Tue, 01st December 2015

Anirudh Sethi Report


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CRB INDEX -YTD Down 20% ,Last & Final Hope at 181.83 ,Next Target 164


Above is Daily Chart of  CRB INDEX

YTD down by  20% ,In Last 5 Years ………………..Down by 50% !

Monthly Close  below 181.83 will take to 164 level………….& then ??????

Will it crash and kiss Double Digit of 97 level ??

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BANK NIFTY -Last Hope at 17269.If Revives Sell Sell.


Yes ,All Eyes on 17355————–17269 !

Yes ,Now 2 Consecutive close below 17269 level will take Bank Nifty to 17012———-16926 level.

Today if not breaking low of 17310 level then ?

Hurdle & Target :17493———17539

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As Expected

PSU Bank STOCK CRASHED……………………….Vertically !

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Trading Strategy For 29th Oct’2015.Nifty Future…Any Rise Sell.Below 8131,Sharp PANIC .8218-Major Hurdle


Five of the common threads of a successful trader:1. An aversion to risk.2. An ability to preserve capital by taking losses and changing one’s mind.3. Intimacy with their approach / system / methodology.4. A willingness to experiment.5. Single-minded purpose.

Last Close : 8173.60


-Below 8234 level ,It will be PANIC………….Slide upto 8169————–8147 level in hrs only.

(What happened ?……..it crashed to kiss low of 8140.75 & closed at 8173.60 )…Now u don’t read levels and start shouting …Why ?


Below 8131 level if trades with volumes for 15-20 minutes……………….Then ??

Target :8093——– 8073———————-8050 in hrs only.

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Updated at 8:35/29th Oct/Baroda/India

NIFTY SPOT-Gap at 8359 to be Filled.Inverse Head Shoulder Target at 8418 (Y.Day kissed 8336 )


Above is Daily Chart of Nifty Spot

101% No need to change levels @ all.

Our Inverse Head & Shoulder Target intact : 8418 level.

Gap @ 8359 to be filled.


3 Consecutive close above 8416 +Weekly close if Happens :

Next Nonstop Target :8621——8688 level.

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Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA

EURO INDEX-Below 109.77….Watch Allround PANIC !On Rise Sell Sell Sell


Above is Weekly Chart of EURO INDEX

Break below 109.77 level and stays below or closes below 

Next Nonstop Target :108.08—————-107.51 level.

Will it Kiss and break 104.62 First or will cross 115 ?

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