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An economist is someone who, when he finds something that works in practice, tries to make it work in theory.

Last Close : 18553.70


All Eyes on 18355-18402 levels.

Decisive Crossover with volumes and stays above 18402 for 15-20 minutes ……………….??

Blast Upto 18545-18600 is possible.

(Just see it kissed High of  18615.60 level ,Now …….What else u want in life ? )


Above 18546 level :Our Target Intact of 18871————18980+ level.

Today If crosses High of Yesterday (  18615 level with volumes and stay above for 15-20 minutes )

Watch BLAST upto  18746————————-18873 level.


Support @ 18409———————18358 level.

Major Support @ 18317

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All Eyes on 239.50……………….Nothing else !!

Once crosses with volumes :Grab it ,Target-246.50-249+ in hrs only.

Will It Break 226 First or Will zoom to kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :256-260+

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Self-management is the closet thing to the Holy Grail in trading that you’ll find. In fact, a trader who incorporates awareness and self-management into their trading but has an average trading method will generally outperform a trader lacking in self-awareness and self-management but with a superior trading method.

Last Close : 8455.20

In 3 sessions From low of 81914 to 8480 level !

As A Trader ,What else u want ?…………………Think it over.

On 29th June -Indicated will not panic @ all.Forget Greece ,Just Buy 8300-8400-8500 call (Our Subscribers knows )

101% ,In Panic or Everyday Buy 10000-Dec Call :Hold for 6 Months and Mint Tons of Money is our Mantra -No Need to see Balance sheet/Economy/IIP/Inflation number till Dec :Total Risk Rs.32-35 ?


Above 8388 level ,Our Targets were : 8454 level…it kissed  8480 level.

now what to do

Today’s Support @ 8408——————-8390

Yes ,Major Support in PANIC @ 8383

101% Will Buy in PANIC…No If & But !

Today If Crosses High of 8480 level (Yesterday’s High ) with volumes and sustains for 15-20 minutes 

Will Take to 8515 ——8525 level in minutes only.

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08th Trading Session-Will See UNEXPECTED level.

27th Trading Session-Will see Unexpected level.

(Everyday Reduce One Day & See What Happens ? )

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Above is Daily Chart of S&P 500

Above 2078 level if sustains with volumes…………….or closes above this level ,Next 

Target :2092——2096 level !

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Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidise it.

Last Close : 18220

Yesterday Afternoon ,We had written this :

Just see it kissed low of  17791 & Zoomed to kiss  18272 in hrs only………………….!!

Our Crucial Stop was  17755.


Today’s Support @ 18152—————–18122

Now Decisive Break with volumes and stays below for 15-20 minutes will take to 18002 level !!

Major Support @  17916 level.

Above 18214 level if sustains with volumes ,Next Target :18355————-18402 level.

Major Hurdle at 18460

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All Eye son 64.10…………………..Nothing else

Decisive Crossover with volumes in Future…………………..and stays for 10-15 minutes ??

Watch BLAST upto 65.75——————————66.40 in hrs 

Buy Rs 70 Call at 50 paisa……………..and Relax !!

Unexpected Move on card.

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Trading isn’t about perfection, it’s about: Maximum wins & limited losses Risk management Risk/reward ratios Patterns Trends Discipline


Below 8277 level if sustains for 15-20 minutes with volumes then ?

Next Target :8183————————–8152 in panic is possible.

Do U Know it kissed low of 8191 & Taken U-Turn…………………Intraday Zoomed to kiss High of 8334.

sms-3 days

Buy Nifty Future at  8220 ,with Target of 8266 & Above this level :Our Target was 8311-8326

What Happened u all know ??


101% Should Cross Yesterday’s High of 8334 with volumes and sustains for 15-20 minutes

Next Target :8371—8390 & There after ????

101% Will Update MORE during trading hrs to our Subscribers

Not Crossing  High of 8334 & Stays below  8289 with volumes for 15-20 minutes 

Watch Slide upto 8262——————-8247——————————–8229 in hrs only.

101% FIRST 30 Minutes Crucial For BULLS & BEARS


10th Trading Session-Will See UNEXPECTED level.

29th Trading Session-Will see Unexpected level.

(Everyday Reduce One Day & See What Happens ? )

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Last Close : 18349 

All Eyes on 18194 level.Major Support @ 18106 level.

Decisive Break with volumes and stays for 15-20 minutes below 18106 will create Bloodbath upto 17843-17755 level in hrs only.

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Below 308 level………………..Sell In TONS !

Target :301——-299 level & There after 290  in hrs only.


Below 1361 level…………………………….???

Yes ,If trades below 1361 level with volumes :Watch PANIC upto 1332——1322 level in hrs only.


Watch PANIC upto 835———–830 level & Then ?????


Below 1266 level………………………????

Watch Nonstop PANIC upto 1237—1228 level in hrs only.

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Will It Break 18250 level FIRST……………………& Create Bloodbath 


Will Cross  18870—————————-19000 ?

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PVT Bank Stocks :Looking HOT HOT HOT ,Yes in Panic ……….Buy & Forget.

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I don’t think good traders make gut or snap decisions-certainly not traders who last very long. For myself, any trade idea must be well thought out and grounded in reason before I take the position. There are a host of reasons that preclude a trader from making a trade on a gut decision

Last Close : 8397 (June ) ,8420 (July )


-Boldly written :Below Low of Wednesday if trades then only PANIC ,just see it kissed low of  8332 & Zoomed Like ROCKET to kiss 8433 level in hrs only.

Everything we can’t write here ,Yes our Subscribers gets updation during trading hrs.


Hurdle at 8442–8447

101% It will have to cross these levels with volumes then only….Will Buy Fresh MORE

Target : 8490 + in hrs only.

Will Update More to our Subscribers.

Support & Down Targets if Not crosses High of 8433 & Sustains below 8398 for 15-20 minutes then ?

Target :8370————————8349–8341 level.


12th Trading Session-Will See UNEXPECTED level.

31st Trading Session-Will see Unexpected level.

(Everyday Reduce One Day & See What Happens ? )

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Above is Daily Weekly CHART of US DOLLAR INDEX

Yes ,Now We need it should close above 98.87 for 3 consecutive days +Weekly close :NEXT Target —–96.735 ,97





Last Close : 18320.60

Yesterday after our Hurdle of 18113 was CROSSED ,Our Next Target :18438————————18546 level.

Just see it kissed High of  18399 level !

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World Running for LIC Housing ,SKS MICRO ,HDIL  …………………Yes See @ What levels last week told to buy !


Today NEWS is FLASHING on TV Channels ,But Insiders Bought Yesterday itself

Yes ,Forget Technical……………….Just see Rigging + Manipulation Today !

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA ,More Updates to our Subscribers

Updated at 8:19/23rd June/Baroda

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