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Last Close : 15230

BN-3007Above is Daily Chart of BANK NIFTY


Below 15268 level ,Bears will have Upperhand !!

PANIC upto 15032—————————14954 is possible !

Today ,Suppose not breaks low of Monday ( 15170 ) then also will face Hurdle at  15292—–15322 level.

Yes ,101% will Update MORE to our Subscribers during trading hrs.

Enjoyed Freefall

As Expected on Monday ,All Real Estate Stocks Crashed Vertically !

What Happened to IRB ???Bloodbath………………After Breaking Triangle.

Today is Result Day ,So Big move and Big Manipulation on card.


Decisive Break with volumes below 2481 & stays for 15-20 minutes then ???

Watch PANIC Selling upto 2434——————2418 level in hrs only.

On Rise ,Sell Sell.


On Monday Indicated -

The level of 580 is Crucial Support……………………If u want to go long then all eyes on 580

If with volumes breaks and trades below 15-20 minutes will take to 566-559 level in panic.

(Traders will never able to mint money from these stocks………….100% Controlled by few people and all Data +position is known )


Below 299 level ,Bears will have Upperhand.Stoploss :305 ,Sell it

We see PANIC upto 281——————–275 level.


Above is Daily Chart of IRB ,Triangle Broken @  251

251-51 = 200 level in panic ?????

Crucial Support for Traders at 226————————223 area

Today’s Hurdle at 242—244.50.Crossover with volumes and sustains will take to 252——254.50 level.

101% Manipulative stock ,Today is Result Day and Already stock from last 2 session in Ban ,Everything known to Insiders and CC people


Below 1460 on Monday it crashed vertically.

Yes ,Below 1460 we see 1428——1417 level very soon


192—————————185.50 are Crucial Support levels.

Break below 185.50 with volumes and closes below for 2 sessions ,Watch panic upto 166-160 level.

Another Manipulative stock ,110% !!


280————————————-277 are Support levels.

Today is Result Day.

Once Breaks 277 with volumes and stays below ,Watch PANIC upto 269—266—————-258 level.

Best Results :Will take to 302—310 ,Sell on RISE……..No if and But !!

More Stocks ,More News to our Subscribers

Updated at 8:20/30th July/Baroda/India



Above is Daily Chart of RTSI 

Below  1241 level if closes for 3 Consecutive days ,We see PANIC upto  1181—–1161 level.

Will Update More if breaks 1161 level too.

Updated at 6:03/30th July/Baroda/India



Short Term Looking Very Hot ,Above is Daily Chart of USDJPY

More Details to our Subscribers



Last Close :15352



Above is Daily Chart of Bank Nifty


Just All  Eyes on 15346——————————15268 level.


If Breaks 15268 level with volumes and sustains for 15-20 minutes then ??

Allround PANIC selling will start in BANK NIFTY

Next Target :15032——14954 is possible in PANIC.


Hurdle at  15385—–15408 level.

Crossover with volumes above 15408 level will create PANIC Buying.

101% More Details ,Intraday levels to our Subscribers


Crucial Support @ 1977 level.

If Breaks with volumes and trades below for 15-20 minutes then only PANIC !

Below 1977,We see PANIC upto 1934-1920 level.


1471—————————————–1460 are Crucial Support for Traders.

Yes ,If Breaks 1460 with volumes and sustains below then only More PANIC.


155 is CRUCIAL Support.

Break below this level with volumes and suppose closes then only Another round of panic.

Target :147-143 level !(Chances are remote )


Our Head & Shoulder Target was 77 level ,Already kissed this Target.

Now ,Watch 74—————————71 are Support or Lower Targets.

Break below 71 ,Next Target 60…….in panic.On Rise ,Sell Sell 


Breaking Friday’s low of 244 with volumes…………….then ??

PANIC upto 238-235 on card.

BIG TRIANGLE :If Stocks breaks on lower side ,then unexpected selloff we can see !!

On Rise ,Traders can sell.


LIC Housing ,M&M Finance ,L&T Finance ,PFC…………..More PANIC on card 


The level of 580 is Crucial Support……………………If u want to go long then all eyes on 580

If with volumes breaks and trades below 15-20 minutes will take to 566-559 level in panic.


Major Support at 2481 level.

Break with volumes…………………………then more panic !!

101% More Details to our Subscribers.

Updated at 7:44/28th July/Baroda/India



On 15th June ,We had written this about SHANGHAI COMPOSITE 

Short Term Looking HOT :Will zoom to kiss 2146 ,2156 level.

Next Target :2178—-2191 level.

In Panic ,Buy and Hold …………Looking Hot 

203 POINTS Rally ?1982+ 203 = 2185 LEVEL 

Updated at 19:45/27th July/Baroda/India


SGX NIFTY-24th Jan

Last Close : 7790

Below 7817 level ,Our Short Term Target 7740———————-7714 level.

REDLIGHT-TRADERDecisive Break below 7714 and sustains for 20 minutes or more then only More PANIC !!

Not Breaking low of  7751 & trades above 7803 with volumes will take to 7826——7843 level in hrs only.

7848Two Consecutive close below 7714 will create More PANIC !!

Correction of 1 to 3 Days ,No worry at all.


For Coming Week :All Eyes on 7848 & 7714 level if u are Trader.

Below 7714 level it can CRASH to kiss 7637——7611 level too.

More Details ,Tomorrow Morning 

Updated at 2:26/27th July/Baroda/India



Above is Daily Chart of BRITISH POUND

Crucial Support at 169.45————169.141 level.

Now ,Three Consecutive close below 169.141 level will create More Panic.

Slide upto 168.215—–167.90 is possible.

Short Term Looking Weak ,Long Term we are very Bullish ,More Details to our Subscribers

Updated at 11 :00 /27th July/Baroda



Last Close : 15557


Above is Daily Chart of Bank Nifty

Hurdle at 15597—-15613 level.

Above 15613 ,Crossover above 15613 will take to 15660 ,15677 level.

Next Target :Nonstop Rally upto  15725 ,15807 level.

101% More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers


Once Crosses 623 with volumes and sustains above for 15-20 minutes 

Next Round of Firework will start.Target :642—648 level.

(In Panic ,Buy with stop of  688 level )


On 21st July ,Written to Buy………Just see in 4 sessions…World was running Yesterday.

Above 302.50 level if trades with volumes ,We see PANIC Buying upto 313—316.50 in hrs only.


Yesterday Enjoyed Blast or not ???

Above 879 level if sustains and not breaks 871 level.

We see Rally upto 903——911 level in hrs only (Hold and In panic ,Buy )


In June stock was at  320 level and just see yesterday crashed to  247 level.

From Morning (Yesterday )somebody was selling ??Think who will sell ???

Decisive Break below 244 with volumes ,PANIC upto 230—225 not ruled out !!

Insider Trading -Anirudh Sethi Report


Just see Volume of Yesterday TRADING & Stock had Skyrocketed

Today is Result Day.From Last 6 sessions somebody is buying and Yesterday shooted up


Today is Result ,Just see who is dumping from last 5-7 sessions ??

See Reaction after result !!

alert22Not in these two stocks ,In 99% of stock same thing happening !

Yes ,No need of Promoters ,Management to Trade…There are many other ways.

Yes ,Officially 4 times in year …..Mint Money in Tons.

More Stocks ,More News to our Subscribers.

Updated at  7:37/25th July/BARODA



Above is Daily Chart of USDINR

Below 60.02 level if stays ……………Watch slide upto 59.8325—59.76 level in panic.

101% More Details to our Forex Subscribers.

Updated at 8:14/24th July/Baroda



So Fundamental & Economy of both Countries same ??

Just see Power of Money !


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