Consecutive close above this level will take to 8174-8200+ !

Support @ 7966———–7946 level (Yes in panic around these levels Buy Fresh )


9th or 10th Session will see Unexpected level in SGX NIFTY

101% More Details to our Subscribers on Monday Morning.

Updated at 9:50/25th Oct/Baroda

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