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Yesterday Enjoyed PANIC or not ??Mint Money from all corners……Don’t Watch TV During Trading/Forget Movies-Cricket (All Useless and Waste of Time )The Worst is Political News

Last Close : 3475

Below  3620 level ,Bears will KILL It !!

Today U all Watch 3418 level……………………….Decisive Break with volumes and sustains for 15-20 minutes then ?

BLOODBATH LIKE POSITION CAN HAPPEN :It can slide to  3128-3032 level.

More Details via to our Subscribers  during trading hrs

Updated at 8:31/23rd April/Baroda




Last Close : 13002

No need to change levels everyday

Yes ,It should sustain above 13031 for 20 minutes with volumes ………….Next Target :

Nonstop Rally upto 13142-13179 level not ruled out

We see Very soon it will kiss 13250-13300 level.


Support at 12932—————————-12900 level.

101% More Details to our Subscribers during trading hrs



Buy :210—————-220 (Call of May and RELAX )

Don’t Laugh Like Idiot……………..!!

Above 189 level ,We are Bullish only

Today ,Above 191 level if trades ………….Just GRAB it for Few hrs

Nonstop Intraday Rally upto  198–201 on card

Remember in panic of Rs.1-2-3……………Buy Buy Buy ,Single Day Big move on card !


Just Watch 373 level very closely.

Decisive Break with volumes and stays below will take to 363—–360 in panic

Minor Dip can Happen ,But very soon stock will cross 410+ level (Unexpected price we can see in this Manipulative stock* on 16th May )

(In India 95% or more Stocks are Manipulative only —-Nobody will write ,Nobody will say…Just people /Media/Netas will talk about Corruption and Idiotic talks )


Below 161………………Bears will have upperhand 

Yes ,below 158 level………Our Short Term Target intact of 148–145 level.

(Another Manipulative Stock )




We Love ICICI BANK ,Target short Term :1350 ,Medium Term 1550+

Some Big NEWS Coming in ICICI Bank ?Buy 1350 Call of May in PANIC and Relax

More Stocks ,More News to our Subscribers

Updated at 8:19/23rd April/Baroda/India

USDINR (Spot )Crucial Level 60.615

22 April 2014 - 11:52 am



Above is Weekly CHART of USDINR-SPOT

Three Consecutive close above    60.615 +Weekly close if happens then ?

Nonstop Rally upto 61.23–61.435 on card !

Looks so ..Dead Cat Bounce only !

More Details to our Forex Subscribers

Updated at 11:52/22nd APRIL/BARODA




Above is Daily Chart of S&P 500

Below 1847 level ,Bears will have upperhand.

PANIC upto 1817——1807 on card 

Break & Closes below 1807………Next Target :1787—1777 level.

Will Update More to our Subscribers.

Updated at 12:38/11th April/Baroda/India




Above is DAILY Chart of BSE SENSEX

Last Close :22359

Below 22371 level if sustains and not crosses  22421 level…………………..Then ?

Short Term PANIC upto 22222 —-22172 is possible.


Above 22050 level level……………………..Our Target for BSE SENSEX : 24583–25420 LEVEL.

Just u need Patience ,Nothing else


BSE SENSEX can zoom to kiss 26308 level in coming Weeks/Months !!


BSE SENSEX can zoom to kiss 37800 level……………….in coming Months ?


Mark our Words :By December End or March 2015 will see UNEXPECTED level in BSE SENSEX

We Don’t know :Exact levels but Wave 3rd will start soon.Reasons of This Blast can be Political ,FIIs Flow ,USD movement or any thing !


We had Boldly written this about NIFTY FUTURE

Just Click above link and see power of chart.Just see What levels we had mentioned for Nifty Future by March 2015 

More Details to our Subscribers

Updated at 9:30/06th April/Baroda/India

SGX NIFTY-Just Watch 6717-6696 levels

06 April 2014 - 18:50 pm


SGXNIFTY-0604Above is Daily Chart of SGX NIFTY ,Last Close : 6745

Just Watch :6738 & 6717 levels…………………Very Closely !


Break will take to 6696 level.

Now ,Once Breaks 6696 & trades below this level for 20 minutes or more watch SHARP PANIC 

Upto  6666–6655 level in hrs only.

Hurdles at 6753–6758.

Crossover will take to 6780 level in hrs only.


Should We Buy with stop of 6717 & 6696 ??Will it take U-Turn ?

Correction can last for 1 to 3 Days or Maximum 5 Days.Already told u Nifty Future will not break 6650-6600 level.

Those who had Invested “Tons of Money ” in Indian Market on Hope of Narendra Modi will become PM will not Puncture this rally ,Yes on 16th May-We can see 7300-7500 level.

This is ORCHESTRATED Rally -Everybody is Involved (In Last 3 Months Do u think something had really changed in India and really helpful for 125 crore ?Yes Except Ten Thousand people sitting at Mumbai & Delhi !

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA/INDIA ,Updated at 18:50/06th April/Baroda




Last Close : 12662

Below 12664 level ,Our Target intact in panic ……………………………12492-12435 level.

Minor Support :12602 & 12565.


101% More Details – to our Subscribers


World Running for IRB Infra ,HDIL……………..Hold Both (Still looking Hot )

We Love GMR Infra….Target intact 25-26+ very soon

We Love HDFC ,LIC Housing Finance.

ifrevivesHDFC BANK ,ICICI ,AXIS BANK………..Yes for Quick gains only


Just U all watch………………1429 level.

Decisive Break with volumes and stays below will take to 1400—-1390 level in panic !!


1237—————-1232 are Crucial Support or Last Hope

Break below 1232 with volumes and stays below will take to 1216–1211 level in hrs only.


408——————————404 are Crucial Support

Break with volumes and stays below will take to 391—387 in panic !!

101% More Details ,Intraday levels to our Subscribers

Updated at 8:12/04th April/Baroda/India




Above are Weekly  Chart and 15 Minutes chart of EURUSD

Now at  1.37152

Just watch :   1.3691 as Crucial Support or Last Hope

Break with volumes and sustains below 1.3691 level ,Next Nonstop Target we see : 1.3599—–1.3568 level

So will it happen ?More Details to our Forex Subscribers.

Updated at 14:02/28th March/Baroda/India

Natural Gas (MCX )Crucial Update

13 March 2014 - 10:06 am

Natural Gas-ASR


Now Trading at 274.60 level

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On 26th Feb ,Written :Gold Spot will zoom to kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssss  $ 1362-1373 level.

Now made High of $ 1374.50 level.

Now -What to expect

Now ,We Revise our TARGET & MAJOR HURDLE to $ 1387 level.

Three Consecutive close above 1387+Weekly close will take to  $ 1434-1450 level.

30th Week……………..Will see Unexpected level in GOLD !

More Details to our MCX Subscribers ,Yes they are long in Gold ,Silver for Short Term Gains.

Updated at 7:43/13th March/Baroda/India

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