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Last Close : 15557


Above is Daily Chart of Bank Nifty

Hurdle at 15597—-15613 level.

Above 15613 ,Crossover above 15613 will take to 15660 ,15677 level.

Next Target :Nonstop Rally upto  15725 ,15807 level.

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Once Crosses 623 with volumes and sustains above for 15-20 minutes 

Next Round of Firework will start.Target :642—648 level.

(In Panic ,Buy with stop of  688 level )


On 21st July ,Written to Buy………Just see in 4 sessions…World was running Yesterday.

Above 302.50 level if trades with volumes ,We see PANIC Buying upto 313—316.50 in hrs only.


Yesterday Enjoyed Blast or not ???

Above 879 level if sustains and not breaks 871 level.

We see Rally upto 903——911 level in hrs only (Hold and In panic ,Buy )


In June stock was at  320 level and just see yesterday crashed to  247 level.

From Morning (Yesterday )somebody was selling ??Think who will sell ???

Decisive Break below 244 with volumes ,PANIC upto 230—225 not ruled out !!

Insider Trading -Anirudh Sethi Report


Just see Volume of Yesterday TRADING & Stock had Skyrocketed

Today is Result Day.From Last 6 sessions somebody is buying and Yesterday shooted up


Today is Result ,Just see who is dumping from last 5-7 sessions ??

See Reaction after result !!

alert22Not in these two stocks ,In 99% of stock same thing happening !

Yes ,No need of Promoters ,Management to Trade…There are many other ways.

Yes ,Officially 4 times in year …..Mint Money in Tons.

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Updated at  7:37/25th July/BARODA



Above is Daily Chart of USDINR

Below 60.02 level if stays ……………Watch slide upto 59.8325—59.76 level in panic.

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Updated at 8:14/24th July/Baroda



So Fundamental & Economy of both Countries same ??

Just see Power of Money !




Last Close : 15449.95

Above 15467 level if sustains for 15-20 minutes with volumes will take to 

15530—————15578 ,15593 LEVEL !!

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Just u have to Manipulate 4-5 PVT Bank STOCKS……….and easily u can Rig BNF or vice-versa

Every Day Results are Flowing :Best Season for Management +Insiders to Manipulate stock and Without Tension-Do Insider Trading.

YES-BANKBelow 545 if trades with volumes ,Breaks 542 level too then ??

Intraday panic upto 534–530 & there after more panic not ruled out.

If Results are Great :Then will cross 565 level………..there after more Firework !Don’t get trap at higher levels !


Watch 250—————247 as Crucial support levels.

Once Breaks with volumes and stays below………..we see panic upto 238–235 level in hrs only.

51 Point Triangle :

274+ 51 =325 or 242-51 =189 level ???

Will not fall so much ,only few people control stock !!


All Three Looking Hot………….For Trading ,Yes in Panic Buy AXIS BANK too…Target 2180-2200 intact !!


Not crosses High of  2045 & trades below 2031 with volumes…………..

Intraday slide upto 1989—–1975 is possible.Yes ,Below 1975……..major selloff can start !!

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Updated at 8:25/23rd July/Baroda



SGX-2107Above is Daily Chart of SGX NIFTY ,LAST CLOSE : 7667


Just have  a eye on 7673—————-7693 level.

7693 will act as LAXMAN REKHA for SGX NIFTY

Crossover with volumes and stays above for 20 minutes or more will take to 

7754—————7774 level in hrs only.

Minor Hurdle at 7716.

Support at 7640——————-7634 level.

More Details ,Intraday levels ,Nifty Future  :Tomorrow Morning

Updated at 21:12/20th July/Baroda/India



Above is Monthly Chart of EURO INDEX

Below 136.03 level ——Freefall to continue 

We see slide upto 133.7—–132.91 level in panic.

Now keep a stop of 137 & Go short in EURO……….

More Details to our Subscribers,Updated at 14:53/20th July/Baroda/India



Above is Weekly Chart of US DOLLAR INDEX

Just watch 80.7425 & 80.826 as Hurdles !

Now Crossover and close above 80.826 level for 3 Consecutive days will take to   81.07—81.15 level.

More Details to our Subscribers.

UPDATED at 13:35/20th July/Baroda/India



Above is Weekly Chart of BALTIC DRY INDEX

Just short of  71 point to break 2013 low and  85 point to break 2012 low !!




Above is Daily Chart of RTSI

Down Target and Support at 1261-1241





Above is Daily Chart of GOLD SPOT ,Just see …………………….This we told Yesterday :

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