Sat, 13th February 2016

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RED ALERT : Finance Minister To Mutual Funds To Investors :All Eyes on 6894 level For Nifty Future.Next Tgt 6100-5900


We don’t know one-millionth of one percent about anything.


Yes ,All Eyes on 7149 level…………..Break and close if happens than LAST & FINAL Support at 6894 level.

3 Consecutive close below 6894+ Weekly close + Monthly close if happens :

Nonstop PANIC upto 6124—————————-5869 level Not ruled out.

On 20th Jan ,We had written this :


So Either u had Invested in Mkt or want to Invest in Market :All Eyes on 6894 level………………….Nothing else.

Forget Fundamentals ,Economy ,Growth :All Hopeless and Nonsense.

Just Trade or Invest with levels…………………!


Nifty Spot -Will it Break 7300 First or Will Cross 7650 level.8th Trading session-Unexpected level.

Years of working in proprietary trading firms, banks and hedge funds have taught me there are two types of trader:

One who is drawn to trading for negative reasons; the other how is drawn for positive ones.

The person who is drawn to trading for negative reasons is looking for an escape. Perhaps it’s an escape from working 8-to-5 routine; perhaps it’s an escape from working for someone else; perhaps it’s an escape from past failures and shortcomings; perhaps it’s an escape from hard work.

In all those cases, trading is the playing out of a fantasy – the hope that it will be possible to be maximally successful with minimal efforts

Those drawn to trading for positive reasons find in trading an ideal fit of values, skills and interests. Trading becomes an expression of their identity –an exercise of their strengths, not an avoidance of their vulnerabilities. -Brett Steenbarger


Last Close : 7489

Above is Daily chart of NIFTY SPOT

Tomorrow watch :7457 as Crucial Support………………If Breaks and trades below for 15-20 minutes will take to 7428–7419 level in panic.

Above 7489 level ,Will try to kiss 7536—7551 level & there after more Firework.

8th Trading session will see UNEXPECTED level.


101% Will Update more to our Subscribers :Tomorrow Morning.

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA

USDJPY -115.96-115.60 support levels.Hurdle at 117.70-118.03.Sell on RISE


Above is Daily Chart of USDJPY

NIRP ……………Effect gone in 5 days only.

Below 117.03 level if closes for 3 Consecutive days :PANIC upto 115.96——–115.60 not ruled out.

Now ,If suppose not breaks low of  116.38 & trades above 116.71 level :Rally upto 117.705——————118.03 is possible.

115.70 is Last Hope :3 Consecutive close below this level +Weekly close will take to ???

101% More Details ,Intraday Trading levels to our Forex Subscribers.

US DOLLAR INDEX -Major Support or Last Hope 96.79.Next Nonstop Target 95.52-95.09



Traders eyes 97.03 is crucial short term support.

3 Consecutive close below 96.79+ weekly close if happens :

Watch Allround PANIC :Upto 95.52-95.09

1.618 Indicates :94.46 level.

Looking Very Tired……………………Below 96.79.Massive allround PANIC will start.

More Details to our Subscribers.Updated at 5:35/04th FEB/BARODA/INDIA

Trading Strategy For 03rd Feb’16.Nifty Future-Below 7393…Bloodbath.


Play markets when all factors are in ur favour. There are times u should be out of the markets for emotional & economic reasons. -Livermore.

Last Close : 7475

Yesterday do u remember @ what level told to sell NF ?Yes before Policy was out….Told Big panic after Policy not ruled out.

Now SGX Nifty is down to 7400 ( already 75 points )

Now -What to expect

All Eyes on 7393 level………………..Decisive Break with volumes than ?

Will Update more to our Subscribers.

PANIC upto 7328-7305 …..in this fall ?

Will update more to our Subscribers during trading hrs ,Updated at 8:17/3rd Feb/Baroda