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OrCam Visual Assist for the Blind-Video

OrCam camera device is one of Israel’s Top 10 advances in vision. Hebrew University Prof. Amnon Shashua created this device that attaches to eyeglasses and is wired to a portable computer in the wearer’s pocket. Using bone conduction technology, it “speaks” text (menus, street signs, grocery labels, newspapers) as well as bus numbers and other objects that the user points to. It can even recognize faces and monitor traffic lights.


Ash Donaldson on Cognitive Dissonance

Multiple-TED attendee and human factors expert, Ash Donaldson, wants us to better understand why we believe what we do. In this talk, Ash explains how our minds build belief and then breaks it down, showing us how and why humans are fooled into believing that things like Power Bands, anti-aging treatments and supplements actually work. Along the way, he tells us how as a trainee pilot he managed to nearly get himself killed by allowing his beliefs to rule logic and provable fact.

Obama and Geithner: Government, Enron-Style

Strongly recommend this piece at the Huffington Post by Jeff Connaughton, a former aide to Senator Ted Kaufman. Jeff is one of the smartest guys on the Hill and is particularly strong on issues surrounding Wall Street and the regulatory system. In this piece, he takes apart the oft-stated mantra that what Wall Street firms did during and after the crisis was maybe unethical, but not illegal.

He takes particular aim at Barack Obama, who recently tossed that line out on 60 Minutes in what I thought was one of the real low moments of his presidency. Here’s Jeff’s take:


Lifestyle & Improvement

A wandering mind is an unhappy mind (Harvard)

Lifestyle & Improvement


Lifestyle & Improvement

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  • The minimalist’s guide to cultivating passion (Zen Habits)

  • How great leaders inspire action (Ted)

  • Success in most arenas of life is thus not a reflection of innate skill but rather devoted effort (Peter Orszag)

China’s seven-day interbank rates have doubled

Even as most investors are focusing on Europe, Libor, Euribor, Ted Spreads, the ECB, etc, many have noticed that over the past 10 days China’s seven-day interbank rates have doubled from 1.8% to 3.2%. Is this latest episode of liquidity turmoil indicative that the PBoC is becoming less successful at communicating an “all clear” to the domestic (and international) markets? Or are there more troubling undercurrents in the sea of (previously) excess Chinese liquidity?

The primary driving force behind the BRIC (re)growth story of the past year has been the mirroring by China of the US excess liquidity policy, coupled with an extremely loose fiscal policy. Which is why every minor blip in any of the liquidity metrics in China tends to be analyzed under a microscope, due to huge implications on the commodity (and thus every other) trade. As the chart below highlights, in the last week, there has been a very disturbing move in the Chinese seven-day repo rate.

What may be the reasons for this surprising move? Bank of America’s Ting Lu ventures one explanation:


Recent anomalies in China’s money market bewildered most investors who are trying to detect any small change in policy direction amid the European debt crisis. Markets became nervous about a possible credit seizure as China’s seven-day interbank rates doubled from 1.8% to 3.2% in 10 days. While some took the net injection of RMB224bn in May as a sign of policy easing, others cite the latest rise of the one-year PBoC bill’s yield at issuance as a sign of imminent rate hikes in June. However, we believe the ongoing mess in short-term rates tells us much more about the PBoC’s technical problems than its policy intentions. Read More