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Amateurs traders want to be right. Pro traders want to make money. 

Last Close : 8419

101% ,No Need to change levels @ all.

Hurdle at 8446,LaxmanRekha -8499

Yes ,It should cross and trade above 8446 with volumes for 15-20 minutes …Next Target :8499 level.


3DEMA @ 8381

7DEMA @ 8351

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Unexpected Volatile movement on card !

Updated at 8:05/22nd May/Baroda/India



Last Close :  18523.60

In 10 sessions from 17286 to 18599 level – 1313 point rally ??

Hurdle & Target : 18715———————————-18804 level !

If Rigging +Manipulation continues :Then Rally upto 19100 not ruled out !

Today ,What to expect ?Intraday Trading levels & More to our Subscribers 


All Eyes on  127.25 level ,Crossover with volumes and stays above will take to 131—132.25 level or more 

120———————————-115 are Major support

Break Below 115 with volumes and sustains ,Watch PANIC upto 99–94 !

1000% Manipulative Stock !


Below 559.50 if stays with volumes ?

Target :552–550 & there after more PANIC.Now Stop for Sellers at 573 !


Short Term Traders watch :295——————-298 as Hurdles


Yes ,Tomorrow RESULT :Crossover above 300 with volumes will take to 315-320 level.


Below 162,Bears will have Upperhand !

Target :157————————155 & there after ???

More Stocks ,More News to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:51/21st May/Baroda



When we have had bad trading periods, it is really not one market that does it. In those situations, almost all the markets are going sideways and making lots of false breakouts. If one of the markets is decent, that is usually enough to avoid a bad situation. 

Last  Close : 8424

Yesterday Again we had written :Hurdle at 8446,LaxmanRekha -8499

101% No need to change levels @ all.


Yes ,Crossover and close above 8499 level for 2 Consecutive Days :Watch Nonstop Rally upto  8659————–8712 level !!


377 Points Triangle Break out at 8310 level 

8310+377 =8687 ??


Neckline of Head & Shoulder at 8515 level.

Chances are Bright :From low of 8020……….Moving upto this area and then Vertical Fall will start ?

Trade with eyes open :Everything is in chart only.


Today ,Watch 8461 level as Hurdle if are hardcore trader

Crossover with volumes and stays above for 15-20 minutes will take to  8492 level in minutes only

Support at 8383 level.

Break with volumes and stays for 15-20 minutes will take to 8362-8340 !

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Updated at 8:19/21st May/Baroda




Last Close : 18366.40

Yes ,18446 is Laxman Rekha.

Crossover +Close above this level will take to 18715———————–18803 is possible !


Not Crosses High of Yesterday (  18545 ) ……………….Then ??

All Eyes on 18245 level.

Break with volumes and stays for 15-20 minutes will take to 18065————–18025 level.

101% More Details to our Subscribers during trading hrs

As Expected

Hope U All Enjoyed Blast in PVT Bank Stocks in Last 2 sessions ??

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An appropriate way to look at normal trading losses is not as losses at all, but simply as a planned, recurring cost of doing business. Though many traders feel shame, anger, and hurt over losing trades, this is illogical—the market is so random that it is absolutely impossible to trade without losing. Many good traders are wrong far more often than they are right; trading is not about being right or predicting the future. All you can do is to identify places where you might have a small edge in the market, put on the trade, and open yourself to the possible outcomes.

Last Close : 8366.30

3DEMA @ 8337 ,7DEMA @ 8293 LEVEL (Both will act as support levels )

Hurdle at 8384—8391 level.

Crossover with volumes and stays above for 15-20 minutes will take to 8419 level.


-More Details to our Subscribers During Trading Hrs-

Updated at 8:28/20th May/Baroda




To overcome sabotaging emotions, traders must go back to following a goal-directed daily strategy. The value of a goal is that it gives traders a reason for getting out of the trade. The daily target gives traders a tangible reason to let go of those unnecessary risks and to channel negative impulses toward the positive desire of reaching a predetermined target.

Last Close : 18401.50


Hurdles at 18268—————————18310 & Our Major Hurdle or Laxman Rekha was at  18446 level.

Yes ,It zoomed to kiss  18430 level !


4th Time ,We are writing……………18446 is LAXMANREKHA

Crossover and close above this level with volumes ,Next Target : 18714—18800+ very soon !

Nearest Support @ 18377 level.

If Break with volumes and sustains for 15-20 minutes then ?

More Details to our Subscribers during trading hrs


As Expected : HDFC (Twins ),KOTAK ,INDUSIND BANK ,AXIS BANK………………..Zoomed like ROCKET !

Yes ,To Manipulate Bank Nifty :Just u have to Rig these stocks ,No Need to use Brain !


Just 2 Levels :120 & 115 LEVEL.

Once Closes below 115 level for 3 Consecutive Days :Nonstop PANIC upto 99————–94 level not ruled out.


All Eyes on 1372 level.

If Crosses with volumes and stays above for 15-20 minutes then ?

Target :1399———————–1408 level in hrs only.


All Eyes on 156 level.

Break with volumes and stays below ,Watch PANIC Selling upto 149-147 level.

3 Consecutive close above 169+Weekly close if happens then -WATCH BLAST of life in this stock.

101% More Stocks ,More News to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:26/19th May/Baroda



I realized that there were a great many snags. There was bound to be a lot of guesswork in the operation. My estimate that I would be right half of the time could be optimistic. But at last I saw my problem more clearly than ever. I knew that I had to adopt a cold, unemotional attitude toward stocks; that I must not fall in love with them when they rose and I must not get angry when they fell; that there are no such animals as good or bad stocks. There are only rising and falling stocks—and I should hold the rising ones and sell those that fall. – Nicolas Darvas

Last Close : 8372.80

Hurdle & Target :8291——————–8307 level.

Yes ,Crossover with volumes above 8307 and stays for 15-20 minutes will take NF to 8357-8373 level.

Yes ,It zoomed to kiss  8384.95 level !

What else u want ?


Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Future

-Yesterday Broken Huge Triangle……………………But will it show its Power ?


If crosses High of Yesterday ( 8385 )with volumes will take to 8416-8432 level.

Yes ,Above 8432,Watch Rally upto 8446–8468 level.

Now ,Suppose ………….Not Crosses High of 8385 & TRADES BELOW : 

8367 with volumes for 15-20 minutes then ?

PANIC upto 8313—-8295 is possible.

7DEMA @ 8273 LEVEL.


Yesterday’s High -Very Crucial 

Tomorrow-Will see unexpected level 

Will NF kiss 8446 to 8499 in next 24-48 hrs ?

101% More Details to our Subscribers ,Trade with Eyes Open :Those who Trade in 1-2 lots they shout on Social Sites & Those who Don’t trade at all..They Bark !Better start earning and start minting.Avoid Watching Results ,Blue Channels ,Fundamentals ,Growth Story ,Economy…………All Manipulative.Just Concentrate on Trading levels ,Nothing else.

Updted at 7:53/19th May/Baroda




Above is Weekly Chart of Weekly Chart of BRITISH POUND INDEX

Hurdle at 158.89 & Major Resistance at  160.52 level.

101% If closes above 160.50 for 3 Consecutive Days +Weekly close ………………Then ??

Will UPDATE more if fulfills above condition.




Above is Daily Chart of US DOLLAR INDEX

Short Term Support at 92.93 level.

Crucial Support at 92.62————91.60 -Major Support !

5th Trading sessions :Will see UNEXPECTED level (Coming Friday )

Will Update More to our Forex Subscribers.

Updated at 11:48/17th May/Baroda



Anyone who buys or sells a stock, a bond, or a commodity for profit is speculating if he employs intelligent foresight. If he does not, he is gambling.

Last Close – 8268.50

Tomorrow watch :8298—————————8315 as Hurdles /Targets.

Yes ,Once crosses 8315 with volumes and sustains for 15-20 minutes will take to  8369-8386 level.


Above is Daily Chart of SGX NIFTY

377 Point Triangle

8353 +377  =8730 level.

8140-377 =??

Nearest Support levels For Traders at 8240—8228 level.

If Breaks with volumes ,Watch Sharp Intraday PANIC !

101% More Details ,Tomorrow Morning 

Updated at 11:17/17th May/Baroda/India

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