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Above is Daily Chart of BALTIC DRY INDEX

Overnight Crashed by 6.94% ,Now Down by  23% in Just 3 Weeks 

Below  1174 level ,We see 1070——–1036 level.

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA



Now at 35250 level………………..

Yesterday Recommended to sell @ 35960 level.

Now Crashed to 35182 level……………………….!!

COPPER-MCX-23rd April

Recommended to Sell Below 410 & Again to sell below 399 level……..

Just see Bloodbath ,Now crashed to 390 level in MCX



BANK NIFTY -Big Picture :An UPdate

28 November 2014 - 9:04 am


“In all recorded history there has not been one economist who has had to worry about where the next meal would come from.”

1 IS TO 1

Target was  17780 level………………..(Yes ,Already achieved )

1.618 Ratio Indicates :

If Everything Goes Right ,We will see  23900————24000 level for Bank Nifty !!


Our Time Goal Indicates  15th Month (Starting from December )………will see unexpected level in Bank NIfty


101% More Details about Bank Nifty ,Bank Stocks and More to our Subscribers

Remember One Thing :Market is not moving on basis of Economy or Fundamentals ,Just moving on Money been Pumped by Fiis (Who is Investing ,Who’s Money it is..Nobody will ask  about it )

One Factor of Market going up is FIIs ,2nd is Corporate India Big People Controlling stock and Manipulating (They own their Broking House ,Mutual Funds …Everything )

Oil Sliding heavily from May 2014 -Brent had Crashed From $ 115 to $ 72 (Do u think………Govt had done something ?)

More Will Update to our Subscribers ,Updated at 9:04/28th Nov/Baroda



Don’t succumb to the emotions of a trade, and don’t attach your ego to it.


1st Probab

Our Box Chart Indicates :All Eyes on 8647 level.

Three Consecutive Close above 8647 +Weekly Close + Monthly Close is Must …………(Remember This )

Nonstop Rally in Nifty Future Upto 9417————–9674 not ruled out.

1 IS TO 1

Those Who Love Numbers and Ratio will study More :

1:1 Ratio Indicates :From low of 2228 level (Year 2008 low )………Target for Nifty Future Comes to 8647 level.

Yes ,Will kiss this level any moment !

1.618  Ratio Indicates :

Long Term View :3rd Wave Indicates……………Rally can Nifty Future to 11200 level 


We had written …………………This :

Nifty Future was at 5828 level ,and We had written on 30th November 2012 it will zoom to 10444 by April 2015

Already crossed 8550 level.Now Just another 1900 points left 

101% More Details ,Intraday levels to our Subscribers 

Updated at 8:37/28th Nov/Baroda/India

MCX SILVER- Crucial Update

27 November 2014 - 10:34 am


From 35268 level…………………..We Recommended to Take Long postion and Hold 

With Target of 36335———36690

Laxman Rekha we told was 36690 level.

Just see it kissed High of 36776 & Started……….Falling.

Now -What to expect

Trading at  35960 level

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Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidise it.

Last Close : 17984


Below 18091 level ,Our Target for Bank Nifty was 17948–17900 is possible in PANIC

Yes ,It kissed low of 17905 & taken U-turn !!

sms-3rd Dec

Intraday our Buy Call :Catch BNF above 18037 with Target of  18117–18143 level.

Yes ,it kissed High of  18155 level and Crashed again.

This is all power of chart ,Nothing else

Now -What to expect

Support at 17948———————-17900 level.

Break below 17900 with volumes and stays for 15-20 minutes then ??

Hurdle Intact : 18037,Crossover will take to 18117——————18143

Above 18143 if stays then ?

101% More Details to our Subscribers During trading hrs


Above 345 level……………………GRAB IT !

Watch Blast upto 349—–352 level.Now Once crosses 352 with volumes and stays above ……

Watch Short Covering Rally upto 362-365 in hrs only.In Panic ,Buy and Hold for 24 hrs


From 117 level ,We are Bullish with Targets of 131————-144———————-156-159 level.

110% Stocks is Manipulative ,Just see from 99 to 154 in 7 weeks (What u think …Fundamentals changed ?? )

101% More Stocks ,More Details to our Subscribers

Updated at 8:44/27th Nov/Baroda

Palladium Spot-Big Move of $ 83 on card

27 November 2014 - 5:43 am


Above is Daily Chart of Palladium

Watch $ 83 Triangle

807+ 83 =$ 890

Short Term Hurdles & Target :$ 822-833 & there after 868 is possible.

101% More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 5:42/27th Nov/Baroda/India



Above is  Hourly chart of GOLD SPOT 



Last Close : 18062

sms-3rd Dec

Break below 18210 level with volumes will take to  18139-18091 & there after  17948–17900 is possible in PANIC !

It kissed low of  18015 level !

Now -What to expect

Hurdle at 18094——————-18114 level.Crossover with volumes and stays above will create Firework

More DETAILS ,Intraday levels to our Subscribers 


As Expected :ICICI————–KOTAK :Both Crashed Vertically & Tons of Money in Single session Minted !!

Trend Followers :Minted Tons of Money in SKS Micro,M&M Finance ………Now Those who Follow Trend & levels minted great money

What Happened to HDIL ??From 84 we are Bearish and see what happened ????


Below 205 level if stays and not crosses 209 level.

Watch PANIC upto 195———–192 level very soon !Sell on Rise !!


Below 1178 level…………………..if sustains then ??

Watch PANIC upto 1131—1115 level 

(Biggest Insider Trading had happened ……………But who has time to check ? )

Bigger +Clean Company =Big Manipulation


Below 54 level…………….if trades with volumes ,Watch PANIC upto 51 level in hrs only.

3 Consecutive close below 51 +Weekly close will take to 42-39 level.

If Revives ,Sell Sell Sell 


Panic upto 380—375 is possible.

Break & close below 375 will take to 358 level.Honeymoon is over.On Rise ,Sell !!

101% More Details to our Subscribers ,Updated at 8:41/26th Nov/Baroda



Last Close : 18306


It May Try to kiss these levels…………………..and 110% Go Short around these levels !

Already our Target of 18080 achieved then Yesterday given levels too done !

Now Today ?

Will Update to our Subscribers.


“Biggest Insider TRADING had Happened ……………………But who will check ? “

Watch:1194 & 1178 as Support or Last Hope 

Once Breaks 1178 with volumes and sustains………….for 15 minutes watch PANIC upto 1131-1115


Overnight Formed GRAVESTONE DOJI !Will it show MAGIC Here ?

101% More Details to our Subscribers during trading hrs


Our Targets were :141———144.50 ,Yesterday it zoomed to kiss 147+

Above 144.50 if stays…..Next Target :155—158.50 is possible.

101% More Details ,Intrday levels to our Subscribers During Trading hrs

Updated at 8:57/25th Nov/Baroda

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