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” In the very long run , your results at the poker table will approach
the sum of all your opponents mistakes less the sum of your own mistakes “

Last Close : 18433.90 ( July )

August Close : 18535.85  ( August )

Today ,Above 18488 level…………….If stays with volumes for 15-20 minutes then ??

Rally upto 18667————————18726 !!

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Today Result Day………………….Huge Manipulation on card !!

Watch :295.50 level

Decisive Crossover with volumes and stays above will take to 303———–305.50 in hrs only.

Above 305.50 if sustains for 15-20 minutes will take to 313.

281—————279 are crucial support.


If Stocks Breaks 279 with volumes after result is out and sustains ….WATCH BLOODBATH  + PANIC !!

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101% In India u will not be able to catch Insiders………….OPEN CHALLENGE 

It’s An Irony :Companies having own Mutual Fund ,Brokerage firms ,Banks…are traded in mkt………….Can anybody dare to catch them ?

Just see Volume done by People those who were knowing results…………..just see with your naked eyes.

Below 719 level ,No Buying @ all

Target :694———————————————686 level in panic & there after ??


Watch :171—————-174 as Hurdles.

Yes ,Now if crosses and sustains above 174 with volumes for 15-20 minutes will take to 182+ in hrs only.


All Eyes on 110 level.

Crossover with volumes and stays above for 15-20 minutes will take to 115—–117 level.

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Updated at 8:45/31st July/Baroda




When The Facts Change, Change! Lord Keynes… again… once said that “ When the facts change, I change; what do you do, Sir?” When the technicals or the fundamentals of a position change, change your position, or at least reduced your exposure and perhaps exit entirely.

July Close @   8420.70 

August Nifty Future closed at  8499

Now SGX Nifty @ 8482 !!

One Gap @ 8524 ,Yesterday made Gap @ 8388

101% Both will be Filled very soon.

Day Before Yesteday

Above 8352 level it will zoom to kiss  8415-8436 level ,Yesterday made high of  8459.95 !!!

Today What to expect

Watch :8499—————–8520 as Hurdles 

(Yes ,if fills gap of 8524 ….will be good )

Will see if sustains above 8520 with volumes for 15-20 minutes then ??

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Support @ 8457————-8447.Break with volumes will create more panic !!


6th Trading Session-Will see Unexpected level.

(Everyday Reduce One Day & See What Happens ? )

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Many traders believe emotions are the most important aspect of trading psychology. This is only partially true. Feelings and emotions are certainly important. Traders cannot make reliable decisions without them. Strong emotions such as greed, anger, and especially fear can significantly influence trading and cause erratic  trading behavior.

However, emotions are not the only thing that can influence trading. Thoughts and the way we think also play a significant role. Sometimes, thoughts ignite strong emotions and thinking almost always amplifies them. At other times, emotions play little part in poor trading decisions.

Less familiar to many traders is the role that our mind and our thinking plays in trading and the way we make trading decisions.

Last Close : 8377.65

Yesterday Again it was written :

Support at 8326————————–8305 level.

It kissed low of 8336 & taken U-turn !

sms-3 days

Our Intraday SMS :Above 8352 level if stays………..Buy & Forget Nifty Future

Targets :8415——————–8436 level.

Then During Trading hours ,We updated this :

Now If U Think Everything -Every Strategy -Every Levels u will get on Blog/Twitter………U are Wrong.

now what to do

No Need to change levels @ all.

All Eyes on 8415 & 8436 level.

Yes ,Those who bought Yesterday can Book Profit around 8410-8430 level.

7DEMA @ 8454

Today if crosses 8436 with Huge Volumes and sustains above for 20 minutes or more (watch 8454 ) too

Then Intraday  Rally upto 8499———–8520 not ruled out.

But This much of Rally………..Not possible ,Yes only King Reliance if moves up sharply then we can see firework

101% More Details During trading hrs to our SUBSCRIBERS


Weekly Chart Indicates :8299 & 8253 are Crucial support for Trend Followers

Now If closes below 8253 level for 3 consecutive days +WEEKLY CLOSE if happens…………………..Then ??

Slide +PANIC upto 8115———————8069 not ruled out.

At 8625–8640 level we told u keeping a stop of 8710-8720 sell NF……………….& RELAX !

Now Keeping 8253 level in MIND :If u want to Take Risk ,Buy NF around 8300-8280 level in panic !


7th Trading Session-Will see Unexpected level.

(Everyday Reduce One Day & See What Happens ? )

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Last Close : 18314


Yesterday We had written :Crucial Support at  18164 level…………….(It kissed low of 18191 & zoomed like ROCKET )

Today What to expect

101% No need to change levels @ all.

If Breaks 18164 level with volumes and stays below for 15 minutes or more will take to 

PANIC upto 17791——————-17698 is possible !

Hurdles @ 18429———18488 level.

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Enjoying PANIC in REAL ESTATE STOCKS + See What Happened to BOB ,AXIS ,ICICI & As Expected Banking stocks melted like ICE

Yes ,All PSU Bank STOCKS…………..Crashed Vertically & STILL LOOKING WEAK —VERY WEAK 


Below 86 level if stays after result & not crosses and closes above 91 then ??

Nonstop PANIC upto 71————————66 on card.

Our Ultimate Target for TrendFollowers if stock is able to remain below 93 ,Then will crash to 35 level.

Don’t Laugh like Idiots :Have u seen price of TATA STEEL ,TATA MOTORS ?….Where are Fundamental Analysts ?Have u seen upgrades …What they were saying ?


3 Consecutive close below 279 +Weekly close if happens then ???

Watch BLOODBATH upto 241————————————–228 level in coming days.

Today ,If Not breaks Yesterday’s low and trades above  286 with volumes will take to 293—295.50 level 


Above 733 level……………………??Catch it !

Intraday rally upto 741 & there after will zoom to kiss 747-749+ in hrs only.

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Above is DAILY Chart of BIDU

Major Support at $ 161.50.2 Consecutive close below this level will take to $ 140.66



Whatever failures I have known, whatever errors I have committed, whatever follies I have witnessed in private and public life have been the consequence of action without thought.  – Bernard Baruch 


Last Week Indicated Keeping a stop of 8700-8725…Go short (Remember Inverse Head Shoulder Neckline ? )

U Not shorted ,U just waste time watching TV ,FUNDAMENTALS ,ECONOMY ,GROWTH…………………!!


-Boldly written in Morning ,Crucial Support at 8476………….Break will take to 8412-8391 level in panic.

No Father in India had written or said this…………………just check it out.

In Afternoon ,We had boldly written :Below 8391 level……Next Target is  8326-8306 level.

It CRASHED to kiss 8365.Now SGX NIFTY at 8352 level.


Yesterday Formed Gap @ 8524 level.

Today What to expect

No Need to change levels @ all.

Below 8391 level ,In PANIC………….Will Try to kiss 8326-8302 level !

Trend Followers :Watch……8299 & 8253 as Crucial Support levels……

101% More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers


9th Trading Session-Will see Unexpected level.

(Everyday Reduce One Day & See What Happens ? )

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 “Know what you own, and know why you own it.” – Peter Lynch

Stock Traded at NSE ,BSE 

Last Close : 9.95

Above 8.85……….No worry for Traders +Investors

Yes ,Traders just have all eye on 10.05 level ,Crossover with volumes and stays above :

Watch Rally upto  12.75——& Then It will zoom to kiss  14.60-15+ in hrs only

(Our Short Term Target is intact of 16+ very soon…………In next 1 Week ? )


Yes ,Grab above 10.05…………….20% LOCK Today & upperfreeze should continue.

Invest for 1——————5 sessions & Mint Unexpected money.


DIGJAM amalgamation of Digjam Ltd with its subsidiary DIGJAM Textiles Ltd 


S.K. BIRLA- DIGJAM –NOW  entering innerwear market –NEXT GENERATION taking bold steps !

HINT “RAY OF HOPE” >>>RAYMOND EYEING STAKE IN DIGJAM  !! Mumbai-based textile major Raymond and three foreign textile companies are understood to be in the race to take over part of the textile business of SK Birla group company, DIGJAM !!!


MCAP AT Rs10  =Rs 88cr  Digjam Promoter holds 3.85cr shares WORTH Rs38 cr only

DIG  JAM >good brand, very good business model, realisation of the idle assets  has the potential to move to Rs 16-18

Now, we will be almost debt- free and if things go in line with our plans, we shall get back to  the pole position,” said Sudarshan K Birla, chairman emeritus (and Sidharth’s father).

Look @ Chart……….Nothing else

Technically ,Our Target is 16-18———–20+ (Consider Rs.7 ROCKBOTTOM )

Updated at 8:40/27th July/Baroda




101% More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers


LAST HOPE @ 158…………..No if & But !

Break With Volumes and sustains for 15 minutes ,WATCH PANIC upto 152—150 in hrs only.

If Revives Sell Sell Sell !


Watch  260 level ,Break with volumes will take stock to 255.50———–254 level in hrs only.

Yes ,Looking weak :Sell if u can !!


Break Below 299 with volumes and stays for 15-20 minutes then ?????


Watch PANIC upto 292——————————————-289.50 in hrs only & there after ?

Will it Break 280 level ??


Watch 99 level ,Break with volumes …………………..LAST HOPE @ 94

3 Consecutive close below 92 will take to 79—————-74  level.


More Stocks ,More News ,Intraday Trading levels to our Subscribers

Updated at 8:00/27th July/Baroda



I think the secret is cutting down the number of trades you make. The best trades are the ones in which you have all three things going for you: fundamentals, technicals, and market tone. First, the fundamentals should suggest that there is an imbalance of supply and demand, which could result in a major move. Second, the chart must show that the market is moving in the direction that the fundamentals suggest. Third, when news comes out, the market should act in a way that reflects the right psychological tone. For example, a bull market should shrug off bearish news and respond vigorously to bullish news. If you can restrict your activity to only those types of trades, you have to make money, in any market, under any circumstances. – Michael Marcus

Last Close : 8534

-On Friday ,Boldly written :Below 8568 level if stays will melt to kiss 8535-8524 level.

(Just see it kissed low of 8524 )

Today What to expect

Below 8524 level ,Doors for 8480 is possible in minutes only.

2 Consecutive close below 8476 level ,Next Target…………8412-8391 level in panic 

Now 8575 is Crucial Hurdle ,Consider 8665-8670 as LAXMANREKHA !


10th Trading Session-Will see Unexpected level.

(Everyday Reduce One Day & See What Happens ? )

More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 7:45/27th July/Baroda



As a trader I need to constantly remind myself that I cannot afford the luxury of being bullish or bearish. Bullishness and bearishness represent an emotional commitment. I need to limit myself to position. Opinions don’t matter. Position speak for themselves

Last Close : 8551

(Evening session closed at 8510 )

All Eyes on 8495———————————-8481 level.

Yes ,Now if breaks 8481 with volumes and sustains for 15-20 minutes then FRESH PANIC will start.

Next Target :8436———–8424 level.


Major Support or Last Hope at 8432

3 Consecutive close below 8432 will take to 8292——————-8246 level in panic is possible.

Now 8650-8660 is LAXMANREKHA for SGX NIFTY.

More Details Tomorrow Morning ,Updated at 19:02/26th July/Baroda/India

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