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India: Where’s The Cheese?

03 May 2015 - 7:53 am
We have increased the weight of IT stocks such as Infosys and Wipro by 100 bps, taking IT to a more neutral position versus underweight previously. Despite risks to near-term earnings from cross-currency movements (largely factored in our assumptions) and short-term demand issues in certain consumer sectors (energy, telecom), we believe investors may be better off keeping some USD hedges in their portfolio. The strengthening of the INR versus other currencies and stability versus the USD may reverse if crude oil prices go up further and if there is global volatility on renewed speculation on ‘Grexit’.  
We have increased Maruti’s weight by 100 bps, noting the company’s strong suite of new products, which are likely to drive volumes in FY2016E. Valuations are not cheap and overall market volumes may disappoint.

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  • UK FTSE -0.4%
  • German DAX -0.2%
  • French CAC +0.3%
  • Italy MIB +0.6%
  • Spain IBEX +0.6%

Slight pullback in German shares after a record high on Friday. There’s nothing a 21st century stock market likes more than cheap money and a falling currency, especially if you’re in the business of exporting.



The temptation when a market is making new highs is to think it is too expensive and you missed it. The problem becomes that over time as the markets makes new highs, the dynamics above continue to play out until the very last person who ever thought they might buy a stock does. That is the last point at which you want to be buying. 


As Expected :ARVIND MILLS……………….Zoomed Like ROCKET 

Dr.Reddy :Spurted Intraday sharply.

Wockhardt ,STAR ,IRB……………………Our Recommended Stocks to our Subscribers were on Fire 




GRAB & Hold for 48 hrs…………………..Sell Tomorrow Morning or on Monday !

Thirsty Traders ,Above 183.50………………………Grab it !

Watch Rally upto 189——190.50 in hrs only.

APRIL Future

+Buy 200 Call…………………………of APRIL ,Today itself and Forget !

Today Between 182–179…………..if u get ,GRAB in TONS TONS ……


Above 223.75………………………….!!

We see BLAST upto 227————————230 in hrs only.

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Slide Upto 1619——————-1595 is possible.

Yes ,101% Crucial Support at 1595.


Watch :470 level ,Crucial Support or Last Hope

Break with volumes and not crosses 476 will take to 456—-451 level in hrs only.

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Trading & Marriage

19 March 2015 - 21:15 pm
  1. There are people that are fun to date but are not marriage material. There are stocks that have great momentum that you can trade, and others with growth and earnings that you can invest in over the long term.
  2. When dating, you have to have a ‘deal breaker’ reason to end the relationship. When buying a stock, you always need a ‘stop loss’ price level that tells you the trade is just not working and you should exit.
  3. You have to find the right person for you. Someone might be a great person, but not be the right person for you. Some stocks could be too volatile or too slow moving for you to trade. You have to find one that works for you.
  4. When you marry the wrong person, the longer you wait to divorce them, the more expensive the divorce will be. The longer you let a losing trade run, the larger your loss will become.
  5. The biggest predictor of future behavior is past behavior for both people, and stocks. The definition of insanity is expecting different results from either, despite past behavior.
  6. You should devote time and attention to your spouse, because that is the key to a successful marriage. In trading, you need to devote yourself to your trading plan and risk management in order to be successful.
  7. Successful stock traders do not marry their stocks, they only date them for as long as they are profitable.

Closing changes for the major European bourses:

  • UK FTSE -0.2%
  • German DAX -0.5%
  • French CAC -0.3%
  • Spain IBEX – flat
  • Italy MIB -0.3%

Despite the declines it was a good week for European stocks as the market gets excited about QE:

  • UK FTSE +1.3%
  • German DAX +1.4%
  • French CAC +1.9%
  • Spain IBEX – +1.6
  • Italy MIB +1.2%

CME Hikes Silver, Brent, RBOB Margins

06 February 2015 - 6:27 am

In case algos still haven’t gotten the message to jump all aboard into the S&P, here comes the CME with a gntle nudge in the form of 90 pages of margin hikes including Brent, RBOB and, just in case there is still anyone who wishes to trade paper precious metals against the BIS, silver. In fact, at first glance it appears the only future  whose margin was not hiked was stocks: apparently stocks are never volatile enough for a margin hike.


European stocks have been generally lower every day this year but they staged a modest rebound on Wednesday.

  • UK FTSE +0.7%
  • French CAC +0.6%
  • German DAX +0.3%
  • Italy MIB +0.1%
  • Spain IBEX +0.4%

14 Meaningless Stock Market Phrases

05 January 2015 - 15:37 pm

14 Meaningless Phrases That Will Make You Sound Like A Stock-Market Wizard

“The easy money has been made.”
“I’m cautiously optimistic.”
“It’s a stockpicker’s market.”
“It’s not a stock market. It’s a market of stocks.”
“We’re constructive on the market.”
“Stocks are down on ‘profit taking.’”
“The trend is your friend.”
“More buyers than sellers.”
“There’s lots of cash on the sidelines.”
“We’re in a bottoming process.”
“Buy on weakness.”
“Take a wait-and-see approach.”
“It’s a show-me stock.”

  1. The easy money has been made

When to use it: Any time a market or stock has already gone up a lot.BLUE CHANNELS IN INDIA

Why it’s smart-sounding: It implies wise, prudent caution. It implies that you bought or recommended the stock a long time ago, before the easy money was made (and are therefore smart). It suggests that there might be further upside but that there might also be future downside, because the stock is “due for a correction” (another smart-sounding meaningless phrase that you can use all the time). It does not commit you to any specific recommendation or prediction. It protects you from all possible outcomes: If the stock drops, you can say “as I said…” If the stock goes up, you can say “as I said…”

Why it’s meaningless: It’s a statement of the obvious. It’s a description of what has happened, not what will happen. It requires no special insights or powers of analysis. It tells you nothing that you don’t already know. Also, it’s not true: The money that has been made was likely in no way “easy.” Buying stocks that are rising steadily is a lot “easier” than buying stocks that the market has left for dead (because everyone thinks you’re stupid to buy stocks that no one else wants to buy.)

2.I’m cautiously optimistic. >> Read More

  • Give up your need to be right: The market is always right, do not strive to be right in your predictions and opinions. Strive to go with the flow of the market.
  • Give up control: No matter how long you watch a live stock stream, you have no power over the movements. Save your emotional energy by not trying to cheer on your positions and get wrapped up in every price tick.
  • Give up blaming other factors for your losses: There is no mysterious ‘They’ causing you to lose money. Your choices cause you to lose money, or your system just had a losing trade. It is a free country and free market.
  • Give up beating yourself up for losing trades: If you followed your trading plan, then there should be zero regrets involved in a losing trade. If you did not follow your plan and lost, then money was the tuition and you paid  to learn the lesson. You must move on to the next trade. 
  • Give up your own opinions: If you took a trade based on your own opinion, you have to give up your opinion and get out if the trade moves to a place that proves you were wrong.
  • Give up your inability to change your mind: The more you believe a trade just can’t miss, the more dangerous it is. It will cause you to trade too big and stay in too long. You have to always be ready to be wrong.
  • Give up your past trades: Each trade is a new trade. Do not hold grudges against stocks and think they ‘owe’ you for past losses. Do not fall in love with a stock and hold it as it falls lower and lower.
  • Give up letting your trading define your self worth: Do not let your trading define you. Diversify your life with friends, family, hobbies, and other interests. It is not healthy to become overly obsessed with the markets.
  • Give up on losing trades quickly when your stop is hit: Your best trades will be the ones that are profitable from the start. If they immediately go against you, be prepared to be stopped out. You can destroy your trading account when you start the “It will come back, I just have to wait” chant in the midst of a death spiral.
  • Give up on price targets let your winners run as far as they will go: In the right market conditions trends can go on to unbelievable levels. The big wins during these trends can make your entire career. If you set a predefined profit target, you will not miss the opportunity when it comes. Let a trailing stop take you out.

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